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Patriots holding on to 21-0 lead in fourth quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. --It was an "almost" third quarter for the Dolphins.

They almost scored a TD on offense ... but Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill mishandled the handoff inside the five-yard line and the Patriots recovered at their own 1-yard line.

The Dolphins almost got an interception return TD from Chris Clemons, but the pass he snatched from Wes Welker was ruled incomplete because it hit the turf.

So the score remains 21-0 as we go to the fourth quarter.

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J. Martin got abused by a defensive back and Justin Francis on back to back plays. Wow is he bad.

Richie has packed his bags-the others will follow


NO SHAME,,,,,,,,,

martin did himself no favours 'protecting' in that ast series.

need to score points today, that would be my only ask now. chuck a couple of bombs and see what they can get out of them

Armando, payday someday for Mssrs Brady and Bellichck. Miami dominated them for 15 yrs.

I would like to see our defense try to make a tackle every now and then, though.

Did you see that poor Dolfan wearing number 77 on the stand? That sad look on his face says it all.

Tannehill has to hold the ball Orlando. NO ONE IS OPEN BECAUSE IRELAND WON'T/CAN'T PICK WEAPONS.

Craig, I would have drafted Hilton over Egnew, and Dez Bryant over anyone. Also earl Thomas over having Odrick and misi. Playmakers!!!!!

Expecting them to win??...no, but thats what mediocre play wins you down the strecth year after year....7-9...I nailed that prediction for the year!!!

Next year with that 2nd place schedule we are facing I see 3-13

"Aloco"you are entitled to your opinion, as ignorant and short sighted as it is, it is still yours to keep and no one can take that from you. Congrats.

Well Mando...

You need to take some extra time on your next article.

You need to dissect this season from top to bottom.

I will concede we yet don't know what we have in Ryan. All I know is other rookies are getting it done with a lot less talent.

Well doesn't look like Reggie is getting his 40 yards

The offensive line is really bad. Major problem there.

Craig M/Dashi....

we have hit the 28 POINT threshold.....

Can we @ least consider Ireland getting fired.....even for a sec....it will be fun.....

let yourself think about it....


Craig thanks for making out point you clown. They were 10.5 point favorites. They are winning by 28. 28 > 10.5 if you didn't know.

Lol Coyle must hate Jimmy Wilson to make him try to cover Welker 1 v 1.



I would love to debate it with you "Aloco", but I know you never will. It has to be hard having a conversation when you're in character.

118 catches so far for Welker-sign him

Like John Lennon says"It feels like starting over"

"I will concede we yet don't know what we have in Ryan. All I know is other rookies are getting it done with a lot less talent."

This is garbage. Did you watch the games the last 3 weeks? Rishard Mathews is starting for the Dolphins and A. Binns is playing. Those guys wouldn't make the Colts 53 man roster. Tannehil has no help at all.

Andrew...Be quiet...dont need to spread that around, (Word :Playmakers:)liable to get u banned around this place!!!


I'll give you Hilton over Egnew (although I don't remember you saying it at the time).

Great that you prefer Bryant over Odrick and Misi but where are you filling your holes on defence with, having no cap space? Good luck!

Like I said, not saying everything Ireland has done is perfect but this organization were making dumb moves LONG before Jeff Ireland was ever a part of the organization.

After Games like this one, I wish Ross would leave us alone and take the Team out of here.

Come on pats score one more!

Fins are NOT peaking.

They don't even seem to have a pulse.

I hope that if the Dolphins make the playoffs next year, all of the Ireland haters will come out and say they were wrong. We have a rookie QB that started 19 games in college. He has to develop but he needs stability. We cannot fire a staff ever year hoping that we hit on one. Let things play out, this is a new era with a rookie QB and we are the 3rd youngest team.

Belishek is a piece of crap. I hope that we remember this next year and to the same to them. Still throwing the ball. I hope Philbin refuses to shake this scumbag's hand. Let's go deveop T-Hill!

Please don't overpay for Sean Smith
He is trash

What an embarressment!!!

O-line worse game of the year!!!!

So the defence has given up SEVEN sacks today but nary a bad word about Martin from anyone.....AMAZING!!

Andrew it is so easy to say who you would of drafted after the event. how about you call our picks for this year then we can see how accurate you can be.remember 31 other teams passed on most of them aswell!!!!!!

The reason why Tannehill holds onto the ball too long is because nobody is open.

