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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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28 NOTHING....

we have NOT closed the GAP against the BEST TEAm in our division.....


They didn't even seem to try.

This game didnt show anything more to people than miami fans mostly knew already....They stink!!!

Let's sign Tannehill to a 15 year 200 million dollar contract extension this offseason so we can have him locked up forever!

Bush looked so disgusted he may not want to come back.

bush doesnt deserve to demand big $$$ from anyone this offseason as a feature back...he should be happy that he'll have a job period as a RB at all!!!

Now it's time for the next season comments, well wait we've all been saying it since the first game this season.

It sucks to see the abyssal difference betwween us and the Pats. It doesn´t matter how many picks we have in the draft nor the free agency.
Mando, I understand you have to sell hope, but
we will be losers until Brady / Belichick are alive ... and kicking.
Sad Dolfans.

Dolphins take it in the ass AGAIN!!! Don't even try to score at the end to avoid the shutout. They did not even try to let RB run a couple last plays. 46yr Dolphan and very ashamed to be one today. They just mailed it in and didn't even give a good effort. They should have stayed at home.

1. RT is no francise changingQB...sorry, but he hust in't
2. Fins #1 rated red zonde defense is a fake
3. was not covering Gronk or Welker part of the Miami game plan?
4. Miami a bad 7-9 team
5. why didn't the Miami backup QB play after RT looked like a Muhammed Ali opponent in the 8th round? what was the point
6. guess all those Dolfan posters on the Globe today predicitng a Miami win had to change their underwear by halftime
7. see ya next...

I love the Dolphins but this year has been full of optimism and empty promise. With league wide disrespect and "Dead Dolphin" T-Shirts by Pink Dolphin this year has been a stinker.No one gave us a chance at all this year from day one. Chad Johnson cut Hard knocks what a year. In this game tonight Jonathan Martin looked like he was pulling a Lomas Brown out there by letting the DE of NE kill our QB. Much respect to the tough choices which must be made in the offseason. Thank you Armando for having a great blog. God bless.

forgot this..Bush did not get his 1000 yards and not his 2000 yards as he preddicted when the season began

is he going to explain what happened?

This year was a do over for the fins when they drafted a green QB like T-Hill. Philbin's up tempo philosophy was also not right for this QB (at least not yet). The only way the fins were going to win 9+ games this years is if they would have concentrated on running the ball and slowing the game but they are looking at the big pictures which is why they took their lumps this year. Things will be better next year. I hope.

For a team I expected to go 4-12 this season, I'll tip my hat to Philbin and the players for working their tails off this year and getting to 7-9. The morons on here will interpret that to mean I'm happy being mediocre. Reading and ACTUALLY understanding what's being said is a challenge for a lot of these guys.

We're a long way away from being one of the best teams in the league. Hopefully today has shown that to everybody. Lots to be done and lots of help needed. It starts Monday for Ireland and everybody else.

Guys will whine about this game....IGNORE them. This is very good Pats team. They played like this against the Texans this year and did the same thing to them. Did the same thing to the Rams this year. You have to walk before you can run. Let's get some help for our young QB and be smart with all pening FAs.

Good luck to these guys in the offseason!

From Dave Hyde:

Tannehill's stats for the season: 12 touchdowns, 13 interceptions. Chad Henne's stats his first year as a starter? Twelve touchdowns, 14 interceptions.

to cocoa beach

why a fan for 46 years??? what's up with that...time to dump them

Season over. We learned:

1. Garner usnt the answer moving forward.

2. Bush, take him or leave him.

3. Sean Smith is still afraid to tackle.

4. CraigM's right. We do need a passrusher opposite Wake.

5. Ive forgotten what a real recievings corps looks like in Miami.

Looks like we get the 12th pick in the draft. Trade down and take Eifert please unless Jarvis jones is available. Guys who get sacks, force turnovers or score TDs. Any other picks make no sense.

Alright it's that time of the year again when we talk about drafts and FAs rather than playoffs. When we dream about a better tomorrow rather than rooting for a formidable team in Jan. sigh...

Let's predict next year!

