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Matt Moore at a crossroads this offseason

Look around the NFL games this weekend and you'll see teams that need quarterbacks or intend to go to camp next year with a competition to see who starts at quarterback.

This list is long:

Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Arizona, Kansas City, probably Buffalo, maybe Minnesota and Cleveland.

And that brings me to Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore. He will likely have a decision to make this offseason because he is unsigned and because he still believes he can start in the NFL and because that won't be in Miami and because it might be some place else.

"Do I think I can play in this league? Yeah," Moore said Thursday. "Whether it's here or somewhere else, you need to be given that shot and it's hard to look at other places and put yourself in other people's shoes. Situations are what they are everywhere. There's different situations and issues everywhere. I don't worry about what's going on right now."

Right now all Dolphins players have been warned about thinking ahead to the offseason. I wrote a day or so ago that coach Joe Philbin told players to concentrate on the Patriots and nothing else. It's the reason cornerback Sean Smith and other pending free agents have hesitated to talk about their upcoming free agency.

But free agency is staring all of them in the face and that includes Moore, who will not get a shot to win the job in Miami next year but might elsewhere. And that possible chance to compete elsewhere seems appealing to him.

"I'm just looking for an opportunity," he said. "I'd love to be a starter. But we'll figure all that out in the offseason."

Don't get Moore wrong. He's a great teammate and he proved in the Jets game this year that he can come off the bench and play at a high level and lead his team to victory. So he can be a fine backup and re-sign with the Dolphins to do that if he wishes.

That's not a bad gig.

"I'm not unhappy doing that," he said. "But as a player and a competitor I'd love the chance to start somewhere. I think I can. I think I'm capable. Playing and the right situation is something you definitely have to look for."

Obviously someone is going to have to first offer the chance. And so Moore will hit free agency hoping for that chance. That's the priority. Even then, he's going to have to weigh location and situation because he has a family now and his next contract will likely permanently seal him as either a guy with a chance to start or a backup.

And if someone makes the offer, Moore is gone and the Dolphins will be searching for a backup QB. Otherwise, Moore will be offered a contract to be Miami's backup.

"I need to figure all that out in the offseason," he said. "Maybe it doesn't happen and I might be here."


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Armon Binns was cut and put up td numbers equal to Hartline. Hartline is a guy I would never use as measuring stick of greatness.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 28, 2012 at 09:33 PM


I certainly don't recall using Hartline as any measuring stick for greatness.

You were the guy saying Wallace wasn't a number one at Pittsburg based on his production, yet he has twice the td receptions, AND more yards receiving than Brown.

I was just comparing Hartlines stats to Browns, a guy who gets paid a helluva lot of money.


You got to be careful when tossing out stats it seems to allude you that there are intangibles involved. You say you hope Ireland does his due diligence when signing anybody in the coming FA and I happen to agree but you need to take into account what a guy can bring to the table and the stat sheet doesn't always tell the whole story. You say Mike Wallace isn't the type to take over a game and I happen to disagree given I saw him swing the game in Dallas all by himself but lets do it your way and base everything on stats.

Micheal Irvin never broke 100 receptions in a Yr. and his most productive Yr. was a Season he caught for a little over 1,100 yards - MIDDLE OF THE PACK OVERRATED HOF'R

Wes Welker is 10 times the player!!!

John Elway threw for nearly half the yards Marino did along with 100 less TD passes - HE SUCKED!

Favre holds the record for Int's. in NFL history - TURD!

Emmit Smith holds the NFL record for career yards so he's hands down the GREATEST OF ALL TIME better than Barry Sanders, Walter Peyton ect....

Lynn Swan caught for around 6,000 yards in his career - OVERRATED TURD!

I could go on for pages by myself but I gather your getting the point!

Good point preble which is why Philbin and Ireland want to build through the draft.

Smart teams like the patriots and steelers seldom give greedy players big contracts unless it is to their star QBs Brady and Big Ben.

