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Patriots lead Dolphins 17-10 going to third quarter

For a couple of minutes there, this one looked like it was going to be a blowout by halftime.

Jake Long suffered a left triceps injury and is out -- leaving Jonathan Martin at LT and Nate Garner at RT. Ryan Tannehill was sacked and fumbled. The Patriots turned it into a TD.

And the visitors led 17-3 with Miami getting the ball on its own 3 yard line.

But the Miami Dolphins drove the length of the field, getting key runs from Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush, and a couple of good completions to Brian Hartline.

So it's 17-10. The game is still interesting.

The Dolphins are averaging 4.3 yards per carry and have 73 yards for the half. That's good. The Patriots are averaging only 1.3 yards per run. That's a problem for them.

There's still hope for Miami.

The live blog rolls on in the comments section. Join me there.


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Wilfork is a man!!!! so is his wife....lol

one flaw that bess has is when he catches the ball, he moves backwards trying to dance the defender for more yards....the man needs to catch it and barrel foward....he does that way too much....

great punt and all but the offensive play calling is so bad and the blocking is worse.

DEF needs a turnover or 3 and out here


Paid attendance is 72,114.

guys i wanted the offense to go for it but you have to like where fields put the ball

I agree that Bush is gone but we're still going to need to either draft or sign a RB in FA.

can Bess give up a first down EVERY single game?--love the guy but geez, every game the dude comes up a yard or two short when he tries to come back and gain extra yards--nice ideal, like the effort, but a vet has gotta know the situation, no?

Are the dolphins receivers trained to run there routes two yards short of the first down marker?

This will be classic Dolphins.

The defense always plays great until that ONE DRIVE they need a stop, and they give it up.

Nice rb's available in the draft too.

the J E R K S jets have replace the Sanchize

I didn't know the Diplomat was in downtown Miami-that's what Dan said

Don't they practice against quarterback sneak-ever?

...Wow these comments are mind blowing..It is a freekin football game. We are a flawed team. Deal with it. I'm sure everyone sucks, the playcalling is awful, and the refs are killing us may be the most echoed opinions today. We are in the game, what do you want? What teams have had success against the NE offense the last month? We have played a mistake infested game yet only find oursleves down 1 possesion. Not a bad effort so far.


They should have called PI on that pass.. it wasnt out of bounds far enough

Buffalo 24 Jags 10. Chad Henne's doing really great today isnt he Henne lovers? LOL...

henne is beyond awful he has 7 comp


Defense is playing pretty damn well today.

Misi is playing a good game and the defense deserves alot of credit. The Pats had averaged almost 50 points a game the last two games.

The fact that RJ Stanford is playing for us right now is a FREAKING JOKE

Great field position...

the sanchize is over trololool

Yeah where are the Henne guys calling for Henne to have stayed a Dolphin..
Ball in NE territory.. Lets get some point here.. I feel a TD

great job D!!! They have definitely shown up today.

Well, RT is single handedly losing this game with his inability to throw an accurate ball. Great play call by Sherman and Hartline got *9 yards* of space and RT overthrows him on what was an *easy* TD.

I will not tolerate any of you, ever again, blaming our WRs' inability to get open. RT can't throw an accurate ball.

If Tebow were our QB, we'd be up 7 in this game.

Right Mando?

If we can keep everybody with a couple of good CB and 1 pass rusher these D could be very good next year I think...

I take my comment back good choice by JOE to punt the ball

guarantee first play reggie up the middle for 1 yard

We have the momentum now, lets pray we can make it pay!!

"The fact that RJ Stanford is playing for us right now is a FREAKING JOKE"

The defense is the least of our problems today.

HAHHAHAA that must be Home.. calling for Tebow..
Yeah Tebow wouldve been good with his 40% completetion %

Bess-wake up

Hard day for Bess today !

Offense is becoming too predictable.

playcall is just bad

Gee, the O is sure not doing what it did last year under *both* Henne and Moore. RT's inability to throw a football is wasting a great defensive effort.



Sherman-what game plan do you have today???

Dolphins just wasted GREAT field position.

Thats BS they dont call PI on that but will Dansby


Tannehill is Henne part 2.

miamis offense=putrid!!!!

I'm waiting for the PASSING INTERFERENCE

Another area where we are desparate is the guard position. Incognito is over rated and obbviously the other guard position needs to be upgraded. We may have to take a guard with one of our first 3 picks. You will never be able to run the ball with ba guard play.

Well , there goes that good field position ...

Love Hartline & Bess but we definitely need to add a burner.

sherman is garbage

Hartline was so wide open on that first quarter play that Tanne literally put about 20 yards too much vertical air on it. You throw a frozen rope to him when he's that wide open. If you can throw, that is.

You wish I was Home. I'm not home; rather, I'm *your* worst nightmare.

I would like too see a PEE-WEE Dance right now..

No offense

I don't know what's worse, the playcalling or the receiving core.

i dont even want to hear blaming tannehill on any of that. These play calls are so bad its pathetic

pretty poor by the offense to not even get a yard on the 3 downs and some blown plays, would have been better do the end around to moore than to bush up the middle.

Bess has been a disappointment today.

Every game with RT means less than 20 points. He's just not ready. Moore beat NE last year and Henne put up 480 and 24 points at least.

Brady continues to be way off today. Not sharp.

Pats now blitzing the safety against our run.

Kevin Burnett - he loves to give 3 yard cushions to their TEs.

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