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Patriots holding on to 21-0 lead in fourth quarter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. --It was an "almost" third quarter for the Dolphins.

They almost scored a TD on offense ... but Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill mishandled the handoff inside the five-yard line and the Patriots recovered at their own 1-yard line.

The Dolphins almost got an interception return TD from Chris Clemons, but the pass he snatched from Wes Welker was ruled incomplete because it hit the turf.

So the score remains 21-0 as we go to the fourth quarter.

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Fins had their shot at a franchise QB and decided for a franchise LT.

Read'em and weep!

Well that was fun???

We accomplished what we need to though...we learned a few things:

We can't hang with the Pats. Our defense CAN'T get off the field.

Why? Because our secondary and LB's can't play zone defense.

Misi...No so much!

Why? Because we can't get any pass rush other than Wake. Odrick, Starks, Solai...OK against the run but not much of a pass rush from any of them.

Vernon...Never heard from him!

Defense is a joke!!

Offense? Just as many problem there.

Two Tackles....looked foolish today....better sign Long.
Binss....Hands of stone!
Fasano...knocked out...feel bad as he ends his Dolphins career.
Mathews...showed some promise...but not a game changer.
Bush....great backs get yards when holes don't exist.
Miller....nothing stellar from Mando's but buddy.

So....we finish the year knowing what we knew entering it....The Fins have too many NEEDS to win consistently. Should be a fun offseason.

Peace...I'm out!

It was a good day for Miami draft wise, with their loss and wins by other teams, they will pick no worse than 14th and at best 11th. Maybe Armando can do the strength of schedule math and nail it down for us.

"So over the last two drafts, tell me the picks you're not happy with and what WRs you would have chosen AT THE TIME."

Craig, love ya man, but do I look like a an NFL general manager to you?

You want me to go through the massive amount of mistakes Ireland has made in wr and te assessment? I'm not just talking draft picks, I'm talking free agent signings and non signings as well.

Geez, it doesn't seem to be a mystery to Washingtons GM who grabbed Garcon and has a really good young TE.

It didn't seem to escape Indianapolis' GM when he resigned Harrison and drafted Fleener.

It didn't seem to effect the Seahawks GM who already had built a solid offense in the two years BEFORE Wilson arrived.

Now I have to point out what Ireland could have done that teams with less time already did? I'll have this discussion with you after the New Year. IN DETAIL.

I remember that there was a bunch of haters out there spewing venum when Ireland did not sign Flynn. Where are they? It is easy to blame Ireland for bad decisions.

This year was a do over for the fins when they drafted a green QB like T-Hill. Philbin's up tempo philosophy was also not right for this QB (at least not yet). The only way the fins were going to win 9+ games this years is if they would have concentrated on running the ball and slowing the game but they are looking at the big pictures which is why they took their lumps this year. Things will be better next year.

The only reason thill won the "QB competition" was because it was a biased assessment. Having Sherman as OC and thills coach at a&m was a failure of process. I place this squarely on the GM. Once the league analyzed the tape, thill and the OC's scheme became less of an advantage. Moore or thill would have had a similar rest this year. But thill was an 8 overall and he is NOT grading out as an 8 should. Receivers or not. Looks overwhelmed in week 17 and that's not a good sign.

T hill is the next Henne

Posted by: Clue
Why only your first name, Mr. Clue Less?

"Rishard Mathews is starting for the Dolphins and A. Binns is playing. Those guys wouldn't make the Colts 53 man roster. Tannehil has no help at all."

And who is starting for Seattle? How much help does Wilson have at the WR spot? Hartline and Bess have more catches and yards than Seattle's best receiver.

"T-hill sacked twice in a row. Almost gets his head ripped off on the second one.

Does he have to provde irrefutable proof that he stinks and that another QB should be drafted next year?"

