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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Partiots have been churning yards and moving the chains but it wasn't until Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to open the door that they got on the scoreboard.

Ryan Tannehill threw his first interception in 136 passes (four games) and that gave New England the football inside the Dolphins 20 yard line.

Tom Brady threw a 9 yard pass to Wes Welker a couple of plays later.

That's not all the bad news.

Starting corner Dimitri Patterson came off the field late in the first quarter with an ankle injury. The Dolphins were already without Nolan Carroll. That thrust Bryan McCann into starting duty.

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DANBY ON COVERAGE...and BEHIND the line...


That article earlier in the week about Philbin telling players to focus and not prepare for NYE's plans. I don't think the message got through. Half the team looks like they didn't show up.


'A young star CB'.....Davis?

You guys been drinking today? Hilarious comments on here today.

Listen, hit Hernandez in his back.

Brady just pass Testaverde to 8th all time in passing? Did I hear that right???


Wilson needs to be cut at end of today

WOW, this roster is sooooo awesome, Ireland's job should be 100% safe!!!

nyfinfan: I think the team took him too literally ... they forgot to prepare PERIOD.


It was a SECOND. But don't let FACTS get in the way of your point.

Team last year WITH Vontae: 6-10

This year WITHOUT him: 7-9.

Enough said....

Next point guys....

LOL @ Zaphod @ 5:36.....

Predeiction...Pats may never punt in this game again!!!!

Sign Wleker now-if for no other reason than we don't have to play against him-because we have proven we don't have the capability to stop him in any way-the defense is constantly 'surprised' that Brady might utilize his favorite player

21 to 0 here we come... I think we'll lose 35 to 10. Scoring on a late non meaningful TD. Another year the Dolphins aren't relavent. We're the same exact team from last season does anyone see progress??

Yeah, you better slide.

Really came to play today

I thought Brady passed Testaverde 5 years ago

LOL Craig M,

Seems the celebrating has started early. Everybody has turned on Armando for commenting on Ireland.

Best comment is Armando would be fired if he wrote critically about Ireland. LOL!!

Maybe I am TOO bitter...but I am RIGHT more often than NOT.

Why is it that every time the Fins play I am embarassed to be a fan? Why do I spend the money on Sunday Ticket to watch these pathetic performances? Ross can't possibly think Ireland deserves to keep his job unless his plan is to run the franchise further into the ground.

Zaphod totally agree LOL

Armando, look at this game. Look at this talent disparity.

I don't expect you to be able to get him fired. But how close he is to the edge is no excuse to avoid the truth. Someone should be writing that it's a joke that Ireland isn't even on the hot seat with how he undercut Tannehill with a high school cast of weapons. It won't be Kelly or anyone at the Pb post. So it's up to you to put some pressure on the dolphins organization to find a real GM.

Funny comments today....

Pats are the best team in the AFC and playing at home today.....making us look bad.

And for THAT Ireland should be fired? Be an awful lot of GMs fired in the league if this was the case.

Is this the first time some of you guys have watched the Pats this year? Where have you been?


Posted by: ALoco | December 30, 2012 at 05:37 PM
-----Except in the Super Bowl

Craig M: so you're saying even with or without V. Davis, we still suck. LOL

CRaig M you F'in idiot, Vontae had 2 picks today, more than most of the Fins corners all year, you are sooo fuc$ing clueless about how bad Ireland has F'd up this once proud franchise

Armando IS bitter, but WRONG most of the time. And THAT is the difference.

Craig M: I disagree ... I think we're going to be 8-8 after this game.

We're going to come on strong as NE continues to get false start penalties. We're wearing down the offense by allowing them to run up and down the field.

Brilliant strategy!

This game is Ireland's fault? We have a rookie QB going against one of the greatest QBs of all time. They are playing under miserable conditions against a motivated veteran team that needs this game.

C'mon we made a lot of progress this year and are a few play makers away from being a real good team.




Can our Defence make a stance and hold???

