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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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LOL Craig,

Show me anyone who said Martin is "better" than Long. Anyone. He is more cost effective there is a difference.

I'm not arguing both sides. I think Ireland should have been fired with Sparano. But, if he is what we are stuck with, then he will have to draft someone. Better we draft a RT and let Martin grow, then spend 10 million plus on Long for 11 mediocre games a season.

As for why Martin was bad today? I don't know. Why was Long a turnstile against the Colts? People have bad days. I think that having 2 out of 3 good games at LT is not bad for a rookie. And taking a guy at 41 in the draft means you should be prepared to make him a centerpiece of your line.



Armando doesn't live in here Aloco, this is a blog on the internet. A home is where people live, a blog is where people read and write. Therefore your fake calls to have him say whether or not you are real are falling on deaf ears. But you know that already, that's your shtick. And you're so stupid you think other people can't see right through it. Stop it already, be real.

It's so funny that once Aloco starts posting multiple times all of the other troll names go away. Can't imagine why. Yipppeeeeeeeee! Weeeeeeeeee round and round we go right "Aloco"? lol

And by the way to all of you morons, how many teams are looking for good GMs, the league IS OUT OF GOOD GMs. Get it morons

Andrew, trading Vontae was admitting he wasn't the guy we should of drafted in round 1...And some ignorants are all happy we traded him for a second round pick...How is that such a great move if you failed with a first rounder??? Some people are really clueless...

Hey Tony, I guess you think that Ireland is a good GM? Please!!!!

Ever heard of Bill Polian? He is still out there and at least he is better than Ireland.

Lol, I'm the knee-jerk guy, I thought.....but you guys want to keep Jake Long, who is injury prone and overrated for 10 million a year? Just because Martin had one bad game?

It's time to stop pooling all our resources up front and use some of them on guys who put the ball in the end zone. We simply cannot afford to have a first round pick at center, a second round pick at RT, a 10 million dollar resign at LT and a third round pick at RG. Not if we want to ever have some receivers and tight ends who don't make us ashamed to be Dolphins fans.

It's that simple. What does Miami need more, Jake Long, or a WR who can actually score a touchdown more than once a season? If you don't think the answer is a playmaker, you might be Jeff Ireland.

Craig please better be glad Canada borderlines US or You be speaking Russian right now.

Posted by: Truth | December 30, 2012 at 08:38 PM

SMH. For the love of God please stop speaking for America . You're definitely intent on proving to the world that the stereotype of Americans being stupid is true aren't you? I'm begging you, stop writing and go back to school.


There's a poster on here, goes by the name LOL. He'll argue with you that Martin is 'better and younger than Long'. No clue who this guy is. Pretty sure he bounces around under other names but he denies it. So he'll tell you Martin is better. Wants rid of Long, without having a clue what kind of money he wants.

I can see it now, all these guys who wanted Long gone, when Martin gets hurt and the replacement for RT doesn't do his job, they'll be all up in arms against Ireland for opening a hole on the OL. It's how these guys roll....

Because you're definitely borderlines. lmao

You guys on this website are pretty embarassing. Are you really Dolphin fans or just a bunch of trolls?

For those who are fans... todays game was not as bad as you guys all make it out to be... If Binns makes a catch or 2.... if Bush didn't fumble there is 14 points.

As for the year... They don't have enough players. They are starting to get them... I like what Philbin is doing. I think he will have a big say in what the Dolphins pick in the coming draft and free agency. He has an eye for talent. Who do you thing put together the offense in GB? Ahhhh Philbin.

Did any of you just watch Shanahan talk.. it takes 5 years to build a team. Philbin has had 1... Ireland really 2 now that Parcells is truly gone.

Well said Andrew, how many teams in the playoffs do not have a Jake Long? Without looking I would say at least half.

Very true Caddillac, Romo is a choker. Maybe he can change that perception tonight.

PHINS LOVES TO DEFEND CRAIG M ..............................



Beleive it or not there were those out there that said that Martin was better than Long. However, I doubt that under the scenario that you described earlier you can have a quality RT that can deal with what tannehill had to deal with today which is why I would resign Long. My only concern with Long is the propensity that he has to get hurt. However, the only Dolphin that enjoyed this game was probably Long. He now has leverage.


Andrew, 08:45PM, post of the day...Just discussing the possibility of re-signing Jake Long is a joke in itself...Enough with spending huge amounts of $$$$ of friggin linemen...Fukkk some people will never get it...


ok if one troll says it fine. That is not what I am arguing. Long is clearly better than Martin. But Martin is cheaper and looks promising. We need that money for WRs and guys on defense who force turnovers. Forcing less than one turnover per game IS PATHETIC.

