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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Partiots have been churning yards and moving the chains but it wasn't until Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to open the door that they got on the scoreboard.

Ryan Tannehill threw his first interception in 136 passes (four games) and that gave New England the football inside the Dolphins 20 yard line.

Tom Brady threw a 9 yard pass to Wes Welker a couple of plays later.

That's not all the bad news.

Starting corner Dimitri Patterson came off the field late in the first quarter with an ankle injury. The Dolphins were already without Nolan Carroll. That thrust Bryan McCann into starting duty.

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i hope you r enjoying our boston area ,FAR AWAY FRON THE CHEESY SOUTH FLORIDA.........

Of you can't see that who is failing is not the QB but the Oline and the WRs then go play FIFA on your playstation and stop watching this game. At least stop posting.

And bins catches that pass you all would be praising thill... Stop bein haters... Seriously you guys have no idea what tanne is going to be.

Ninkovich-another former Dolphin-Patriot-Welker-Dolphin-Patriot-Woohead-Jet-Patriot

OL is doing a lousy job so far. Not creating any holes. Totally dominated so far...

If you can't beat 'em, injure them I guess.

Field Goal ?? Why??

Fasano lumbers, no Gronkowski there.
Binn drops a TD. Not so good.
I would love to see Brady dropped at least ONCE,

That wind is something else....

F*cking wind ...

So much for that great wind strategy. Give me a break.

Okay, I was half kidding, but after watching some of the kicks in the pre game ... why the hell did we go for that kick. We should have just gone for it.

That might have been our last chance to score, #FireIreland

Tannehill has missed several throws today. The Armon Binns drop was the TD that got away. New England is putting Tannehill under pressure but he has to learn how to make these throws and the recievers have to do their part. Let's see more Matthews.

Even the wind is againt us...

You'd think the Pats not going for a FG at that end would give Philbin a clue. But no, lets try it and see what happens!

Great kick and wonderful finish to a drive! Dropped passes, horrific pass blocking, and the cherry on all of this a missed kick! HaHaHaHaHa



I shouldn't have to tell you this....

Don't kick field goals today
Nothing to lose by going on 4 th down


At least we get the ball first in the second half. Pats did not score with their opening possession when we deferred.

is there a white flag on the field...There should be!!!


BTW Vontae Davis with 2 picks today. Thanks Ireland

Belichek didn't kick in this direction for a reason, Philbin has really been underwhelming this year. Not much he can do with no talent tho, not fair to judge him yet.

And our DB's always chasing the wf's

we had 2 CHANCES to score.....

Tanne over throws Bush by a MILE.....

Binns Dropps an EASY pass....

how many more chances do you think we will get....

c'mon FINS....

T-Hill needs To Work On His Consistency with His Accuracy!!

He has Good Ball Placement Most Of The Time!! Just Sometimes The Ball Sails To High!!

Maybe, Once He Gets His Footwork Down! His Accuracy Becomes More Consistent!

I Hate the Man!! But Brady's Best Feature Is His Footwork!! Very Clean In The Pocket!!

So Ireland has an extra 2nd and 3rd, which will be future busts, but he had to give up Brandon Marshall and Vernon Davis, 2 stars in the league, and yet his job is safe? I hope Ross likes an empty stadium.

Been saying this since the 1st game...O-line sucks and is not doing Tannehill any favors.

I really like Matthews, I think he show the type of promise that Brandon Marshall did when he came into the league

If Brady is still moving around and not set isn't that a false start?

Another creative play by the pats, someone get Sherman a pad to take notes with.


If it's 'not fair to judge him yet' then why do you call Philbin 'underwhelming'? By calling him 'underwhelming' you are in fact judging him.

Did u take note Sherman?

Based on the performance of our OL, we may need to resign Long and draft a guard like Chance Warmak with the first pick. The offense will never take off and Tannehill will never develop with the pressure we are seeing today.

A nice cheap shot would do wonders for morale



Brady's footwork is flawless. He has worked on it very hard his whole career.

I thought it was a false start too if QB moving

Vontae has been injured or mostly sucked this year--QBs have an incredibly high passer rating when throwing his way this year.......get a .....Clue

Andrew, I don't apologize for ireland.

I ripped himanew one last year for letting everyone else take heat for what were essentially his decisions while he hid from the media.

I ripped him for his actions in going behind Sparano's back.

And I got under his skin enough that he called me a sh-t-stirrer last year.

Have I called for him to be fired? No.

You know why? Because he's not close to being fired and me writing it wouldn't make a difference at this point.

Clue @5:31pm,

You kidding me, man? You been saving that comment all season?

Somebody knock the stuffing out of Brady

And Woodhead carries 3 players for a first down

Why Do The LB's Jog!! When It's a Run To The Outside!!

Man Dasby sucks!

Clue vontae Davis really??? My bro is a colts fan and has talked about how much he sux all year...

Theres no talent on this team to go for a 4th down and long conversion....i see nothing wrong with a pooch punt honestly instead of a FG.....

Why the F did we trade away a young star corner in Vontae, F U Ireland

This is ugly

Woodhead running all over us..Really?? This is a joke

Clemons looks bad

How much YAC do the PATS receivers have...

now the FINS receivers.....


Patriots guys play ANGRY. WOODHEAD a good example.

I'm not impressed but I don't know how fair it is to expect better when he has no talent to work with. Seems like a simple concept Craig. Go back to harping on the o-line while missing the bigger picture, Ireland has dumped so many high picks on the o line and this is the result.


What The F' is Dansby Doing!!

Oh, This Is The Last Game Craig!! Dashi Is Going In On The HUGE HOLE!! In The Middle Of The Defense!!

You dont write for him to be fired because if you did, Ross would have you fired, Armando.

This defense looks to have mailed this game in. Woody Harrelson needs to get in some grills.

Chase Vontae is better than every single DB on this team real smart strategy to give up your best corner for a 3rd

I love how the Dolphins D celebrates like they've discovered the formula for turning grape nuts into platinum every time they make a tackle.

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