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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-3 going to second quarter

It was a strange first quarter.

Brandon Fields got a bad snap from center, bobbled it, tried to run with it and got tackled inside his own 20 yard line. That eventually cost the Dolphins a TD.

They got that score back when Reshad Jones returned an interception for a TD. But an illegal block wiped that out. The Dolphins settled for a FG.

Patriots lead 7-3.

The fact Tom Brady threw an interception was news. He only has four for the season.

Brady is off so far today. Gives the Dolphins hope. But Ryan Tannehill is also off. He missed an easy long TD throw to Brian Hartline.

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stanford should be cut on the spot.

It's not US, it's the refs

Terrible tackling.

LOL, can't even tackle.

Sanchez has THREE picks so far today. My God....

more good takling from FAILbins team!!

Armando-how does the 1st Dolphin-Always miss the tackle? Hernandez was standing still-Welker-just got away from Dansby

That's EXACTLY why you don't continue to overpay for Dansby!!!

the worst officiating i've seen..worse than the replacements.

The blitz scheme is men to men not by Block WHY?

Who gives a F%$k about Sanchez Craig M

Again, the officials get involved. How do you miss that tackle against Hernandez?
Brady getting bailed out?
Again, we can't tackle.

The refs have thrown this game. Fkn bullsht.

we just cant beat the officials this year

I think someone to show the Dolphins how to tackle .

FAILbin has not puchased any knee pads

14-3 should just about put this one away


We are losing for a good reason, but I feel the refs are really screwing us with so many bad or no calls

get off wilsons case will you!!! He made a mistake because he put effort and got to the kicker a fraction late and everyone puts the boot in about how bad he is. He is 1 of our best ST players so why the hard time?? big mistake yes but c'mon!!!!

Totally agree Armando! Poor tackling, bad special teams and ineffective offense.

NE 14 - 3 in 1 min

just BS!!! i'm done watching these bs refs. no need to watch fixed football.

I don't like blaming refs but what is certain they aren't helping us. Missed call on tanny facemask, low block bs on int return, pi on jones.

Final score Ne 27 phins 3


Thanks for coming out again bud....always great to have you around. You're such a FAN!

Dumbest Defensive call I've ever seen

as easy as it gets......we are being outcoached once again...sell out on the blitz against brady?

patriots coaching is stellar

This team is a joke. Just let the Pats run up the score and embarrass these punks.

Fist pump FAILbin is the best!!!



This defense is a Joke Sean Smith isn't worth a penny this offseason

Long pulled his triceps attempting to hold Wilfork, I'll bet. LOL
If Welker scores, it will point out the difference between he and Hartline.

jones is the only person who has done something right and it was screwed up by another teammate.

Thank you Jimmy Wilson and stupid defense. What an undisciplined team that plays like cavemen. Game over.

I bet Sherman is taking notes... He would never run a play like that in the RZ.

Our team has no heart, no pride once the game starts.

Aside from the bad calls, the difference between us & a good football team is on display...

Keep rooting for these losers Craig M, I'm sure you'll be praising Ireland's acorns all day today as we get pummeled

3 and out coming up and NE 21 - 3 in 10 min.... Im outta here. I value my time to much to watch these losers!!!



At 2:01pm. I don't follow, bud. What are you saying?

look, it was obvious that ne would score after wilson's idiotic play.

when the refs are against you, you cant run into the freaking kicker and give the patriots a new set of downs

as bad as the refs are we deserve this for playing stupid

We should be winning this game 17-7

hey the d is doing well. this is the best O in the nfl. up to our O to keep us in it.

Jimmy Wilson, love ya bro.

Tom B.

How was that not a def touchdown?!!

The secundary Socks...as well as the DEF. Coordinator...Olivadotti was a baby in Pampers when you compare him with the actual Stupid Coordinator..he dont have a clue

patsy really blow who couldn't win with calls like this.

Jake Long will stay on the bench. I doubt he plays again today.

Miami has done everything STUPID within their power of losing this game and not even competing against a superior team.....

time to see if tannehill ``measures up"


Unlike you I'm a Dolphin AND a football fan!! If you were looking for something else I think you're on the wrong blog.

Not terrible defense. We just don't have enough corners yet to play against new England. This the reason they already have 24 passing attempts.


Why bother even trying to win another game? Tank it and get better draft position, we need loads of talent to even be competitive against playoff teams. Philbin won't last another season without marked improvement at wr and cb in offseason. Get rid of Sherman too, his play calling sucks

I'm not impressed with Tannehill at all. This far into the season and no progress! If he has such a tremendous upside shouldn't he be getting just a little better? And Philbin is out-coached every game.

Jimmy Wilson, what a selfish jerk. Dude has no business being out on the field, but surprise surprise, our wimp coach does nothing.

besides the missed pass to hartline, there has been nothing thrown in the middle of the field.

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