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Matt Moore at a crossroads this offseason

Look around the NFL games this weekend and you'll see teams that need quarterbacks or intend to go to camp next year with a competition to see who starts at quarterback.

This list is long:

Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Arizona, Kansas City, probably Buffalo, maybe Minnesota and Cleveland.

And that brings me to Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore. He will likely have a decision to make this offseason because he is unsigned and because he still believes he can start in the NFL and because that won't be in Miami and because it might be some place else.

"Do I think I can play in this league? Yeah," Moore said Thursday. "Whether it's here or somewhere else, you need to be given that shot and it's hard to look at other places and put yourself in other people's shoes. Situations are what they are everywhere. There's different situations and issues everywhere. I don't worry about what's going on right now."

Right now all Dolphins players have been warned about thinking ahead to the offseason. I wrote a day or so ago that coach Joe Philbin told players to concentrate on the Patriots and nothing else. It's the reason cornerback Sean Smith and other pending free agents have hesitated to talk about their upcoming free agency.

But free agency is staring all of them in the face and that includes Moore, who will not get a shot to win the job in Miami next year but might elsewhere. And that possible chance to compete elsewhere seems appealing to him.

"I'm just looking for an opportunity," he said. "I'd love to be a starter. But we'll figure all that out in the offseason."

Don't get Moore wrong. He's a great teammate and he proved in the Jets game this year that he can come off the bench and play at a high level and lead his team to victory. So he can be a fine backup and re-sign with the Dolphins to do that if he wishes.

That's not a bad gig.

"I'm not unhappy doing that," he said. "But as a player and a competitor I'd love the chance to start somewhere. I think I can. I think I'm capable. Playing and the right situation is something you definitely have to look for."

Obviously someone is going to have to first offer the chance. And so Moore will hit free agency hoping for that chance. That's the priority. Even then, he's going to have to weigh location and situation because he has a family now and his next contract will likely permanently seal him as either a guy with a chance to start or a backup.

And if someone makes the offer, Moore is gone and the Dolphins will be searching for a backup QB. Otherwise, Moore will be offered a contract to be Miami's backup.

"I need to figure all that out in the offseason," he said. "Maybe it doesn't happen and I might be here."


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tj turner,

IMO, if Smith by miracle isnt resigned(at the right price), then Marshall and Patterson will be odds on favorites to be our starting cb's. A vet's probably brought in to challenge Carroll for the nickel position.

Also, imo, I dont think there's a a 2013 draft attempt to "HUGELY" upgrade the cb position. If we make HUGE offensive upgrades, I believe this gets us by until the 2014 draft. When we should have "fewer" urgent needs.

Its just impossible to rebuild "Rome" in a single offseason. You cant significantly address "EVERYTHING" in a single offseason. But some dolfans think so.

If Matt Moore isnt going to start I'm sure he'd at least like to go to a playoff team.

This just isnt a very good draft to select cb's high. Especially where we'll be sitting. In the 1st rd we get an average starter at best.

We already have average starting corners. We dont need to waste a high pick for more of the same.

Then in the 2nd rd, we're more likely to draft a starter of Sean Smith's calibre. Would any of you trade a 2nd rd pick to bring in Sean Smith right now?

I didnt think so. I would give a 3rd rd pick to bring in Smith, but not a 2nd rd pick. IMO, thats what the top of this year's cb class looks like.

Not worthy of taking a cb really high unless youre close to extremely desperate for a starting qb.


I don't disagree with your thought process here but the play out of our front 7 gets lost on all those 3rd and longs the DB's give up. We can add a true big threat WR in this FA class coming up and draft one in RD-2 with one of our picks. Steadman Bailey in WV comes to mind here.

You can't ignore that our #1 CB S.Smith while having played pretty good Vs. the bigger WR's in the League has also had his butt handed to him by the quicker ones and with all due respect to Mando D.Patterson while steady isn't exactly the guy your looking to be the answer. Think about this for a minute if we were to draft Xavier Rhodes (6'2"/215 Pds - 4.39/40) he's probably the best CB on the team before his 1st practice.

