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Matt Moore at a crossroads this offseason

Look around the NFL games this weekend and you'll see teams that need quarterbacks or intend to go to camp next year with a competition to see who starts at quarterback.

This list is long:

Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Arizona, Kansas City, probably Buffalo, maybe Minnesota and Cleveland.

And that brings me to Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore. He will likely have a decision to make this offseason because he is unsigned and because he still believes he can start in the NFL and because that won't be in Miami and because it might be some place else.

"Do I think I can play in this league? Yeah," Moore said Thursday. "Whether it's here or somewhere else, you need to be given that shot and it's hard to look at other places and put yourself in other people's shoes. Situations are what they are everywhere. There's different situations and issues everywhere. I don't worry about what's going on right now."

Right now all Dolphins players have been warned about thinking ahead to the offseason. I wrote a day or so ago that coach Joe Philbin told players to concentrate on the Patriots and nothing else. It's the reason cornerback Sean Smith and other pending free agents have hesitated to talk about their upcoming free agency.

But free agency is staring all of them in the face and that includes Moore, who will not get a shot to win the job in Miami next year but might elsewhere. And that possible chance to compete elsewhere seems appealing to him.

"I'm just looking for an opportunity," he said. "I'd love to be a starter. But we'll figure all that out in the offseason."

Don't get Moore wrong. He's a great teammate and he proved in the Jets game this year that he can come off the bench and play at a high level and lead his team to victory. So he can be a fine backup and re-sign with the Dolphins to do that if he wishes.

That's not a bad gig.

"I'm not unhappy doing that," he said. "But as a player and a competitor I'd love the chance to start somewhere. I think I can. I think I'm capable. Playing and the right situation is something you definitely have to look for."

Obviously someone is going to have to first offer the chance. And so Moore will hit free agency hoping for that chance. That's the priority. Even then, he's going to have to weigh location and situation because he has a family now and his next contract will likely permanently seal him as either a guy with a chance to start or a backup.

And if someone makes the offer, Moore is gone and the Dolphins will be searching for a backup QB. Otherwise, Moore will be offered a contract to be Miami's backup.

"I need to figure all that out in the offseason," he said. "Maybe it doesn't happen and I might be here."


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The Signal | December 28, 2012 at 11:33 PM

Nobody is disputing that Smith holds the record the point was in regards to the intangibles.

Would Smith have achieved this behind a poor OL with the D constantly selling out to stop him.

I believe Kris was talking about the fact Emmitt himself said that once he heard the news of Sanders leaving the game while still very on top became motivation to break the record.

So by his own omission Smith will be the 1st to tell you Barry was a once in a GENERATION talent and probably the record holder had he wanted it.

Fin4Life....great post @ 11:36.....

That is insight that I had no idea about....Glad Simpson reminded him of the 14 games....if Dickerson was gonna be a p rick about it......I was young in my football years when Dickerson was n his hey-day......but I do remember him being a touch arrogant (Dickerson)....and OJ as well for that matter.......

OJ is a sick FK murderer.

You punks put football above life. Praising OJ? You should be ashamed.


I think that they put the reins on him a bit....I know when you look @ the passing #''s (attempts)...it will look like they haven't....but when you look @ the GAMES...I think you will see evidence that they have.....

Tanne doesn't throw out of his endzone any more (with good reason)......we are more run..run pass....for the time being....which is good....if we had done that earlier...we would be in the playoffs....

Signal...I'm not sold on Tanne.....he plays well as a game manager...but when asked to ba a game changer....well....he hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate like his contemporaries...Luck...3....Wilson...

So I am still in wait and see mode for Tanne....and woudn't mind some competition heading into camp next year...wether it be Moore or somebody else.....

Last I checked....OJ was acquitted of all charges of murder....so please get your facts sraight "blurry line".....like we don't know who you are....just waiting for a chance to ruin a football conversation with ANYTHING you can...even false information......

If you want to be so disgusted with US and OJ.....go LOOK UP what he was convicted of...then come back and make an @ss of yourself.....

and then later...come back under you're normal name and talk football for hours.....tell us about manti teo.....and how now we need a pass rusher.....like myself and Craig M have been advocating for since OCT.....

Kris you are plain dumb. Moore? He had his shot. Couldn't beat out anybody.

How good would Luck and RG3 have looked had they only 19 starts before starting in the NFL? Their success has overshadowed the fact that Tannehill has exceeded expectations in his rookie year. He has only one offensive weapon in Bush and nobody else. RT is a keeper. Give him 3 years and you'll sse.

