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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-3 going to second quarter

It was a strange first quarter.

Brandon Fields got a bad snap from center, bobbled it, tried to run with it and got tackled inside his own 20 yard line. That eventually cost the Dolphins a TD.

They got that score back when Reshad Jones returned an interception for a TD. But an illegal block wiped that out. The Dolphins settled for a FG.

Patriots lead 7-3.

The fact Tom Brady threw an interception was news. He only has four for the season.

Brady is off so far today. Gives the Dolphins hope. But Ryan Tannehill is also off. He missed an easy long TD throw to Brian Hartline.

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Brady's gonna put the pedal to the metal soon. God help us.

Tannehill has got to make that throw to Hartline--brutal

good defensive stand we need touchdowns cmon

Good Defensive Stop!

Our d came to play today

Long missed the Pats game last year too. MOST IMPORTANT games of the Season. Missed one 2 years in a row. Not a good look in contract year.

At least we made a stop 2 positive things on D today

lmfao classic jimmy wilson!

Specian teams and defended wins this

wilson is a total moron.

Nevermind Wilson is officially done in my book, he needs to be let go after the season

Figures . Can't avoid a stupid mistake .

This team is so stupid. Why would you do that???

he needs to be benched...for life

Wow, special teams just embarrassing for the last few weeks. Who's ST coach? Needs to get axed

U bottom ne kidding me

Stupid, stupid mistakes on special teams today.

Unfortunate play by Wilson, but good idea. We need to play aggressive to win.

The Guy Takes 2 Steps Before Getting Called For False Start!!

C'mon!! Jimmy!!!

The Last Thing U Do is Run Into the Punter!!

Craig, he's a HOF'er, I think that gives him pretty good credibility on the game. And no, I say that gives Ireland the leverage to make his terms and not overpay (like you said about Hartline). Are you now saying Long is WORTH overpaying? What's HE done to improve a mediocre team? Also gives Philbin a chance to see if Martin can play LT (thus making Long dispensable). I'd rather pay a PLAYMAKER money than a LT who can't last 16 games.


As far I'm concerned it's REALLY a no-brainer.

i mean, you stop tom brady, and do something like that? what the hell is the special teams coach thinking. this isn't the jets.

No discipline on this team... Say whatever the f@ck u want that's inexcusable against these guys

Jimmy Wilson so needs to get fired from his job as a NFL football player

all right... lets give crybrady a new set of downs!!!

NE 14 - 3 in 5 min!!


Guarantee this will be a td drive now

why was the rush on for that one...we were gonna have good field position. don't give them a turning point moment!

This coach has no discipline over these guys. Why rush the kicker after a defensive stop? Morons.

cannot make these kinds of mistakes and expect to beat the Pats--Fields fumble, running into the kicker, penalty to bring back the Jones TD, Tannehills missing Hartline--cmon boys

i think miami wants to try to find a way to lose this game.

Mr.Wilson! don't let Dennis Menace-lose the game that the Partiots are trying to give to the Dolphins by penalty, lack of execution, etc

that TWO special teams bonehead plays!

Jimmy Wilson's value to the Dolphins is on special teams. It certainly is not as the No. 3 CB. If he's going to start screwing up on special teams, what do you have?

ST Coach doesnt teach them to run into the kicker.

Wow, special teams just embarrassing for the last few weeks. Who's ST coach? Needs to get axed


You're an idiot.

miami will pay for that.

As much as I support Jimmy Wilson he has played spotty this year.

always find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot. You actually stop them but give them a first down what a stupid play

DC, are you crazy? You want to give the Pats free points?

glad tony FAILbin understands the suckfish needs to play error free.... and is shows!

Someone please explain how Ireland still has a job in this economic climate? This ragtag bunch of wr's never getting addressed, and 3 wr's that he took chances on getting cut!!!!

Guarantee you Brady scores this drive

wilson...the classic injury after a stupid play.

We can't cover Welker today, pretty much ensures game over

No speed on the Dolpphins-NONE!!!

NE 14 -3 in 3 min!!


Unreal. The defense plays great, and ST screw it up.
Other than a return in the past few weeks, our ST have not played as well as early during the season.
These mistakes are marks of a team not quite ready for prime time.
Everyone is trying to be THE MAN. Hopefully, Philbin will get that straightened out.
We are doing a pretty good job so far, but you can't squander a Defensive stop like we did.

Lets not forget the deplorable secondary

So I've got DC and WHDPs letting Long go for NOTHING at the end of the year, right? Who else?

After all, apparently he just makes us mediocre. Great plan guys!

This coach sucks. Shows no passion, never criticizes the players when they make boneheaded plays. This team is lousy for a reason.


These refs got paid by NE

On the bright side, the Jests and Sanchez look like utter garbage against Arizona. We'll be 2nd place in the division until Brady retires

that is a standard pass defense...

We have seen the enemy and it is US.


Is Earl back again? Earl I thought you gave up on this team last week. YOu told me last week that the team had lost against Seattle in the second quarter, and yet here you are againg. You're a sadist man, no question!

who is number 25? nice talkle jerk

NE 14 - 3 in 1 min!!!


That was a TERRIBLE call on Jones. That's pass interference???

The refs won't let them play, too many calls so far.

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