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Patriots blowing out Dolphins 21-0 going to third quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots have something to play for and the Dolphins are playing for pride. Well, playing for something is kicking pride's behind.

The Patriots have two touchdown runs by Stevan Ridley, including one on fourth down, and Tom Brady has that TD pass to Wes Welker.

The Dolphins?

They've got a lot of work to do --in many different ways.

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Armando, please excuse some of the posters here (myself included). We're all a bit cranky about how this game and season are unfolding.

Well clearly they need a defense and offense in the offseason.

At least KC has 3 points.

We can replace the 20 departing FAs with 10 draft picks and 10 acorns.

Craig M....

If the FINS get SHUT-OUT.....or the lose by more than 28.....

Ireland will need to be looked @ real hard again.....

Same end to a season, (NE blow out) different year.

Fix the O line. Tannehill is a WR learning to be a QB, an impossible task with our present line.

Yeah, but lets keep guys like bush and hartline in the offseason...cuz we're so good with those guys on offense!!!And their the heart and soul that keeps miamis medocrity growing!!!*lmao*

The fins are showing exactly what they are...a bad football team.

Pats showing they have 0 respect for the Fins, and why should they? Fins suck big time. We're 53 pieces away from being remotely competitive with the Patriots...

For all you Ireland haters, take a look at the Jets. That should make you feel a little better.

Ireland should of been fired with Sparano . Apparently Ireland has been on his knees a lot in Ross office in order to still be the Dolphins GM

I did not really think they could win this game, however, the whole team performance is disappointing, few exceptions

The fins are showing exactly what they are...a bad football team.

Posted by: Me | December 30, 2012 at 05:59 PM

Theyve been showing that for years my friend...its wins against the bills, wets, and jags that keep guys like Irefiend around as long as he is!!!

Anyone else sick and tired of the Pagano story yet?

I am, anytime these stories come around, the press makes us sick with them.

Yeah its great that thus far his battle has been a positive one. But the whole thing of it has become over-redundant as hell.

Great news ... we get the ball first in the 3rd quarter. You know what that means?

Really, I'm asking, what does THAT mean?

Phins quitting again...down 21-0, and we look like we don't want to be there. We're not even putting up a fight! I'm embarrassed to be a Phin fan right now...


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

31games since Dolphins shut out in 1st half-I hope Philbin rips them a new one and they come out ripping

Disregard my previous post.

Pure garbage from top to bottom.

it means zaphod....that this game has to continue for another 30 minutes!!!JUST SAYIN!!!

If the FINS get SHUT-OUT.....or the lose by more than 28.....

Ireland will need to be looked @ real hard again.....

Posted by: Kris | December 30, 2012 at 05:57 PM

Go Pats!!

Better get Garner help on the right side against Ninkovich or our final score will equal zero.

Lamar Miller should be letgo based on this Game. Yellow as hell

Hey, there are teams worse than Miami, Ireland should be off the hook. That's about as good a pro Ireland argument as can be made I guess.

Colts got Allen, Hilton and Fleener for their young QB. Ireland got just Egnew who has ZERO receptions on the year. His priorities are awful and his execution equally bad.

I will apologize to Armando though who is better than the idiots covering the dolphins at SS and PB post. Sorry Armando. This disgrace isn't your fault.


Forget it with Craig here, IMO.

A fart gets by Martin on the left side here and Craig is posting it.

Never with Long there...

His bias is showing, and will never stop.

Lamar Miller should be letgo based on this Game. Yellow as hell

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 30, 2012 at 06:02 PM

We call that a Ginn..

Elf, you're missing the point here. Who gives a flying you know what about the Jets? You care about this team the Dolphins and they are quite a few pieces from being relevant. Why should taking a look at the Jets make any Dolphin fans feel better about their own mediocrity? Just like the dumbest cheer in sports is "Overrated." That's great, all you're saying is you beat an overrated team, Congratulations!

Jeez, the Dolphins stink.

