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Patriots defeat the Dolphins 23-16

The defense played well but ultimately that salt-the-gane away drive that took 7:18 off the clock was a dagger.

The offense?

Brian Harline played well. Jonathan Martin was good enough in replacing the injured Jake Long at left tackle. Nate Garner was not terrible at right tackle.

Everyone else?

They were either bad, like Ryan Tannehill was. Or they were ghosts such as Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess.

Tannehill had 113 passing yards before the desperation drive in the final two minutes when New England was playing prevent defense and merely trying not to give up anything deep.The rookie finished with 187 passing yards on 13 of 29 passing.

As I said, the defense fought hard.

Brady only threw one TD. The same New England team that was averaging 450 yards per game the last month gained 323 yards

The Dolphins are 5-7.


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Ha ha stupid Dolphins fans.
Dolphin fans so stupid.
Dolphins fans think top free agents sign here.
Top free agents no sign here.
Acorns sign here.
Ha ha.


Let's have the conversation about Martin and the OL after next week, when they play a defence that isn't missing a Chandler Jones. It'll be a different challenge next week. Hoping you're right but lets hold off on annointing him anything right now.

Craig M | December 02, 2012 at 05:33 PM

Craig M,

I'm glad your here because we've gone back and forth on this one all year regarding J.Long. For starters I'm not anointing Martin anything I'm simply stating that Long was an asset that given the way things are going was better served in trade value the big drop off was evident last year and has progressively gotten worse. I don't believe you will find many takers now unless you gave him away and that's a huge risk with a player making what he'll look to command in CAP space.

By the way much like yourself I want to see more of Matthews and Miller in another wash of a year. I tell you we could have filled that void with the pick we could have gotten for Long with either Tex A&M Tackle. I by the way would then shore up the leaky DB's in a deep draft and fix the Offensive holes in FA were there are some difference makers to be had.

How many consecutive losing seasons do we have to have until Ireland gets fired? 5?? 10?? 20??

Dc @ 5:35.

Great Post.

Dashi Would Go as Far as This a EVALUATION SEASON. And NEXT YEAR is Year 1 Of The ReBuild. That is Why Ireland Can't Say! The Fins are ReBuilding! Cause They're Not, Yet!

To rebuild U Need to Tear Down and then Start ReBuilding. Philbin is Looking at What He CAN KEEP. And What Is Garbage. Then in the Offseason!! Philbin and Ireland start rebuilding!

On Egnew.

Eg news Problem is 2 Fold! First The Only way he sees PT is if Fasano gets Hurt. Or Egnew Plays better than Fasano all around. And J.Lane Developing into a FB! Hurt Egnew! The Original Plan was Fasano and Egnew were The TE's!! With Clay Being FB/H-Back!! With Lane Being a ACORN! EGNEW is The Odd TE Out!

Douchi, Tell us about the time you and Odinstank opened for Led Zepplin.

Jpao, we held the highest scoring team in the league 2 touchdowns under their average and 3 touchdowns under their average over the last 5 games. Tannehill and the offense lost this game.

Thank you for speaking the truth.
Year after year we lose more talent than we gain.
Once again we have 20 departing FAs and 10 drfaft picks to replace them with.

The only thing about tannehill I don't like is his ability to throw the deep ball. The 10-20 yard he can really zip it. At this point let him finish out the year...get him a couple more weapons and lets see what he can do. I agree Jake Long should go...to injury prone.

Trade Tannehill for Tebow. At least he'll sell some tickets.

And Last Dashi Checked! Rothlesberger, Rodgers, and Flacco Were All 1st Rounders!!

Which is The Top Of The Draft!! U Know First 32 Picks!! Of 250+!!

Wasn't T-Sugg's a Top 10?

AJ Hawk Top 5?

J.Mayo a Top 10?

And The List Goes ON and ON!!!

