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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Partiots have been churning yards and moving the chains but it wasn't until Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to open the door that they got on the scoreboard.

Ryan Tannehill threw his first interception in 136 passes (four games) and that gave New England the football inside the Dolphins 20 yard line.

Tom Brady threw a 9 yard pass to Wes Welker a couple of plays later.

That's not all the bad news.

Starting corner Dimitri Patterson came off the field late in the first quarter with an ankle injury. The Dolphins were already without Nolan Carroll. That thrust Bryan McCann into starting duty.

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same old same old

I really don't like playing against the Pats. It really shows how far off we still really are from being a serious playoff contender.

Uh-oh, Brady now has the wind, the Refs, and his offense in the second.

The Signal,

I'm here to bring a bit of balance to the blog. If you don't like it you can skip over my comments.

OK, smarta**???

What happened to our run d lately??

Yep we will always play second fiddle to Pats until he retires.

Gronkowski on the Dolphins gets Fasano numbers. It's all about the QB.

Good coverage....

but never looked for the ball....

Craig M, I forgot you like having NO playmakers against having even a minor one...*lmao* VERY FUNNY!!!

Did we ever REALLY have a legitimate run defense? Or like most things for this team was it smoke and mirrors?

We need to build to Beat the Patriots-not the Bills-not the Jets-the Patriots-until we do we will be without hope as we are today

Tannehill is hot garbage folks


Want to show me where I said that?


Patriots mostly use the short pass and screens to protect Brady from being lawn-darted. Plus it works well against poor talking teams like the Phins.

Sure, NE is better but I see a team that is not prepared to play. Why?

It could have been 3rd and 300 ... Brady's going to pick us apart all day!

Overrated Sean Smith.

He sucks.

I wish we had an owner like Bob Kraft and not that piece of s**t Ross

Ireland sucks, the talent gap is jarring today. It's like the dolphins have ankle weights on they are so slow.

Third and thirteen, Sean smith gets burned. Sunrise, sunset.

No pass rush-Cam Wake playing?

3rd and 13? No problem.

Poor tackling I meant to say.

Where's the pass rush today?

Answer: MIA

Tell me again why we don't need to upgrade the pass rush? Top 5 in sacks....yeah OK.

Coach from last blog,

Good To Know. Excuse Me For Talking To You The Way I Have. Just Thought You were The Guy Calling Himself Shula, Under a Different Name!!

Again, what was Dansby Thinking!! The Middle Of The Field Is Always Open!!

Dansby let the Middle open, he is a Bi TIME LB BULL SH***

The fact like you want hartline back badly shows me enough where you envision this team on offense*lmao*

Prediction: Dolphins sign Smith to 5 year, 50 million dollar extension. Cause' that's what Ireland does.

@ 5;09.....

That is PRECISELY why I LOVE playing the PATS.....especially since they have a BYE week on the line.....

This game will tell us if that 1st game was for real....or as I suspect....a PATS team that just over-looked us...and was more worried about the Texans.....

Go for it. They always do.

Patriots will go for it. They have as much respect for the Dolphins as they deserve!

Pats draft Gronk and Hernandez, dolphins draft Egnew and Gates. It's the GM, stupid.

Patriots have no fear of the Dolphins OFFENSE. And every confidence vs. Miami defense.

I wonder if the threat of a tipped pass is still playing with Tanny's head. He just doesn't seem to want to throw them like he did against the Seahawks.
And we have ZERO pass rush today.

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 30, 2012 at 05:11 PM

Go for the knees.


Why No Pass Rush Today?

Dansby Is Busy Getting Brain F'ed By Brady!!


The Fins Don't Need Pass Rush!! The Fins Need LB's That Can Run!!

Belicheck coaches the game the way it should be played.

unreal...NE could have 1st and 50 and still convert!!!

#1 red zone Offense vs #1 red zone Defence

It's going to be a crappy way to end the season. Hopefully it will leave a bad taste in everyones mouth and create urgency with everyone involved with the team to get better. We're not there yet and have a ways to go.

Let's go!!!....

Welker was a punt returner and a slot guy for us. He was not drafted and was cut by the team that originally signed him. He was OK with us because he had clowns like Cleo Lemon and Beck throwing him the ball. Then Brady gets him on his squad and he becomes a superstar. We'll see how great Welker will be if the Chiefs sign him next year.

I am not saying Welker is bad but to compare him to Hartline is just not fair. Hartline has T-Hill and Welker has Brady.


That yardstick just got longer.

Lol Armando maybe you should stop writing lame, optimistic articles then. This franchise is a joke. Keeping Ireland through this offseason will set us back another five years just like Culpepper over Brees. Ireland could have 15 picks in the top 100 of the draft and he still wouldn't find any acorns.

Welp that's game folks time to go mow your yard. Nothing to see here

2 TD's down-we got 'em where we want 'em-right coach-good defer decision

Burnett makes a whole for the runner by jumping over him
Ireland sucks, the talent gap is jarring today. It's like the dolphins have ankle weights on they are so slow.

Third and thirteen, Sean smith gets burned. Is toast worth keeping/

The Pat's Offence runs their plays fast something or Offence needs to improve on


I'm not going to bite. If you think that replaces the MLBer improves your pass rush you need to go back and read 'Football for Dummies'. Your comment couldn't be further from the truth.

Time to get our WR ... eeeer QB back in for his young education.

Andrew, if I write lame, optimistic articles, what are you doing here, then?

Go for their heads. We'll pay your fines.

Walker and heart line are 2 completely different wrs

Oh for Thomas and Taylor like players

Does Dansby Know How To Play Zone?

Does Dansby Know How To Play Man?

What Would Dansby Do?

No, No, and Nothing!!


Dansby Is Not Even Half The MLB Zack Thomas was!!

Dansby Is C.Crowder With Mo' Money!! A LOUD MOUTH PUNK!!

Someone should inform the Patriots that it is illegal to kill/injure dolphins. I demand the EPA or FHA or the FBI, hell, I'll even take the ADA or AAA!

Awe we REALLY going to have to listen to all this 'should have fired Ireland' crap all offseason?

This is the best some of you guys can come up with? Get over it already...

Every week I forget how bad the offense is until I watch them play on Sundays. Luck RG3 Wilson the year of QBs and we end up with the worst of the bunch.

I think welker has more than proven himself season after season to be a dangerous weapon when he plays than when the pats dont have him in the lineup, they are completely a different team....Hartline is far from that in miami!!!

Agree Orlando. Hartline has done far more with far less.

Good pocket=good pass.....

Now you KNOW why no one wanted the Fibs HC gig.
Harbaugh saw the talent level..or lack of with us. I wonder if the Fins were the 49'ers, would Harbaugh signed on? (no disrespect to Coach Philbin meant here)

There can be no doubt that OVERALL, Ireland has blown this last 4 years, and should be relieved, IF someone of the caliber of the top 4-5 GM's was available. No more "trainees."

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