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Patriots defeat the Dolphins 23-16

The defense played well but ultimately that salt-the-gane away drive that took 7:18 off the clock was a dagger.

The offense?

Brian Harline played well. Jonathan Martin was good enough in replacing the injured Jake Long at left tackle. Nate Garner was not terrible at right tackle.

Everyone else?

They were either bad, like Ryan Tannehill was. Or they were ghosts such as Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess.

Tannehill had 113 passing yards before the desperation drive in the final two minutes when New England was playing prevent defense and merely trying not to give up anything deep.The rookie finished with 187 passing yards on 13 of 29 passing.

As I said, the defense fought hard.

Brady only threw one TD. The same New England team that was averaging 450 yards per game the last month gained 323 yards

The Dolphins are 5-7.


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I said from the beggining of the year that our Team MVP from last year should have been our starting QB. Tannehill would have been better off on the pine this year learning from Moore.

Progress was made last year under Todd Bowles and Brian Daboll. They went 6-3 with Moore leading this team. If Bowles was the coach, Marshall would still be here; I am pretty sure Philbin ran him off. We should have built this team around Matt Moore. If it aint broke don't fix it. Ross caved under pressure and got rid of Bowles and Daboll.

Mark my words, Moore will be the Jets starting QB next year. Sparanao is salivating waiting for Moore to become a free agent.

DD @4:43pm,

Exactly right. You get it. Calling T-Hill out does not mean you think it was the wrong pick or he's a bust. He needs to show more and I'm sure he'd say the same.

I'll admit I'm coming around on Long a bit too. I get why people don't want to shell out the big money on him. My fear is that we'll just keep spinning our wheels, when in reality there are lots of other holes to fill. It's great that e can save the money but what are we going to spend it on?


Tannehill does not have it & you can't teach it.

How long do Philbin & Sherman ride this lame horse?

"Greatness shows up early & often" .... and I've yet to see greatness from Tannehill.


I was not talking to you...but since I said, "All you fools blaming THILL are really pathetic." I can understand why you replied to me....you FOOL.

THILL didn't have a good game. I agree that he was not sharp today. But was he the reason why they lost? I don't think so.

I just listed many other reasons for the loss. He was part of it but not the sole reason for it.

Are you people really Dolphin fans? There are 31 other teams in the NFL (Pick one you like and take you silly comments with you) Our team will play better and the results will be greater if we keep hustling . Keep your head up Dolphins;besides Bill Conner is happy wit the loss. The past drafts are in the past ,so we have to cheer for the guys we got. Go cheer for the Eagles & all their talent

Per Armando: "The Dolphins are 5-7"

If youre a true fan you'll get your misplaced prides out of the way and root for the fins to finish 5-11.

How the hell else do you guys think this team will get drastically better. Drafting 13-15th and adding more "watered down" talent?


My plan was to start the year with Moore and let Tannehill learn but only if Moore beat him out in camp. It's clear he didn't, so so beit.

If ya like Tannehill and Ireland....You MUST be a Jet fan.

Orlando Dolphan,
You really think Sparano will be with the Jets next year?

Luck has Fleener, Reggie wayne(WHO MIAMI SAID NO THANKS TO IN THE OFFSEASON) and young stars in the making in TY hilton and James Avery

Tannehill has bess( who's reliable, but not a downfield strecther)
Hartline(consistant but not a go to guy, and very limited in big play ability especially as a red zone threat)
Fasano( Has there been a more invisable guy on this team than him)
Marlon Moore(Please)

The NE D practices against Welker and they were very good at taking away the short and intermediate routes and that is why Bess was a non factor. No down field threat, play the middle of the field and containment is why they won. LT issues should be settled after watching Martin. Looks pretty positive in cap space next year. 8-8 would be great but 7-9 after the last three years with rookies across the board is a step up.


No one player is ever the reason for a loss but Tannehill was as much to blame for this loss as anyone. Guys tells me he'll learn a lot from games like this, so let's see.

