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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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You're a waste of human life. I'm so sick of seeing this word in here. I don't like Ireland as a GM when it comes to finding wrs and tes (craig, we will talk! :) but it just shows how pathetically immature you are to call a man names like this who has a family and does so much great work with charities in Southern Florida.

And why? Because he hasn't found the right players for a football team you root for.

He is a person and for you to take this game so seriously that you call people names like that is f&^*ed up. You're a child and when you grow up I hope you learn how to act like a rationale adult. We already have enough morons screwing this country up, please don't add to the pool.

Craig my friends is the worst he's the guy that you see at the store who looks like they been through hell except he's candadians makes it worse

78, u continue to spout off likethe know nothing fool that you are. Why don't you ask your girl armando to see if im aloco?

Perhaps youll be disappointed to find out i am just another blogger tired of your constant childish bs.

Hit the bricks momo or come back when you actualy do know who people are.

Until then, u really need to shut your ignorant a** up.for all our sakes. Grab your lady craig & find you way back to the amish blog.

I've never seen a pro QB worse then Tannehill.

Ireland has spent five years building a 7-9 team. Indy went from worst to the playoffs in one season and we sit in the basement with yet another losing record. I've tried to stay patient but hasn't he had enough chances? He's going to try and convince us that he has five picks in the first three rounds and plenty of cap space to spend, but this is the guy who drafted Chad Henne, Pat White, Jon Jerry,...Do I really need to list them all? On top of all this they are going to change our logo yet again to something that looks like it belongs to Sea World. Are you kidding me? Haven't you done enough damage to this franchise Mr. Ross? Now you're going to defile logo? Here's an idea...Why not bring back the original Dolphin logo, the one with the smiling dolphin? That logo won two superbowls and went undefeated.

Phins78 is playing bodyguard tonight for his b I t c h Craig M. Lol two weirdos

Yet, people here continue to praise ireland


Who are you talking about? "People"? Which people? Only one person is defending his position as a general manager. Did you read any of the posts? lol

Irescum has more busts then Dolly Parton! haha


Regarding Tannehill, in my opinion, the job is totally his next year.

They didn't take him at 8 this year to have him "compete" next year, IMO.

Especially after starting this year and not screwing the pooch.

Side Note-

Just in case you're not in here tomorrow,

Happy New Year to you and your family...

Don't reel in the good times.

Reggie Bush willl be franchised

Tannehill = another Irescum bust

How Many Sacks Did The LB's Contribute as a Whole? 5?

How Many Did The D-Line Have?

How Many INT's Did Our Secondary Make?

How Many Did Our LB's Make?

Yes, We Need A FS and Better CB's!!

But Even The Secondary as a Whole! Is Not As Bad Or Lacking as Much Depth as Our LB's!!

We Need New LB's!!

Almost as Bad As We Need New Wr's!!


You say seven sacks. Did you not see all the replays where they showed how not a soul was open? Are those the o-line's fault?

Those sacks are just as much an indictment on the WRs as the line.

However, the whole season proves my point. There were plenty of games where the o-line performed well. The WR corps produced 18 POINTS ALL EFFING SEASON. That's a travesty.

Orlando, Craig's point about Chicago is terrible. They have top receivers? Are you high? They have Brandon Marshall and a bunch of bums. And, oh by the way, they still won 10 games against a much harder schedule than the Dolphins played. Great point, Craig!


Here's an interesting stat...

Before the Bears game against the Lions earlier, Brandon Marshall had a whopping 89 more receptions than the next Bear!!!

You've got Marshall,then nobody

Tannehill couldnt hit the broadside of a barn from 10 yds. HE SUCKS.

Garbage god fuckingc damn it!!!!!!! B b

I'm going to come here everyday for the next 8 months and share all of my ideas with the one other person posting in here. Then in 8 months when the horrible 2013 starts I'll complain in here everyday.

No, Mark, the Bears have ALL the top WRs. So many weapons!

Green Bay has a lot of weapons. Playoffs. New England has lots of weapons. Playoffs.