Too many of you dildo brains think rookies are busts if they don't make the pro bowl. Go wipe your anus.


I understand, and appreciate, the debate due to all the intangibles.

Just one of the things that help keep this all so interesting.

I have no issue with Kris, and respect his opinion more than most on this blog.



You didn't "QUOTE" me....or even address anything I posted....just blah...blah...blah...insult...blah..blah...blah....childish insult.....

not worth my time.......

That was directed @ you SIGNAL.....it was for the troll @ 12:15.....

I should have time stamped it....


its to late for this...

GN...Signal...Fin4Life.....and Fellow FIN FANS......

Kris runs from the truth as and fabricates nonsense. What else is new.

OJ has become a human pariah sort of X-Communicated from society given he not only killed 2 people but with the aid of his attorney really strained race relations while dividing public opinion like no other in my lifetime during that entire tragic saga truly polarizing but it doesn't diminish his accomplishments in Football before hand and nobody is praising him just stating facts about the Football player not the man. In honesty I've thought alot of times about the fact he cracked 2,000 in 14 games but never mention it because somebody always wants to go there.

Look at Krissy run LOL.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

Kris wanted McNab as QB and jive idiot Herman Edwards as coach LOL!!!!

Of the regular bloggers, the two dumbest are Kris and Phins78. At least Phins is a reasonably nice guy. Kris is a bitter hostile turd.

Tannehill is Henne all over again. 4 more years of stinkin for the Dolfins.

Of the blind homers, the two dumbest are Craig and Matty.

Nah, Dashi is the DUMBEST!!

Kris wanted McNab as QB and jive idiot Herman Edwards as coach LOL!!!!

Rodi | December 29, 2012 at 12:26 AM

I actually wanted Phil Jackson to make the transition to NFL H.C.! He would have done the unconventional like bringing in strong armed MLB closers to learn the game and be his QB while getting the rest of the team to channel their inner zen.

Jim Florio reports that the alleged Logo that was leaked yesterday was nothing more than a embossied generic design used as an EXAMPLE in a computer detail spreadsheet of Miami Dolphin merchandising in a meeting that involved Self System Designs. Infact it now appears the Logo will closely resemble the Seahawks Logo in Dolphin head high detail form. Showing a meaner version of a Dolphin with teeth exposed on a metallic silver helmet. One of the Techs at Nike confirmed this after the leak was divulged. Its one of 7 designs -and all logos must be approved by the NFL in order to comply with their merchandising profiles.

Hey maybe Ross can hire Honey Boo Boo to be the team mascot bringing back the great family atmosphere during games while raffling weekend get aways to the Magic Kingdom.

Now that I think about it he can get his shares back from Jimmy Buffet and sell them to Disney's Pixar animation re-naming yet again the Stadium and calling it Nemo's Adventure.

Also the Dolphin on the helmet looks to overly agressive so Pixar can give it a friendlier look with a smile while working some more pastel colors into the overall look.

Regardless, I see either scenario as win/win and this Team being much improved.
Posted by: odinseye | December 28, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Just when you thought it was safeto go into the blog......
Armando,. Has it been 2 weeks since you banned this old coot, It seems like only yesterday.

I don't know who Jim Florio (above) is but I hope he's right about the new Dolphins logo. A more aggressive Dolphin would be my choice.

Teams need to change logos at times. Do a Google search for the Steelers logo and ask yourself if the Steelers would be respected as much now flying their old logo.

Took this from the Herald's article on Odrick this morning. A lot of us haven't felt he's been a true DE since he's been drafted. He doesn't have the quickness to be a great end and he's never been a big sack guy. Sounds like a natural to take over from Starks with a true end added in the draft. To the 'Odrick is a bust' haters.....STICK IT!!!:

“He can be a force inside,” Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. “He’s a big man, but he’s athletic and I think sometimes it creates a mismatch athletically with guards and centers. We’ve got to continue to keep getting him more and more reps inside and get him isolated as best we can.”

Odrick, who can plan every position on the defensive line, has career highs in tackles (34) and stuffs (six). His five sacks are one shy of his personal best, which he set a season ago. Odrick has been on the field for more than 80 percent of his team’s defensive snaps.

“I make a lot of plays from inside, as opposed to an outside pass-rusher, which everybody talks about wanting next year,” Odrick said. “I’m put in there for a reason, inside, to generate some type of pass rush, or make plays, regardless of the position I’m in.”

