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Patriots blow out Dolphins 28-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you wondered how wide the gulf between the Dolphins and a playoff team is, now you know.

The Dolphins are seemingly an ocean apart from the Patriots. And today's 28-0 loss here is proof.

Joe Philbin's team was never really in it. Never really fought. Never really seemed capable of staying with New England.

The Patriots offense dominated in every imaginable category -- first downs, time of possession, passing yards, rushing yards.

The Patriots defense set a team single-game high for the season with six sacks. And after establishing that mark, they added a seventh sack on the very next play.

And not only did Miami get beat but it got beat up.

Richie Incognito (neck), Kevin Burnett (concussion), Anthony Fasano (concussion) and Dimitri Patterson (ankle) all left the game and did not return.

Doesn't matter, however. The Dolphins season is over.


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You Ireland/TannyHenne lovers watching RGIII?

Didja watch Luck dominate the Texans?

And yet you persist in your love & devotion & patience.


Today was the best day possible for Jake Long. Martin needed lots of help on almost every play. An injured Long is still a probowler.

On the new logo: SUCKS! All they did was change the Dolphin from an aggressive-looking mascot to an eye-less, faceless, fairy-tale looking one. Same sun outline as a background. I'm sorry, but all the Dolphin fans in Miami have left is to root for the laundry. Please, Dolphins' front office, don't f.ck that up!


& we got TannyFail & Ireland.



Lets get some real, professional conversation as fans, not as morons, lets say goodbye to all the LIV (low information voters) that voted for the Dem this year, those who get to see the dolphins on tv or listen to games on radio. True fans are nice to each others, supportive of our team and some analytical perspective of whats is really happening.

tony, about how many peckers have you blown?

Where are the Philbin the Clown fans?

Ireland hired ( ) Philbin = losing

Shula is a dumb putz: Shula71 was referring to the 100's of millions in CONTRACTS that Ross gives Ireland the power over. Anyone on here, including Shula71, and I would think you also, knows Ireland, or any GM doesn't make hundreds of millions. Think before you post!


tony, you pathetic red neck b a s tard the other candidate who ran against Obama stated that he didn't really want to be be president. Kudos to you for voting a guy who didnt want to be president. F u. K I n dunce..

shula71: I have to agree on the players always playing for Sparano. It was disturbing to see they were not motivated tonigh and a couple of other games this year. I like Philbin's non-emotional demeanor, but let's hope it doesn't rub off on the players.


You sound bitter. Are you mad that a black man was re elected as President of the United States? Obviously you don't like the fact that the American people selected Obama over "Myth" Romney.

You can always move to Russia. Election there are rigged and the nation is run by an extreme right wing nut.

Irescum has already lost 200 mill for Ross. haha


Tell us please how the players were playing for sparano when they started 0-7 last year.

Get a clue.

If the Cowboys lose this game.....I could see it as a window closing on their opportunity......

Romo has had many chances to go deep in the ....he hasn't delivered yet....

If the Skins win this one....they could usher in a new era of dominance over the NFC East.....one that begins with a Rookie QB.....

Tell us how the Jets played for Ryan/Sparano.

Get a clue.

The Dolphins pick 12th in Aprils Draft guys

That Ross is a cheap SOB. Part of the reason we stink.

Philbin the Clown is a loser.

The Dolphins finished the 2011 season 6-10.
In 2012 Philbin the Clown led the Dolphins to a 7-9 season. Where is the improvement?

This coach sucks.

What I didn't like...

Philbin looked defeated 3 minutes into the first quarter.

The team did not start out as amped up as NE.

We have no depth. Any player that goes down cripples us.

SKins 21

Cowboys 10

10:32 left....

Sej, I thought you made a good reply earlier to Tony, actually funny as hell. Now, did you watch all the games last year? Yes, we were 0-7, then went 6-3 to finish. I am not a Sparano fan. I was for him getting fired, BUT the players did put out effort every week. They lost a couple of close ones, but I don't remember seeing a game like tonight where players mailed it in during the 3rd quarter. Sparano was not a good head coach, but most would agree he motivated his players, although it did not translate to winning. That is what I meant.

Philbin is a smart, dedicated football man.

Hie is NOT a leader of men.

Sooooo the fins have the 12th pick, lets see what Jeffy can do.


All reports are that Sparano will be fired when the sun comes up tomorrow. His offense was ranked #30 in the league. There is no case for him on any level. He is a dunce.

Alfred Morris.

T.Y. Hilton

even Jimmie Graham.

"acorns" in our own backyard.......and where was our Pre-pubescent Head Scout & Water Boy, Jeff Ireland??

Probably listing his Charles Clay & Daniel Thomas rookie cards on EBay.


Niether of these teams has looked impressive tonight.

I was actually looking forward to a better game...

The score is close, just seems a little boring.

If the Cowboys lose not just a window closing...

More like a door slamming.

Skins taking over now, slamming that door. Slamming the door on Romo ever getting redemtion for a fumbled snap on an extra point attempt.

We could of had Dez Bryant instead Odrick smh

Move Tannehill to WR. Sign amd start Moore. Draft the best QB available.

