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Patriots lead Dolphins 17-10 going to third quarter

For a couple of minutes there, this one looked like it was going to be a blowout by halftime.

Jake Long suffered a left triceps injury and is out -- leaving Jonathan Martin at LT and Nate Garner at RT. Ryan Tannehill was sacked and fumbled. The Patriots turned it into a TD.

And the visitors led 17-3 with Miami getting the ball on its own 3 yard line.

But the Miami Dolphins drove the length of the field, getting key runs from Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush, and a couple of good completions to Brian Hartline.

So it's 17-10. The game is still interesting.

The Dolphins are averaging 4.3 yards per carry and have 73 yards for the half. That's good. The Patriots are averaging only 1.3 yards per run. That's a problem for them.

There's still hope for Miami.

The live blog rolls on in the comments section. Join me there.


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Yaaaaaaay lets go Fins

Some of you are plain moron trolls.
Some care about the team and like me get pissed at some of the calls etc. Look at our WR core hartline would be a 3 or 4 on the pats.
Jake long will not be a dolphin and should not be a dolphin next year. Martin will be in for rest of year and we need to get some offense firepower. Martin cannot be anyworse than long and Craig we need money for other areas.

Even the network shows only the negative plays fro the Fins.
Lets let them show Brady screaming at his )-Line when we've sacked him for the 5th time.

Gronkowski almost single handedly accounted for the revival of the Pats rushing attack. Gronk's out and so is thier run game.

Gronkowski's easily the best overall te in the league today.

So it doesnt look too bad without Long in there..

OH yeah even if they were 0-11 I would never ever cheer for a loss. Just my opinion!

Need 4 new DBS. Keep jones only...maybe smith for right deal.

Craig M is even dumber than everyone thinks he is.

We're losing by a TD!!! Let's bench Tannehill!!!

Johnathan Martins natural position was LT so maybe screw Long keep him there and draft a RT

Long being out might be a good thing for the Fins in their decision to bring him back or not. If Martin can hold his own, which he has, minus one play, and if he can hold down the left side for the rest of the year, baring Long is out, then two birds one stone and frees up 10 million +


Im a diehard dolfan too. I dont cheer for loses, but I will accept them when theyre within best interest for the overall improvement of the team.

I can guarrantee if we cant get the best overall talent for this team. We'll be moaning about losses for a far longher extended period of time.

Make your Ve3gas bet on that sir.

These referees here, SUCK THE BIGGEST DIKK, THET DON"T KNOW WHICH WAY IS UP OR DOWN, MUCH LESS EAST AND WEST. C'mon League, give us a break.

Considering the mistakes and gift calls, to be in the game at this point is amazing.

The Dolphins are averaging 4.3 yards per carry and have 73 yards for the half. That's good. The Patriots are averaging only 1.3 yards per run. That's a problem for them.


Our run defense has been the only consistent unit this season.

Sick of these whiny Pats asking their officials for a call after every incompetion

You guys gotta understand that there are instances where when you win you lose and lose, you win. The Dolphins just happen to fit into that category right now.

This isnt anything new. There have been lottery winners that lives had gotten worse after winning the lottery. Some were better off not being rich.

Long is expensive and underperforming. Let him walk and spend the money on Wallace or Bowe. Martin was an excellent college LT and is cheap.

Speaking of TE's the only time we heard ours today was a holding call amd 1 catch. So sick of not having quality TE play, Clay has so far been invisible also after last week. Also are Bess and Hartline taking it in turns to have good games, dont think Bess has a catch today, could be wrong, actually its probably the way defenses can easily limit our options passing with only 2 threats to throw to.
Tannehill doing well for me, he knows what he has to throw to going into every game, for all the bashers, imagine going to work every day knowing you have 1 maybe 2 guys to depend on whilst theres also a great chance you're going to get levelled.
Get off this kids back and give him the rest of the season to develope, next season when he has weapons then you can judge the guy more fairly!!!
Like my mum used to say if you have nothing good to say then shut the f&*& up!!! Go be a Jets fan they have worse QB play by far.

tannehill sitting solves nothing...he's been UP and down all year...one minute, he makes a bonehead throw(last week)...another minute, he misses a WIDE OPEN HARTLINE for a easy scor and then you see progress made in the final drive against the seahawks and then again towards the end of the half.....he young, inexperienced with a team that NEEDS help overall to get better....let him play!!!