Scott in CT,

They lost 28-0 dude. If my grandmother had balls, she would be my grandfather. If, if, if. They got destroyed and they couldn't score as has been the case all season.

Philbin was the offensive coordinator in GB. He called the plays. He did not "build the offense". That was Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. You want to call people names? Try knowing your facts first.

Last time i check Polian was fire, Ireland still employed, Im not a 100% supporter of him but look how he set this of season with cap space and picks and the trending
on this league is more on metrics ( term use in baseball) to measure players and that is not a perfect science but one that at least he and a few understand on the game.

Yes Felix but I bet that most also don't have a Nate Garner as the RT. Remember Mark Colombo at RT last year. You don't want that type of situation next year.

Optimistic... T-Hill has all of the tools and makes good decisions. Nobody to throw to. Don't think Luck, wilson or RGIII could fare much better with the same receving core. Outside of the Fasano end-zone catch cannot recall another catch where any receiver made a play that made T-Hill look good. I can recall plenty of those plays being made from the wideouts of the aforementioned. How many times have we seen T-hill drop back, look at his primary covered look to check down and still find nobody open. he has no choiuce but to make the right decision to eat the ball and take the sack. Let's give him a chance with something to work with.

Hey Scott in CT, we've been using the word IF for 5 years now...Our last playoff win was over a decade ago...If my balls...


The Dolphins looked dead out there. Too many games I saw this year that this team did not look like it wanted to be playing football. There is one bright spot I can find with this drubbing. There will be no false sense of the team being a player or two away from the playoffs.

Flat out this watching this team go through the motions is like watching paint dry. They put a terrible product on the field. I am envious of those teams that have already cut their losses by firing GMs and coaches. Knowing that we are going to have to endure another season of this group is depressing.

See you in 2013


I think we need both. I'm not a fan of just giving guys away, especially when we as fans have NO CLUE what it would take to resign Long. Where is it written that Long wants $10 mil a year? Why are we making these decisions in December?

To me, if we could get Long at a reasonable contract, lets say around $6 mil a year and he would agree to play RT, that would be ideal. I'm not interested in picking up a RT in FA because I saw how that worked in FA. No thanks....not interested.

We need playmakers, no question but you can't open up MORE holes on the roster and then expect to just patch them up other ways. If you can't keep your QB upright also you're never going to have the chance to get the ball to the playmakers.

By the way fellas, we are going over the CLIFF with my taxes going up by a bunch and you people are think of re hooking Long, pls be more creative and less of moron to have you initials on this blog


Don't be such a bone head.

SMH is Cadilac, Pricemaster, The SMF, Phuc Yu, and a bunch more. He is making a fool of you when you respond to him.

Andrew Philbin designed that offense. People are on here knocking him or his coaching. The guy will be good once we get a couple of new pieces.

I love listening to the long list of players people want for next year... You can only add so many in a year.

It's no coincidence the Packers struggled some this year.

The point is... it is going to take more time to build what they are trying to build. Don't like it... switch teams.... moron


We Have Reached The End Of The Evaluation Season!!

Would've Hoped 9-7! But We Can't Be Right All The Time! :-)

Would've Loved The Game To Have Been Competitive!!

But That Didn't Happen!!

Time To Look At The Future!! Starting Right Now!!

Does Ireland Get 1 More Season! Himself!! Think about it!! Resign Ireland Now! Or Next Year?

You Hold The Cards Mr. Ross.

I Am A Dolphin Fan, First and Foremost! But My Boy Ireland Has Us In Great Position!! Start Cutting The Check At The Top Mr. Ross!! Or Ireland Will Take DAWN & Him To The Highest Bidder!!

Drop Ireland On The Chiefs! Or The Chargers!! Heck, Let The Browns Sign Ireland! Don't Even Think about The Jets or The Bills!!


Some Of You Might Not See It!! Or Maybe I Just See To Much!

But Ireland Wasn't The Problem!! And I Give All The Credit To Mr. Ross!! For Seeing This! He is The Right Owner For This Franchise!! Now's How To Hire The Right People!!

Now Just Resign Ireland!



I get your point Tony, but you cannot build the Fins like the Oakland A's moneyball system. It just does not work in football. Ireland may have built the picks for the draft but when he blows it wasting the picks we will all be back here complaining next year.

Tony, how many winning teams has Bill Polian produced, and how many has Jeff Ireland? nuff said...

And Andrew one correction, Philbin did not call the plays in Green Bay, that was McCarthy.

Ok, if there are people who are arguing Martin > Long in a vacuum, that's crazy. Martin is super cheap, Long is expensive. That's why I say jettison Long.