The home schedule: New York Jets (W), New England (L), Buffalo (W), Baltimore (L), Cincinnati (L), Atlanta (L), Carolina (L), San Diego (W); The away schedule: New York (W) Jets, New England (L), Buffalo (W), Indianapolis (L), Pittsburgh (L), Cleveland (L), Tampa Bay (L), New Orleans (L).

SO I see 5-11 next year!

yg........TELL ME WHY OUR GARAGE MANAGER SIGNED GERRARD IN THE FIRST PLACE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>??????????????????????????

Craig M = Loves Mediocrity

Im sure next year he'll have his 8-8 tip of the hat for philbin and Irefiends FO adds all pretty and shined up real nice to convince someone here that this team will be much better in 2015 too....atta boy craig!!!!


I agree with you. This game was a throw away and the Pats are experts at taking the spirit away from a team that has nothing to play for. On the other hand the Pats had a lot to play for. Many here predicted less than 5 wins.Those that thought that the fins were going to go out there with this rookie QB and the weather and win are crazy or in denial. Now we have to hope our young QB takes the next step next year. Ireland has to go out there and find FAs and draft picks to help him. This was a learning experience for T-Hill and I look for great things from the fins next year. I can't wait until the free agent period and the draft.

Mando-Dolphins pick 11, 12, 13, or 14th?

a win on the road at Buffalo??? don't bet your house on that one

Lol Craig, the worst team in the league could have won 5 games against this joke schedule. Takeaways from another wasted year:

1) Ireland sucks.
2) Ireland sucks
3) we need a new GM.
4) drafting playmakers late and space eaters early is a bad philosophy.
5) Ireland sucks.

Ok Mickey, you are right, 4-12 it is next year!

Mr. Ross, please don't make any major changes we are only a couple players away from making a run. You saw the game today and how talented my acorns are. With 5 picks in the top 100 and 46 mil in cap space I promise I will get the couple of acorns we need to make a run.
Your boy Jeffy

Extremely effortless game. THill isn't the problem.

I would love to hear the conversation between the owner and the GM after this game, Mando how does that go?

The only reason thill won the "QB competition" was because it was a biased assessment.

Jack Sparrow.

Once again showing how little you know about what is supposedly your team.

Tannehill won because Garrard got hurt, had he not Garrard would have been the qb. When Garrard went down Moore was Tannehills only competition and every day he proved why he is only a backup. Tannehill beat him almost every single day and Moore was still fumbling and turning the ball over. A f&*^ing rookie came in and outplayed a guy who has been playing qb for over 10 years. Tannehill played for 1 and a half years at QB and beat Moore! WTF?

This Team was not ready. That's all on Philbin. He sold out. But to whom. Could have been to the League, LV, even Ross. I will make this my business to find out in the following months

This draft has a bunch of pass rushers. It is where the depth is in this draft. I wanted to let Long go but now realize that would be a mistake. Garner is terrible and I don't want to waste a draft pick on an OT next year. Potential pass rushers for us in the draft next year:

Jarvis Jones, Damantre Moore, Bjoren Werener, and Dion Jordan. The line needs another pass rusher. Get one big time playmaking receiver in FA and draft more help in the second round.

Been a fan for 15 yrs and i have never felt so bad about the state of dolphins thank u jeffy u and ur staff have doomed us to the basement of the afc for many years

Sad truth is that Dolphins won't be able to compete until Brady retires in another 4 or 5 years.

Who has the best LT in the NFL ?(I don't know?) Dont draft anyone who does not score TDs

Orlando, when the dolphins still score less than 21 pts a game next season and win 7 games or less, please remember to post.

Ireland's weapons picks to date, post Parcells:

Nolan Carroll, jimmy Wilson, Clyde gates, Daniel Thomas, Michael Egnew, Lamar miller, bj Cunningham, Rishard Matthews.

God, we are screwed.

"Tannehill's stats for the season: 12 touchdowns, 13 interceptions. Chad Henne's stats his first year as a starter? Twelve touchdowns, 14 interceptions."

So not only was Tannehill better as a 1 and a half year starter in college (Henne played qb since highschool) he also broke a Dan Marino record. Did Henne break any Marino records? Nope, so Tannehill is better with much more upside. Awesome news.