R.Jones has great range and fell to us only because he was caught so often out of position free lancing at Ga. that he was deemed an un-coachable type and if we can land a S.S. like LSU's E.Reid to pair with him then you can plug R.Jones firmly at F.S. giving us one of the better young combo's in the NFL while adding a potential shutdown CB.

Look at D.Wittner and D.Goldson out in S.F. and the number they do on teams centerfield. These picks solidify our D making it potentially great while adding the speedy Bailey through the draft to go with the very young Jennings or speed freak Wallace in FA.

I will however give you this, if a special pass rusher were sitting there at our pick I would jump on him as well because we both know that a great rush makes the CB look better, it's no big question as to what happened this Yr. to the Giants or the Texans in the last month and that's just a matter of when their pass rush doesn't work their middle of the pack DB's get exposed. In N.Y. C.Webster is getting lit up like a Christmas tree and in Houston there just average at best outside of J.Joseph.

Neither opinion is wrong because were both talking about addressing key needs but I feel my scenario fills more holes and makes us better quicker


Most of the playoffs teams have a very good starter and a much cheaper backup option already on the team. Meaning to be a part of a playoff team next year, Matt Moore, would have to pour out his services extra cheap.

As far as playoff calibre teams, even though they wont make the playoffs this year. The Pittsburgh Steelers might be interested in Matt Moore as a backup.

But, of course we know, the Steelers arent "overpaying" for anyone.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 28, 2012 at 05:05 PM

This scenario isn't exactly warming my heart by any stretch and feel we take a step back put in this position.

Don't know if we can get to Milliner but he played well opposite Dre Kirkpatrick last year. A-LA-BA-MA.

tj turner | December 28, 2012 at 04:57 PM

I agree with this post 100% and would move on taking FSU's X.Rhodes along with E.Reid RD-2 solidifing our D-Backfield for the foreseeable future.


Dee Milliner will be gone in the top 10 of the coming draft but I actually like Rhodes better.


Closest thing I can compare this year's defense to is "bend, but dont break". Yes they give up the yardage, but not giving up the scores is what they do best.

This has been a playoff calibre defense, most of the time. The offense just struggles so mightily to score. With a higher octane recieving corps we easily win at least 10 games and make the playoffs.

CraiGM, also suggestlike the problem is pass rush. Yet we're top 10 in sacks this year. Some of the pass rush problems has been wr's getting open to quickly. Aty times, its also been pass rushers maintaining the disciplines of the pass rush lanes.

But its far from being the pass rush sucks, because the total sack totals doesnt come close to supporting that. There are many nfl teams that would like o have our qb sack numbers. Or, our points allowed numbers, for that fact.

Margus Hunt, this guy is gonna be the freak of the combine. He is the DE to compliment Cameron Wake. We will have a monster pass rush with him in there. Move Odrick inside if we can't resign Starks and we should still have a dominate front 4.


So you would use the 1st 2 out of 3 picks at the cb position. Ok fine. But I hope you dont become one of those 2013 posters crying how Tannehill still sucks.

Those cb picks arent going to do anything to add more points to the scoring board. We need "QUALITY" recieving upgrades. and we them in "QUANTITY".

Good Luck on that using the 2 0f the first 3 picks at cb.

moore will have fun in arizona next year

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 28, 2012 at 04:32 PM


I agree. Moore is good enough to make a big difference in Arizona. Wouldn't take much since their qb situation is horrible, but it could work out well for him.

Smith just hasn't turned into a ballhawk. He has hands of stone, should have at least 5 picks this year, he just drops them. Want to see what Dominic Peterson does this last game, he was the odd man out when the Eagles signed Assante Samuels, but he is solid in the slot. I think Wilson has more upside than Carroll. Take the best CB left on the board with our 2nd round pick, or package some picks and move back up into the 1st round to get the one we need.

Margus Hunt should be our 1st round pick, think of a taller more athletic J.J. Watt with untapped potential. Package our next 2nd rounders and move back up into the 1st and get the best QB available. Address WR in the 3rd. Sign Mike Wallace in the offseason. We need the speed WR with good hands. Not another possesion guy like Bowe or Jennings.