Plus, as you said Orlando, you CANT COUNT ON LONG TO STAY HEALTHY. You just can't. I like the guy but it's time to spend our resources on guys who score and force turnovers. Lots of teams get by with low round picks and FA pickups on the line. Not many GOOD teams get by with flotsam and crap at the skill positions.

We need to spend that money we save on Long on a proven WR to help Tannehill grow. The FA market for WRs is VERY STRONG. The draft, as you pointed out, is underwhelming at WR. We need that money to pick up a home run guy. That stud WR will make Hartline better, he will make Bess better, he will get teams to stop stacking the box which will make our run game better.

Look how defenses play us. They don't fear anything over twenty yards. That cannot continue. We need a speed WR who can score far more than we need Long when we have a promising rookie like Martin.

Garner sucks but we can find someone better for cheap in FA or find someone in the later part of the draft. Teams do that all the time. Patriots got Sebastian Vollmer in the 4th round, he seems fine. Finding a playmaker that deep in the draft is much, much harder.

We have already spent enough resources on the O line for two teams. It's time to start paying more attention at the top of the draft and in free agency to guys who make plays. Otherwise, next season will be another waste, as we watch Tannehill scanning the field in vain, looking for someone to get open for the love of god, until he gets sacked.

I noticed nobody was saying dump Long during todays game.

Take away Long, and our offense is far inferior.

You sill see the same with Dansby, take him away and then sit and wonder why the D regressed afterwards.


WHDPs is another guy who thinks that Martin is better than Long. Not a troll but a regular contributor here, who very often has good points. So these guys do exist.

My point is, as fany we neither:

1) Know what kind of money Long wants OR
2) Have any clue if Martin can be a Pro Bowl LT long term.

Those questions are still out there.

But what if we had the best line in football and still no playmakers? Then what?

My guess is averaging 16 points a game...AGAIN!!!

Resigning Long for $6 million is the most we should be offering him. If he wants more,let him go

The Dolphins better make a splash in free agency, meaning signing one big name, either Mike Wallace or Dustin Keller or ideally both...If they don't, the stadium will be even more empty than it already is...Fans have had enough of 6, 7 wins a year...

Scott, the Packers are going to the playoffs. Lord, please grant the Dolphins such struggles! However, I am cool with Philbin. He did what he could without a lot of talent. My issue is with Ireland as anyone here a lot knows.


If they can get Long for 6 milly a year, that's fine. But I think that's a pipe dream. Would be a HUGE pay cut for him. But yes, if they can get him that cheap, I'm on board even if I don't trust him at all to play 16 games.

Third, get rid of Sean Smith because he can't even pick his nose, no one is afraid of throwing to Smith's side.

Posted by Felix

Hey Felix right on there. And I have further proof, I could go back in every game, even the games he supposedly played well and point out more than one mental mistake. The guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.

He has no football acumen. He plays the play that is drawn up and doesn't have the ability to adjust. I've seen it time and time again.

Today, on the third play from scrimmage Smith was playing the right side. Our defense was in some type of zone. There were two wr's on the right and three defenders.

The wr Smith was covering ran a slant. Smith let him go as he left his zone. Great, normally this would be the play to make because you have to cover your area. But he never saw that they were running everyone to the other side of the field. He could have broke his zone because no wr was running anywhere near it. Had he stayed on his man they could have stopped the play and held them to 3 and out. But he never picked up on it. He ran back to a big empty space on the field and threw his arms up in disgust.

I can't stand his lack of understanding. You would think he just started playing. We CAN not pay him like a number one cb. If that's what they want good riddance. Before he got hurt Patterson looked better in coverage than Smith ever has.

Craig agreed. That situation with Colombo last year was terrible. That was finding a RT on the cheap and it cost us. You have to protect your rookie QB investment. Also remember what happened with Carr who the Texans failed to put a line around him, he eventually lost his confidence and was knocked out of the league.

I am now a proponent of resigning Long. Though I doubt we can do it at 6 million. I think that someone will pay Long more than that. Heck Incognito is making almost 6 million a year next year.

Romo Stikes AGAIN....

INT # 2....

YG why are you all of the sudden typing in all caps? You have never done that before. Confused.


Long has not been a real pro bowler since 2010.


If we get rid of Sean Smith, we have no legit CBs on the roster. Smith drives me nuts and is clearly a #2 guy, not a #1 guy. But, Carroll, Wilson and Marshall are flat out bums. We almost have to keep Smith even though he was bad the last six games of this year.

Last years 6-3 team under Moore was way better. The team as a whole played a lot harder for Sparano than it does for Philbin. This team took on Philbin's personality which is bland. Lastly the team has a mediocre college QB running a mediocre college offense with a Mediocre college OC. Enuff said. Tanne lovers will spend the next 3 years blaming everyone except Tannehill.