RGIII looks a helluva a lot more impressive than TannyHill ever has. Evah!

"What I didn't like...

Philbin looked defeated 3 minutes into the first quarter.

The team did not start out as amped up as NE.

We have no depth. Any player that goes down cripples us."

Posted by: Sej

"Philbin is a smart, dedicated football man.

Hie is NOT a leader of men."

Posted by: Sej

Dude, do you have ADD? The point I was making about Philbin was that it remained to be seen if he will become the coach we have been waiting for since Shula was moved on. I was merely comparing his motivational skills to Sparano's. I like Philbin's style and his system, I just don't want to see anymore lackluster efforts like tonight.

"move Tannehill".............anywhere.

That'd be a start.

Hurts to see RGIII & Luck tearing up the league while our "Project" stumbles along glacially.



I live in VA....Shannahan and his son started the season on shaky ground....when they went into the bye week a 3-6....many were calling for them to be fired during the bye week....

I figured that since they had G3....and they're offense was pretty good...that Shannahan would add a new wrinkle or two...win the first one or two games after the bye....and then collapse....

Even Shannahan himself couldn't have seen this role coming....I think they are the and hottest team in football with like 7 or 8 straight wins....

Sej, I watch football too. I know what the rumors are on Sparano. I am not f.cking defending his skills as a football coach, only his motivational qualities and WHEN HE WAS HERE, his players played hard for him. No, they did not not succeed under his system, but that doesn't mean he is not a good motivator. You can be motivated as hell about anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will be successful at it. His style in today's NFL sucks, but he had motivational skills. What don't you understand about my point?

TanneBust leads the NFL in 3 n outs.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Folks are really discussing Sporano?.............PuhLeez.

Let him & Ireland rent rooms from Tuna for the rest of their lives.

Zonk: Is this the real one, currently residing in Alaska?

Zonk..............let us bow our heads & pray that it happens in our lifetimes!

Skins 21

Cowboys 18

It just got intreating....

5:50 left....

Four losing seasons in a row. Is Jeff Ireland really coming back?


The game just got a lot more interesting.

You ever think about taking in a Redskin game?

stranger yet, Huh...............fans here want him back?!?!?

Watching Matt Ryan, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall light it up while Jake Long and the Dolphins WRs struggled is maddening.


Not before this season....

but now....with RG3 playing.....I might have to see come next season.....from what I hear on the radio tho.....the fan base is VERY LOYAL....so tickets may be hard to come by on short notice.....

Oy Vey!

Romo just "ROMO'ed the Cowboys......

I can't defend him any more.....

Romo stikes again....

3 picks....


Was just posting you regarding all the big UM and Dolphin games I went to while living in So Fl, when Romo just pulled a.....


Didnt you just know Irescum would bring us another Chad Henne? LOL

B N Bad,

I like Bryant, but we got rid of a very good WR with similar issues. Bryant could be a great one, but he won't be. I remeber watching him be the #1 reason the Cowboys lost to the Skins their last game. Think about it: A guy so unstable the owner pays people to shadow him AND gives him a whole nother set of rules he has to live by when away from their facility. Like I said, that kid is a tremendous talent with a chance to a great one, but I don't see it happening. I hope it does because he had a rough life early on, but he's mamking his own choices now.


I have been a Romo fan his whole career in Dallas....I thought he had the IT factor....he stays cool under pressure....and can make some unbelievable passes.....

I have defended him against ALL my Cowboy friends, associate, and co-workers.....

I now fully understand what they complain about.....you can't make that pass.....


Romo always does this. The only word to describe a player as good (and as bad) would be "streaky". I see a big shakeup at HC and QB next year in Dallas.

big 3rd down for Dallas...

No sense in getting a WR until we have a QB.

Monte and every other name you're posting under what's your point? Seems like you don't think Tannehill will improve. No matter how many names you type it under you just keep saying the same thing. It's old and boring, come up with new s&%t or at least a point.

It is well known he can read defenses very well and usually puts the team in the right play. Thats impressive considering hes only played qb for 2 and a half years. He has the size, arm, and intelligence. He needs to work on accuracy on long throws. We'll see how he does with a wr or two, declaring him a bust is premature.

While on the QB subject, I wish all the naysayers out there would give Tanny another year to make their final determinations as to whether the kid will make it, or not. Please be reminded that he had ony 19 starts @ QB in college. 19! How many did Luck have in 4 years @ Stanford? Under an excellent HC (Jim Harbaugh)? How about RG32? How many starts @ Baylor? Point is, the other 2 rooks have more experience, they are ahead of Tanny in the learning curve. Think hard about that...I say the kid has great promise and I will reserve judgement until I see another season's work!


That is probably the right word....the reason I defended him to Cowboys Fans is because of what I had to come see from FIN QBs...Henne.....Romo looks like a football GOD compared to 4 years of watching Henne.....

I think the HC gets to stay in Dallas.....but imo....Romo gets serious competition next year....Romo beats out the competition....but gets pulled about week 6 or 8 into next season for ineffectiveness...and Garret gets fired next year......

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