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Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-10 going to fourth quarter

The Dolphins defense is playing its heart out.

The Patriots have had four possessions in the third quarter. And until Miami forced punts on three consecutive possessions and were fighting to do the same on the fourth as the quarter ended.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the offense has failed to move the ball. They failed to take advantage of remarkable field position at their own 49 yard line on the last possession.

The score remains 17-10.

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What's that play? Having Reggie *jog* out of bounds???

He's tired. Thigpen please.


Rookie growing pains. Im giving T'hill passes on those things this year, but not next year.

Kid's got heart!!!!

Bush isnt a Heisman winner bro

Refs back ball up by a yard

get over it hes missed 2 throws today but seriously people who freak out and say hes terrible now because of a few bad passes. He IS A ROOKIE. He will learn just get over it

Go for it.

Get our most explosive RB in the game. He's the one who returns kicks and punts for TDs, obviously.

Kid is tough.

Oh god... here comes teh Daniel Thomas STUFFED AT THE LINE

RGIII is a rookie who completes 80% of his passes.

OLINE stepped up!!

O-line is getting it done!!!

I understand that.. im just saying we need a drive and someone to step up.. it would be nice if RT does that. He had a couple of chances to do that.. He missed and I give him a pass this year too..

U have To Love Philbin's Guts!!

The Fins have run blocked better with Long hurt. Not surprising honestly.

cant question tannehills heart he tries his best, you wont see many QBs do that

Way to be DT

clay sighting!!

It would be nice to answer their FG with a TD.

"cant question tannehills heart he tries his best, you wont see many QBs do that"

No doubt!!!

He could have ran that in for the TD.........

Damn...What a catch by Hartline.

Does Hartline's white skin w/ white jersey blend in or something so RT can't see him?

OLINE giveth and the OLINE takeith away

What's most disconcerting is RT's lack of accuracy *when he has all day to throw*.

Martin and Thomas both wanted to block the same guy and didn't touch the blitzer. Terrible.


Daniel Thomas and Jonathan Martin - YOUR BACK TO BACK SECOND ROUND PICKS.


You suck.

guys i don't think you realise how windy it is today for the QB. T-Hill is doing ok for a rookie and in a team with limited options on offense

That is entirely on Daniel Thomas.

OLINE giveth and the OLINE takeith away


That was a blitz that was supposed to picked up by Thomas.

What were you guys saying about the OL getting it done?

Okay. Brady is done napping. Expect a TD on this drive and then the next to put the game away.

why no runs???? 2nd and 4 and we keep passing such stupid play calling always going against whats working

once again miami....no playmakers in the endzone hurts yet again...miami basically keeping it respectable at this point...

Martin has been holding his own... you can get off that crap.. that was on Thomas coming over to help out on someone that didnt need it

Give tannehill a legitimate receiver above 6 foot or a guy who scores tds. (Like Brandon marshall or even ocho) then u can complain.

The fins suck - you really are a clown now go play with your toys!!!!!!

win or lose these refs are a JOKE!!!!

OK....lets be honest....did anyone really think before the game started that we would be down 7 in the middle of the 4th QTR?

Rookie QB facing Tom Brady.
Yes he had two bad passes.

But this team is in the game.

We NEED a turnover.

Anyone saying that's on o line is an idiot. Inside blitzer is Thomas' job.

What were you guys saying about the OL getting it done?


You don't even know what the hell you're talking about. The mistake was on the RB/Thomas who is responsible to pick up a blitzer.


The score wasnt 17-13 going into the 4th qtr. Your blog topic is off. The score's now 20-13 Pats and we just kicked the fg.

It is just a one score game. I am proud of the fins for their effort today against a superior opponent.


Seriously? 'That was on Thomas'? REALLY? So it's on someone else when it doesn't come to Long? Is that what I'm hearing?

DW i noticed that too about bush jogging out of bounds if your stretch it outside speed is crucial... It's like he is always waiting for some imaginary hole to open up instead of just breaking it up field for a gain

You guys are all so negative we should not even be on the same field with these guys. Dolphins are playing great

Craig M as always looking to point his finger, but he nevver points it at himself. What a loser.

jpao...actually i believe russel wilson was a rookie last time i checked and he did beat the patriots...right??/...did i miss something there???

Players we haven't heard from today:

L. Smith
D. Bess

Need someone to step up and make a play!!!

Sack was on Thomas not Martin


So says you bud. Like I said, it's convenient when it doesn't involve Long. Be interesting to see if that's how it shows on the scoresheet.

jpao you're right! I think the team have shown us they are not a total loss but have also shown us they clearly need some much needed playmakers on BOTH sides of the ball. It is much easier to aquire skill players when you have the trenches and QB sorted.

Anyone saying that's on o line is an idiot. Inside blitzer is Thomas' job.


It's f#cking sad when people don't even understand the plays on the field & just trash people.

You guys are funny. So who was Martin blocking?

Thank YG. Corrected.

The three bad passes have cost us three TD's but still

Imagine we had a TE like Hernandez or Gronk???

Craig seriously? I dont care if it were you in there playing tackle..
watch the game.. Martin had his guy locked up.. Thomas came over to help... Are you really watching the game?

Even Armando says 'Thomas and Martin both wanted to block the guy'. So I guess Armando's wrong too?

It's convenient when it makes the argument guys. Give it a break!

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