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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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Also, we can draft another pass rusher in the top 100 and get a RT or S later. Ireland has the resources to fix our problems, but I doubt he has the brains. We will see.

If Long is re-signed for 8 milly a year or more, I will know immediately we are screwed. If we don't sign any of the top notch free agent WRs, I will know we are screwed.

Exactly Mark, find the WEAPONS FIRST. Then, worry about line holes. Scoring is the name of the game, that and forcing turnovers on D.

Controlling the line of scrimmage is so 1985.

Craig M....

Aloco is just ONE character in this sick freaks head.....

Like Phins 78...I also believe I know the regular name this freak post under....If you think about the HOURS per day he puts into making others life miserable....its really mind blowing...and pathetic.....

SO no..Aloco...is merely a figment of his imagination like the lady who lies to urinate in grocery stories....the fool that says moisture....they guy who ACTUALLY talks football most times.....

It must truly be a miserable existence for this guy.....

Fellow bloggers, ignore the A-holes that trry to ruin this blob by making statements that are obviously for getting a reaction out of you. I have a friend that does that when we go to the sports bar. He will sit amd listen and when he can tell who the most emotional fan is of any given team, game on. He can usually have the guy either yelling, arguing, or ready to fight in 1/2 an hour. it's actually comical and i have watched him do it many times. He used to do it to me, but I just...you guessed it, IGNORE HIM!

So Andrew,

Let me understand, Long at $10 mil a year is a waste of money but Bowe and all he contributed this year at $9 mil makes a lot of sense. I don't follow. If it's about wins and what a guy contributes, how does Bowe at $9 mil make ANY sense at all. No thanks. I'm going to leave moves like that up to the Raiders.

Yeah, cause I've said all along 'I believe we need to play 1985 football'. Where do you come up with this stuff? I'd grab the TE from Stanford in the 2nd and one of the many good young receivers in the second but I'd also grab a guy like Jennings who's going to want a lot less money than Bowe or Wallace.

But you can go down the exact same plan we went down with Marshall. $50 mil contract and it didn't make one bit of difference to the won/loss record. Good luck with that plan!

Craig M and Phins78 are gay lovers.. Phina78 thinks its cool to be gay and Craig M is as clueless when it comes to football 2 peas in a pod. Fu c k in flaming f a g s

Will post again

Everyone who says "Once we get some playmakers we will be great" is clueless. Do you honestly think Gronkowski on the Phins gets better than Fasano numbers? Why do you think Brandon Marshall has so much better stats this year than last? You need an accurate, top flight QB to MAKE playmakers. Do you know who was a "Playmaker" before this season? Larry Fitzgerald. Not much of a "Playmaker" anymore is he? Cause he has a bunch of Tannehills/Matt Moore's throwing to him. Playmakers won't do squat on this team until we get a QB of substance. We missed out in the greatest QB draft in a generation last season now we are stuck with the bad one from the draft. Sad but TRUE.


You would use the 12th pick in the draft on a ND TE? He is not projected until late in the 1st round. TEs are generally not drafted that high. I would take TE Ertz in the 2nd round but I do follow your thinking in taking a WR in FA. This draft class is extremely weak at WR. I agree with Craig in taking a Pass Rusher with the first pick that is where you have value with a pick in this year's draft.


Posted by: ALoco | December 30, 2012 at 09:35 PM

I'm sorry? Did someone disagree with me? I wasn't aware that happened in here tonight? Who disagreed with me and what did I say to them?


I'm sorry, does this mean something? Totally incoherent.

We need a QB first............then playmakers

Pats fans are lucky to have Tom Brady all these years, and know it will be completely different for them after he retires. If the Pats win the SB this year, he will have more playoff wins than any other QB ever, more SB appearances than any other QB ever, tied for most SB wins with Montana and Bradshaw. He already has the highest winning percentage of all QBs ever. Hands down, that makes him the Greatest Quarterback Of All Time.