Forget about Jake Long the rest of the day ... possibly the rest of the season.

Good start to the second half!

SO I just want to make certain I understand what some of you guys are saying. Some of you are saying bench Long for the rest of the year and play Martin at LT and Garner at RT. Is that what I'm reading?

3 and out. Only 12th for season for ne?! Wow

Also, no one is more skeptical of the Dolphins than me but Tannehill needs another season with some real weapons before we have any idea how good he is. It's cruel and unusual of Ireland to throw him to the wolves with no playmakers.

Ireland really needs to go before he does any more damage.

Is it me or do any of you hear cheering in the crowd for the Pats.

I think you Franchise Long and try to trade him. Other wise you let a former #1 overall walk with nothing in return.
I could see Wallace but not Bowe. Jennings may be another possibility considering Philbins ties with GB and then draft a WR or two

jake long out for the year... just another season he cant complete

Tannehill's a rookie. The blind mice here have no idea what that means. They think rookie qb's should come and become pro bowlers right away.

Deirdorf was saying that Armando. Said with the ice pack it looked like he was done.

I am wondering if the Fins will play hardball with Long since he hasn't been able to finish the last two years.

That bad, eh Armando? Did he tear the tricepts?

Looks like most of you are going to get your wish.

Hopefully last game Jake Long plays in a Dolphins uniform

Im saying that it looks like Long might be done for the year.. If so then you find out what Martin has at LT..
My post was a IF hes out for the rest of the year

No Craig, we are saying that Long will want far more money than he is worth this offseason so we should let him go, move Martin and use the savings on someone who can put the ball in the end zone.

Bad throw by Tannehill. Need a great punt here.

horrible throw

I guess some of you forget just how bad a tackle can be. Does Colombo bring back any memories.

If you guys get your wish I guess we'll be drafting RT in April.

and as little as u see the pats go three and out,...what does the offense do....respond in kind with multiple three and outs....unreal!!!!!

There is never a good reason not to play to win. You train to win. Winning is an attitude. Screw the draft. Maybe once every 20 years there is someone worth losing for, and since that just happened last year, it won't be happening again soon.

Fisher should have kept the #2 and taken RG3.

tannehill just does not have that touch like luck has

Wow I would love to see one of our defenders just put a solid hit on one of NE players and split the ball from the receiver, just once would be good!!!

This team can not let Long walk that would be a shot to the head. I'm sure he gets back to his high level of play in year 2 of this offensive system.

I like Tanny but he needs to work on his accuracy big time.

Wonder what happened to Clay? He's invisible today.

Think he was throwing to clay behind bush. Reggie broke up pass on accident

What are Philbin and Sherman doing to improve Tanny's accuracy? He's not looking any better this week!

Bush should have gotten his head around quicker on the pass. The timing wasnt there. Bush gets his head arouind quicker and could have caught the ball.

Tannehill learn throw that bad in T & M...do he went to an University to throw that Sheet !!!

Colombo was not a tackle, he was a disgrace

never nice to see a player out of the game(let alone season if that's the case) i understand what people are saying about it giving martin the opportunity to show what he has, but still it's 1 less lineman and a good 1 at that, which we can't afford to lose IMO

Is it just me or does Tannehill remind you exactly of Chad RoboHenne?

Havent forgotten just might be better for the team and the future

Brady looks good sitting on his arss

You can improve on accurate you either have it or don't.


Way to go Dansby!!!

Guys no way we win this game our offense is just horrible.

Guess Brady sucks too when the pocket around him startys collapsing.

What a piece a sheet call by these impostors ref. !!!!

I hate it when Refs call a penalty like that and change the pace of the game.

I thought the Dansby penalty would be contact at worst. Not PI.

matty @2:55pm,

Careful what you wish for bud.

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