The Steelers have stayed away from doing this and have been successfull. They won superbowls in 20006 and 2009. Similarly, the Patriots are carefull in giving big money to FAs unless it is their own (i.e. Wilfork) and have been notorious for trading players for extra picks. Take a look at Arizona and Detroit: Arizona 17 million a year for Fitzgerald= 4 wins this year and Detroit has also less wins than us and are paying Johnson 16 million a year. The point is you have to be careful before taking FA castoffs from other teams and paying them big money. Develop your own players and use FA wisely.

Dwanye Bowe has 5 tds recieving in 2011, and 3 thus far this season.

Yes, he had a huge 2010 with 15 tds, but that it. Other than 2010, Bowe's been nothing but an overated possession #1wr.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 28, 2012 at 09:24 PM

There you go he absolutely sucks! Did you bother looking up Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn's #'s in that span as well

Though I would like them to take a chance on a FA WR, I have a feeling that Philbin will not bring in a high paid Diva. I think that they will probably double up on receivers in the draft and will try to resign most of their own FAs. They will probably bring in middle of the pack FAs (like CB Marshall, etc.) and continue to build through the draft. Ireland has done a pretty decent job so far in the draft and this year he will focus on offensive playmakers. I don't want them to draft a WR with the first pick as I don't see anyone worth drafting that high but I have a feeling that is where he will go.

Yeah, building through the draft is nice, problem is the Dolphins have too many holes...The draft is a crapshoot, if you hit on 50% of your picks you can consider it a success...We need a WR,TE,RG, possibly at RT, a Pass rusher, possibly a LB, 2 CBs and a FS. You think the draft will resolve all of this? Yeah right..

Ireland missed on Dez. He is a gamer. Odrick is good, but no question who makes the team better. I hope puritan Ireland learned something from it.


I am with you on Bowe. The QB situation is terrible in KC. I saw a couple of games their games this year and their QBs are horrible. Bowe's numbers are down as a result of the poor QB play. For some reason Cassel has regressed over there.


We couldn't be more different in our approaches to this offseason. You want CBs taken early in the draft and I happen to think those are wasted picks. You're going to get more Davis and Smith picks....watch! I actually think between Patterson, Marshall and Carroll our CBs are serviceable. Smith at the right price helps in this regard to. I like the guys you've mentioned in this draft but to me, at the end of the day, they're just GUYS. We're going to have a bunch of good athletes running around in the secondary and we'll still be getting eaten up back there. Take the Bills as an example. They've invested heavily with high draft choices for their corner backs. A lot of good athletes. But they're still giving up 40-50 points a game. Their pass defence is horrible. Is it because they didn't draft good enough athletes or pick guys high enough in the draft? No it's not....their plan is all wrong.

You blame our defence giving up third downs on the secondary. It's not always the case. Very often it's the pass rush not getting to the QB when they've has the chance.

My plan includes pass rush in the first, WR and TE in the second and S and G in the 3rd. Maybe we add a decent CB in the draft but I believe our CBs are being made to look bad at times with lack of pass rush and not enough help from Clemmons.

The Steelers, Packers, and Patriots have managed to win Superbowls recently without paying recivers that kind of money. If you are going to use 1/6 of your salary cap on a player, I would use it on a QB. Look at the Lions they have less wins than us and have a 16 million dollar WR.

Orlando Dolphan | December 28, 2012 at 09:42 PM

Again chek your facts!

Hines Ward signed a 5 Yr./36.5 Mil. contract under the 04 CAP and collected every nickle.

Troy Brown was well compensated while a Patriot and in 06 when they lose the AFC Championship to Indy which had 2 high priced WR's and T.E. the Pats broke the bank making Moss the 1st 10 Mil a Yr. WR with a 3 Yr./30 Mil deal.

The Packers of 2010 were lucky because outside Driver everybody was playing under their rookie deals but the 97 version had a mint tied into Antonio Freemen, Robert Brooks and Andre Rison not to mention T.E.'s Keith Jackson and Mark Chumura.

We need



fin4life, 09:57PM, excellent post...Couldn't agree with you more...

Our weakest link for a dozen fkn years has been OFFENSE.

Draft some playmakers. Forget the trade downs. Get some FREAKING TALENT!

