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Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-10 going to fourth quarter

The Dolphins defense is playing its heart out.

The Patriots have had four possessions in the third quarter. And until Miami forced punts on three consecutive possessions and were fighting to do the same on the fourth as the quarter ended.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the offense has failed to move the ball. They failed to take advantage of remarkable field position at their own 49 yard line on the last possession.

The score remains 17-10.

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Cameron Wake is on the sideline. Does not look injured.

Do our defenders ever practice stripping the ball as it never looks like theyre trying to strip the ball when they tackle?

I dont have an agenda out on Long. Martin had his man straigh up.. If it were Long that was on Thomas

Classic Dolphins defense.

Play well all game.

And when you need one more stop - they fold.

Craig quit digging hole that was Thomas' error.

TD for Pats coming in 3 2 1

Craig M,

I know that you want Long back next year but the O-Line has held their own today without him. He is not worth 12-15 million a year. I am hoping that this is a tryout for Martin and that he passes. It is time to move on from the injury prone Long. That will free up some good money to sign help in other areas.

Need a play here!!!


defense is done playing....


I was simply responding to the comment that 'the OL is getting it done'. Doesn't really look that way to me. Three sacks on Tannehill already and lots of hurries.

Are you watching the game?

Looks like the d is ready to mail it in now.

Craig M, please accept the fact you're wrong

Brady TD pass coming in





dolphins def cant ever hold it in the end. i dont care how well you played all game

RJ Stanford covering Wes Welker.

Defense cant stop the run at all.

We suck.

all of a sudden cant stop the run huh

...And after eight plays on this drive, Cameron Wake finally sent back in the game.

This team has the worst fans. Coming into the game everyone wrote the team off and were talking about a blowout. Team is fighting hard, only 1 score difference and they keep bitching about it...

Craig M,

Yes Armando is wrong. The announcer on TV said that it was a timed blitz where the LB waited for the RB to comit to help on the outside.

Probably Hernandez TD

Dashi is correct those leers are Pathetic not making any plays.


Guys, I'm a Dolphin fan first. I actually don't care if Long is on the team or not. What I hate is the constant bashing of the guy. Everyone has it all figured out that Martin is the answer at LT and that we draft a RT. Let's see how it plays out.

But I'd hardly say the 'OL is getting it done'. He looks pressured to me.

This is how the play went Craig, Martin locked his guy up, Mayo delayed the blitz and then Thomas came over to help block Martins guy..
I know you have a man crush on Long but i could careless whos in there as long as were winning and making progress.
This isnt about Long or Martin.. this was about a single play.. get over yourself

Dolphin slackers vs Pat hussling.

RJ Stanford is like having a statue stand out there.

He gives the WR 15 yards!!!!!

well, if you are into moral victoraries, congrats to the dolphins. the offense isn't good enough, but we knew that anyway.

Mando did not say otherwise Orlando. Thomas missed his assignment. One error.

Tanne has 4 major throwing errors.

Our defense played great in this game but they let us down on this drive. The are running right up the middle on us.


What am I wrong about? That the 'OL is getting it done?'. Doesn't look that way to me, bud.

Tannehill did not have a good game today but he needs more weapons.

The offense is offensive.

well the line thats in there has gotten the ball down the field three times for a score..
Im not bashing Long

Here comes the QB sneak. Brady is one of the best at it.

The defense is a bunch of FRAUDS.

Against the Jets the first game they folded.

Against the Cardinals at the end they folded.

Today at the end, they fold.

They suck.



Last time, bud. My comment wasn't about Martin. It was about 'the OL is getting it done'. I'm saying, it is?

I gotcha now Craig, it seemed you were trying to make the case that I was making excuses for anyone other than Long

Arturo, we fans have such a terrible team. An embarrassment for 20 years. We have a right to be negative. The Fins organization sucks.

Brady is sleeping through this game and yet it's not close. They're up 2 TDs in 3 2 1....


As soon as it matters, defense folds. This team just flat out stinks.

its one thing to just suck but its another when you should be winning but you hurt yourself by making stupid plays all game and the refs didnt help.

This team not only sucks it swallows as well , playing to keep playoff hopes alive and they fold like a cheap wallet , so tired of these losers


We've got THIRTEEN points against a defence that continually gives up huge chunks of yards. Are you impressed with the offence today?

The LBers are so bad on this team

DLINE crumbled in the end.

Had to make a stop and force them to pass. Just couldn't do it.



But not surprising. It's the difference between a good team & a team that has several areas that need improvement.


T'Hill needs both better weapons and more experince. We all knew coming into the season he was lacki9ng both. So I cant figure out why we seem so surprised when this has shown up all season.

This a terrible, talentless joke of a team. Fire Ireland now.

Andrew - go support someone else then

Defense turns pathetic yet once again. Why do I even bother???

Seriously? 'That was on Thomas'? REALLY? So it's on someone else when it doesn't come to Long? Is that what I'm hearing?

Craig, how was i supposed to take that?

sad we should have won this game

Dline just getting. Ullied right now

Well , it was closer than I thought it would be .

Still písses me off though .

Think I'll go make a drink ...

Moore now is correct.

You need not watch the game. I told you what would happen long ago.

Even the strong points fail this team when needed most, it's the culture of this organization for a very long time with no end in site

130 yards passing today. Not NEARLY good enough. Teams constantly shred NE for more 300 yards passing. Just not good enough.

"This team not only sucks it swallows as well , playing to keep playoff hopes alive and they fold like a cheap wallet , so tired of these losers."

Moore now,

Playoffs??? Clearly you haven't been watching this team this season.

Next year, with better weapons and more experience, T'hill will be more prepared to win these type games. If not, then all can say we may have a dud at qb.

miami was tired and it showed.....their offense just has NO capability of picking up their defense in games like these and thats what now leads to yet another loss

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