Right up there with the dumbest post of the year. The fact that the offensive line was manhandled and the receivers couldn't get open except a few times, that escaped your view while watching the game? It's thills fault that his receivers don't get open forcing him to hold the ball while he already only has 3 seconds to release it due to constant pressure? Change sports, you don't get this one.

Hartline and Bess have more catches and yards than Seattle's best receiver.

Posted by: JackSparrow | December 30, 20

You're such a pathetic hater, how do you not see that? Hartline and Bess didn't even scratch 1000 yrds before thill arrived but now it's THEY who made it happen and you give no credit to Tannehill? Who was throwing them the ball you dolt!?


Deja vu all over again.

One last before I wish you all a good off season and a happy new year ............ Based on cap $ and picks for 2013. It appears to me this truely was Bridge year. But Ross would be the last to admitt publically but planned for all along. Who knows he may use the cap space and draft pIcks to try and woooo yet another big name GM / Pres. Things he did not have to offer before.

THEY who made it happen and you give no credit to Tannehill? Who was throwing them the ball you dolt!?

I give credit where credit is due.

T-Hill ranks somewhere near the bottom of the stat list. I will not give credit to a turd.

The only reason thill won the "QB competition" was because it was a biased assessment.

Jack Sparrow.

Once again showing how little you know about what is supposedly your team.

Tannehill won because Garrard got hurt, had he not Garrard would have been the qb. When Garrard went down Moore was Tannehills only competition and every day he proved why he is only a backup. Tannehill beat him almost every single day and Moore was still fumbling and turning the ball over. A f&*^ing rookie came in and outplayed a guy who has been playing qb for over 10 years. Tannehill played for 1 and a half years at QB and beat Moore! WTF?

Posted by someone:

We seriously need to clean house,starting with both Coyle and Sherman

They're both dump and clueless!!!
Well the Dolphins could have gone with Mike Nolan who ended up going to Atlanta. Coyle is not the innovator that Nolan was. The Dolphins made all the decisions to go backwards in an attempt to move forward. If they can draft and go to the F.A. market with success perhaps they can make the playoffs next season. Oh last season the Dolphins were beating the Patriots going into the final minute of the game! This was expected without playmakers and going with a rookie QB.

PS...Seattle's best WR has 50 catches. Don't take much to beat that. Bess and Hartline have more catches that were DINKED AND DUNKED to them by the turd.

Well here we go, into another long offseason.

Couldn't even get a FG.

Creme rises to the top and turds sink to the bottom.

After watching an embrassing performance.I for one am glad the season is over.The fins need to look no further than across the field as to what it takes to great in this league.EXECUTION,EXECUTION..Catch the damn ball,Make the damn tackle,Force the turnover.More embrassing is realizing Joe Philbin and staff are a bunch of RICHARDS for pineing Reggie in the quest for his 1,000 yrd season.No wonder he threw the ball in disgust.13 YARDS... The Fins had 2 timeouts before N.E. last punt when they ran off nearly a minute off the clock. After, he rips off a big gainer still no call for timeout to try and run another play for Reggie.Thanks for all your effort Reggie the last 2 years.If I were you I would look for employment elsewhere.Where the staff actually pulls for it's players and not act as though they are offended about a team counsil.

I said earlier in the week to a co-worker .I would bet my house if it came right down to it Reggie won't crack 1,000. He said why would you think that. He only needs 40 yrds. I said no matter what unless he busts a long one early. He will be put on the pine for L.Miller.Cause it's the coaches way of showing Reggie who's boss and that as something as important as this was to Reggie.It ain't gonna happen. For him showing up at in the coaches office to voice their opinion as team council on HBO.

Craig M are u on crack. How about Gronk instead of Misi. Dont defend Ireland with as bad as the dolphins have been and as many picks as they have had the team is taking people off the waiver wire and they are starting for the fins. Both on D and on O.

Lots of posts deleted here tonight. Many of mine were.

why did we even get off the plane? that was a SAD Excuse for a Professional Football Team.. Just Pathetic!

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