I meant to say CB, not QB sorry for the typin error.


I juust believe "ALL 3" of our first picks need to be spent on offensive weapons. But I would accept the top pick being on "the right" pass rusher.

We spent 8th overall pick on qb. Now we need to quickly surround him with lethal weapons, not "pee-shooters".

"EASILY" our most pressing 2012 problem of all has been "POINTS SCORED". Why cany you "NINNIES" see this?


How many aliases does your mother have?

I have that same number.

Fake ALoco,

BTW, your spelling is far better than the real ALoco.

YG @5:31,

I am not advocating taking 2 CB's with our 1st 2 picks, X.Rhodes is a CB but Eric Reid is a head hunting S.S. in a very deep class led by Texas S Kenny Vaccarro. I don't see how adding a player like Mike Wallace via FA doesn't make Tannehill better right away. We can draft a player like S.Bailey RD-2 who also brings great speed giving Tannehill a proven veteran and potential R.Cobb like player in Bailey.

If you analyze the draft you'll see the value at WR this Yr. isn't very high. I wouldn't take USC's Woods or Cal's Allen with our 1st pick especially in the deepest WR group I can remember available in FA and the friendly CAP space we will enjoy come FA in Feb.

On the flip side this is the deepest group of DB's coming into the draft I can remember especially at Safety. It's just shaking out that way and kind of neatly falling into a good situation for us. Listen google next Yrs. WR group in FA and do the same with the DB's and you'll get were I'm coming from.

I in NO WAY want to again ignore the WR's but I prefer going the FA route especially with a guy like Wallace who you know has a better than 50o% shot of being there given the Steelers under the Rooney's are notoriously cheap and Emanuelle Sanders and Antonio Brown have progressed enough that the Steelers won't pony up.

The #'s game in G.B. will probably have the same impact on Jennings then you take a kid like Bailey low RD 2 like what the Colts did with Hilton and it improves us by leaps and bounds with Bess in the slot. We then add the WR's while addressing the DB's especially S.S. and add a kid at CB in Rhodes who I've watched plenty and would be a day one starter.

Look at what FA signings Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan have done for RG3 or the Colts retaining R.Wayne while adding Hilton for Luck, we have the meat and potato guys we know go after the skill spots at both receiving and defending the pass and if Tannehill progresses we're a legit threat for the next decade.

John "The Dolfan" | December 28, 2012 at 05:38 PM

This isn't a bad idea at all either I haven't seen much of Magnus Hunt but will chek him out a bit more, thanks for the tip!

Forgot who commented earlier on Philbin developing Aaron Rogers. Wrong, it's what everybody thought a year ago. The following is from the PB Post.

With Joe Philbin installed as the new head coach and Ryan Tannehill tabbed as the Dolphins’ new franchise quarterback, many Dolphins fans are salivating over the idea of Philbin transforming Tannehill into an All-Pro quarterback the same way Aaron Rodgers developed into one in Green Bay.

But Philbin, formerly the Packers’ offensive coordinator the past five years, had a sobering reminder for Dolphins fans on Thursday after drafting Tannehill – he wasn’t really the one who developed Rodgers in Green Bay.

When asked what his involvement was in turning Rodgers from the 25th overall pick to Super Bowl MVP, Philbin answered, “I wouldn’t say a lot.” Philbin of course sat in on meetings with Rodgers and helped design the first 15 plays of each game, but didn’t have as much direct involvement with Rodgers as did other members of the Packers’ coaching staff.

“Tom Clements was quarterbacks coach, and Tom did a fantastic job,” Philbin said. “I was in their meetings two or three times a week, but I kept my big mouth shut because I believed in Tom Clements. So I don’t want to sit here and take a lot of credit for Aaron Rodgers at all.”

John "The Dolfan" | December 28, 2012 at 05:38 PM

This isn't a bad idea at all either I haven't seen much of Magnus Hunt but will chek him out a bit more, thanks for the tip!

fin4life | December 28, 2012 at 06:06 PM

In re-reading your post the idea isn't bad but I wouldn't package both 2nd RD picks with the across the boards needs we have especially if Long's contract demands don't go down making Tex. A&M RT Matthews a likely possibility in RD-2 being our OL Coach and Sherman know all about him and LT Joeckel.


