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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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Micky Bitsko is a Pats fan who's been trolling every Dolphins site re-posting the same comments. Dude, come on.

Oh they lost once again, they made a lot more mistakes than the opponent, and didnt look like they had an urgency to win.Im not complaining but writing my impression of the game.Lets see what they do in the off-season thats all there is for this group.

My eyes, mind, and heart all tell me that the Dolphins need to treat this entire offseason as it were year 1 of rebuild. Because what we have assembled here is faulty, very faulty.

Not only do we not have enough good talent, we also dont have enough smart talent. At least 50% of the good talent here, which may only be 6-7 players, are not smart players.

This means 3-4 players here actually earn thier contract and only and we may only have 3-4 players that may actually supeceede thier current contracts with thier play.

Every player we have coming into free agency, is on the bubble if whether or not they should be resigned. That isnt a very good sign.

The most ironic part of all, not one of our upcoming fa really showed up today. Yeah, Hartline had a few catches, but, when hasnt he done that. When will he ever show up bearing td gifts in hand?

At this point, I would let every single fa walk and treat this offseason like rebuilding year #1.

Again, Sean Smith proved to be just average in coverage and his approach to tackling was again that of which the nerd is afraud of the bully.

I mean Sean Smith was absolutely manhandled on a block by Wes Welker. He must have 30 lbs and 4 inches on Welker. No way Welker should have manhandled him this way on a block. Are we really going to resign that coward?


S.Smith is what he has been since arriving and that's a CB with average lateral ability who wiffs on contact but there were other things in this game that were more disheartening when looking forward.

1) In week-17 Tannehill still stares down his WR's which got him picked the 1st time and when under pressure took his eyes off them. On one of the sacks were he rolled right you can see on the replay he had the scrub wearing #19 running free from coverage and he ate the ball not sure it makes a difference given Mimms or Bumms or whatever dropped an easy 6 a little later.

2) How about the Ridley TD were the Pats LG hits Dansby on one leg and he sits on his bum and watches Ridley score yet you still got people defending this guy who will now probably say his heart wasn't in it today, BOO F'N HOO!

He's payed a Kings ransom to show up and give us a better effort aside from the fact I don't believe I saw him switch the D call one time it was just pathetic! It's why he needs to be replaced given were talking about our FA's like there's something there and these turds haven't been able to break .500 in a few Yrs. and it's the supposed team leaders like him that a place some of it on. Look at Kuechley and the numbers he put up as a rookie in Car. and tell me we can't use some new blood in the middle along with a pass rusher.

Teddy Bruschi arrested on four counts of child molestation.

Erik Decker is everything Hartline wishes. Wouldn't have a problem paying him with Decker stats. What he have over 80 grabs over 1000 13 TDs.

What makes this situation real bad is that the dolphins are changing their Logo. What A big big big huge monumental ERROR. CANT ANYONE SEE WHATS COMING NEXT? Los Angelos . Eeeeewww im so pissed.

Eff that new logo design. It's freaking dumb. The current and the last one rocked

For a guy that dodges EVERY question thrown his way, he didn't waste any time sticking up for the Troll that was making himself look stupid in his attacks on Craig.
Hmmmmmmmmm...........never has anything to say, never posts an opinion, but defends the Troll at the drop of a hat.
Don't look now, but.........**BUSTED**.........LOL!
Posted by: odinseye | December 31, 2012 at 12:02 AM

When Will Armando ban this poor old coot for life, It seems the 2 week suspension did'nt take.

After a whole season i can say Thill= CHenne 2.0

Random Thoughts...(many are obvious or oft mentioned)

Sad game in a bunch of ways.

That said the Fins had some chances but can't seem to cash in vs good teams.

Tannehill: Jury is still way out, especially when reviewing his college TD to Int ratio. Much as it was in college, Tannehhill intrigues with many of his throws and can get outside the pocket but Henne could have some intriguing numbers too and never got over the hump.

Even after the Grand OL Wizard tinkered with the OL for all those years it still needs at least 2 more pieces.

Bush and/or Long may be gone. That's a dead horse.

OT J. Martin got rag dolled too often in this game. I even saw one play where a blitzing DB drove him back and sacked the QB.

Wake needs more help. Our front seven is rated higher than they can actually deliver vs the better teams.

Even though I believe the Fins should draft the most solid, sure handed and dangerous WR they can get in the first they may have to look at CB Milliner from Alabama. The Fins coverage is atrocious too often. Sean Smith is very average and he is suppose to be our best? Vontae Davis is quasi-quietly having a good season in Indy and the 2nd round pick we traded for gets worse with each Indy win.

Philbin, Ireland, the scouts, and the rest of the "collective" need to make shrewd use of the FA's and draft picks.

Wow how good would LB Zach Brown and his 4.3+ speed be at OLB about now?

Fins need to be faster on both sides of the ball!

My first FA target is Wallace followed by Jennings then Bowe in that order IF they don't re-sign with their respective teams.

The Fins brass needs to dig deep and get the most out of this off season.

I just wanna know HOW THE HELL IS WELKER AND THEIR TIGHTENDS ALWAYS OPEN??? I mean come on you don't have to be a football genius to know that sellers getting the freaking ball and he is ALWAYS SO OPEN!!! Damn!!!! WE NEED CORNERS LB AND SAFTEY HELP!!! At least one great tight end and 1-2 wide outs with hartline and I'm sorry but our O line played awful we need ALOT OF WORK!! Everyone says we should have won a couple of those games well what we need is a MEAN ROUGH TEAM THAT WILL PUT THEIR FOOT ON THE OTHER TEAMS NECK FROM THE BEGINING OF THE GAME AND KEEP SCORING DAMN I MISS A STRONG MEAN TEAM !!!! I know Ireland's going to stay but if he blows all this cap money and picks the dolphins will lose the last two fans that they have left!!!! And I'm not sure about Sherman ( off cord) either. We need a real smart guy for that coaching aspect!!! WE NEED ALOT WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE YET!!! Sean smith has to be replaced we need 2 shut down corners!! LETS GO

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