Armando knows his place he will never question Ireland job security why because who else's give Armando the "inside scoop" 5 years if irrelevance and Ireland job security is still safe. I just don't get it

Dashi, I seem to get the feeling that you yourself have never played the game of football, or if you have you certainly have been nowhere near a starting linebacker position, if the LB full on sprint then they will overrun the play, pursuit must be delicate for LB, it is up to DB and DL to run in, please think before you post something as dumb as calling out the LBs for jogging when you obviously have no clue.

Binns cant stick as one of our WRs next year, even as a 4th or 5th......if the dude cant make a fairly easy catch, for a TD no less......move on

Another beat down by the pats how many years should fans have to put up with this i can't support them anymore

We dont have enough picks for the coming draft. Too many needs all around. Please dont resign Smith. Sign Hartline for a 2nd WR money if that. Bye Long. We are 3 years away from being a playoff contender. Cant believe Ireland's job isnt in question. Might as well use a blindfold and a dartboard on draft day.

Here's why we can't beat the patriots. We have know for years that we need a productive TE. Fasano is a good-enough TE. Ireland picked Misi in the draft two spots before NE picked Gronk. Misi = good enough player. Gronk = Pro Bowl playmaking game changer player. Good enough teams with one probowler end the season 7-9, 8-8, 9-7. Teams with 7 probowlers go deep into the playoffs. Is very simple.

brady may surpass brees passing record if the rush continues to play the way its been!!!

Over 260 yards by NE already .

*shakes head*

You don't know what you're talking about Fins Suck. Steve Ross is not my boss.

My wife is my boss.

The person loving this O-line play is Jake Long.
The person loving this D-line play is Randy Starks

haven't seen a solid hit Today. Shame on you!

Thanks for the IMPERSONATION @ 5:39....

ANYBODY can click on my NAME now...asnd YOU'RE POST @ 5:39 impersonating my name and EASILY see its NOT me....

but have FUN....




Perhaps you need a dose of reality:

We traded our best receiver and in your opinion, our best CB. If we lose today we're still better than we were last year, when we finished 6-10. All of this with a rookie QB and a rookie HC, not to mention new systems and new coaches. And for THAT you want the GM fired?

You and I live in totally different Universes, bud....

Our offense is disgusting to watch

We can't blame Tanne for perfectly thrown passes being dropped at the goal line.

What progress Orlando? We haven't been able to score consistently for a decade and that is still the case. We haven't forced enough turnovers in a decade and that hasn't changed.

We haven't been anywhere near the Pats level for a decade and that has not changed. What is this imaginary progress you see?

We made no progress this year, 4 years of below average football, stuck in Jeff Ireland's sh$t talent groundhogs day

Mando @ 5:34.

Don't Fall Into The Trap! Andrew is One Of The Trolls Aliases.

As Ireland's Only Fan!! Dashi Can Say With A Clear Mind. You, Mando, Have Been The Main If Not Only Journalist In SFLA!! Bashing Ireland!!

Heck, Just Read The Article You Posted Today!

Mando is The Only Reporter Still Saying! He is Not Convinced! The GM, Coach, and QB!! Are The Right Fit!!

Mando Is Responsible For Starting The Boycott!!

Give The Man His Respect!!

Ireland's Number 1 Detractor!! A.Salguero

The Reason You Guys Are Allowed To Bash Ireland!!

Dansby is sooooo bad!

Brady takes rejects like Woodhead, Welker (not drafted), and Branch and makes them superstars.

This is a QB league. The difference in talent is not that great between the two teams. However, there is a huge gap in the QB play.

Agreed Craig M. Ireland is going nowhere. Nor should he.

C'mon D....

Make a STOP....

Burnett blitzes so Pats run right into area Burnett vacated. Amazing.

seriosly, if ne gets a 1st down and 30 plus yrds to go..i would like to see the odds of miami stopping them

Craig M = Biggest Ireland Homer EVER!!!

Patriots are playing chess. The Dolphins, checkers.

LMAO @ Armando 5:43 Smart man

Our idiot coach is calling TOs like the offense can score. Lol

Might as well get a Better draft position this game is useless anyway

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