We should have built this team around Matt Moore. He went 6-3 down the stretch under the watch of Todd Bowles and Brian Daboll. Ross caved under pressure and let something good go. There was progress last year at the end of the season. Philbin is the reason Marshall (a top 5 receiver is gone). If Bowles was here, Marshall would not have been traded. We could have used that #1 pick to draft another weapon or for some OL help for Moore. We could have drafted the rookie QB from Seattle in the 3rd round for insurance behind Moore. If it aint broke don't fix it.


AGREED. Some Here Want Talent!! WANT A LUCK OR RG3!!



Dashi is Feeling Great. Pe'o For Te'o! Dashi Started The TRAIN!! AND I'M RIDING IT UNTIL THE DRAFT!! CHOO CHOO!!

Like Dashi Said 5 Picks In THE TOP 70!! NOT 100 IF WE SUCK! With 2 Picks in the TOP 40!!


Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Tannehill the terrible. He sucks.

Darryl, NE had their two (2) starting guards out. But I've noticed D-line play the last several games and altho they're pretty good on run...tying up O-line..they get no penetration on pass. D-line is taught from pee wee on up to beat your man and get after the QB. If you can't get to him, get (pass) your hands up.

Good QBs are pretty quick at getting the ball out and edge rush don't always have the time to get to 'em.

Just constructive criticism Darryl

..YG..I posted that I think that if Long is out for the year it would be a true blessing in disguise for this team. We face a real test next week as far as defensive fronts go. How well will the line look? Can they hold their own? since the Niners are one extreme. we get the Jags the next week. My point is that it could make the Long decision much easier should this group play well the rest of the year in his absence. If they don't...then maybe Long is worth keeping.


Sporano won't BE ON THE JETS NEXT YEAR. To See Moore Play For Them. Plus They Are Drafting Barkley in the First!

Can't Wait!

So, we can argue all night about THILL being to blame for this loss or if he is the right QB for the future but the reality is that the Fins used a number one pick on him and he is our QB for at least 3 more years.

So, how do we get better from here is what I want to figure out. Lord I hope Ross, Ireland and Philbin can figure it out.

Free Agency is becoming more and more clear.

There are games still to play and these FA's have an opportunity to prove themselves further. But after week 11 I say:

Sign Hartline - He is showing he can be a true #2 receiver and he should be paid like one.

Let Long go - too many mistakes this year, he gets hurt every year and Martin can fill in behind him. I also think Garner can start at RT so you don't need to pick up a RT in rounds 1 or 2.

Sign Dansby - he is playing through a tough bicep injury and doing a decent job. I think he should be an OLB not ILB.

Starks? - Early this season I loved him but lately, I don't hear his name at all.

Smith? - He did fine today. But he can't make an INT...ever. He is very inconsistent. I wouldn't give him top money that's for sure.

Fasano? - I think he is a FA...if he is bye-bye. Play more Clay and draft a TE in round 2 or 3.

Bush? - Jury is still out. I like his team presence but he has been spotty this year.

OK, I got it all out. Now we just have to sit back and hope that T-Hill is a hard worker and that he improves before next year. He does have some tools but I am very concerned with how inaccurate he is at times. It is going to take at least 3 years before we can see some progress from a QB that is as raw as Tannehill. I hate to be so negative but it breaks your heart when your defense holds the high flying Pats to 23 points and your offense cannot win the game at home.

..Cocoa..Fair enough. No worries. I saw it a bit different. I thought until the from the NE's 3rd possesion up until the last one..The D-Line played a pretty good game. I would imagine they were pretty gassed in the fourth quarter. Just how I saw it.

give me a break

Tannehill sucks so much that dumb @ss fans actually believe that him not throwing picks is the best thing that could happen to miami, yet he left throws behind recievers, severe underthrows, and a couple overthrows that potentially could've turned the game into miamis favor.

We're in fkn december now and he looks as lost out there as he did in houston when the season began. Luck threw two picks today and yet when crunch time came, he made the throws you want to see in a rookie QB progressing.

Tannehill and his mechanics suck and of course you cant lean on him as a QB, he's more prone to make more mistakes than actually making a play.




A) 4

B) 5-7

C) 8-10


WR issues needs to be addressed way before the draft. Due to the CBA there will be a lot of restrictions for player developement. Bring in a #1 receiver through FA before the draft so Tannehill can get some chemistry going similar to what Manning was doing with Harrison and Wayne.

