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Patriots blowing out Dolphins 21-0 going to third quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots have something to play for and the Dolphins are playing for pride. Well, playing for something is kicking pride's behind.

The Patriots have two touchdown runs by Stevan Ridley, including one on fourth down, and Tom Brady has that TD pass to Wes Welker.

The Dolphins?

They've got a lot of work to do --in many different ways.

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We are going to lose anyways. Hit Brady in the head

This defense sucks!!

Specifically The LB's!!

Ap is 64 yards away from the record thats crazy

Welker farted the football!!!!!

Its comming back....Ball HIT the ground....

why is anyone watching this game? I don't think the phins are watching this game..

Brady throwing a hotdog down a hallway down the middle today .

with our luck, it'll be overturned an b called an incomplete pass or hell they might give him the catch an say he was down

That's the issue. Every year Ireland says he is going to get STARS and every year he doesn't want to pay or talks himself out of it.-a joke. We need to draft a te a wide receiver with first two picks and get mike Wallace, bowe, SOMEONE. Our best receiver is a Bengal throwaway

Did Clemons just snatch a td right out of Wes Welkers a s s?

That's a completion my Walker

Dolphins tackling like a team that can't wait for the offseason to come.

Four straight years with a losing record. So sad for a once proud franchise. It's time to clean house. Let long go, let everyone go. Don't waste money resigning guys who don't make any plays. Cut Dansby, let Clemons go. Maybe keep Hartline. Maybe keep Starks. Let bush go.

Anyone seen Daniel Thomas? Second round pick we traded up for? Another Ireland gem.

not a fumble....miami can only pray at this point for a turnover...

Anyone who talks about defensive need is getting SMACKED

Overturned for sure

Welker attempted to poop on the field.

It was a nice gesture of Welker trying to give the ball to his former team.

My beef with Ireland isn't his picks, because let's face it, no one really knows how a pick is going to turn out. Yeah, we can take a look at some of his picks and say he sucked. But why tf did Ireland think that Chad Johnson ( I refuse to say Ochocinco) was going to be anything MORE than a lightning rod for controversy? That signing had me scratching my head from the very beginning. Terrible signing IMHO.


We are Dolphins fans, we are gluttons for punishment.

Watch them turn the call around!!

its what they do....no shock there!!!


Thomas is on IR

IT's either an incomplete pass or down by contact. No fumble.

Hey boys that white line won't hurt you-it will make you money-make you famous-get you commercials-please feel free to cross it and get touchdowns whenever convenient for you

Well Kris,

I wanted to see it...

Maybe I should have thought different.

Still, wanted to see where we stood...

I think we see.

Welker is a turd pusher.

Resigning Trusnik
Ireland's 1st bold move

thanks inimounts,i forgot those 2 WR's.

I agree Andrew,why resign guys who contribute NOTHING???


Not sure why Sean Smith should be paid. Anyone?

Yes Orlando, we didn't take a WR or TE in the early rounds of last years draft. THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

Austin and Bailey will go in the 2nd or 3rd round. Scouts inc ranks Hunter 26th and Allen 28th best prospects. This draft is weak on receivers, unfortunately. There are no Calvin Johnsons or A J Greens. The value is just as good in the 2nd round.

Our best bet is to resign Hartline, sign a FA, and then draft either a TE or a WR or both in the second round. Again, the key to the team's success is Tannehill becoming a franchise QB but you have to protect him.

that just about sums the day up the ball touches the floor.
would it have been better for clemons to have ran o/b at the 1 and get t-hill out there to call a play before they review it :-)

Hey "Aloco" just got home and was reading the posts when I came across yours. It's the 1000th time you've written the same exact thing but that's expected. But the funny part is that your english problem (remember when you told everyone you are still learning the language?) comes and goes from post to post. You are so fake why don't you tell everyone who you really are and give us a list of the characters you've come up with? Come on bro, this game sucks, entertain us. How many people are you and how many characters do you play in a football blog? And then more importantly,,,, why?

Hey at least we almost got Peyton Manning that was the highlight of the season

4th and 1...think they'll go for it?

Resigning bush and hartline...Irefiends 1st and foremost priority.....thats what we do!!!Live with the average and settle for bad!!!

Most receptions in NFL in 6 years-sign Welker

The Pats Started at The 1!!

This defense Sucks!!

I've said it all year!! You can't run up The middle!! On this Defense!! But You can Run Outside all You want!!

Why a timeout? Hell, even the coaches know we aren't going to need them at the end.

Know what's sad? Welker was pretty darn good when we traded him.

PS...Next year is the one, right? That's what we always say after every season. Its always next year.

PSII...Not much progress in the last 3 Ireland years. Luck and RGIII will fill some seats next year. Not sure Tannehill can fill a cup of coffee.

Again. We cant draft a WR with the first pick cause they take time to develop. FA is the only solution if we want to win next year.

Niiiiiice fair catch.

We should take Eifert in the first round and a WR in the second (unless Ireland has the guys to sign Wallace or Bowe, which he doesn't).

You can't win if you can't score, it's that simple.


This game is WAY MORE telling than that snore-fest that the PATS sleep walked thru about 4 weeks ago agaist us.....

that was an unmotivated team just trying get past us and take on the Texans....

This PATS team has/had EVERYTHING to play for...and it shows....

announcers said Mallett just showed up on the PUNT team...meaning possible fake....

The PATS aren't holding back.....

Are They Just Not Calling Fair Catch Interference!!

This is my Tennessee bias coming out, but Justin Hunter is a viable option at receiver for the Dolphins. HIghly talented and good speed.

Tannehill's pocket presence is terrible

Again Tannehill sucks. He looks like Henne


Frequently multiple personality disorder patients don't know it.

These games are ammunition for Long's contract negotiations.

The Tackles Really Suck Today!!

God dammit Tannehill. Have some pocket presence.

Its so annoying.

Keep in mind ppl this is the worst ranked secondary in the NFL. Thill sucks

I'll be shocked if welker does not get paid in the offseason by NE...Bowe would be an upgrade but with hartline as our #2, not sure that would produce anything more than what marshall did for us....


You had to replace Colombo and that is why they drafted Martin. Did you seriously want to start the year with Garner as your starter. He is getting absolutely destroyed in this game.

Not many times does Tanne move out of the pocket (to make something happen) and it succeeds.

Kris which bombs has he miseed? I saw one to Bush, the rest of the time he hasn't even had time to set his feet. What did I miss, who were the other misses too?

AWFUL, AGAIN. just forfeit the 4th quarter

Probably need to concede this one and have THill pack it in. Somebody's gonna put an eye out.

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