Teams with lots of weapons not in the playoffs: Giants (came close), Saints (bountygate, weird season). It's 2013, the name of the game is score points and force turnovers. We do neither.

I here ya Andrew. I just believe we are both right to a certain extent. I know if we had receivers get open it would make the line look better. But I also saw plenty of plays where Tannehill had to step up in the pocket before he even completed his 3 or 5 step. In turn this caused the interior of the line to lose site of the pocket and allow their guy to get a hand on Ryan. The de's were running straight around our tackles most of the day and not letting Tanny drop. I'm sure we can meet somewhere in the middle on this.

Henne > Tannehill

I said our best player, Bush, wound be third string on any other team except jags and chiefs. Pay the fvck attention.

No, Mark, the Bears have ALL the top WRs! So many weapons.

The number of teams with great weapons staying home is miniscule. Giants (came close), Saints (weird bountygate season). That's it.

It's 2013, the name of the game is SCORE POINTS AND FORCE TURNOVERS. The Dolphins do neither and that's on Ireland.

TanneBust runs the "prevent offense" lol

We need to get Columbus back here to play OL.
He's unemployed now so that means he is qualified to be moved to the top of the depth chart.

So Mark,

Alshon Jeffery is not a playmaker? He's 22 years old and I believe was a first round pick of the Bears this year (could be wrong, he may have been a second). 6 starts and still had 367 yards plassing and 3 TDs. Earl Bennet.....25 years old. Started 4 games and had 375 yards receving and 2TDs. Nah....we wouldn't want any of those guys on this team.

I am not saying go nuts with OL in the draft. You know what you have with Long, so bring him back. But I would not spend one of our first 3 picks on an O lineman. I agree that we have to invest 1 or 2 of our first 3 picks on a TE or WR. We also need to spend some money on a FA WR.

The only OL that I would consider taking in the first round is Chance Warmack. He is probably the best prospect in this draft and I cannot blame Ireland if he took him. Imagine a line of Long, Pouncey, Martin, and Warmack. Tannehill would have more time to throw and our RBs would have huge holes to run in. He is a can't miss lineman and Ireland has to consider him if he is available.

Alco when you're busy typing love notes to me under your other aliases do you think you could answer the question I asked? Which posts disagreed with me? Who disagreed with me that I got mad at?

You accuse me of something and can't even back it up?


Because you are a phonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Go f^%k your face.


Today was a bad day for the o-line. Yes. The season was middle of the road though.

Our WR and TE corps was a joke from start to finish.

Are both the line and the weapons important? Sure. But we need weapons desperately, the line is reasonable as is. It's just not a debate. Calvin Johnson had a better year than every WR or TE on our roster combined.

We need weapons. If we have to skimp a bit on the offensive line FOR ONCE, then so be it. Plenty of teams get by with late round picks and free agent cheap pickups on the line. Getting by without guys who can score the ball is impossible.

Can we get Henne back?

Guys, it's understandable why there's more than the usual acrimony here. Losing like we did today is enough toi get ANYONE in a fighting mood, if only verbally.
We should be directing our anger at players who didn't play with the ANGER displayed by the Patsies. TWO of our guys concussed, and that little fart Woodhead acting like he's pissed that someone who even ATTEMPT to tackle HIM?

We had NONE of that hubris today.
Lets direct our fire at Ireland, whose own arrogance is a cover for his ineptitude.

He will most certainly mess up the upcoming off-season, a fact we won't REALLY know till 2015.
Fins fan unite. We stunk up the joint, of THAT we can all area.
Happy New Year to you all, including your various pseudonyms.


I heard the announcers saying the same thing regarding some of the sacks, and receivers on some of those plays.

These guys were at the game, watching live...

I guess that only counts if you were Craig M at the Bills game, though...

Actually there are three of us in here talking and one putz playing with his dingleberry trying to get a rise out of people.

It's me, Craig, and Andrew. I know who Andrew is, I know who craig is, and I know I'm real. That leaves Aloco who is posting under so many names my head is spinning.