So sick of losing. Next time we make the playoff-2030!


Philbin's inability to work with players that have some issues has hurt the progress of this team. My contention is that, if we had kept Bowles the Dolphins would still have Marshall and Vontae Davis on the team. Instead we are now talking about two more holes we need to fill. We could have used that #1 pick on a WR. Can you imagine Moore lining up with a 4 receiver set that featured Marshall, Justin Blackmon, Hartline, and Bess? We have taken two steps back and are now HOPING that Tannehill develops into a franchise QB.

Garbage fins!!!!!!!! We just got lucky last week because most West Coast teams dont fare well on the east coast.

Now that playoff hopes are closed I would suggest playing the following players a lot the next few weeks to know if they can deliver in the future:

Thomas and L. Miller - sit Bush and give Thomas and Miller the load.
Clay - sit Fasano and let this kid make more plays.
Mathews and Moore - Play more 3 and 4 receiver sets and let these guys play.
Odrick - let him play more at DT to see if we can survive without Starks.
Vernon - Can he be a real #2 pass rusher.
Martin - Move to LT and see if he can be consistent
Garner - Let him play RT and see if he can be a starter next year.

The Dolphins reamain a disgrace.

S.O.S. different year. We are cursed Dolphin fans, all there is to it.


The Pats Are High Flying!!

What Are The Fins?

Ground And Pound!



Next Year, Dashi Believes We can Judge T-Hill and Philbin.

Right Now It's Unfair.



Oh, And This Is the Last Time Dashi is Going TO TALK About Mr.LONG! Again, It Doesn't MATTER WHAT U GUYS THINK!! IRELAND WILL RESIGN JAKE!! PERIOD! (When This Happens. Dashi doesn't Want To See ANY NAME CHANGES)


While We At It! He Is Playing Next Week! Philbin Just Takes Care Of His Players!! And IT WOULD'VE BEEN SPORANO(Idiot) LIKE TO PUT HIM BACK IN A MEANINGLESS GAME! LIKE THIS ONE! FOR WHAT?

I'm with you. If we are to rebuild and draft so we can get to the next level, what better time but to evaluate the talent in real game situations that now.

Where are all the Tannehill homers now? lol

It is going to take at least 3 years before we can see some progress from a QB that is as raw as Tannehill.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 02, 2012 at 04:59 PM

Well, that puts Thill in about the same category as Peyton, Brees, and a bunch of other QBs who took a while to develop. Guess what, some QBs need time to develop (I know this is a news flash to some of you). Miami is exactly where most knowledgeable watchers had them, mediocre. Turning over the personnel. Learning new systems. Developing new talent.

I like our chances vs. San Fran after seeing where both teams are right now. If our defense plays like they did today, then it's on the offense to execute. They've been inconsistent this year, just like their talent suggests. That's not all on the QB. I saw drops by Bess, Hartline and others today. Run game wasn't amazing.

It starts with the GM, he needs to give the HC talent to work with. Then the Coaches need to develop the talent and put them in positions to win. Then the players need to execute. A lot has to go right for a team to win consistently. Don't anyone get it twisted, this is YEAR ONE for this group.

Tannehill wasnt sharp but a little more patience please, knuckleheads--yes, the 2 Hartline misses were big but overall remember that the dude has squat for playmaker options.....virtually none--stop with the Luck comparisons too......Luck is already a top 10 QB, but so what?--Fins didnt have the 1st pick so whats the point?--Wilson is a nice find but lets see how things play out for him over 2-3 seasons, after teams have time to adjust to him? Hows it going for Newton this year? Special teams cost Miami today, more than anything.

Google and check out the WCO in the words of Walsh. It is so obvious we did not have the right personel for the system. Philbin came in while there were existing contracts in place and had to make the best of it. Changes are coming and we are going to get better.

good post JPAO.....agree, lets see what we have with some of these guys, as we head into the offseason. This team needs better players at alot of positions, bottom line.