The goal's not to turn this team into a Championship NEXT year but rather to set it up that we're competitive EVERY year. I believe if we can add 3-5 impact guys this offseason through FA and the draft and resign most of our FAs we'll be in the running for the playoffs next year. Totally doable!

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

The way the NFL is right now you cannot fill every hole. You have to live with some average players at some positions. For example, you can live with our LBs and guards (not saying they are great). The key is to have a franchise QB (which I beleive we found) and to add playmakers on both sides of the ball. I think that if we can find a #1 receiver, a great TE, and another big time pass rusher we could be very good.

Case in point the Patriots, their defense was one of the worst in the league last year yet they went to the superbowl. They have Brady and playmakers like Gronk, Hernandez, and Welker and that was enough to be in the superbowl.

preble, Ireland hasn't proven he can draft playmakers. This will have to change or he'll be looking for another job soon. Yeah, drafting Odricks, Misis, Pounceys, Martins and Longs are nice, but in today's NFL, you win with playmakers. We don't have any...Time to do something about it...

Dez is better than any receiver we've had for over a decade. Jeff has to learn to overlook stupidity sometimes in favor of FREAKING TALENT!

I think Jeff needs to realize some of these ghetto blasters may be dumber than FK, but still have FOOTBALL smarts. Or, MOVES!

I'm not against Ireland as much as others, but he has to get over his moral bullshyt.

Posted by: fin4life | December 28, 2012 at 09:57 PM

" Micheal Irvin never broke 100 receptions in a Yr. and his most productive Yr. was a Season he caught for a little over 1,100 yards - MIDDLE OF THE PACK OVERRATED HOF'R

Exactly what I mean guy. You guys posting your opinions as fact. RESEARCH.................

1995, Michael Irving had 111 receptions for over 1600 yds.

There after in successive seasons he had

1,241 yds
1,330 yds
1,396 yds
1,523 yds

As ALoco would say: "A LITTLER OVER 1,100 YD MY FOOT"!

Hmm.....overated HOF'R. Wow!

Research man, stop believing in you own medicine.



Trying to figure out where you came up with the 5 year/$36.5 mil contract for Hines Ward. I'm showing a 4 year $25.83 mil contract in 2005 and a 4year/$22 mil contract back in 2009. Think you're a bit off on your numbers.


I like your plan. I agree 100 percent with your idea to add another pass rusher in the 1st round. As I said previously a big time pass rush can erase short comings in the secondary. Next to QB a pass rusher is the most important position in my opinion. Last year's Giants are a good example of that. I like your idea of taking a TE and a WR in the 2nd round. Add secondary help in the 3rd round and keep most of our FAs. That and improvement from Tannehill is a must for us to go to the playoffs next year.

Orlando, you're absolutely right...But free agency might help us out...Yes some of them fail, but some of them turn out to be contributors...Randy Starks, who a lot of people on this blog want to keep, was a free agent...So was Richie Incognito and Karlos Dansby...Pierre Garcon was a heck of a pick up by the Redskins...I'm not saying sign every free agent on the market, but if someone like Mike Wallace and Dustin Keller is available, you definitely should look into it...In my opinion anyway...


I even noticed that YG has warmed up to the idea of adding a pass rusher in the first. You can nevr have enough pass rush there are some good players in this draft. Not saying offence doesn't need to be upgraded greatly....it does. But we can get that in the second round and in FA with a guy like Jennings. All of this is predicated on us resigning Hartline at a reasonable price.


Read my 10:22 pm post to fin4life. I busted him red-handed at statinsg his opinion as fact with numbers. At least you and I will go research numbers posters throw out here. Most here wont and just accept whatever anyone tells them.


I noticed that. Not like fin4life. I have more respect for him than that. Not sure what he was trying to prove. Maybe he's still on 'Mickey' time....LOL.

Wow there are eight pages of comments about Moore and like most I feel the same, he is a gamer. Very manageable QB, but given the chance to start he should take it. Its selfish of us to want to keep him, but if he stays awesome. Its not like we are carrying Steve DeBerg, Scott Mitchell or Bernie Kosar back there still...


Its not definite. But I wouldnt be against taking a pass rusher where we'll now sit. I was terribly opposed to doing it were sitting in the top 10.

