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Patriots lead Dolphins 17-10 going to third quarter

For a couple of minutes there, this one looked like it was going to be a blowout by halftime.

Jake Long suffered a left triceps injury and is out -- leaving Jonathan Martin at LT and Nate Garner at RT. Ryan Tannehill was sacked and fumbled. The Patriots turned it into a TD.

And the visitors led 17-3 with Miami getting the ball on its own 3 yard line.

But the Miami Dolphins drove the length of the field, getting key runs from Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush, and a couple of good completions to Brian Hartline.

So it's 17-10. The game is still interesting.

The Dolphins are averaging 4.3 yards per carry and have 73 yards for the half. That's good. The Patriots are averaging only 1.3 yards per run. That's a problem for them.

There's still hope for Miami.

The live blog rolls on in the comments section. Join me there.


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MMMHMM DAnny.... I hear ya.. if you are calling for Tebow then you need to go on somewhere else... Worst nightmare from a guy posting in a blog which he is trying to talk about football but everything he says is discredited bc he just called for Tebow at QB lol

Defense WAS really playing great...

I think the patriots have figured out we run it on every 2nd and ten. Sherman was great last week but right back to being predictable and useless this week. Not a great day for the coaching staff other than Coyle.

Just stand there and let Hernandez cross the 1st down-wow

The lack of offensive playmakers for Miami is so painfully obvious in games like this where we easily could have tied or been ahead here in the 3rd quarter.


Well, now is over. D has to be gassed and it's not their fault.

This drive is the game, playoff and season

Mr. Karlos Dansby on the coverage.

Brady began the game way overconfident, throwing into coverage on purpose. We even came up with an INT. Giselle is about to squeeze out a baby. So Brady is distracted. Yet RT failed to take advantage because he can't throw an accurate ball.

yeah i think brady went out last night in s beach. guy looks asleep today

Our coverage is not good. Burnett looks foolish.

miamis defense is tired.....pats now marching for the kill drive....offense has done zip to help them in this 2nd half!!!!

you cant get field posiition at the 50 and piss it away vs the patriots

game is over now we already know they are scoring here

jets bench sanchez for mcelroy and score right away

Need a turnover!!!

Odrick, decent player DECENT, and you can't get decent from a 1st round pick

Moore played good last year but not good enough to win..
Too bad he couldnt beat a team with a wining record last year.. or beat out a rookie in camp

Defense is playing well; they're just tired considering Sherman has not called more than a solid drive and the refs have helped get the Fins' offense off the field.

Buffalo 27 Henne 10. LOL...

Our draft picks SUCK

Why can't RT simply throw the ball to it's desired location? I've been doing that since I was 9 years old.

The defense really performed way better than we had any right to expect for three quarters but the offense is just putrid and devoid of playmakers.


defense has done us proud today for the most part, ofense needs to pull its weight and stay on the field a bit longer and get afew yards whilst they are at it.

Buffalo now 34 Henne 10! LOL...


3rd QTR....what a wasted opportunity. Have to applaud the D and scram at the O

Danny how was your NFL career?


It looks like the Sanchez era is over.

"you cant get field posiition at the 50 and piss it away vs the patriots

game is over now we already know they are scoring here"


Game is not over. Defense needs to make a big play now.

F#%}%cking referees always, always help the Patriots since Bellishit and the puss Brady are in this infamous team. Impossible to win like that !

Pats are playing bad today and we are still going to lose

Misi has become a better player than Odrick.

Not only a big play , a penalty .

Now the game is over. You cannot ask much more of this defense.


Jones is becoming a heck of a player.

Game is over! You keep fu%king around with the dog you are going to get bit!

Misi again!!!


Koa Misi again. This defense deserves a lot of credit . We need to keep this group together.

Only a handful of Fins are playing at 100%, as usual most are playing as little effort as possible - just enough to look busy.

Time to go deep ! Miami has to play for winning the game right now.

Got lucky that Welker dropped a TD.

Defense needs a better ILB in coverage, a better starting CB, & a better starting Safety in pass coverage. Clemons is good against the run but his cover skills are not good enough to be an every down starter.

Held the ball to long

O-line has not been the problem today. Tannehill needs more weapons to throw to.

tannehill misses hartline again

Hartline undrafted

Oh boy...Tannehill missed on two big throws to hartline today but he keeps fighting.

Nice run up the gut by Bush there.

"Hartline undrafted"


Yes he was.

Go for it.

That scared me

Yes Thomas


The Defense gotta step in. T-hill for another come back, if the infamous referees allow NE to loose.

It's almost over thank god

If NE scores we're done ! Stop those mother f#%ers !

good effort by defense. least we didnt get blown out and we keep our draft getting better

It's funny how now they can' t stop the run. FIXED!

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