I'm with you Craig. Some of the laughable people here calling Odrick a bust are just ridiculous. I have to disagree with them the guy is solid. It's true he's not a pro bowl player or have eye popping stats but he's still very good. Coyle has good things to say about him and I'll take his word on it rather than those people.

Tannehill could develop into a mediocre backup IMO.

I wouldnt say Odrick's a bust but he's not a 1st rder either.


He's EXACTLY the kind of kind, who is he was on the Pats, everybody would be saying, 'we need a guy like Odrick'. This idea that if you're picking a guy at 28 he's supposed to be a star is RIDICULOUS! Where is that written? As you've said, he's a very 'solid' player and fills a need on this team. But all you hear is this crap 'we should have picked Bryant'.

Bunch of ignoramuses!!


What a bunch of BS bud....you obviously have no clue what a 1st rounder is. First rounder's supposed to be a star, right? How many guys actually turn out to be stars? Do your homework! Nowhere is it written the 28th player is suposed to be a star. If you think theat then you don't know football....plain and simple.

Craig M = canadian NUFF SAID!

Funny stuff dusty (if that is even you),

Tell me again how Ireland will be gone Monday....LMFAO!!....

Anyone who thinks Odrick was worth a 1st rd pick is drunk on kool aid. He plays like a 4th rd guy now but dont forget he also missed an entire year. Ireland would like a mulligan on that pick.


You're dead wrong bud! Like I said to dusty, if you think that you don't know football. Let me guess, you judge a player by his stats, right? Brilliant! You probably think Soliai stinks too, right?

Craig M = canadian NUFF SAID!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 29, 2012 at 10:01 AM

More evidence that dusty bottoms' posts are worthless.

When evaluating our beloved Dolphins can we please just ignore the facts?

I have been a Fins Fan for more than 30 years. I can't remember a more important offseason for the team.

We seem to finally have a solid QB that had an effective rookie season and has shown steady improvement. There is hope that THILL can be the stable QB the team has lacked since Marino.

Free Agency will be huge. There are several starters who are due contracts this offseason. Getting the right players to stay and not falling in love with the wrong players will be the challenge. We can debate all day long who those players are but it will be proven out next season when they line up and play. Either way it will be very interesting to see how Ireland/Philbin work together and if they can get it right.

The Draft is where most legacies are built. The fins have 5 of the top 100 picks in the draft. Can we get skill players onto this team who will make an immediate impact by creating high impact plays consistently?

It's going to be hard to sit tight between Jan-Aug. Can't wait to see how this team comes together and if they can make the playoffs next year. With the Bills and Jets showing no signs of progress the Fins have an opportunity to compete with the Pats for first place in the AFC East and to make the playoffs, at least as a Wild Card entrant. Opportunity is knocking.....Will the Fins step up and advance?

Odrick = worth late 1st round pick.


Ok, then do your FKN homework. Take a half hour and look at the bottom 5 first round picks over the last 10 years. Then you will see how well he measures up.

Odrick is recognized as a solid, improving player by those actually involved in football.

Why even consider the opinion of a few nitwits whose "expertise" and connection to the NFL doesn;t extend from their flabby butts watching it on a sofa?

Craig M; agree and Odrick reminds me of Richard Seymour when he played for NE. Many felt he was indispensable on that DL; but his repeated run-ins with Belichick proved his undoing.

jpao, I noticed you were very careful in the adjectives and adverbs selected where the description of Tannehill was concerned. LOL

Here is my crazy comment of the day. I have been thinking ahead to the draft and free agency and personally have come to the conclusion that we probably should Buy a receiver or two in free agency, one could be the TE we really need. I would also buy a proven safety.

Then I would draft and here might be the crazy part OL or a linebacker. Probably leaning toward a LB first and maybe OL second.

We get someone who can cover tight ends in the draft and a TE who can split the middle in free agency I think you swing the pendulum enough to get us into the playoffs next year. We should be doing what the Pats do. Load up on TE's and run the west coast dump and juke. You keep Bush and cause havoc in the middle of the field. That opens up your deep threat man enough to get the extra points we seem to need each week.

Personally this season is going to come down to finding the LB who can stop these tight ends. Probably go with the CB out of Bama though.

I think Philbin and Sherman will lead Ireland in the right direction. Sort of hopping that a college asks Sherman to coach that would allow Philbin an easy out on bringing in an new Younger OC. Thought Sherman could have been a little more agresive at times.