I think I am the ONLY poster on this site that GETS IMPERSONATED AND IMPOSTERED IN BLUE...like AGAIN @ 6;01.....



Agreed Yesterday. What about the hundreds of thousands of cancer survivors who battle the disease in obscurity? They don't coach an NFL team, but they are heroes all.

Parcell is no longer running the show. Parcell's antiquated mentality of controlling the line of scrimmage hurt the fins. The game simply passed by and he did not adjust to the pass happy league.

Now that Ireland has his franchise QB, I think that he will start to put playmakers around him. With Parcell's he was forced to pick receivers late in the draft.

Let's see, Jake Long is out and the offense is terrible.

1 + 1 = ?

NE goes for an onside!

Go Dolphins!

Great, were in better shape than the wets for 2013.....cuz that matters so much more than say, being a better team overall*lmao* c'mon man!!!!


COMEDY CENTRAL............


I Know You want Ireland Gone!! And Rightfully so!!


Ireland is Safe!!

Agreed! This Or Last Season Would've Been The Season To Do it!! But Ireland Has Made it Difficult after How This Season Played out!

The Picks
The Cap
The Coach
The QB
The Fins Being The 3rd Youngest Team In The NFL!!

It Would Definitely Be Hard To Replace Him!! If He Hits A Home run This Offseason!

Today or Last Season!! Would be The Only Times Firing Ireland Makes Sense!!

By Next Years Training Camp!! We would Definitely Know Ireland's Fate by Then!!

Even Dashi As His Only Fan!! My Mind Would Be Made Up Right After The 2nd Round!!

I Know That Is Your Fear!! Ireland Screws UP FA and The Draft!! So You Don't even want Him On The Team In Such a Critical Time!!

I trust our coach will look at EVERY single player performances and assess their worth on his team and philosophy, then convince Ireland to go with the changes; Ireland, get the players our coach needs, he knows more about players than you, listen!!!!



As much as Craig M defends Ireland....I assumed he would show the same loyalty and patience to Philbin.....but Philbin doesn't get the same courtesy from him....

I don't get it.....

Craig M.....are you related to Ireland.....lol....

Here we go...

Riley, oooh, ooooh, I got this one:


Oops...not a good way to start the 2nd half

The only question now is, do we hold them under 50 points?

3rd and 1 and you run REGGIE BUSH up the middle?

Reggie almost Danced his way out of a First Down!!

only if NE lets up cocoajoe....

How did Jerod Mayo just catch Bush from behind?

rbleigh, you need to face reality dude. Ireland will be with the Dolphins next year. We have a lot of draft picks this year. All you can possibly hope for is a great draft, some good free agent signings, and progress next year. Ranting about Ireland being fired is spitting in the wind.

I'm thinking this O-Line Ireland's put half of the salary cap money into is a complete failure

dance reggie...DANCE...to FA!!!

Pathetic...great thing this isn't win and your in for us. Not happy with where anything is going into the off season. I hope all Dolfans are watching. Dansby pay cut or gone. Smith should be paid as a #3 CB. These fan favorites can be replaced for cheaper guys they're mediocre. G Jennings is killing it today. Would be a nice pick up. Every pick needs to go find playmakers.

This offensive line is not good enough for this team to be elite. And the WRs core is one of the worst in the NFL. Its not that complicated.

That doesnt mean the rest of the team is terrible. There are some good pieces.

They rush 3 and are on top of Tanne-bust in 1 second!!!

to think some ppl rooted miami to get to the playoffs at 8-8....*WHEW*

Tannehill needs to make better decisions. If it is not there throw it away.

Even Dashi As His Only Fan!! My Mind Would Be Made Up Right After The 2nd Round!!

LOL @ Dashi.....

I think he is staying...but I wish he would go....

Woud;t you rather have another QUALIFIED GM spending this KINGS RANSOM....


Get Tannehill out of there. They are beating the hell out of him!

And Long Just Showed His Worth!!

We need a Healthy J.Long Back!!

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