Kris has proven that it is possible to know less than nothing.

Whether or not you think I am a troll,. notice how 9 out of 10 of his posts are bitter and negative.

That guy is not a happy camper. He should find out why.

Hey Dashi If the take Ogletree or Monti them they can trade Dansby and get more cap. He barely made this year but they will have to re signed Misi. Oglet can play in and out LB and he is a freak and draft Zach Edfert and Okaford by treading down from number 12 to 22 or 24 and another 2 pick


Again, you mention Volmer as the type of guy you'd use at RT. But he was second pick for the Pats. So again, are you suggesting we use a second round pick on a tackle? Not sure the point you are making.

I'm not defending Craig "Aloco". I'm defending reason and common sense. It's exactly why you don't understand.

Hey how many other names are you going to post under tonight? So either this is you once again posting under a different name or this person is defending you while he is chastising me for defending Craig which I'm not even doing. LOL SOOOOOOO STUPID YOU ARE.

Dashi lol, you would draf Misi again?

"Draft Ogletree or Misi"

We have much bigger needs than LB. Draft a pass rusher and that will make up for some of our other short comings. We can worry about that position in 2014. We can get by with Burnett, Dansby, and Misi by tweaking in other areas.



I know exactly who you were referring to in your earlier post. Gotcha. So what's the deal with the guy? Split personality? Drugs? Alcohol? Depression? Strange stuff!

LBs is a pos of need when you have one playing out pos and Misi un signed


Did the wifey stop slurping?

Bad job?

No sex life?

All of the above?


I understand you post @ 9:39...and next year @ this time I may very well be agreeing with you....but for right now....Tanne has proven himself salvageable if nothing else....

@ this point...he isn't SIGNIFICANT like LUCK.....

or...DYNAMIC like RG3.....

or even...INSTINCUAL....like Wilson....

but IMO...he has earned the chance to COMPETE for the job next season....I hope Philbin agrees....


TanneBust is far WORSE then Henne!! Get that piece of garbage on the bench or OFF MY TEAM!


Your QB cannot get the ball to WRs if he is on his back or running for his life. Look at how much time Brady had to survey the field. How soon we forget about the damage Colombo did. We had a pretty good receiving group last year (Hartline, Bess, and Marshall) but if you don't have a top QB or if your line has a leak in it like Colombo or Garner it does not matter.

Tannehill SUCKS!! Another year in college wouldnt have helped!!


One other point. You can have all the playmakers in the world you want, as the Bears do, but they're not going to tha playoffs this year because their offensive line is atrocious. Want to see how quickly they snap up Long if he hits the market. So there's NOTHING 1985 about that....but nice try. Four burners at WR and no playoffs. Why? Because they can't keep their QB upright. Also, check with the Bills, Cards, Eagles and others about 1985 football. They're all losing and it has a lot to do with not being able to protect their QBs. But don't let facts get in the way of your argument.

Craig, fine Jennings over Bowe. I don't care which WR we sign in free agency, just that we sign ONE of them.

Orlando, fine, take Jarvis Jones, then trade up for Eifert from the 2nd round. Our passing offense was historically bad this year, we need to stop drafting guys who don't score TDs at the top of the draft.

I thought Vollmer was a later round pick. My bad looks like he was the very end of the 2nd round. I am sure I can find many starting LTs and RTs in the NFL who came outside the top 3 rounds.

Ross, Ireland, and Tannehill are all pathetic. Move the crap team to L.A. and stop embarrassing S Fla.

Tony @9:43. Agreed.

On The O-Line!!

You Guys Tend To Forget Long, Pounce, and Martin! Are/Could Be Top 5 at Their Position!

The Only High Picks Wasted On O-Linemen are Almost Guaranteed HOF'ers!!

We Need OG's!! It will Open Up The Run Game!! We Can Have A Outside Running Game!! Screens! Zone Runs! Roll outs!