You Posted Moore's T/O Problem, Slightly Different.

Moore Lost 14 Fumbles. Moore Fumbled 19 Times.

Moore Actually Lead The League In T/O's Last Year!

Sanchez Has The 2 Year Record. But Moore Was The QB/Player With the Most T/O's Last year.

People Forget More Than 1 Way For A QB TO Turn The Ball Over. QB's With Little Hands Have a Tendency To Fumble.


Dashi Expects A T-Hill Is Team MVP!! Post, After The Game!!

Heck, If You Can Talk About A NONFACTOR!! Like Moore!! The Least You Can Do Is Talk About A Real QB Like T-Hill!!


I know Wallace is a fa, but I really dont think he wantsto play here. He has zero history with our coaching staff and just as Ryan Clark did a few years ago, he may toy with this fo, just to give himself greater fa bargaining leverage.

My best is Mike Wallace becomes a Fin only if we're willing to spends lots more than anyone else. Or "overpay".

Bowe maybe a better bet. But Ive heard KC people say he drops a lot of catchable balls. Marshall-like in that capacity and I wouldnt want to shell out "huge numbers" for this.

I think the safest fa bet would be Greg Jennungs crossing over. He has history with the current staff, and this current staff can better estumate his fa value. If he comes, I believe it would be at a better than fair market value.

He would also add a a nice vet wr presence and Philbin already knows his qb friendliness.

go finsssssssssssss cant wait for black monday. get this off season started!


I got it straight from nfl.com. They say in 2011 Moore had 14 fumbles and lost 6 of them.

Where do your numbers come from?

buffalo is not going to look for a qb. fitzpatrick signed last year for 58 million. he is guaranteed 8 million next year. in fact he will be there for 4 more years he's locked in. armondo please check your facts.

cocoajoe | December 28, 2012 at 06:19 PM

I knew this and also the fact Philbin never called a play while OC in G.B. but given the Coaches and type of system he had around him and the fact X-Pack Coach Sherman was also on board I felt better about the direction. I find it funny the fact Sherman didn't hack it in College were recruiting is KING soured people on him different dynamic selling kids at the NCAA level on your program which is were College becomes a different animal and the best at recruiting win given that talent can get it done alone without excellent Coaching like Butch Davis who built what should have been a 2 to 3 title monster in Miami but isn't exactly an X's and O's brainiac like his time in Cleveland proved.

It seems to escape everybody that the best statistical Yrs. of Favre's career were with Sherman leading the show. Remember if not for a ridiculous 4th and 26 play with less than 2 minutes to go in the Playoffs were McNabb hits Freddie Mitchell to get into F.G. range for the win in Philly it would have been Sherman's Packers in the Super Bowl Vs. Brady and the Pats. The man is a great O mind and perfect compliment for the rookie Coach.

The one place I don't completely agree with them is in the insistence of assembling a group of yes men choir boy players. I always defer to the JJ school of thought here were he didn't care what you said and did as long as you performed at a high level. Look at the steal Jenoris Jenkins (RD-4) has turned into for the Rams but Fisher has the personality to run his ship his way as JJ did as well. Look at the drafting of Darryl Gardner by JJ in Miami who was considered difficult but under Johnson was a Pro Bowl DT while melting down under Wannstedt or more recently Harbaugh's cast of characters in S.F. which was an undisciplined mess under the Nolan/Singletary regime or for that matter the way Belichik every Yr. grabs one of these guys and whips them into shape like trading for the very troubled A.Talib, I want a H.C. not afraid to take on one of these guys because he has the command and personality to run his ship.


Even if we signed Jennings, which I think is our safest bet as for as $ and Tannehill's growth, We would still need to spend at least one 2nd rd pick in 2013 and the same in 2014, because of Jennings age.

Jennings enters his 8th season in 2013. Or at the absolute apex of his prime. I would love him tutoring the new young wr's the 3-4yrs he would be here.