Dashi | December 02, 2012 at 05:34 PM

You sort of make my point about trading Long when we had the chance for #1 even if late 1st-RD. Discount double check boy was the 25th pick of RD-1 while Satan took R.Brown 2nd overall but put in a different position in Miami would he have turned out to be the player we see today??? Flacco was the 17th pck of RD-1 while AJ Hawk is a middle of the Pack MLB at best and you do have to count Ginn's family in there given he was 8th overall. You have defended Long on here more than most and understand but he's in decline and there is no reason at this point not to feel one of those HUGE ATHLETIC Tackles out of Texas A&M couldn't do at least the same work you get out of the war hammer these days but we stayed pat and did nothing now we can throw away another 50 Mil or so in guarantees out the window on the 2nd coming of T.Bosselli.

That cheap SOB Ross should've paid Matt Flynn fairly.

Caddy U are Talking Like If Out of The 20 Pending Free Agents any of Them are Good.

Out of the 20(Which 15 are on 1 Year Contracts, bottom of the Roster Players) only 4 are Worth Keeping.

So we Have 4 Guys That Might Leave! With 5 REAL PICKS To Fix Our Holes! Meaning if We keep Our 4 Best Pending FA's!! The Fins Can Use The Real Picks!! To Fix The Rest Of The Holes!!

DC Dolphan,

We only scored 17 points today. That is sad. Marshall has been a game changer for Chicago. So far the Marshall trade has netted you Egnew and a 3rd round pick.

I agree that we still need to be patient with T-Hill but why did we get rid of Marshall. Now we are going to either spend big money on a FA WR or spend a high pick on one.

Again the Colts won 2 games last year and now so far 8 and headed to the playoffs. You can talk about needing all of these players but Luck seems to be doing well with only 1 draft. We won 3 times the amount of games that the Colts won. It is all about the QB position and Tannehill has a long way to go. Hopefully, he will get there but it would have been a lot easier with Marshall.

Tannehill is as big a bust as Ryan Leaf. Check out the stats. Leaf was better.

The Patriots did not destroy the Dolphins today, which is progress of sorts. The defense played good with the very notable exception (isn't there always a negative exception for the Dolphins) of the last Patriot drive that sealed the win.

Ireland and Ross stated after last season that the Dolphins simply needed better coaching and some minor upgrades on the roster and the team would be a Championship contender. Well, the coaching staff was changed and Ireland did his usual job of acorn-sized upgrades.

I agree with the posters about the last month of the season being a chance to see if the younger talent can develop.

As far as the older talent? It's time for management to fact the fact that Jake Long has been injured three straight seasons. His play was elite in 2008,2009, and 2010. It was above average last year; it is only average to below average this year. So, he has chronic injury issues and his performance is heading towards Marc Columbo rather than Joe Thomas. Let him walk in FA. Too much risk and too much money.

Posters are right that Long should have been traded before the season.

Tannehill? Maybe he improves and maybe he regresses. The doubters have reason to doubt. And, for now, Luck and RGIII look much, much better.

One thing seems to be certain. After a decade of awful teams, the fans are disgusted with all the losing and all the excuses.

Luck had 4yrs of college starting experince. I like Tannehill's upside, but not at 8th overall.

After missing out on RG3 and Luck, I cant believe some in here are still saying they wouldnt root for thier team to lose. Of course not, under normal circustances.

But is the proper circumstance exists, and you dont root for your team to lose to get better, then you're not a real fan of the team either.

Dammit, Im rooting for losing the remaining 5 games. Whether you so-called unloyal loyalist love it or not. What Ive seen on the playing field thus far this year. Only tells me that if it isnt drastically upgraded there will be even more losing for years to come.

We need to be in the best draft position possible to get the highest upgrades possible. Bury your misplaced prides in that!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 02, 2012 at 04:44 PM


I wasn't on the suck for Luck wagon...How could I ever root for my team to lose....but now I see the ERROR of my flawed thinking last year...

I wanted 11-5 and a play-off run....but ONCE you realize that's not possible.....you have to be a TRUE FAN....and hope you're team gets the BEST DRAFT POSITION available.....and thats ALL we have left.....it's ALL we had left after we LOST our 6th game so EARLY in the season.....

Lose the rest of the games...and PRAY that its enough to get IRELAND to FIRE HIMSELF....

Why is Marshall not on this football team? We had a #1 receiver last year and now we are back to square 1. Egnew and a # 3 pick for one of the best receivers in the league? Really?