Signing Long Is A Top Priority! Gardner is a #3!

Philbin was Thinking about Long and Next Season When He Shut Him Down Early!! Spo Would've Played Him With 1 Arm!!

A Healthy, Well Trained Jake Long Is A Top 3 LT IN THE NFL!!

I think we all can agree that we need to draft Matt Barkley.

TannyFail = Henne + Pretty Wife

Another failed post-Marino experiment

No improvement...........nothing to suggest improvement of "salvage" possible.

We effed up huge last yr with that deceptive late-season "surge"

Orlando @ 9:49pm,

That's EXACTLY my point. Nobody is aying we don't need better playmakers but we're not going to start giving away OL after we've just drafted our franchise QB. It's insanity!


for every team you cite that can't protect the QB, I can cite one that CAN without blowing every high pick they have on the offensive line.

What you cannot cite is one team that wins games without people who put the ball in the end zone. For every Chicago, there is a Green Bay. Their o line is a mess, but they are going dancing because they drafted Rodgers high, Jennings high, Nelson high, took a flier on James Jones, spent a high pick on Cobb.

Playmakers first, lineman later. It's that simple.

Also, outside of Marshall, the Bears WR corps is a joke too. Not a good example of a team with multiple weapons.

Controlling the line of scrimmage is so 1985.

Posted by: Andrew

Andrew I agree with a lot of what you say but you lost me here. I definitely agree that we need to worry about play makers first. The line is solid on the left and we need one guy on the right to give us a serviceable unit there. And we need one pass rusher opposite Wake. That's two guys one of which can prob be found in free agency.

But the controlling the line of scrimmage is so 85 thing we don't see eye to eye on. I believe the biggest reason we lost today is because we A. Failed to block for running plays AND passing plays, and B. Got no pressure on the QB with our defensive front while also allowing some untimely big runs.

IMO these two things are VERY important. It is why New England man handled us. It's why Brady stands like a statue and hits wide open receivers. It's why Tannehill had zero time to throw most of the day (that and the wr's not getting separation which everyone with two eyes could see.

So I agree that finding play makers is important but if the line doesn't pressure the qb the playakers at db can't do their jobs as well. If the the qb is getting hit before he plants his back foot then the playymakers on offense can't do their jobs.

Imo you need the right mix of both. Parcells was only worried about the lines. Cameron was only worried about the play makers. We need a good mix.

"Franchise QB"

Just threw up a little in my mouth.

How do homers continue to give ireand a pass after 5 years?

Grigson took over a 2 win team, changed 75% of the roster and won 11 games and in the playoffs in 1 year.

Yet, people here continue to praise ireland.

Grigson has found as many finds in 1 year than irelands found in 5.

Do you see what a compotent gm can do for a franchise? Please keep telling everyone we have to stick with ireland because we don't know if we can get any better.

The Colts suckered Irescum on the Vontae Davis 2nd rd pick that Irescum thought be be a high 2nd rder!!! LOL

The organization is putrid garbage from top to bottom. God fucving damning it!!!!!!

Aloco Character.....

you and ALL your MADE UP names can continue to post about me...and tell yourselfs ANYTHING you want about my life...or lack their of from your 1st hand insight....lol.....

here is what we KNOW to be FACT....


but please....you and your many names that we have NEVER seen before...continue to give the blog insight on things you couldn't POSSIBLY have any idea about.....

Tnnehill should've stayed in college another year or two.

Maybe when Tannehill come back with a bald head next year since is hairline is receding at a ridiculously fast place he"ll play better

Our best player bush is 3rd string on any other team except chiefs or jags


we are not giving away our OL. Even with Long gone we will still have THREE high draft picks on the offensive line!

Wasting more resources on the o-line is insanity. You want more weapons, you have to sacrifice from a place you have been overspending. Insanity is saddling Tanny with another year throwing to a joke corps. Half the sacks today were coverage sacks because nobody was open! You see 7 sacks and assume it was all on Martin and Garner! The truth is a lot of them Martin and Garner gave Tannehill time but no one was open. Having some weapons will help the o line. It's a symbiotic relationship, not a vacuum.

