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Patriots blowing out Dolphins 21-0 going to third quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots have something to play for and the Dolphins are playing for pride. Well, playing for something is kicking pride's behind.

The Patriots have two touchdown runs by Stevan Ridley, including one on fourth down, and Tom Brady has that TD pass to Wes Welker.

The Dolphins?

They've got a lot of work to do --in many different ways.

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Dolphins suck

Garner getting schoolled

Garner is terrible. Is it time to losen up Moore?

Tannehill needs more than just recievers...he needs pocket awareness and better deep balls in terms of accuracy!!!


And they still suck.

Ireland must go.

Miami is getting outclassed in ridiculous fashion.



Get Moore in there beore they kill RT.

Long will be retained. They need 2 or 3 people every play to handle the left side.

The Offensive line is getting abused! Long is laughing somewhere.

Tough to watch.

Playmakers are needed everywhere. We're paying for those Marino years big time. Karma you are a B!

If Philbin/Sherman arent going to give Garner help. We may as well forfeit the damn game now before Tannehill gets hurt.

NE's D is not that good is it? Wondering about the fight in these Phins today.



The Pats are Generating a Pass Rush and They Don't even Have 1 DE!!

Scheme and Team!!

The LB's Play The Screen and Short Game!! Gives The D-Line Enough Time To Attack!!


You put miami against bad teams, they may even look like keepers, against steller competition, suddenly they look like deers with headlights...HMMM, wonder why that is????

Everyone who says "Once we get some playmakers we will be great" is clueless. Do you honestly think Gronkowski on the Phins gets better than Fasano numbers? Why do you think Brandon Marshall has so much better stats this year than last? You need an accurate, top flight QB to MAKE playmakers. Do you know who was a "Playmaker" before this season? Larry Fitzgerald. Not much of a "Playmaker" anymore is he? Cause he has a bunch of Tannehills/Matt Moore's throwing to him. Playmakers won't do squat on this team until we get a QB of substance. We missed out in the greatest QB draft in a generation last season now we are stuck with the bad one from the draft. Sad but TRUE.

Patriots identify the weak link and go for it. The second Patterson went out ofthe game and McCann came in, they've been throwing that way practically exclusively.

Orlando, Parcells has been gone since 2010. Come on. Parcells didn't make him pick Egnew. Parcells didn't make him trade Brandon Marshall (having a monster year btw) and then wait until THE SIXTH EFFING ROUND to draft a WR for his rookie QB.

More excuses for Jeffy poo not grounded in fact.

Tanny sitting down, probably for the best. He has taken enough beatings this season looking in vain for an open WR.

While the line may suck. Tannehill isn't good enough. No pocket awareness and not accurate not sure what many of u see in him


Tannehill might very well get sacked as many times as Mcelroy did last week for the Jets.

Nobody is saying let Long walk now!

See how bright you aren't?

Bunch of crybaby's this dolphin team, will they ever show any heart?

Resign Long and draft guard Chance Warmack in the first round. We need to protect Tannehill if he is ever to develop.

Martin and Pouncey that have showed up on the OL. The right side of the line is horrendous.

and Sean F'ing Smith with the Hold!! Gotta love it!!

All we have to do is look at what the Colts did in the Draft.
They picked Luck then put players around him to succeed.

Surely we have to go the same route?!

All too often,this team doesn't score in games and that has to be addressed

Dolphins D-Line maybe worse than O-Line, ZERO PASS RUSH

Smith has sealed his fate

Wow...NE lost yardage on a play.

Can you expect long for a whole season 100% healthy???....what good is paying a guy who will be replaced at the end of the season being put on IR..not to mention if for heavens sake this team has a playoff shot on the line....

They need to quit babying Tannehill it's the last game of the season they should have to scrape him off the firkd


Nobody is Talking To You!! And Mando Banned You!! Publicly Scolded You!!

Here Is A Hint, Ahomo.

Dashi and Craig see Things Similar Except When It Deals With Pass Rush and Dansby!!

Dashi and Kris see Things Similar Except On Ireland.

Fool!! Dashi Knows Who He Is Talking To!! So STFU!! You Sissy!

Brady just had enough time to knit a sweater in the pocket.

One for McCann

GOOD SQUARE HITT from McCann,,,,

Eating a corned beef sanwich Aloco....


NE has a punter ?

I'm kind of leaning against re-signing Long. NOt necessarily because I think he sucks or anything like that, but he's obviously injury prone. Have we gotten a full season out of him yet? Dolphins could get better use out of the money shoring up other positions. JMHO.

I feel good about that sack of Brady. And Ireland picked McCann.

Brady gets sacked and still looks dominating against our defense.

Is that there first punt of the day? Un-F'ing-Believable



Yes Orlando, lets spend ANOTHER first round pick on the o line. Lets leave off finding a playmaker for the later rounds again. Putting all our high picks onto the o line has worked so well the last decade!

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If Miami takes another lineman in the first round, there is literally no hope we ever put a watchable product on the field.

Damn...resign Brian McCann! Then I'll continue to have TWO of my favorite teams with a Brian McCann on them!

Wake needs help on the other side of the line to get some pressure off of his side. Pats are chipping his side most of the game. I hope Olivier Vernon develops, kid was good at The U.


Good Post @ 6:17....

that sums it up....

How can we spend this much $$$ on the O-line and still not be able to run the ball or give QB any time? This line is awful. And they stunk with J. Long too, so son't use that excuse.

What..damn, there goes my prediction....you just cant count miami do do anything Right!!!*lmao*

Andrew, everyone has misses in the 3rd round. You can even go to the great patriots and they have busts. It is about who you find. He missed on Egnew and hit on Mathews that's how it works. The draft is a 50/50 crap shoot. Ireland had to find a QB this year after Parcell's stuck him with Pat White and Henne for QBs. It was like he had to start all over again.

Where the heck has Lane been the last two months Sherman?

Tanne staying in the game.....

If we wake up tomorrow and Jeffy FIRELAND has a job, well that is 100% proof that there is no god.

Tannehill is playing concussed.

Maybe he will play better?


Yes! I want Ireland Making The Picks This Year!!

I Believe Ireland Listens To Philbin!!

Remember he was Brainstorming with Spo!! Now He Has a Real FB Coach!! To Bounce Ideas Off Of!!

The pressure on RT has all come from the R side.

Long 's worth nil. Least of Fins issues! Tanne hard work to look at PATS have him all comfused. Guys are open and he misses them.

Wow...3rd Down Conversion.

no reason to have tannehill playing with double vision out there right now...just sayin!!!

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