Mando, you have to really dig deep and write a column evaluating Mr. Ireland. Long is possibly out for the year and we may not even be able to sign him next year even with the home discount b/c he will continue being a liability at LT.

Again, no plan at all from Mr. Ireland, why was Long not dealt prior to the deadline? We will not sign him next year and we will be empty handed. The same happened last year when Ireland did not trade Marshall to a needy Bears team for possibly a 1st rounder. He still ended up trading him for way less in return of course (same with Davis). There is vision, no leadership other than a rookie disciplinarian coach.

And to all those Tannehill bashers please have you seen our roster? Hartline would not be the #1 WR on any team in the NFL. We have no TEs other than blockers, and our OL that is supposed to be the strength of this team after spending 2 top 10 picks and FAs is still shaky.

Mr. Ireland MUST go, people puhlase stop going to games, this team can NOT rebuild with Ireland making the calls.

What all this go back to is draft day. Ireland is a Baylor alumni and still didnt see need to trade the house for RG3. But uses the 8th overall pick on ab with only 18 games of starting qb experience.

Not that I dont think Tannehill pays future dividends. He comes into thje league a year and half behind Luck and RG3. Then to make matters worse, Ireland dumps Marshall and he stuck with a crappy recievings corps.

Even with Marshall, Hartline still had emerged into that consistent deepthreat #2 we all hoped he would be. Then to make matters worse, Gates could never really see the playing field, develop, and eventually was cut.

Leave it to Ireland, the only gm in the leagu that takes one step forward(finally after 5yrs drafts a qb 1st rd), and two steps backwards(trades Marshall, Gates gets cut, Hartline's more of a possession type #2 at best).

They have Luck and TY Hilton.

We have tannehill and EGNEW.


Watching this game, I just did not see it from Tannehill. He is plain and simple a game manager. Here and there he might have a big game, but for the most part he will manage games in terms of turning the ball over.

To all of his supporters, I apologize if you feel differently. This kid is not different than any of the qb's we've had since Marino. A died in the wool deadly qb hits a wide open Hartline in stride on that opening drive. He cannot accurately throw the deep ball. He underthrew a wide open Hartline a second time later in the game. The pass in the back of the endzone he missed as well. 21 points right there. The difference in the game.

Tannehill will manage games in terms of preventing turnovers. That's it. When this coaching staff is gone, we will be looking for a new quarterback, because no one coming in will risk their jobs on Tannehill.

I've said it before, I will say it again, a complete waste of the #8 pick.

Marshall 1017 yards and 8 TDs this year. How can you get rid of him? He would have helped Tannehill's development.



Let's stop and think for a second. What's the trade market for a LT, coming off an injured season, making $12.5 mil a year, who'll be a FA at the end of this year and would cost about $15 mil to franchise. Not much I would say.

On top of all that, what's the logic in drafting your supposed franchise QB and then getting rid of the LT at the same time. Doesn't make sense. Now we're looking to replace the RT AND the LT. Sorry just not thinking this makes any sense.

well boys that the season another year not going to the playoffs.i just hope miami lose all the rest of their remaining games so we can get some good draft choice,hey look at the colts dasmantle their team and now a playoff team,that kinda does tell you something, mr.ireland suck face.

erhaps franchising is the best option. That gives you 3/5 of the line. Incognito and Jerry suck, and need to be replaced. That is the reason we cannot run the ball. Use FA money to get the best guard in FA to replace Incognito and your first second round pick to take a guard to replace Jerry (Cooper from NC). I would then use the number 1 pick on WR Kennan Allen and use the other second round pick on a TE (TE from Stanford). Also, resign Hartline. No excuses for Tannehill with all the resources put on the offense next year. Use your 3rd round picks for the secondary. If there is FA money still left, use it on a Safety.

I ate a couple of words there, but I meant franchising Long may be the best option.

They kept it close but still not enough

Matt Moore will be the starter next year for the NY Jets. I hope that does not come back to hunt us.

