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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-3 going to second quarter

It was a strange first quarter.

Brandon Fields got a bad snap from center, bobbled it, tried to run with it and got tackled inside his own 20 yard line. That eventually cost the Dolphins a TD.

They got that score back when Reshad Jones returned an interception for a TD. But an illegal block wiped that out. The Dolphins settled for a FG.

Patriots lead 7-3.

The fact Tom Brady threw an interception was news. He only has four for the season.

Brady is off so far today. Gives the Dolphins hope. But Ryan Tannehill is also off. He missed an easy long TD throw to Brian Hartline.

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Dansby is not worth the money not even close

Relax folks. I believe we can score on these guys, if Tanny can hit them down the middle, and if we can run the ball. We can't give up the run or we're done.
if you beat them long once, you can do it again. Just have to connect. I'm guessing they don't practice the deep ball to Hartline all that often. Why wasn't Marshall in on that?

I'm sooooo glad we traded Welker for Samson Satele, what a great personal decision that was.

Mando If It Would've Been Sporano. Jake Would Be Right Back Out There!! Hurting His Arm More.

Nice to see the Mr. Obvious crowd come out on such a lovely S.FL day.

At least we have a competent LT replacement in Martin , Armando .

No defense in the middle of the field in the red zone against the greatest slot reciever in the NFL. Ridiculous.

yeah NY, except the facemask call that they missed on Tannehill

why is lane in the nfl? the guy should go back to sacking groceries.

John Jerry is sucking today.

GOD, Tannehill blows

any tannehill supporter please show yourself

Here we go again. Wilson, Dansby, Long, the refs against, our coaches are simpleminded but people want T- hill to 'measure up' to Tom Brady

i guess tannehill is not measuring up.

Fumble? If that was Brady it would have been a forward pass.

tannehill is not a baller, not a fact

Why Armando, was Martin all the way Fault

What a bunch of losers. Why would anybody pay cash to see these frauds?

Craig M is a HUGE Tannehill supporter

jtlawson, tannehill looks great, right? he is not part of the problem at all.

I've seen enough of Tannehill today. You guys telling me he'll GROW from this? show him the bench. It's ONE set of rules for the team and a different set for the QB. Total BS! Bush fumbles....benched. Thomas...same thing. Tannehill...free pass. Seen enough today to know he doesn't have it.

tannehill held the ball too long. need quicker strikes.

And Tannehill just continues to IMPRESS me with his pocket presence! I said this from the preseason Matt Moore should have started the this year and Tannehill should have sat a year. He only started 10 games in college for God's sake. He wasn't ready!!!!!

Craig, you're embarrassing yourself bro. So far Martin is looking FINE at LT!

please tell me how muissed blocks are tannehills fault please??????

We need many skill position players. Games such as this with so many errors are not palatable.

Wilfork is married to a pitbull.

Lane has gotten progressively less good over the course of the season.
Another turnover. Nice non block on the O-Line.

If That Would've Been BRady They CAll It Incomplete!!

TErrible guard play by both teams so far today.

Damn. Pick six, almost.

McDaniel is a FA too.


McDaniel cmon son!!!


Suck it, pal!! I don't need you talking for me. I've seen enough of Tannehill today. Make him think about it from the sidelines. Not good enough today.

Austin, no he is not great. He is a Rookie in a mediocre team, how can anyone expect him to perform like Tom Brady?

It's alright, not even going to get mad at this loss. Facing maybe the best QB in the league with a garbage secondary, no chance, I just wanna see how we look...


17-3, Game Over!!!

nice late hit on mcdonald piling on the dolphin guy...

We must take Brady out of the game. Take the fine. LATE HIT, that's the AMERICAN WAY!!!
We can't catch a break...or then ball


Let's talk next year when Long's not here. You'd better not complain about the tackles ONCE or I'll be all over you.


"Craig, you're embarrassing yourself bro. So far Martin is looking FINE at LT!"


It's not the first time. LOL!!!

we need Moore, tannehill is not bringing anything right now

I didn't know Wilfork was married to a man...

See ya Earl....


looks like they heard me./ Bodies flying everywhere!!
Great D stop!!!

jt, fine, he's not brady, but it has not even been mediocre qb play.

How can Tannehill throw quicker strikes when nobody gets open. How is it Tannehills fault he fumbles when he gets hit from behind about to pass the ball. Anyone notice how much shoddier the blocking is since Long went out? He may not be as good but he is still better than most players.

This game is over, but at least we lasted to the 2nd Quarter

double standard, tannehill must be benched or philbin looks a fool.

yea like Moore does anything get over yourselves about Moore he sucks he couldnt even get the starting job over a rookie.

not Tannehills fault they have terrible play calls and no one can block


You're a funny guy! How's your guy Starks doing?

good lord this offense is horrible

Once again Craig, you're showing a faulty thought-process. You want to BENCH your starting ROOKIE QB, who's progress the team will RISE AND FALL ON? But yet you want to do everything in the world for a LT who has a few years and does NOTHING to improve the team from it's mediocre status?

Very faulty thinking. Even if we get blown out, this is great experience for Tannehill. HE'S THE FUTURE! Long is NOT!

Im a tanny supporter but what did I know i thought moore was pretty good. lets not throw that guy under a bus just yet.


Chad Henne has brought the Jags back and they are winning in Buffalo.

Bring in Lamar.

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