PHINS 78.......



lost to

Tennessee (6-10)(Blown out)
Buffalo (6-10)
Week York(6-10)
Arizona (5-11)

Miami isnt a given to win anything next year....this team is as mediocre as the talent they have on offense, and you think progress was made at 7-9 when you look at those teams above??...Yea Right!!!

Big wins this year against the Seahawks and Bengals. We also proved that we were better than the Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, and Raiders. We are headed in the right direction. Let's have a little patience, if they don't make the jump next year to 10-6, then I will be with you guys on the negativity band wagon.

oscar go back to posting as "Aloco", he's more fun.

Craig M = Loves Mediocrity

Im sure next year he'll have his 8-8 tip of the hat for philbin and Irefiends FO adds all pretty and shined up real nice to convince someone here that this team will be much better in 2015 too....atta boy craig!!!!
Posted by: superPHIN | December 30, 2012 at 07:35 PM

As I said in my previous comments, there's always a CLOWN who likes to take my comments and misinterpret what I said. Please show me where I said 'I'm happy with mediocrity'?

Just so we're clear superPHIN (what an ironic handle by the way) are you going to hide when this team is actually good? Are you going to say 'I was behind them the whole way'? Of course you are, you're a fairweather fan.

For all the changes that were made this year, 7-9 is progress from last year and todays game doesn't change that. Whine and complain all you want fellas....things are getting better.

Why did Philbin try to make a FG with a 40mph wind against him? Hmm..

Aloco I already asked Armando weeks ago and he said you constantly post under different names. He said your regular and most used name is oscar.

Also we caught you on multiple occasions having conversations with people before you switched your name back. Thanks for playing,,,,,,you lose,,,,,again.

What a bunch of douchebags on this forum. Whining about about this and that. You MFers have no clue what it means to be a fan.

The front seven defensive players were a disgrace.


Here's a scary thought for next year. If we don't go to the playoffs next year Ireland will be gone. Thill would go down as the NOT franchise QB we expect him to be and the team would have yo draft another QB the following year with a different GM. Philbin would be gone for sure. That means 3 more years of rebuilding.

I love investigating reporting.

It's also why you never debate anyone. You can't talk as Aloco and have a real conversation because he is a made up person. Otherwise ytou would have actual conversations with people and not run away every time someone asks you a real question.

Guy I'm on to your scam, you're not fooling me. Go ahead and play your games, but know I have you all figured out.

The Signal,

You're a funny guy. Do you write your own stuff or steal it from others?

Here's the deal bud....I think for myself, rather than follow the masses. I wouldn't expect you to understand any of what I'm saying but keeping on with your whining. I'm sure your a fun guy to be around.

Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2012 at 07:25 PM


I undertand every word you post on here. You are a guy who NEVER misses a chance to throw out an I TOLD YOU SO...It's kinda embarrassing seeing it on here sometimes, to be honest with you.

But, hey, whatever floats your boat.

Oh, you also tend to be one hell of a hypocrite.

I know Ross was watching this game. Don't let those meaningless wins full you, we have a long way to go. Reggie Bush had a chance to rise up and show that he is worthy of being the #1 back, and what does he do? He buys a one way ticket out of town. Oh by the way Ross, the problem is Jeff Ireland.

So will we have to listen to the Martin and Garner apologists all week now? The excuses for why they couldn't get it done today. Seven sacks against the Pats defence is abysmal. Will we have to listen to all the 'Martin is a natural LT' and 'a much better player than Long at this stage' crap. REALY? You guys obviously watch a different game of football than I do. Kid looked completely overmatched today.

Now what guys?...

10-6, Orlando? Against the infinitely tougher schedule?

I'll save you a seat on the fireland bandwagon.






I bet if they bring back Ireland next year, we will still suck. Wih all that cap space and draft picks, I am sure we screw up somehow.

superphin don't be a jerko^^. Craig never said that and he actually made sure his post wasn't misinterpreted. Leave it to you to purposely misinterpret it. It just makes you look like a douche because everyone can read. You're not making Craig look bad, only yourself. Just stop it.

The Signal,

I'm glad you're such a fan of mine. Pretty clear that you go out of your way to read my posts. That's quite a compliment....thanks bud.

Posted by: The Signal | December 30, 2012 at 07:48 PM

Who are you? What other names do you post under? You've never been inhere yet you know what happened in September? Weird.

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