Nice talking to the other two regulars in here. Talk to you guys later, it's been real. Enjoy your New Years Eve guys. Peace

LOL @ Craig.

Two guys who combined did not go for 750 yards receiving are big time playmakers now? GTFO, dude, you're embarrassing yourself.

Jeffery was a 2nd round pick. I know it's hard for you to keep track because as a Dolphins fan, you don't know what it's like to take a WR that high in the draft. It's Ireland's fault, not yours.

Tannehill is pure garbage. Back to the drawing board for the QB we need.

Sorry for the typos...I meant of that we can AGREE. Please forgive the other typos. LOL

Fake Caddy at 10:11

I am Henne's biggest fan however I do not believe one is better or worse than the other. Either can win on a good team and either can suck on a sucky team.

The last time Henne was on a good team he took them to 4 BCS Bowls and 4 top 20 finishes.

MJD led Jax in rushing this seasdon with 400 yards. He has not played in 10 games and still led the team in rushing.

Still Henne started 6 games and put up 2100 yards with 11 TDs and 11Ints. And he made $6mil doing it (twice what Tanne made).


So Alshon Jeffery is a bum? I don't get what your criteria is bud. He's been hurt this year and because he doesn't make immediate impact at the age of 22, he's a bum? Earl Bennett? He's 25 years old. There's very few WRs that come into the league and make impact right away. Everyone raved about Blackmon before coming to the NFL but he had a pretty difficult first season in the NFL.....yeah, I know....another bum!

Everything this team does needs to be geared towards beating New England. If the Dolphins don't get people to cover Gronk and people to rush Brady, etc. the playoffs will continue to be a dream. Do they have anyone smart enough to figure this out? I'm not flying off the handle over one meaningless game but this team needs some help for sure.

here is what we KNOW to be FACT....


Posted by: Kris | December 30, 2012 at 09:55 PM

Kris in black
kRis in blue
krIs, kiriS, Kris
How do you do?

Ireland sucks and until he is gone the phins will suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sure that for the most part...you're right...Tanne is the HANDS DOWN starter coming into the 2013.....I don't agree with this....but most likely this will be the case....same goes for Ireland being here....

but if I had my way.....

Tanne competes for the job next year....there is nothing mind blowing about his...stats....play..or intangibles....imo...he seems like he may be solid....but NOT overwhelming.....

I think another year of competition will do him some good....he already has another year of the playbook under his belt....and (IF) he is as advertised.....should easily come out the starter by the 2nd pre-season game...if not before....

That is what I would like to se....

and SIGNAL......

Happy New year to you and you're family as well.....may you accomplish all your goals in the coming years....

What am I, chopped liver? LOL
Going for a walk in 30f weather to COOL off.
See y'all after the new year.

lol, 800 yards sorry. I'm so pissed about the Dolphins, my math skills are failing.

Craig M predicted 11-5 lmao


367 3 TD's
375 2 TD's

Thats hardly Pro Bowl caliber stats buddy.

Far from 'playmakers',lets be honest

Now it is time for the best part of the football year, watching Jeff Ireland put together a team! So the Patriots won today by four touchdowns. Don't forget about Jeff Ireland's huge victory over New England on the waiver wire claim a few weeks ago. And I am sure that this year he won't forget about the tight end and wide receiver postitions. Despite having a losing record again this year, we should all find solace by remembering one thing about Jeff Ireland, he doesn't make the same mistakes twice. I predict all of his mistakes this coming year will be totally new.

Gotchya Andrew. Read it but gotta go. You make solid points and I agree on some if not most. I think we are pretty solid as is, I just think they got roughed up a bit like you said. Today was not going to go well with the Pats being pissed. Look forward talking more on this in the future but for now I'm excited to get the off season started. This has to be Jeffs last chance so he BETTER get it right. Good night guys.

Actually, Craig, Blackmon had a monster 2nd half of the season. He had more TDs than our whole WR corps combined. He is better now than anyone on our roster by far (including Hartline who is getting overrated right now. He is a decent 3rd receiver but he can't score and the name of the game is points.)

