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Patriots lead Dolphins 17-10 going to third quarter

For a couple of minutes there, this one looked like it was going to be a blowout by halftime.

Jake Long suffered a left triceps injury and is out -- leaving Jonathan Martin at LT and Nate Garner at RT. Ryan Tannehill was sacked and fumbled. The Patriots turned it into a TD.

And the visitors led 17-3 with Miami getting the ball on its own 3 yard line.

But the Miami Dolphins drove the length of the field, getting key runs from Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush, and a couple of good completions to Brian Hartline.

So it's 17-10. The game is still interesting.

The Dolphins are averaging 4.3 yards per carry and have 73 yards for the half. That's good. The Patriots are averaging only 1.3 yards per run. That's a problem for them.

There's still hope for Miami.

The live blog rolls on in the comments section. Join me there.


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Horrible call uncatchable ball

I guess the refs will call PI regaurdless if the ball is out of bounds

Wow, Brady doesnt even have to complete passes any more with the refs playing this way, no way was that a cathchable ball


Big sack by Wake!

Yes!!!! Wake

That's what we needed!!! Beautiful!!!

god cameron wake is un-frickin believeably good

Now THAT is an elite player. WAKE

Armando @2:57pm,

Terrible call from the officials. No way the WR catches that ball. They have to use their head instead of it being an automatic.

Wake was held on that sack Ron Wolfie

Sick of these replacement refs, we need the real refs, NFL integrity is being ruined!

What I wish for Craig is the best for the team and winning the Superbowl.. If Long is part of that equation then great if not.. peace..

Another fixed game by the nfl and refs! If hennehill was any good the dulphins could make it look close.

Now we need points

OK guys, enjoy the rest of the game. I'm off to the gym and I'll watch the rest there.

time for the offense to show up!!!!

Wake deserved his money.

our problem is we continually give our opponents free plays to help them keep their drives alive. silly silly PI calls.

great sack by wake, now we really need a few first downs this drive. c'mon phins lets get some offence going.

Seems these refs have money on the Patsies

For once I want this team to be the one to score and force the other team to respond. Put a little pressure on the Pats!

I feel another Tanny pick 6 coming up....if they let him throw.

I have been watching some of the game between the Jets and Cardinals. Sanchez has been awful 3 INTs and he is bood by the Jets fans every time he throws the ball.

Need a drive here

I have no faith the offense can move the ball

Armando...what is the attendance for todays game?

Why does Reggie dance so much. He needs to hit the hole. He is another one that we need to let walk.

Obviously the Pats did some adjusting to Miami's run game at halftime.

4567 tony

Im sick of Reggie Bush running into our O-Line's butts.


Clay finally shows up.

Gotta say I like Clay

Nice Charles Clay

Nice catch.

Charles Clay!!!

Why aren't they throwing it to him more often????

What a catch

Good job by Tannehill getting rid of that ball to avoid the sack.

They say they play Daniel Thomas cuz he can pass block.

In reality, his pass blocking SUCKS BIG TIME

Nice save by THILL on first down there


STOP running the ball up the middle every down god this team is so predictable

Hey Bill Txa, LOL !!!

Wilfork is a man!!!

Center of the line is blowing it

Incognito over commited trying to set the edge

Why havent more people talked about what a HUGE FREAKING BUST picking Daniel Thomas in Round 2 was. We even traded up to get him!


Go for it!!!

Why the hell does he not go for the 1st

Bess has done that same piece of crap thing THREE TIMES NOW in the last 3 weeks.

CMON Joe!!

How many times are we really going to stop Brady?

I hate when players do that BS... you have the first if you just back into it..
I understand he was trying to make a play but dang know where you are on the field

i agree, glad bush is long gone after season

Fields our only pro bowl player

good call, let the patriots go 99 yards. lets see the defense work

Great punt. Now bury Brady's face in the dirt!!!

Dang Tannehill should have run that route further!

The Fins,
Bc people arent stupid.. hes sitting right now bc he fumbled.. otherwise the past few weeks hes been good and getting the ball

nice punt Fields....comes with plenty of experience

Thomas runs at the biggest guy on the field-why?

Come one million dollar quartet-I mean Offensive Line!

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