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Patriots blowing out Dolphins 21-0 going to third quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots have something to play for and the Dolphins are playing for pride. Well, playing for something is kicking pride's behind.

The Patriots have two touchdown runs by Stevan Ridley, including one on fourth down, and Tom Brady has that TD pass to Wes Welker.

The Dolphins?

They've got a lot of work to do --in many different ways.

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Welker killing the team that gave him up

Armon Bunns

Why would you cover NE's best TE? I mean, he's not a TD threat in the redzone is he?

This is a great confidence booster for the Patriots as they head into a bye week and the playoffs.

welker is good, but tom brady can turn a journeyman like woodhead into a viable weapon. simms keeps harping on the fact that miami let welker go, but who was throwing the ball to him? it's getting old.

Christ, Russell Wilson throws a nice deep ball.

This team just laid down and died.

@ zaphod

The answer is Goats . In bondage .

It's really a shame...

After the opening kick, the Dolphin's were never really in this game.

"why the hell would ross now pull the plug on irefiend considering whats happened today???"

I believe Ross is one of the people who refuses to admit he was wrong about anything.

Ross will probably PAY Ireland to quit. Save face that way.

I say we do what we did when Cleveland fired the only OC in the NFL who was worse than ours...we HIRE him! As in, we HIRE Cleveland's fired GM to replace Ireland.

The Signal: the Phins were never in the game from moment the ink hit the paper on the schedule back in the Spring.


Reggie Bush, Armon Binns, the entire O-line and our defense quit trying last week.


did they actually waste money on ink?

Tannehill has ZERO pocket awareness

Huge series coming up here. We have to hold NE to just 28 points ... for no other reason than being able to say: Those Patriots aren't so great, they could only score one TD a quarter against us!!!!!!

Lose the word awareness Earl. It's more like zero pocket and zero separation from receivers.

What a pathetic joke this franchise has become

Agree, Mike J.

We can't peg this one on Tannehill at all.

Fuggin ridiculous how bad this D played today.

Not true, Tannehill should be able to feel the pressure and escape, not doing it

Wow, even Bellichek stopped watching the game, he's over talking to the defense.

Is there anyone on the roster that could start on the patriots? doubtful

We have the WORST third down defense in football. I challenge you to find any team that gives receivers more padding than our incompetent corners!

"Hey, they need 6 yards for a first down!"
"I got it coach, I'll stand off 8 yards!"

Escape to what Earl? The few times he has created time for his receivers to get away, they have dropped the ball!

I wish I could 100% fail at my job for 4 years straight, and not even be evaluated at the end of the year

Dolphins are the best scrimmage team! Patriots will go back to Super Bowl with all the confidence they got on us. What are 0-10 against Patriots last 10?

That's it, another failure of a season, I'm sure next year will be the same BS if Ireland keeps his job this offseason

Would it be horrible to draft Norte Dame TE 1st Rnd and Stanford TE 1st 2nd Rnd.

Dolphins problems can't be fixed with next years draft

Shutout awesome!!!

Mr. Ross, please don't make any major changes we are only a couple players away from making a run. You saw the game today and how talented my acorns are. With 5 picks in the top 100 and 46 mil in cap space I promise I will get the couple of acorns we need to make a run.

Your boy Jeffy

Tannehill Sacked 7 Times? REALLY? WTF!!! We Need Alot of Help.. Not sure why so manny people are down on Tannehill.. He has NO TIME to throw, Our wide receivers cant get separation or get open... This is Just a Pathetic team right now..

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