Jarvis Jones is the only pass rusher set to go that high. But problem is he's projected that high only as a 3-4 olb. We play 4-3.

I just took a crap the size of New Jersey.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

I hear you and agree that 1 experienced receiver like Wallace or a TE like Keller would be great. My point is, I would not build through free agency and bet that the fins are not looking at doing that. Sometimes it is better to pay some of your own guys (Hartline, Smith, Starks, Clemons, etc.) whose dedication and character you know and then adding minimal free agents. My guess is that the Dolphins are going to try to keep most of their players (I think Long is gone) and maybe add 1 top FA. I am hoping that it will be a receiver as this year's draft class is weak. The rest will come in the draft.


Selfish of us to want to keep Matt Moore? When has only keeping a guy for the "right price" become a selfish act?

If he doesnt take our "low offer" is that considered selfish on our part too? If so, long live Jeff Ireland!

Craig M | December 28, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Look if a player with the potential of JPP (we passed) Watt or Aldon Smith is there then I agree we take him based on pass rush aiding the DB's but if not you counter by yaking the most valuable commodity and today on D it's the DB's, JMHO!

The Steelers aren't the first 7 time Champ because in their S.B. with the Packers they were exposed on the back end were it looked like they were moving in slow motion while the Packers were in a track meet.

The Colts who win the 06 S.B. were a weak front 7 with good bookend pass rushers but soft up the middle and it was Bethea, Mike Doss and company (all high picks) that kept them competitive.

The Bills you mentioned had one of the better backfields in the league and the pass D ranking for a while to prove it but got lit up on the front end. They finally put together a front 7 but the DB's are highly paid and unmotivated and no Mario Williams isn't playing well and came out and said going there was a mistake (I would have cut him on the spot but their stuck with a 50 Mil guarantee)

Alot of teams have great talent but if the chemistry isn't there it's all for not just ask Jerry Jones.

Well said Orlando, we'll see I guess...Like I posted earlier, the only reason why I think the Dolphins will be a tad more active in free agency this year versus the last couple of years is

a) Ireland has money to spend.
b) Ross is starting to feel the pressure.
c) Fans need a reason to go to the stadium.

We shall see...Anyway, bedtime is here. Good night Orlando, I'm out.


If the pass rusher isn't there that we want when we draft in the first I'd be all over a TE. I like the Notre Dame kid and the kid from Stanford. I also wouldn't be opposed to trading back and getting a third second round pick, if that still allowed us to gt our TE. There's some great WRs in the second and to me that would be a value pick. Not opposed to adding a CB but to me I've seen too many hit and miss CBs in the first. It's not the route I want to go. I like this kid Patterson and I think he has a chance to be an asset for this team.

I'll put it like this. 2013-14 nfl rookie of the year is most likely to be a wr. But it doesnt have to neccessarily be a 1st rd wr.

Thats just how close the wr talent level is at the, imo, 1st 3rds of the draft. It also speaks to how dilluted I believe this year's skilled positions draft is this year.

The goal's not to turn this team into a Championship NEXT year but rather to set it up that we're competitive EVERY year. I believe if we can add 3-5 impact guys this offseason through FA and the draft and resign most of our FAs we'll be in the running for the playoffs next year. Totally doable!

Craig M | December 28, 2012 at 10:13 PM

That's my point exactly, I'm not advocating building through FA just adding the pieces on O (some) through FA while drafting the back end of the D which I believe the weakness

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?


I love Jarvis Jones but he will be gone by the time we pick. I think that this draft is loaded with good pass rushers which is why I hope that we take a pass rusher with our 1st pick. Werner from FSU is a stud and so is Demantre Moore from Texas A&M. Other intriguing pass rushers include Dion Jordan and Sam Montgomery. I am hoping that Werner somehow slips to us though I highly doubt it.

I am usually against rooting against my team but at this point what the heck. My hope is that we play a very competitive game against NE where Tannehill has a great game but that we lose (31-28 sounds good). I am also rooting for the Jets, Steelers, and Saints to win. If we can pick around 13th we may have a chance to have Werner fall in our laps.