Can anyone tell me what type of offense Miami is or isn't running? It looks worse in week 16 than in week 1. That is not a good thing. I have absolutely no faith that Jeff Ireland even with all his wonderful resources this offseason can acquire more than 2 or 3 good players. Don't think it's in his DNA to pick a great one.

Those playrs have to become available first. Wallace and Keller may not even be available as their teams are not going to let them go easily. Oh by the way, have you watched Wallace much? He drops more balls than Marshall and Binns.

Dashi sure has lots of names here. Why doesn't his loverboy Kris try to get him banned?

YG............PHINS 78 IS DOING BANANA ,,,,,,,,,,,,


My only problem with your plan is we tried this approach under Sparano. 'Patchwork OL'. So now we're back to 'let's find somebody, anybody who can play RT'. Guess what?.....we ended up with Colombo. So we want to go down that path again? 4th round pick? Like who? John Jerry? I got news for you guys, our two guards aren't that great either. Incognito's not getting any younger and to me Jerry is still kind of hit and miss. So I think at some point we need to start replacing our guards too. So go ahead and use picks on linemen but then you can't also complain because we don't have playmakers because you're giving guys away.

Good job Felix is responding, but stability and multiple drafting with good cap space is the issue here one more draft like last year and 2-3 good players will make the difference. Philbin was using scabs for players today and that is not Ireland or Philbin fault.


I hope all of the dumb ass supporters of Ireland finally saw that we are not a talented team in any phase of the game. Ireland hasn't put anything together that resemble promise or contenders. Get rid of this idiot now so our new gm can take advantage of all of the draft picks we have next year. Some of you fools thought that we were a few pieces away from playoff contenders. Some thought our defense was good and sound. We have only one playmaker on defense (Wake). A dam shame! ROSS, FIRE IRELAND NOW IF YOU REALLY ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS FRANCHISE GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Hell, look at how the Colts turned things around in one year. That's from a smart owner who made courageous decisions of cleaning the house completely. FIRE IRELAND! FIRE IRELAND! FIRE IRELAND! FIRE IRELAND!

If we spend 9 million or more a year to re-sign Long, that will be the clear signal that Ireland just does not get it. Spending that much on Long will preclude being able to make a big offer to Wallace or Bowe. Spending that much on Long guarantees another year of 8 man fronts, condensed fields, and stats that boggle the mind.

Did you know Calvin Johnson had 15 more 20 yard+ plays than the whole dolphins team combined?

Did you know that Cecil Shorts III caught four more TD passes than the whole Dolphins WR corps combined?

We can talk all day about the importance of protecting Tannehill. But we can't ignore reality. The Dolphins HAVE TO FIND GUYS WHO CAN EFFING SCORE. Everything else is details at this point. You can't win in the NFL in 2013 with a high school offense.

Alco we are talking football now so you can leave. You don't ever talk football because you're not a real person. You are a made up figment of someones imagination. Everyone knows it, scurry away, scurry away little guy. Let the adults talk now. Thank you for indulging us tonight, it was hilarious. I'll tell Mando you said hi tomorrow when we have our coffee and talk about all of your sign in names.



Blah, blah, blah it's all white noise. An easy way to fix that problem would be to post under the same name all of the time. You wrote a post that showed you must have been in here for months yet the sign in name is new. You want to be taken seriously? Stop changing names. If you are sincere than we will see this name all of the time from now on. I'll be looking for it, love debating with new people.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 30, 2012 at 08:30 PM


Are you serious????

Didn't know I had to pass the "Phins78 test to be taken seriously" here...

I'm The Signal, and I'm watching the Cowboys/Redskins game...

You go on worrying who's who on Armando's blog, ok?

I don't get why Ross is so obsessed with Ireland...I really don't...

I think it's time for Phins78 to get his c o c k outta Ceaig M a s s. what a pathetic excuse of a man.

We expected a West Coast Offense.

What we got was a girl scout offense.

It seemed like a full 50% of the plays was Bush Dance up the middle.

Very disappointing.

LOL @ SIGNAL POST 9;06 PM.........


Phins78 take a napkin and wipe Criag M jizz off of your face you've been sucking long and hard enough

martin gets pushed bak by a db who then sacked thill jake gget heealthy we need u martin is always being pushed back hes not strong enough
garner sucked today also
sean smith is so soft
reggie bush has some of the best runs but 90% of the other runs suck
wake needs to use his speed rush and not try to overpower 320lb tackles
i am so disgusted with the fins wish marino would become gm like elway did

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