I got it straight from nfl.com. They say in 2011 Moore had 14 fumbles and lost 6 of them.

Where do your numbers come from?

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 28, 2012 at 06:49 PM

Forget how many he lost that's a troubling stat for a player who only started 11 games.

Sometimes we get enamored with other team's players. Brian Hartline may actually be a better receiver than Wallace and he is younger. Hartline has much better numbers than Wallace this year. Brian Hartline is ranked 15th in yards with 1014 while Wallace is ranked 30th with 836. Hartline also has more catches and has a higher yrds per catch. Thus my number one priority would be to resign Hartline before going into FA to sign a WR. I do agree that the draft receiver class this year is not deep. So going into FA to get a receiver is the way to go but you have to sign Hartline first.

I would also rather draft a pass rusher with the 1st pick as this class is loaded with pass rushers. If you want to improve the pass defense you start by improving the pass rush. Adding another stud pass rusher to complement Wake would do wonders for our pass defense. I would then take a CB in the second round.

disagree, everyone has buffalo linked to drafting a qb early

sign finley if gb cuts him. chase wallace and jennings. draft a pass rusher and corner to start

Why does everyone get the false impression Philbin will only have "yes men" on the roster?

Marshall and Chad Johnson, imo, only illustrates he doesnt like clowns(CJ), and guys who make negative waves(Marshall).

Marshall has history of off field issues and throwing his qb under the bus. Cutler's probably the only qb he's never did it to. Win or lose Marshall's only great interest is to get his 7-10 receptions a game or the qb has hell to pay from him.

Dansby isnt a yes man, yet he's still on the roster. This "choir boys" thing, imo, is a figment of you guys imagination. Neither Johnson nor Marshall's "true value" is great enough to keep around vs thier shortcomings.

How longwould Mark Clayton been around if when he wasnt a top 3 wr? Shula shutlled him off as soon as his play declined, and he wasnt nearly the clown of a Chad Johnson, nor on or off the field nuissance as Brandon Marshall.

Yesterdays Gone says:

Matt Moore had 32 rushes for 65yds @ 2ypc. Tannehill has 47 rushes for 203yds @ 3.1ypc. Advantage Tannehill.

More-lovers, the facts cant be disputed. I know that your primary argument is Moore isnt a "PRACTICE QB". But these are "IN GAME" not PRACTICE" stats.
The bottom line here is that Moore did not loose the starting QB position on the field the way most QB's who were the 12th rated passer in the NFL would have. Moore got this rating with the worst Right Tackle in the league. Moreover Brandon Marshall dropped enough balls to lower Moore's QB rating. I accepted going with Tannehill who has a stronger arm and his long term upside. However let's not forget that Moore had the Dolphins up in the final minutes of both games against the Super Bowl participants. Imagine if the Dolphins had gone after a WR in the first round and kept Marshall. The Dolphins need to pay Moore and keep him for many reasons. He can play and be the Trent Dilfer for the Dolphins if given a chance and the team gets a few playmakers. Yes Tannehill will most likely do the same with more playmakers but they still need to keep and pay Matt Moore to stick around.


Sorry to inform you, but, I think its highly unlikely Philbin wants Finley in Miami. He's injury prone, plus, he really hasnt been as consistently productive year after year as GB would have liked.

You need to go to a GB website to read what negative things thier fans say about Finley. I have done so in the past. That's why I believe is highly unlikely Philbin wants him here.

This is what's great about Philbin when considering the history he has with the GB players. Without Philbin, we probably sign Matt Flynn this offseason. But unlike Seattle, we may not have been fortunate enough to draft Russell Wilson.

Remember, dolfans though we were being cheap not offering Flynn more? Thank Philbin for this.


I believe Jennings will be 28 next Season or barring a catastrophic injury a safe bet on a 4 to 5 Yr. deal while proving a consummate Pro but don't dismiss the Wallace thing altogether. We quietly have shifted philosophy from the Sparano era into a more wide open attack and have a young QB I think WR's won't have a problem given he's got a big arm with the touch improving which is encouraging considering we all kept waiting on Henne to put more touch into his game which never came leaving us in total frustration plus everybody knows the kid did it with the worst group in the NFL.

