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Patriots lead Dolphins 7-3 going to second quarter

It was a strange first quarter.

Brandon Fields got a bad snap from center, bobbled it, tried to run with it and got tackled inside his own 20 yard line. That eventually cost the Dolphins a TD.

They got that score back when Reshad Jones returned an interception for a TD. But an illegal block wiped that out. The Dolphins settled for a FG.

Patriots lead 7-3.

The fact Tom Brady threw an interception was news. He only has four for the season.

Brady is off so far today. Gives the Dolphins hope. But Ryan Tannehill is also off. He missed an easy long TD throw to Brian Hartline.

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Tanny runs the "prevent offense" LOL

Guys saying Tannehill sucks need lobotomies now. Im serious. LOL

what the hell was that QB draw call??????

Dear Mr. Sherman. The QB Draw never ever ever works sir. Please throw that crap out of the redzone playbook.

once again...miami goes from looking alive...to being scared and STUPID.....a QB draw from the 12..*lmao* GOOD CALL SHERMAN...MORON!!

You guys down on Hartline are clueless. The guy is a player. He has proved it over and over.

Dolphins are a disgrace. Out coached at every turn and no talent anywhere. Ireland has to go as well as a bunch of overpaid vets.

Special teams is a joke. Secondary is a bigger joke. Sad. Where's FZB to tell us about the progress we are allegedly making?

So far the loss of Jake Long has not hurt the Dolphins ... much. And not at all on this drive.

Play calling just horrendous

WOW we NEVER call QB draws why would you start now?????

what a wasted down

What do you mean 'lower top 5' money? So you're saying around $10 mil a year?

We need a TD or else we have little chance getting back in this thing. They get the ball in the 2nd half.

just go away Zonk you are a stupid troll

i know texas a&m isnt harvard but come on a little intelligence doesnt hurt

Ryan Tannehill = another Irescum bust

This is Long final year as a Dolphin let him walk!

just what we needed a long sustained drive to give us a bit of confidence and give the D a rest.

Why are some of you doing nothing but critisize the team tonight???? NE are one of the top 3 teams in the nfl, and are going to cause us a lot of problems.

When was our last good game where we looked great, Jets game when the little byotch hurt his leg , and Moore came in , we destroyed the Jets , haven t played a dominating game since , wake up losers , Tannehill even looks like Henne for christ sake might as well tattoo an L on his forehead , simple floater to Hartline and he misses , pathetic!!!!!

Nice play by Thomas.

damn thomas keep your feet!!!

We don't expect YG to admit he was wrong about Hartline.

our entire offense consists of check downs to the RB's haha

Check Down Tannehill HAHA

I don't understand the argument with Long. Everybody knows he is a good player, but he is not elite, and if he is looking for elite money he'll be out of the team. If he accepts good money he'll stay because we cant have another hole to fill. Is very simple to me...

Our Fins are going to win this (at least I believe). Still in Indonesia. Its 2AM here.

Sad to have to hear so many naysayers. Enjoy the game; we are hurting ourselves but are making this somewhat competitive. Fins score TD in about one minute.

All the best.

Jake Long has been a below average left tackle this season by all metrics. I'd offer him no more than 6 mill a year and when he balks, wave goodbye. Less money on the offensive line, more on playmakers.


Who the hell wants to win this game? I just want to stay close and look presentable. Why dont you guys yet see why draft position is so much more valuable than winning games now?

Why cant you see this team is so far from complete? Im sure lower level draft picks will make us so much more better next year. Wow you hguys are unbelievable.

Very athletic score for Tannehill. Good job.


Mistake to keep Tanne in, huh?

Yeah let's bench Tannehill!!!! Great idea guys.


Tannehill!!! Man what a drive!

Whatever lower top 5 is. I'm not a salary watcher. I just know he's not worth Joe Thomas money. And he CAN'T eat up all our CAP.

Look, Ireland does this with EVERYONE ELSE. There's a ceiling he won't go over for ANY player. He won't give up the franchise for any one player. I agree with that strategy. EVEN WITH LONG!

Nice fake, finally a TD

Okay Running Ryan!!!!


Yes TD. Good job of running the clock down so that Brady does not get any more points.


first good play call of the game, finally a roll out of t-hill

suck it trolls


It's ONE play bud. Yeah, I think for his development I would have shown him the bench. Not sure what's wrong with that. We're all just throwing out opinions.

u guys need to watch the buffalo game, its hilarious. henne is beyond awful. has 5 comp fumbled ball in own redzone. rating 53. guy is so bad.

See told ya. Go FINs and a suckit to the whiners.

deirdorft is a fool...he thinks tannehill extended the ball in the air crossing the goal line to celebrate.

Finally, they utilize what Tanny does well. It lifts his teammates as well.
And shut up, Dierdorf.

anyone still saying THILL sucks is a fool.

This kid is dynamic and he is our future. I am excited about that.

Something to give us some hope.

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne. Amazing.

Have to play defense here

We have a scrappy team here gents. GOOD TO SEE! Focus on the FUTURE (looks bright), NOT THE PAST!

So far the loss of Jake Long has not hurt the Dolphins ... much. And not at all on this drive.


Martin was playing out of position @ RT. He's was a LT @ Stanford & he'll be a LT in the NFL.

Draft a real RT & we'll save between $12-$15 Million next year.

This may be the tryout for Martin at LT. If he passes, the Long will not return next year.

zonk just go away no one listens to what you say

slam dunked!

agree armando, best thing for miami would to keep long out rest of year.

QB draw? Really?
Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 02, 2012 at 02:23 PM

yes really, it worked the next time. you just love critisize a play when it goes wrong!!!!!

Thanks Armando for the blog.

When I travel its hard to keep up, but you help fans like me.

All the best.

Top 5 money for Long is insane, DC. Football outsiders has him as like the 50th best tackle in the league this season. Move Martin over, draft a RT in the 4th or 5th round and spend the money on Dwayne Bowe or Mike Wallace.

Would just like to see us lose and keep the score close. Draft position and highest possible calibre players added to this ailing roster.

If not you guys will still be complaining how out manned this roster seems 3-4yrs from now.

Guys, he's 7-14 for 69 yards against a very shaky New England secondary. I hardly think it's a reason to celebrate.

Tannys QB rating -50 YIKES!!

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