Packers,Steelers,Ravens,Patriots, never pick at the top of the draft?They do draft well when they pick.You don't have to lose to get better, but U need good personnel people in charge of building your team and Great not "good" coaches. Besides we have picked in the top ten several times (what did we do wit Dat?)

DC Dolphan,

Philbin is the reason one of the best WRs in the league is no longer on this team. Letting a dynamic receiver like Marshall go and starting a rookie QB that seems to be lost is the reason we are 5-7.

You are right about needing to have patience with T-Hill. It does take time to develop a QB but whenyou see RG3 and Luck having so much success it is frustrating. Hopefully, he will develop with experience. He seems to have a leveled head. I am just hoping the problems he has been having are correctable (i.e. inaccuracy and not reading the defense correctly).

Yeah I gotta admit, if the plan is to see what Martin can do at LT for the rest of the season (it might be forced upon now anyways), I just don't get why this caching staff also doesn't do the same with guys like Miller, Egnew and Matthews. The way things are going we're going to get to the end of this year with no clue if these guys can get it done or not going forward. I don't know about Egnew but there's no excuse for the other two not being used more. If we're developing Tannehill, why aren't we also seeing if he can form some chemistry with these other young guys? It's time!

I'm so glad Ireland picked Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan.

Tannehill looks like he will be better than Henne, but not by much. Expect him to be a backup in 4 years.

Hopefully that is the last game we see Jake Long in a Dolphins uniform. He's not worth it.

Good news: Reshad Jones looks like a keeper at safety though. Playing great football lately.

I hate to beat a dead horse but I told you all months ago that it was best to trade J.Long. We saw what it looks like out there without him today and have seen him get continuously beat by speed rushers when in there all year considering the amount of stunting the Pats do on their DL I was actually impressed with Martin out on the Left.

If the triceps tendon is torn which by the way shelved him last year along with the right knee which is beginning to look like a chronic problem then we will watch the 1st overall pick in 08 walk without any compensation. I've seen it before when another very game warrior in Tony Bosselli had his career cut short by problems in his tendons and knees from being over worked threw injuries but at least Jax got if memory serves 3 picks out of Houston for him.

At this point with the Season he's had and mounting career injuries I feel the ship has sailed on getting anything for Long in a year were there will be some good Tackles available late 1st RD to mid 2nd. (I've mentioned Tx. A&M Tackles Joekel and Matthews on a couple of occasions) Had we dangled Long out there before the deadline my money says the entire NFC North except the Vikes would have been paying attention with the Pack, Bears and Lions all in desperate need and in contention. Were now stuck between a rock and a hard place given if we FRANCHISE it will be to the tune of 15 Mil. next Season or if we re-sign without ability to trade we eat large portions of his guaranteed money.

We could have instead dealt him for a #1 pick to a desperate team in Oct. and drafted a Tackle to compete with Martin to play on the Left side next Yr. committing our money to the WR's in FA (G.Jennings, M.Wallace) while waiting to see if a player like TE'o fell to us or Bama CB Dee Milliner. After with the Long X-tra pick a player like LT Luke Joekel or FSU CB Xavier Rhodes giving us 2 great corner stone CB's to build on while grabbing a Safety in RD-2 like either E.Reid (falling on some boards to early 2nd) or TJ McDonald then with the other #2 taking BA WR or TE which is were the value is in the next draft with those positions in a year were there are some real breakout talents for Miami at WR in FA.

I've been parroting this on here for months now and I guess am mad more than anything at the lack of aggressive wheeling and dealing.

RANT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Tannehill bashers know nothing about football, period. I dare any of you to debate me on it. You'll lose miserably.

You 'fans' suck. Go Dolphins.


Let's have the conversation about Martin and the OL after next week, when they play a defence that isn't missing a Chandler Jones. It'll be a different challenge next week. Hoping you're right but lets hold off on annointing him anything right now.

We have picked Top 10 Twice. Long and T-Hill.

Ginn was a Top 10 Pick. But That Shouldn't Count It Was Cameron Playing.

And To U Guys Saying U find Talent Anywhere. Yes!! But THE BEST TALENT IN ANY DRAFT IS AT THE TOP!!