Here Wallace would be the man. It will take up around 9 Mil a Yr. there is no denying that but he hasn't been an off field problem in his career and the beauty is he will be all of 26 next season. You remember the complete and utter pain in the A S S Desean Jackson was in Philly with his contract dispute pouring into the Locker Room?? I haven't heard that about Wallace and the only reason the Steelers had any shot of beating Dallas a couple of weeks ago was due to his off the charts performance in other words when his team needed it not D.Jack who practically took the Season off with his bad attitude and poor play and by the way don't lose sight of FA T.E. JerMicheal Finley with the G.B. connection.


NFL.Com separates Fumbles In The Pocket(Passing), from Fumbles After The LOS Rushing.

Moore Had 14 Fumbles In The Pocket! 5 Outside!!

Recovering Only 3. Or 5?

C'mon You Know Dashi Has Been Posting The Moore Fumble Stat Any Chance I get!! But Its Great Hearing Somebody Else Realize The Fact! MATT MOORE TURNS THE BALL OVER WAY TO MUCH!! 24+ Turnovers in 12 Games!! Enough Said!!

Henne Threw Picks!! But Henne Never Fumbled As Much!!

disagree yg, i think finley fits philbins system

The Ravens would be the perfect team for Moore. He'd probably win a QB competition with Flacco.

Moore is better than Trent Dilfer and possibly on the level of Brad Johnson. Both SB QB winners.

Ravens and Bucs had top of the line defenses (Ravens still do) so all they needed was a good game manager.

I am hoping that Bjorn Werner DE FSU drops to our spot; if not, I would take DE Dion Jordan from Oregon. That also may enabe us to let Starks walk who may command 10 million a year himself. I am not sure we can invest that type of money in two DT (Starks and Soliai). By drafting a big time pass rusher with the first pick we can move Odrick inside and we won't miss a beat. Letting Long and Starks walk would allow us to go into FA to take a WR (I would prefer Bowe), a TE (Dustin Keller), and possibly a safety. Draft the following: 1A Pass Rusher, 2A TE (possibly Zach Ertz), and 2B CB. We should also consider bringing Bush back and using him more in the passing game. Of course resigning Sean Smith is a must.


When I posted the Moore vs. Tannehill numbers, I knew a Moore-appologist would at least use the RT situation(Columbo). Still the strongest argument is no other wr on the team currently has 6 tds recieving(Marshall), and Marshall was clearly the team's best 2011 wr.

Heck without Marshall, Hartline's td receptions dipped fro 3 to 1 td recieving this season.

Moore didnt lose the job in a game situation? WTH do you call those preseason games? Unless a bqb has already been declared starter. How the hell else do you find your starting qb before the season begins?

Should the league constitute in having actual "REAL GAMES" right before the "REAL GAMES" begin? Even if you call the preseason qb competition a "dead heap". Why would you wanna go forward with Matt Moore under these conditions?

It can be argued Tannehill didnt win the "PRESEASON QB COMPETITION". It also be argued, neither did Matt Moore.


moore will start for some garbage team like arizona and go 6-10

We will not be able to sign Matt Moore next season. He wants to compete for a starting role. With this draft being so weak in QBs he may get his chance somewhere else. I can see him going to the Jets to join Tony Sparano. Moore is better than any QB on the Jets (including Sanchez). That would be the perfect situation for Moore and the Jets. The Jets can give Moore a chance to see what he can do and if he does not work out they can draft a QB in 2014.


I know You Want M.Wallace. Dashi did also for some time!!


Speed isn't everything For Philbin! Coach wants His Wr's To Be Good Route Runners!!

This is where Wallace Doesn't Fit. Our Wr's Need To Play Multiple Spots. Not Just 1. They Need To Be Interchangeable. And Coach Said Something The Other Day. Drafting Your Own Players is Better Because You Can Mold Them!!

We All Know Wr Is A Priority!! Just Are The Fins Going To Draft A WR? Or Sign A FA?