Needs playmakers and better,more creative playcalling which Sherman is unable to produce

lets talk draft already... here are my picks: 1RD trade down to 20/24 pick up 4RD pick & WR Terrance Williams/2RD DE Jackson Jeffcoat/2RD TE Zach Ertz/3RD FS Bacarri Rambo/3RD DT Margus Hunt/3RD (Jake Long supplementary pick) WR Stedman Bailey/4RD RB Le'Veon Bell /4RD CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson/5RD RT Taylor Lewan/6RD G Sam Brenner/7RD QB Brad Sorensen

AH!, LV was on the $. 7.5

In the mood I'm in, I'd fire most of the team and staff. But since that's not gonna happen, I can only take hope that Ireland and Philbin stumble into success into their season. This is not brain surgery, but a lit of it is lucky guessing.

what a sucky team...did even think about covering Wlekr or Gronk today....

Yes Craig I agree that Ireland is just one in a long line of terrible GMs. That's not a good reason to keep the bum.

And I wanted Earl Thomas over Misi/Odrick if they wanted to go defense. He is much better than both combined and actually forces a turnover once in a while.

Hey Armando, the fat lady is ...you know the rest..


And Extensive to everybody in this Blog that every Sundy expend 3 hours Whishing our Dolphins win to get into the Plaoyof and get to the Super Bowl

J. Martin brutal day!!!

Binns could made a huge statement for himself today!!

28 NOTHING....

we have NOT closed the GAP against the BEST TEAm in our division.....


hmmm i wonder if a 35-0 shut out will get Ireland fired


Jeff Ireland = losing seasons..

other rookies are doing it with more talent-Reggie Wayne Austin Collie etc-1st shut out since 2009

And if they dont and once again play the role of mediocre and bad??...

then what Orlando??, irefiends haters were right all along and he gets fired after missing out again in FA and draft picks...

how does that help us in 2014???

1. RT is no franchsie changing QB.
2. Fins #1 Red Zone is a fake.
3. fins just a 7-9 team
4. all the dolfan posters on the Globe today predicting a Miami win are idiots.
5. too bad it wasn;t 77-0

You guys catch that shot of Bellichek kneeling down talking to the team? A good coach does that. Stays in touch and communicates


Don't know how Ireland can even attempt to take a pi$$ with you attached to his sack like you are.

I give the guy some credit, but you are just too funny.

All I know is other rookies are getting it done with a lot less talent.

Posted by: JackSparrow | December 30, 2012 at 07:15 PM

LOL! So "Jack Sparrow", you don't watch NFL football heh? Care to explain how Tannehill has more talent around him? Or did you just write that because you have no clue what is going on?


We are a young team. The season ended last week when we were eliminated from contention. Once the Pats poured it on the fins rolled over. We really missed Bess and Long in this game. Things can change in a hurry in just one season but again it is up to T-Hill.

Hey guys have a great New Year!!!!

T-hill should not be handed the keys to the JALOPY (SORRY IT'S NO CADILLAC) unless he competes and proves that he is worthy.

Bush looked so disgusted that he may not want to come back.

Andrew it is so easy to say who you would of drafted after the event. how about you call our picks for this year then we can see how accurate you can be.remember 31 other teams passed on most of them aswell!!!!!!

Posted by: reg | December 30, 2012 at 07:19 PM

Boom. Roasted. Sorry Andrew! See you cats next year, Deo volente.

"Not with a bang but a whimper"

The Signal,

You're a funny guy. Do you write your own stuff or steal it from others?

Here's the deal bud....I think for myself, rather than follow the masses. I wouldn't expect you to understand any of what I'm saying but keeping on with your whining. I'm sure your a fun guy to be around.

Where do we pick in 1st round in 2013 draft ?

I didn't post on here until the Cardinals game. I'm happy to make my picks in public. I couldn't possibly be worse than Ireland.

Orlando, IF the fins make the playoffs against a much harder schedule next year, I'll eat my crow. WHEN they don't and still can't score, will you admit I was right all along?

Gonna be funny when we lose our beloved LOGO forever and we become like the LIONS AND BROWN NEXT 20 years. The franchise has been a horrible failure since Shula left and the Truth is the Truth. We gonna lose the Logo which closes this franchise down. We have ZERO. THE DOLPHINS ARE RUINED. GOODBYE LOGO.

Well now we will have a gay logo to go with the crappy team.

Orlando - I hope they are able to make it to the playoffs for the next several years. You have to admit, they are in need of a tremendous amount of work. The last several years have been much less than stellar!

It's going to be a long road, they better start tomorrow!

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