Go Dolphins!! And Please dont change the logo to this crap floating around. Bring Back the old logo and lets go retro. There was a logo change shown in the Herald or Sun back in the 80's probably 84 or 83 that showed a dolphin face that came over the top of the helmet sort of like the old Seahawks color set up. It was way better than the crap seen so far.

Never knew the Dolphins originally had blue as their color, but wish we would just go back to the old tried and true. That logo was at the time Jimmy came to town the most winning one in football. End the curse bring Flipper back.

I'm with craig m.Keep up the good posts.

2013 Regular Season Schedule:

Opponents: Afc East/Afc North/Nfc South

2nd Place Opponents for finishing 2nd Place In Our Division: Colts/Chargers

Playoff Formula:

1. Afc East 4-2. Sweep Jets/Bills
2. Afc North 2-2. Beat Bengals/Browns
3. Nfc West -2. Beat Buc/Panthers
4. 2nd Place Opponents. Sweep Colts/Chargers

There you have it. 10-6 and Playoffs.

We can finish better if we beat all of the beatable teams and beat 1-2 first Place teams we'll face(11-5 to 12-4).

But this means wins over the Pats/Ravens next season. I didnt count winning over Pittsburgh either.

The Dolphins never had blue as one of their original colors. It was simply aqua, orange, and white. Navy blue was added as an accent color when the uniforms and logo were redesigned in 1997.

As for the new logo, you can expect some tweaking before it is official. It WILL be changing, however, that decision has already been made and approved by the NFL (who assisted in the logo redesign).

The original logo and uniforms will still be seen during "retro" games. The 1997-2012 logo will be scrapped entirely.

Could happen.
If we replace the 6 starters leaving in FA with our first 6 picks then we can use our 5th, 6th & 7th rounders to replace 4 back-up FAs and then we can sign 10 acorns to replace the other 10 departing FAs.
I think we have a good shot to achieve what you propose.
Keep the faith yo.

My bad, meant to post Nfc South as 2013 opponents.

So when Moore leaves who should we bring in to backup Tanne?

The problem is any of those guys can take away Tanne's job so I think we really need to try and resign Moore.


We'll get the Colts @ home this time around and we'll have to travel to Chargers because we had the Raiders @ home this year.

I pretty much know most of what will be home/away games. But have zero clue on how the weeks will be aligned.

didn't read the guy from Conn comment. Bet if someone looked in the Heralds archives they have a picture of this over the top Dolphin logo. It was a full page spread in the 80's. Remember my dad cussing at the time he liked the old logo that was in use at the time.

It looked much like the Seahawks so am guessing this version has been floating around the league office since the 80's.

Anyway if someone has access to old News papers from the eighties you probably could find this silver metalic logo change. It was more of a blueish aqua metalic as I remember. As a kid I thought it looked sort of cool. But as a purist think it would be a mistake.

I want the old logo back. The only hats and shirts I have been buying for the last two years are the retro ones. Think to appease the football gods we need to bring it back.

I liked the orange uniforms if you really must have change. Think it is easier for the QB's to find the open man on Offense and think it could pull the eyes on opposing QB's enough to distract them on D. Just a thought.

Anyway you guys at the paper need to take a trip in the archives. Go Dolphins! Start in the Sunday sections during December 1983, 84, 85. Seems like the time I was visiting my grandpa in Fort Lauderdale when I saw it.

Not a big accomplishment knowing the schedule in advance.

Famns don't seem to realize that EVERY future schedule is already known aside from two conference games that are determined by where you finish the previous year.

You can look up Miami's schedule in 2048 right now. 14 of the 16 games are already in stone.

But fans will always act surprised each year or (comically) think the league hands out arbitrarily "tougher" or "easier" schedules.


pa, Thanks for the shout out. Good that we can still see the forest for the trees.....(look it up trolls).

billcale, VERY good comparison to Richard Seymour. He's that same kind of guy. anyone who couldn't use a Richard Seymour on their team is nuts!! Pats made a very good trade though, getting a high first for him.

Matt Moore is a Franchise QB, and a league premium QB if given the chance and the trust that he deserve, the reason why Miami didnt make the playoffs / win division is because the stupid people running the Dolphins choose a mediocre QB over him, he is going to get a LOT of offers including the Jets, and he will show how bada of decision was not giving him the respect and the trust that he deserve, mark my words!

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