And Hartline Has A Slim Chance Of Coming Back!! Just Stating The Truth!!


JerMicheal Finley has had the injury bug in his career but what you read in the press out of Wisconsin was his little feud with Rodgers because Finley felt he didn't target him more and questioned his leadership nearly insuring he won't get the FRANCHISE tag again. I agree about the injuries but here in Miami if he can stay healthy he would be a great security blanket for Tannehill. He has stayed healthy this Yr. and put up good numbers on a team with 6 legitimate pass catching threats (Jennings, Nelson, Jones, Driver, Cobb ect..) were I don't believe he's ever truly the 1st read.


I base Wallace not coming unless hugely overpaid simply on the Ryan Clark free agency. Clark said he had never given thought to coming to an organization ran by Ireland.

Its a longshot high profile black player would come to play for Jeff Ireland because they view him as borberline racist in the least. Yes, the one's who have little else choice may come, but all of the significant black fa's we went after pretty much stated the same reason for not coming.

Jeff Ireland. Ireland may not be racist, but "PERCEPTION" is everything. Ireland did it to himself with the Dez Bryant thing.

jets will sign vick



Im leaving the Finley thing to Philbin and trusting him on that. If there's great dirt, enough to not bring him in, Philbin certainly has it.

Like I said, Matt FRlynn didnt end up here. Thanks coach Philbin!


I agree with your assessment of Moore. I really think that with our defense, the weak schedule, and Moore as the starting QB we would be in the playoffs. We had at least 3 close losses to bad teams that Moore would have won (Jets at home, Cardinals and Bills on the road). We were superior to those teams and playing with a rookie QB this year hurt our chances.
We also had a chance to win the games against the Colts on the road and against the Pats at home.

I like Tannehill a lot and think he will be a very good QB in this league but he just did not have much experiece this year. I honestly think that we would have been in the playoffs if Moore had been the starter. He was the 12th rated passer last year and went 6-3 down the stretch and yes with basically 4 OL as Colombo was non existent on the right side. Therefore we sacrifised a chance at the Playoffs in order for T-Hill to gain experience.

Agree Orlando Dolphan that we would've easily made the playoffs with Moore. An expensive price to pay to try out Tannehill.


You guys are pipe dreaming if you honestly believe Matt Moore wins any more than 8 games(8-8) in 2011. He only won 6 games last season with virtually the exact same "STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE".

Dolphins were 7-9 in 2010. If you guys wanna say winning 1 less game in 2011 made the 2012 "strength of schedule" so much tougher, then again youre pipe dreaming. Plus, Matt Moore had Brandon Marshall, enuff said.

who cares orlando, getting thill a year under is belt is huge. now much less growing pains next year

Im out. Im now believing the same poster just keeps coming back and agreeing with himself under different screen names. LOL...

And Dashi Can't Wait!!!

Til Moore Is On Some Other Team!! And Doesn't Even Get To Start!! Because He Sucks!!

Dashi Will Be Giving A Weekly Update!!!

Demanding An Explanation!!! Why The Moore Jock Riding!! Where Has It Gone!!

I'll Call It Now!! Moore Will Not Be Starting Next Year!! ANYWHERE!!

Learn To Watch What You Are Looking At!! Not Just With The Emotion Of Being A Fan!!

Dashi Is Actually Moore Critical Of My Team!! Than Anybody else's Squad!!

You Think Dashi Cares If The Bills Or Jets RB Dances To Much?

Or That The Pats Can't Fix Their Lines!! Doesn't Matter How Many Picks!! WASTED!!

That Flacco Sucks As Bad As Henne!!

None Of That Is Important!! What Is!! Is That Moore, Hartline, and Bush!! Will Be Replaced!! By Better Younger Players!! 2 Of Them Have Already Been Replaced!!

getting thill a year under his belt is like getting henne a year under his belt


That wont change things. Henne couldnt beat out Gabbert and we all saw how terrible Gabbert was in his rookie season.

Still, idiots here say Henne is better than Tannehill. When you have those that know zero about football, I guess they just try and "fake it, until they make it".

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