I think that Tannehill does have a future. I just wish Moore would have started this year for the fins. T-Hill was a liability and hurt our playoff chances. Now we have to look ahead and develop T-Hill because there are some tools there to work with. I hope they invest heavily on the offense nest yearand keep the defense intact. Draft offensive players with the first 3 picks and get at least one high price free agent offensive player.

Tannehill was not that bad. In fact, he showed alot of real potential. I love that he's quick on his feet and is able to move about. But you can't be great QB with the OLine allows the other team to sack you.

Tannehill is not the Qb the dolphins need -- in fact Disease is whats occuring the Dolphins will be horrible for years to come.

This whole thing sucks. Matt Moore is the victim if he would of started we would be 8-5 minimal

And yes it will take two more years before we know if thill is an upgrade from channe or not. My fear is a legit no. 8 overall shows what they are relatively quickly if they better than average. Oh but we're are talking about a no. 8 so is average really the expectation?

you guys are quick to blame RT, and comparing him to Luck. Guys, look at what the Colts did.
1-they resigned thier No 1 reciever.
2- got another FA
3- traded up to draft one more in the draft
4-Drafted two of the best TEs in the draft
That is how you build a winning team
Miami on the other hand;
1-traded away their No 1 reciever
2- failed to sign a good one through FA
3-didn't even draft one until the sixth rd
That is recipe for disaster.

Armando please find out why Odrick and Wake were held out of that last Pat's drive! I can't for the life of me understand how any coach that wants to win a game would make his best 2 DE's sit on the sidelines to allow the opposing team to carve up the defensive line the way the Pats did on that last drive.

Philbin needs to get off of his power trip and understand that this defense is not that great when Wake is warming a bench! If this was due to some petty coaching tantrum, then I say run the coach out of town on a rail!

Why are we continually comparing Luck with Tannehill? Luck has WAAAAY More weapons than the Dolphins do..Is Luck a Phenomenal QB? YES.. But he has a line that Blocks, Players that DONT Make alot of mistakes.. Did Tannehill Play Great this week? No, But, he isn't the reason We Lost either.. The Pats scored 14 points on Special Team errors.... Give the if we had Luck, or RG3 thing a rest! We wouldn't be going deep into the Playoffs or to a Superbowl this year if we had EITHER ONE!!!

I think the Dolphins can be very good nexy year if they just get rid of Ireland - Tannehill,needs a Greenbay fleet of rexeivers and yes I expect Dwayne Bowe in a Dolphins uniform . It all starts Mr Ross when yu. Decide to get rid of Ireland. Get rid of him and let Sherman and the coaches run the draft.

Underthrow, Overthrow, Underthrow, Overthrow...3 steps back for Tannehill today. Starting to wonder...not showing ability to execute.

Reggie Bush was effective. If by effective I mean running into the guards or getting the handoff and stopping.I don't care what you guy's say. Reggie Bush does not have great ball carrier vision. Also, us sending him up the middle is dumb at best. We need him to play in space.
As for the defense, I think they played well but I don't hear any pads rattling when they hit. R. Jones is the only hard hitting player on our D that isn't on the D line.

i say lose the remaing games so we can try another quarterback in the first round

I wouldn't give up so fast on RT 17. You may regret that next season. Then you'll have to get on here and look like a no nothing idiot that judged too quicky.I would like to give any young QB at least two seasons and see how they respond. Especially when they are missing so many crucial pieces on offense. I am taking the wait and see approach. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Having Ireland as GM makes irrelevant if we have the 1st draft overall or the last, he will mess up anyway.
You can blame T-hill, as you want but it was not his fault the punt miscue as well as the kick roughing. The defense although played decently allowed the last long NE offense that ended in a crucial FG. Yes he maybe missed some passes, but he's a rookie. You cannot call him a bust by now.
Ireland is the obstacle here and the remainder of a forgettable organization. As soon as Miami gets rid of this character the team will really have the chance to improve. He's some kind of a car brake which slows the development of the Dolphins.

Everyone that thinks Moore is a franchise QB that 'we should build around' or 'we would be 11-5 with him as QB' are dumber than Ireland

Moore is nothing more than a back-up - end of story.

Tannehill is the future and has upside that Moore can't even get near

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