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Patriots blowing out Dolphins 21-0 going to third quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots have something to play for and the Dolphins are playing for pride. Well, playing for something is kicking pride's behind.

The Patriots have two touchdown runs by Stevan Ridley, including one on fourth down, and Tom Brady has that TD pass to Wes Welker.

The Dolphins?

They've got a lot of work to do --in many different ways.

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The irony of the day is that the score should 21 14 right now. So even morons cant blame Tannehill.

But Im sure some morons will. LOL...

These replays showing how inept our WRs are at getting open is an indictment on Ireland and his stupidity.

Elf, the case for Sean Smith? If we don't resign him, our best returning CBs are Carroll and Wilson. Ugh. Ireland is so bad it's insane. How any of you defend him is beyond me. This team is so devoid of talent it's hard to believe.

Gardner should be benched'

I'm so effing tired of the Dolphins getting dominated year in and year out by one freaking team! My God, did the 80s really happen?


I really think they should bring Don Strock in as a QB coach. Let's be honest, Strock is probably as much responsible for Marino's greatness as Marion was. The guy was a great mentor to Marino.

Bench for who Oscar??? Lol

Phins they just showed them again....

One two Fasano

One to Bush...

the DROPP by Binns wasn't on him...

On a positive note, we shut the Pats out in the 3rd quarter.


Have you been watching this game? A little pocket and less pressure would help.



@ The Fins Suck...what pocket? moron...it's hard to have pocket presence with the defensive line draped over you like a Snuggie

I don't think Tom and Bill are gonna lay down and let Miami score, if they can help it.

Shutout the last game will be icing on the cake.

The only reason Justin Hunter is'nt considered a far better prospect is because he tore his ACL a while ago.

Trust me,this kid is everything we need.

He's tall,strong,fast and he put up big numbers prior to his injury.

Also,look out for DeAndre Hopkins.

Another solid player...

We may actually hold the Pats to 28!

"Earl"what pocket are you talking about? Hasn't been one today, apparently you're not watching the game.

Hartline has been ttaken to the ground multiple times today watching him in one on one coverage against MCcortney...this guy just isnt good enough to get any big seperation most plays....and it wont change next year either...

Yes, this is clearly all Tannehill's fault. He's been sacked 5 times people!

Samuda nybody, lu

NE swept the entire East right?

I DO think at this point we bring in Matt Moore...just to prevent an injury to Tannehill.

YG......AGREE ......THE OL ,JUST BAD.....

Hartline could be a "Welker-like" player if we had legitimate offensive weapons.


he was good enough to make the Pro Bowl, wasn't he?

History has proven time and time again that Ireland is not a draft guru.

Point being this....

Ireland GETS RID OF MORE TALENT than he acquires.

Bad QB's take sacks, no pocket presence.

I keep saying this but it is all about the QB. If Tannehill is the next Chad Henne, then Ireland will be fired. However, if he develops and becomes the next Tom Brady we will be talking about Ireland being a genious in a few years.

Everyone thought that Scott Pioli was a genious when he was in NE but he was smart because of Brady. Ask the Chief fans how smart Pioli is. The Chiefs are the worst team in the league.

No way some team like KC, and Wets, and even buffalo dont at least attempt to look into signing moore as their QB in the offseason....chances of him staying here to back up a rookie and have 100% no shot to satrt unless t-hill injured.....Just dont see it happening!!!

This team makes me yearn for the days of Fiedler and Wanny, at least they competed.



At least we aren't the dirty rotten New Jersey jerks. They really suck. Can't wait to see Rex "Footy" Ryan get the heave ho.

Is next year already pee for Lee?

Andrew, I agree Smith's services should be retained, but not with the franchise tag. Use that on Long.

"However, if he develops and becomes the next Tom Brady we will be talking about Ireland being a genious in a few years."

LOL!! Didn't it take Brady all of three or four games (as a starter) to win a super bowl?

YG4, you're pretty dumb huh?


he was good enough to make the Pro Bowl, wasn't he?

Posted by: navydolfaninva | December 30, 2012 at 06:48 PM

As an alternate...and frankly I dont see how in the hell he even made that considering his TD production....,his last three games, he's had a total of 6-7 catches for minimal gain and the PRO BOWL is a joke as it is....

Take anybody out for God's sake. Hit! wWe don't want NE in the SB.

Yes, Tom Brady won the SB his first year, Tannehill will never win a SB

Binns ... I've seen enough.

yep this Binns guy is not comin back next yr

Yep...another dropped pass that was Tannehill's fault.

Can binns be cut before the game is over?

Well I expected ugly but not this ugly. Binns is sucking and Tanne looks dazed. Not sure where some of the certainty about Irelands return is coming from.

Binns has NO hands, another Ireland acorn?

Jeff saturday made the Pro Bowl this year*lmao*....just sayin!!!

T-hill could have run for the 1st down.

Still has a lot to learn.

Ross's certianty says he is back...and thats all that counts unfortunatly!!!

Even more pathetic is the fact the Ireland is the one who will be responsible for getting us the wrs and te's hes already proven he cant find. Great

There's a reason Binns was unemployed...

Tom: I think Tannehill looks fine. He's staying pretty steady despite the circumstances.

binns needs to go; it's cold, but if you can't catch the ball in ne in december, there is not need keeping you around. the bush fumble was absolutely atrocious...not tannehill's fault.

Getting shutout in your final game of the season really should get Ross to re-think Ireland's job security

Binns, ??*lmao*...well, at least miami said no thanks to Braylon Edwards this late in the year!!!

What could cap off a more disgusting performance than to show Ross in his booth .

Brandon Marshall > Armon Binns

But hey...acorns are better than actual oak trees.

I guess Ross enjoys half empty stadiums and losing football games? Only reason to keep Ireland around.

PEOPLE...Miami was blown out in NE two years ago with the same lackluster performance that didnt end sparanos career in miami...why the hell would ross now pull the plug on irefiend considering whats happened today???

What does Ireland tell Ross? What can Ross see in Ireland's work that warrants his continued employment? What farm animals does Ireland have photos of doing illegal acts of Ross?

Hey now, in a couple of years we could have TA&M's latest greatest Johnny Football and his trophy GF too! Sherman could actually start collecting these guys and we could have who has the hotter TA&M QB wive/girlfriend debates.

Ah consolation

there are plenty of big fast guys that can't catch the football. they cut a few in training camp. someone besides ireland needs to draft the offensive players.

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