It's simple. Our o-line was decent this season, even when Long was hurt.

Our WR corps and TE corps was historically inept. What needs more fixing?

How has Ireland avoided being charged by the International Court of Justice with Crimes Against Humanity?

The talent shortage is just SO evident in games like this that it frustrates this Dolfan. Paying Jake Long $15.4 million would be nuts...but WHO is the jokester tying to convince us that Jonathan Martin is ready to play LT? PLEASE...
Armon Binns was released by the Bengals after WEEK 12...in favor of another WR (Marvin Jones), any of you reporters questioning that after today?? PLEASE...
Our DL group usually play well against the run but struggle when another team NEEDS to run and kill the clock, this means they are decent but not better than that! Did you see the NE Tight Ends? Fasano is a blocking TE no more than that!
Bottom Line is...JEFF IRELAND needs to go! Fortunately, he seems to have chosen a pretty good HC but the talent selection process is SubPar


How can you possibly say the Bears have alot of playmakers? They have one...Brandon Marshall!!!

I agree,they have a terrible oline but did'nt they win 3 more games than us this season?

The Packers also have a terrible oline and they dont have any problems getting to the playoffs...because they have playmakers

How the heck did Tannehill go in the 1st rd? LOL

My philosophy on Kris is he's an overweight white guy who obviously sits on his a z z all day blogging. No wife a couple of kids from a failed marriage after blogging I'm sure he ll be on Xnxx.com j e r king his tiny wiener.

Irescum should be tarred and feathered for drafting TanneBust!

Pure unmitigated garbage.


Our offensive line was middle of the road this year, our WR corps was historically bad.

Many of the sacks today were on the WRs for not getting open and making Tanny hold the ball.

The colts have a lousy o-line but they won 11 games because they CAN SCORE THE DAMN BALL.

It's not rocket science. If we get some guys who can get open for Tannehill, the offensive line will look so much better. It's not on them that Tanny has to stand there forever hoping in vain for someone to come open.

The biggest reason we lost today is because the Pats have Brady and we don't. The 2nd biggest reason is they have Welker, Gronk and Hernandez and we have no one. That's why the Patriots score points and we don't score ever.

THIS TEAM IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You Guys Talk About Dynamics Play On Defense!!

Which Position On Defense Can Get Alot of Tackles, Get Sacks, Catches INT's, and Forces Fumbles!! More Than LB's!! A DE? A CB? A Safety?

If Dansby Would've HAD 150+ Tackles 2+ Ints and a Couple Forced Fumbles!! If Burnett and Misi had at Least 5 Sacks a Piece, Not Even If 1 Of Them Had 10+!! Then Yes!! The LB's Are Not The Problem!!

But Just Like No TD's Came From WR's!! No Sacks, INT's, Or Fumbles!! Came From Our LB's!!

The D-Line Is Not The Problem!

Nothing about the Dolphins is "Pure"!


Good point about Chicago Craig. They may make the playoffs this year but will not go anywhere and they have top receivers and a very good QB. I would not do much more with the line except resign Long. I do agree with Andrew that finding playmakers is a must. I think one top WR in FA and a TE in the second round to go with Bess and Hartline should be enough. I also think that Mathews has a pretty good chance to be good. Maybe take a flyer with another receiver in the 4th round. Tannehill improving next year will be key.

Phins78 is some dirt of military guy his persona is obviously try to be a tough guy while in all actuality he's a beeatch

5th consecutive losing season coming up. Ross, DO SOMETHING!

So Andrew,

The Dolphins give up SEVEN sacks to the Pats today and lose 28-0. I was also at the game in Buffalo where the Bills completely dominated the line of scrimmage.

So this is 2012.....how is that 1985? What is this, Back to the Future?

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