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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-3 going to second quarter

It was a strange first quarter.

Brandon Fields got a bad snap from center, bobbled it, tried to run with it and got tackled inside his own 20 yard line. That eventually cost the Dolphins a TD.

They got that score back when Reshad Jones returned an interception for a TD. But an illegal block wiped that out. The Dolphins settled for a FG.

Patriots lead 7-3.

The fact Tom Brady threw an interception was news. He only has four for the season.

Brady is off so far today. Gives the Dolphins hope. But Ryan Tannehill is also off. He missed an easy long TD throw to Brian Hartline.

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miami would make playoffs every year if that got refs calls like this.

Man we suck. Tannehill use your legs for Christ sake. Sherman call some roll outs for this dude. Can we please close the books on jake long he's done! Garner should be cut.


Posted by: fbd2707748 | December 02, 2012 at 02:12 PM

If u say so fbd, I wont argue!!

He can t even perform as good as Henne he is a loser

Tannehill Progresion on the Calls are very slow, he do not know when and how escape from the pocket...and this is the guy call ---Franchise---

Only So Much U can Do!



Our guards are getting beaten at the POA.

Playing one of the worst secondaries in the league and a back DL and still can't move the ball.

"I've seen enough of Tannehill today. You guys telling me he'll GROW from this? show him the bench. It's ONE set of rules for the team and a different set for the QB. Total BS! Bush fumbles....benched. Thomas...same thing. Tannehill...free pass. Seen enough today to know he doesn't have it."


As long as he's healthy he's our starting QB for the foreseeable future. Deal with it!!!

this team is not prepared to play.

Refs play for the patriots I'm not sure why I am surprised...

Didn't say get rid of him Craig, I'm saying offer him what IRELAND thinks he's worth, not a dollar more. Just don't overpay for a fading player, that's my position.

However, on Tannehill, HE'S MY GUY! Not great this year, I agree. But give him time to learn.

dolphins offense is lethargic

Joey, if the 'quicker strikes' is for me you need to throw the ball sooner or throw it away...its your mental in the pocket alarm needs to go off.

"Connors", Pats are exactly breathtaking offensively as yet.
OK run the ball, beat them up.

Ron Winter can suck my D%^k. I'd like to see a replay of what browns fans did to the refs

Hartline took off!!!

bench thill,lol yeah thats genius. lets not let him keep learning and instead bench him in a meaningless game

hartline thought this was arena football...*lmao*

I'd laugh if I didn't have nausea .


Your gonna have to deal with losses from here on out if Tanne keeps being our starter, Draft Picks. Dude is mediocre.


holding false start... geez what a drive!!


Like I said, it's one set of rules for Tannehill and a different set for the team. Message to the team 'Don't make a mistake', message to Tannehill 'It's OK'. Kid doesn't have it today. Let hime watch from the bench. But if you think he's learning valuable stuff getting his ass kicked by all means. In fact, let's risk injury while we're at it.

You leave Tannehill in, he has to learn to fight through adversity and turn it around.

The season is over, make the best use of it.

come on refs....the cheats need more help.


Sorry, what's you plan on Long? What are you suggesting he offer Long?

I hope we get destroyed today. that will finally show how, with the exception of a very few, this team is full of mediocre to bad players and you can beat an elite team with bad players, let alone going to the SB. I don't there would be an argument anymore. Ireland has to go, don't let him ruin all our draft picks next year...

i do wish we could keep bush as a complimentary back but he will want bigtime money

another hold.

Guys, let's not get cranky and take it out on each other. It is what it is. We KNEW this was a tough match-up. Now we know where we are, and where we need to get to. We're not being embarrassed (yet) and it's almost halftime. That's better than a lot of teams can say. We're young, Brady is old. We can outlast.

need to lose all these games. get us into top 10

Finally Pats get a flag


You're a funny guy! How's your guy Starks doing?


I know you're crying about Long but let it go.

Tannehill is totally pathetic, get him outta there!!!

need a touchdown here if we want to be in this game

That's it use your legs!!

Tannehill is totally pathetic, get him outta there!!!

how is he pathetic?

17-3 at home is embarrassing

well put at 2.18 DC. Pats are a better team (for now) a victory would be incredible. a well played game in a loss would be fine with me too.


Let's see how it plays out. Kind of looks like it's you that can;t let it go.


Fins running game starting to work. Keeps Brady off the field too

RUN the football. Bush up the middle is working. Thomas needs to be in there

Tannehill isnt pathetic. What he has around him borders on pathetic.

need a TD and run out the clock and stay down only 7 at half and we have a chance

Martin and Garner looking good

This kid is not our future, Moore was our future he was MVP last year, won the last 7 of 9 , can t believe your buying into Firelands last ditch effort after they failed to get everyone else , supporters like you idiots are the reason we`ve sucked for the last 15 yrs , you all supported Henne too , bunch of retards

Put Moore in or fire Philbin..

Daniel Thomas tackles himself

Craig, absolutely right. One set of rules for ANY QB (who's the most important player on the team). I agree 100% with that.

My position on Long is offer him lower top 5 LT money. Look, he's good, elite. But he's on the down side of his career. And he's injury-prone. And looks like Martin (at least today) is playing pretty well. By the way, Jerry didn't do all that bad in replacement last year. So maybe we don't need him. But I'd re-sign him, just not overpay. And use his injuries as leverage. Make it an incentive contract like we do for everyone else.

RUN the ball...it's working.

Let's bench Tannehill!!!

Ryan is showing toughness in this deive. Les go!!! TUrn Up!!

NICE CONCENTRATION BRIAN HARTLINE! I told you he was a good player (LOL)!

4th down territory

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne.

QB draw? Really?

Keep your feet Brian

If that was a designed run, HORRIBLE CALL! If that was on Tannehill, HORRIBLE DECISION! NOW you run, right into the defender. Wasted a down there.

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