Totally agree. There's some very good WRs to be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I know you're high on the kid Steadman. To me if he were still there in the 3rd he'd be a steal.


There's nebver been a great TE out of Notre Dame and a 2nd rd pick(Dallas) was used to take Fasano from there. So naturally Im wary of ND te's. I like the kid Effert better, but only in the 2nd at highest, not 1st rd.

No matter the podition, I want as close to bust-proof as we can get. Knowing Fasano's curreently on the roster, the ND kid may naturally gravitate to him, and immediately start fostering in any of Fasano's bad habits.

Scares the absolute s h i t out of me. LOL...


I have such a man woodie for Stedman Bailey, I would take him with our 2nd second rd pick if he were still there. Just to make sure no one jumps in the 3rd rd.

The TE I like is Zach Ertz from Stanford. I am not crazy about the TE from ND either. I know he is rated higher by the draft experts but for some reason I like Ertz. He should be around when we pick in the second round. I am all in on taking a pass rusher in the 1st round. I am not sold on Vernon and I like Odrick but don't think he will ever be a big time pass rusher. If we can have a pass rush like the Giants had last year, look out. That pass rush is what stopped Brady and the patriots last year in the SB (though Manning had a pretty good game too).


I like Bailey too. If we were able to pick up an extra second in a trade back I'd be comfortable with that.

Ideally for me, we go pass rush, WR, TE, S and G or T. To me that would be a great start to our draft. We could then add depth guys like CB, G and RB if need be. I'd be really happy with something like that.

Bailey and Ertz in the second round sounds like a plan. I hope Ireland is taking notes.

Ertz is the guy I want too. He'd a be great red zone target for Tannehill....finally our version of Gronk.


Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 28, 2012 at 10:22 PM

I never research anything I ever post and am confident I post very factually for someone who shoots off the top of his head.

I saw Irvin not to long ago on his NFL Network show say the Dez this Yr. could break his best stat season and as a fan of those Cowboy teams I don't recall those numbers but O.K.!

So you say I'm busted but all you ever do on here is take an argument you can't beat and look for anything you can to turn the conversation. Me I always post what I believe and argue my point on it's merits.

Wes Welker has caught over 100 passes in 5 straight Yrs. and will probably go to the HOF and I'm not a believer this happens for him without Brady just like I don't believe Emmit Smith is the greatest without THE GREATEST OL of all time. As a matter of fact had Welker stayed in Miami he'd be nothing but an after thought today in all likelyhood.

My points were the intangibles and your argument is my numbers were off O.K.

The question still applies by your thought process Wes Welker is better than Micheal Irvin because the numbers say so.

You made an argument you felt like the numbers were the perfect indication of the impact a player can make and next Yr. were ever Wallace ends up he will make an incredible difference for that team because of the fact he's probably the fastest guy in the game but aside possess unique quickness in his ability in and out of the breaks.


Totally agree that Brady makes Welker and Smith's OL made him. Both very good points.


Your pointed is noted. LOL...


If I can interject.....

Barry Sanders is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.....

Emmitt just held on to get the record....shameful to say the least.....

and I get you're point....

but figured I would throw that in....

Craig M,

I remember the contract Ward signed being a big deal at the time because it was the biggest at the position and averaged out in some Yrs. at over 7 Mil and I tossed the number because I could have sworn it was 5 Yrs. not 4. By the way that argument was about the Steelers never paying big for a WR (usually don't) but a 4 Yr. 22 Mil contract for a much older Ward in 09 is a big deal. I didn't know he had that deal in 09.

Speaking of Welker.....

I wonder how many other FIN players careers were ruined playing for the incompetence that over took this Organization in the early 2,000s.....

Nobody want to talk about it (media)...but O.J. Simpson is the ONLY RB to rush for 2,000 yards in a 14 game season.....

To this day...no back has broken 2,000 yards in 14 games.....

This may be the MOST impressive feat in all of football......

Barry Sanders is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.....

Emmitt just held on to get the record....shameful to say the least.....

and I get you're point....

but figured I would throw that in....

