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Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-10 going to fourth quarter

The Dolphins defense is playing its heart out.

The Patriots have had four possessions in the third quarter. And until Miami forced punts on three consecutive possessions and were fighting to do the same on the fourth as the quarter ended.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the offense has failed to move the ball. They failed to take advantage of remarkable field position at their own 49 yard line on the last possession.

The score remains 17-10.

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Can we win this game?

I don't know how anyone can look at this popgun joke of an offense and conclude Ireland should keep his job.

D has been playing good.. RT needs to step up and make it happen in the 4th

his game is closer than we thought

Same old story. Pathetic.

Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-13 going to fourth quarter


Armando knows the score already ...

regardless of what happens here...when you hold a prolific offense managing 37 pts a game to 17....thats prety good...but when u have a horrible looking offense, thats pretty damn bad..and the offense is the reason why miami is losing this game.....

Philbin hasnt told Ireland yet, but, he's playing for draft position. LOL

cant win games when the off coord makes play calls like these seriously

They had their opening and failed to take it

Thats the difference between us and the Pats.

On 3rd and 1 they GO FOR THE KILL.

We dont.

Cuz we suck.

T-hill needs to step up and make it happen? The draft and fa isnt until next year. LOL

amazing ho whtey spot that facemask and not ours"!!!!!!

I could find a better safety than Chris Clemons at a homeless shelter.

Fire Ireland now.

Still can't cover a TE!!

I think the Off play calling is poor today. Sherman should let RT open it up this quarter. REFs need to stop coddling the Pats. He needs to be popped in the mouth a couple times.

and this Mothe F*** do not fumble the ball

Dude you can't blame Henne YG. be fair. u know Jax is horrible and was horrible with GAbbert too. another team with no WRs

Jones is the only DBACK playing well this year and today

ah so fixed refs can see facemask..

I know he dropped it... but why is NO ONE COVERING WES WELKER

how can you leave someone that wide open on 3rd and 1

The difference between the Pats and Dolphins offense? The Pats have the personel and talent level to execute.

YG, you know i support RT, but it comes a point in the season you take a team on your back and get a scoring drive..

Go D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pat's OT SUCK!!




D boys doin work

Wake should get credit for that sack. He forced Brady to spin into Misi.

The difference between the Pats and the Dolphins is they have playmakers all over and we have Cameron Wake.

Fire Ireland now before we waste another decade.

The front 7 are spectacular ...but the Secundary with Jones exeption Sucks




why does that even matter? Nice stop but it doesnt do much, culdnt afford to give them 3 points when we cant even score with our pathetic play calling

How many sacs is that. We have gotten Brady's unifor dirty for once. Too bad our offfense has been terrible. You start wondering had the Fins started Moore today would we have more than 10 points and a better shot to win this game.

Koa MIsi....nice game
Reshad Jones....nice game
Martin...nice game
Wake...nice game

OK...that's about it so far

dolphins offense has to playing 4 downs now.....

To All U Dolphin Haters.

Who Would've Said the Fins Will Only be Losing by 10! To Start the 4th!!!

If Bush cuts that INSIDE instead of outside like a sissy hes gone.

Nice run.. still gets more yards cutting back to the inside

Just thatclose to breaking it, Reggie Bush.

THILL needs to run that one

Bush is a fighter. The only fighter on the team.

Heisman winners "do it better."

Jonathan Martin.

Another piece of crap draft pick.

Another waste.

Martin did a good job on that possesion.. the sack was on RT..
Wow that was an ugly throw


Extremely difficult to put an offense on your back playing with very limited weapons and a very disciplined defense.

Bellichik has had far better defenses but they always have been pretty damn disciplined.

Not T-Hill's fault, if not playing against very disciplined defenses you can get away with making things happen at somepoint with limited weapons.

Ryan Tannehill with another AWFUL THROW.

This guy sucks.

Hartline has been open ALL DAY!!!

Tannehill is just awful

I told you RT has a *severe* accuracy problem.

Mando, please confirm.

no one can get open at all

Bad pass but it hit him in the stomach...have that catch.

But he comes right back....strike thrown and ball caught.

Pull the chains!!!

9 of 21, less than 50% accuracy

great stop by the D, I doubt it will lead to us winning the game, but they are showing they are not a lost cause. a couple of good players can make this D so much better esp against the pass

YG thats two TD passes hes missed on bro.. thats putting the team on your back and hitting the wide open receiver...

shut up Earl

Bush will smack you in joe mouve.



Tannehill deserves time but there's no way around the fact that he has stunk out the joint today. Hartline has done his job.

Stats don't lie Tenne

RT is very off, missing 2 throws to Hartline that would have been TDs... I guess our rookie is still learning...

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