U Say Brady was a 6Th Rounder. Dashi Says Even a Garbage Can Gets a Steak!!

And Last Dashi Checked! Rothlesberger, Rodgers, and Flacco Were All 1st Rounders!!

Which is The Top Of The Draft!! U Know First 32 Picks!! Of 250+!!

Wasn't T-Sugg's a Top 10?

AJ Hawk Top 5?

J.Mayo a Top 10?

And The List Goes ON and ON!!!

Tannehill is way worse then Henne ever was. Not even close.


If you didn't know Luck/RG3 were in a different category than Tannehill than that's on you (the rest of the football-watching world already knew that). Not sure why you're comparing him to them. I liked Marshall, but don't see him as being a game-changer this Season. He didn't fit into Philbin's system. That happens. As the new HC, Philbin has the right to make the team the way he sees fit. What I can say for him is we're no longer a FG team. Generally, in the red zone, we score (though we get there way too little). Also, Philbin's offensive system, when properly run, SHOULD be more exciting than anything we've had here since Marino.

Philbin's STILL playing with the old regime's players. We don't have all the weapons for the WCO, or the 4-3 defense. But we have lots of picks in next year's Draft (thanks to getting rid of Marshall and Vontae). Let's see what this team becomes. We were 6-10 last year, if we're 6-10 this year too, that WON'T be an unsuccessful year. EVERYONE KNEW it was a rebuild year.

Tannehill ultimately might not be the guy. But everyone said Henne was messed up by being handcuffed, not properly developed, not given weapons or the right game plan to win. That isn't going to happen with Tannehill. He IS being developed. The system IS right for a QB to succeed. All he needs now is talent and then people like me won't have anything to complain about, it'll be on him. But that takes more than 1 year. People here just need to be realistic (I'm not even saying patient).

Yesterday's Gone says:

Dammit, Im rooting for losing the remaining 5 games. Whether you so-called unloyal loyalist love it or not. What Ive seen on the playing field thus far this year. Only tells me that if it isnt drastically upgraded there will be even more losing for years to come.
Well you may not have to root for losing it will most likely happen with the strong part of the schedule now facing the Dolphins. I would have preferred going with Matt Moore and picking up a good WR but it's done so the Dolphins have to make the best of it and get a Greg Jennings or look to the weak WR draft for some help getting receivers who are quick enough to create separation. Receivers like Bess and Fasano who become ghosts due to their inability to create separation have Tannehill holding the ball and unable to find an open receiver. Jones is a keeper at safety but the Dolphins need to replace most of their secondary.

Can we trade Tanny for a HAM SANDWHICH?? YOU GUYS

SHOULD KNOW Ireland cant draft a QB!!!

Hey Orlando, you talk about Luck like hes your dream date. F-off and go root for the Colts you babbling retard.

By the way, I was the guy yelling for us to go all out and get RG3. I said give up whatever it takes (4 1st-rd'ers if that's what it took). Reasoning, because I knew he'd shore up the most important position on the team for a decade PLUS. I KNEW he was a sure thing.

People disagreed. Thought he wasn't worth it. Thought it was too much to give up. Thought one guy couldn't change a team's outlook.

Well, I give you Andrew Luck and RG3. Playmaking QBs matter, more than anything else you can put on a team. If you're best player on the team is your QB, then you have a chance in every game.

Miami made it's decision. I'm living with it. So should the rest of you.

Tanne & Henne are both good QBs trying to elevate the crap talent around them.

Every year you morons act like this is a team full of all stars being brought down by the QB.
The only player on our team that anyone covets is Pouncey. That's it. Nada mas.

Tannehill needs help that of which he does not currently have. For a rookie with no #1 receiver, no seem threat tight end, and an offensive line that's falling apart, I say he's done really well. I believe in Philbin, and I like what this coaching staff has done, regardless of Ireland. Next year will be the measuring stick year.

Posted by: dbmfins | December 02, 2012 at 04:32 PM

You're making too much sense, something that will get you ostracized in the forum LOL

Dochi, How long before Odinstank wakes up from his drunken afternoon nap?

Henne was great too!!

All of you wanting Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh? The guy has worse hands than Marshall.

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