Kris | December 28, 2012 at 11:05 PM

I agree as a matter of a fact I'll toss one your way, lets suppose Emmitt Smith goes to the Lions and Barry gets those 90's Cowboys how do you figure their respective careers play out??

I believe behind that OL Barry would have torn Dickerson's record to shreds in route to being the 1st to crack 2,500 yards rushing given we all know JJ would have fed him his 25 to 30 carries a day.

Emmitt is an all heart baller but would have had a mediocre career in that situation Barry had in Detroit.

Agree 1000% Fin4Life.....

I was watching "Barry Sanders a FOOTBALL Life".....the ONLY person they interviewed that believes Emmitt SMith should have the NFL record for Career rushing is EMMITT SMITH.....

Yesterdays Gone says:

Should the league constitute in having actual "REAL GAMES" right before the "REAL GAMES" begin? Even if you call the preseason qb competition a "dead heap". Why would you wanna go forward with Matt Moore under these conditions?
You can argue a number of factors and variables however Moore was learning the offense that Tannehill knew from his college career with Sherman. I do admit that Tannehill may have more of an upside. However he may not be the franchise QB the Dolphins are seeking. More playing time with a supporting cast needs to be played out. The Dolphins really will not know until the end of the 2013-14 season. Moore won with less of a supporting cast than Tannehill had. Marshall cost Moore not only a higher QB rating but cost the Dolphins a number of games with his drops. Like I wrote, Tannehill may not be 'that guy', so the Dolphins should keep Moore around. Oh he was the MVP when given the chance to play. Brian Billick made one of the worst moves to dump Dilfer and he paid the price. That said Tannehill needs another year to evaluate if he is the QB the Dolphins have been looking for. The Dolphins had an excellent chance to make the playoffs if they had drafted a WR or went after a good F.A. Tannehill may have more long term value but that remains to be seen. Potential did not get the Dolphins into the playoffs this year. My guess is that Moore with a good playmaker receiver would have.

Fin4life, you idiot. Comapring Micheal Irving to Wes Welker?
A Michaeil Irving X'10 doesn't exist.


I don't care who holds the record, but since Emmitt Smith holds that record, doesn't it mean he should have it?

He didn't do anything underhanded to get the record, did he?

Nobody want to talk about it (media)...but O.J. Simpson is the ONLY RB to rush for 2,000 yards in a 14 game season.....

To this day...no back has broken 2,000 yards in 14 games.....

This may be the MOST impressive feat in all of football......

Kris | December 28, 2012 at 11:13 PM

In maybe a tougher spot than Sanders and yes I do take it into consideration. I was always a big fan of the Juice his insane fall from grace over a woman who even cheated on him with Marcus Allen is a Shakespearean like tragedy not to mention all the collateral damage he left in it's wake, the Goldman kid and of course his own children.

That aside I remember they were interviewing Dickerson the Yr. he broke the record and he was acting like such a smug S.O.B. when the NFC Pre-Game then on CBS brought Simpson on to congratulate him and he was so dismissive of the Juice, classless, then Simpson reminded him it took him 15 plus games to break it while he did it in 14. One of the great moments in history of an exchange between players from other ERA's.

You know nobody ever mentions that the sideline commentary we enjoy today was invented by Simpson. He was the 1st to do it and was great at it getting interviews and giving perspective during the game on the sideline. I even ironically remember ABC Monday Night trying to do it with Dickerson but he didn't have the personality for it.

Nothing @ all Signal....nothing under-handed @ all.......

I am merely puppeting the the word of FORMER NFL HOFers who BELIEVE that exactly as I do.....

No one can argue wether or not Emitt Smith is the ALL TIME NFL rushing champ....the debate (and the fun) is how he got there....and wether or not he should be....

Fin4life, you idiot. Comapring Micheal Irving to Wes Welker?
A Michaeil Irving X'10 doesn't exist.

Monte | December 28, 2012 at 11:31 PM

X '10?? As in a backwards 10 inches? If your referring to the size of the mans penis I wouldn't know.


I understand what you're saying, and the debate(fun) will always be there.

Side Note:

Do you really believe they reeled in Tannehill, or were his stats just not as good for that stretch?

Regardless, he is looking pretty d@mn good lately.

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