Jeffery was a bum THIS YEAR. less than 400 yards receiving is not a good season. Could he be better down the road? I am positive he will. But saying the Bears had MULTIPLE WEAPONS THIS SEASON IS JUST FALSE. They had Marshall and a bunch of guys.

I don't know if anyone else on here noticed the efeect of on Tanny getting chased, hurried, sacked and harassed all night had? I watched several plays where he tried to go to the guy 20 yds. out who was well covered, sometimes double-covered, and he had a guy wide-open underneath right at the 1st down marker. Now, granted he can't see that yellow line like us, but he knows where the 1st down is. I firmly believe he had "happy feet' from the relentless pass rush and was forcing the ball trying to make things happen and play catch-up. Did anyone else on here see the open receivers/running backs underneath while he threw 10 yds. further down the field?


didn't you just f8ck up not realizing that Volmer was a second round pick for the Pats a few years ago? So now you're nit-picking? Seriously dude....

Again, you're saying that Bennett and Jeffery are bums. One guy is 25 and the other guy is 22. And the best you have is 'they combined for 750 yards'. Good one man!!....

Ross, save the Dolphins! SELL THE TEAM!!

Kris, KRis, krIs,

Since you whine all day about bloggers posting under different names, maybe you can finally explain to us how your keyboard problems changed your name?

Really wonder why Ireland still has a job. Anyone ever think about the hundreds of millions of dollars Ross has given this man to manage a roster.

Anyone remember Ross saying he wanted a explosive offense. Really do not see how a business man who made Billions could possibly watch the game tonight and think he should give another 100 million to this man next year to work with.

The empty stands should say it all. The fact that fans are tuning out at half time should say a lot.

But the fact that the team was obviously not ready to play says a lot about Philbin and his staff.

Their have been a ton of positives this year, but we are probably entering the most important off season in a long time. We have money and draft picks. Giving this crew the keys to the franchise for one more year is probably a mistake.

I dont think the players want to play for this man and that is a problem. And it was obvious. As bad as Sparano was the team always played hard. That did not happen a couple of times this year.

This is going to be a four year job and I am not shore that sticking with Ireland at the helm is the right choice. Keep telling myself to be patient but getting excited for free agency is getting old.

Guess I have to keep telling myself two field goals and we would have been in. But that is a huge lie.

They will probably even screw up the uniform change. How do you keep giving Ireland 100 million dollars of team money to play with a smart businessman has to see what he is doing to his product. Was Ross a slum lord up in New York.

Jeff Ireland will be fired tomorrow.

What is the Sophomore Slump?
Is that where 2nd year QBs take a step back?
Oh well.

Goodnight losers.


You're now boring the sh8t out of me....

I'll bid you adieu...

Ok, the best I have is pointing out that their stats suggest you are completely wrong? Yes I generally lead with arguments that are on point.

The Bears have many weapons in the passing game. Sell that argument to people and enjoy them laughing at you.

I'm not nit picking. Your argument is nuts. Have a good night guys. I sincerely hope I am wrong about Ireland but the evidence suggests I am not.


I agree with most of what you are saying regarding the need for playmakers but you cannot completely disregard the line. You want T-Hill to sit back with time to throw and you do not want him to get hurt. I think that we can do both. Get a FA WR, draft a pass catching TE, resign Hartline, and take another young receiver in the 3rd or 4th round.

Where we disagree is wanting to throw anyone in at RT. You said a cheap RT, Garner, or a 4th round pick? The only dominant lineman we have is Pouncey, the rest are rookies, terrible, or average. Bringing Long back could solve your tackle problem. So you can do both get the playmaking receivers you want and have a decent but not elite line. You can save money to get that FA WR by letting Starks, Bush, Fasano, and Clemmons walk.

Anyone ever think about the hundreds of millions of dollars Ross has given this man to manage a roster.

Posted by: shula71 | December 30, 2012 at 10:22 PM

Talk about dumb, illiterate posters lOL. Ross has not given Jeffy hundreds of millions. No GM makes hundreds of millions LOL.

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