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Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-10 going to fourth quarter

The Dolphins defense is playing its heart out.

The Patriots have had four possessions in the third quarter. And until Miami forced punts on three consecutive possessions and were fighting to do the same on the fourth as the quarter ended.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the offense has failed to move the ball. They failed to take advantage of remarkable field position at their own 49 yard line on the last possession.

The score remains 17-10.

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sorry matty. Sometime the comments don't come out right in written form.

The LBers are so bad on this team


They're soft.

hells no im not satisfied, i was just commenting theyve been moving the ball down the field in Longs abscence.. Im not trying to be funny when i say this but its offense not offence

Craig is correct. We have NO offense under Sherman and RT.


I agree, however, this game was a tease. The disheartening part was when we needed a stop we couldn't get it. When we needed a TD in the redzone we couldn't get it. Yes we are in rebuild mode again, but as a measuring stick we're middle of the pack hopefully on the way up.

We scored 13 points against a terrible defense.

Its not rocket science, Tannehill is a bust, Thomas is a bust, martin is a bust.

We have no talent.


In Canada it's OFFENCE.

Dierdorf is a moron

Well, we gave it a shot. I'm (mostly) proud of the defensive effort. Held a team that regularly scores 35 points to (maybe) 27. Our issue is offense. I won't even say it's the weapons (though we need more). We missed SURE TDs. That's on execution. But it's a rookie QB, what can we expect? I like our future vs. the Pats though, that's for sure.

Maybe the dolphins could have tried a run blitz at any point on this drive. Of course, that would require creativity and using brainpower.

Patriots played like crap today and will still win with relative ease.

FIRE IRELAND NOW. Having so little talent is his fault and no one else's.

Instead of the oversimplified typical statement like " we stink" or " we suck" how about we just need to get better in a few obvious spots. All our wives even know hat they are. But they played tough today. And how many teams in the NFL have beaten the Patriots this year? And last year? Not many. I can't remember the last time they were ever blown out .

Well that's a wrap. Could have beat us much worse like the WETS last week.

Playoffs? Not this year.

Craig M
We may not be 'impressed' with the offense but i think there are players on the offense who are clearly stating their case to stay next year, and there are others who are showing that they probably won't be

Read this carefully you idiots:


Don't give me rebuilding. Philbin picked this team.


Teams with wr corps and a qb as inexperienced as our dont shred the Pats for 300yds passing. You're basing your post on flawed evidence and generalizing things that are more important and better explains why this offense doesnt do the same.

Defense couldn't step up when it counted

No Tannehill is a failure , we`d of won at least 8 of our games this season had we played Moore, should of sat the kid for a year or two , see if Moore could have continued where he left off last year , he earned the starting job , and last game he played we destroyed the jets , this organizaton makes the dumbest moves its why manning and every other player worth a damn refused to come here

Personally, I'd be surprised if the Patriots don't talk to Hartline. Belichick and Drew Rosenhaus get along.

lol o ok my bad Craig....
Whomever calls RT a bust after 12 games is ridiculous and needs to stop watching football all together..

look refs licking his lips getting ready to go into patsy locker room.

Not sure how guys take very much positive out of this game. You guys are happy losing by TEN to New England at home? I think we need to get away from this type of thinking.

The offence isn't nearly good enough and 11-25 for 130 yards against a very mediocre secondary isn't nearly good enough. I wonder at what point some of this starts to fall at least partly on Tannehill.

Ireland HAS to find more help for Tannehill.

Wow Marshall just made a clutch unbelievable catch!!! Damn you Ireland! Man wtf


Assuming we will have more weapons next year is faulty until Ireland is put out to pasture.

Craig M,

let me put it the other way for you.
Do you think that the patriots have played well??
especially considering how many yards the dolphins have been giving up in the air this season?????????

Craig, absolutely right about 130 yards not being enough from the offense. They need to do better. Philbin knows this. Tannehill needs to get better. We need more weapons. And execution overall needs to improve. I can't really even say it's playcalling. We left 14-21 points on the field. That would have changed the whole game. Disappointing we came close but couldn't put it all together, but we did MUCH better than I thought. Let's hope we play the rest of the teams in Dec. this tough, and we can come away with 2-3 more wins.

marshall did not, was perfect thrown pass to him, they left him wide open for some reason

Pats don't even need Hartline. But w/ Pats Hartline might be Jerry Rice.

"I agree, however, this game was a tease. The disheartening part was when we needed a stop we couldn't get it. When we needed a TD in the redzone we couldn't get it. Yes we are in rebuild mode again, but as a measuring stick we're middle of the pack hopefully on the way up."

You're right but that's what inconsistent teams do--they find ways to lose.

Moore Now,
really guy? Garrard was beating him out, he played worse than Tannehill in the preseason..
No one expected Tannehill to start this year and Moore pushed him into that position..
Why during the middle of the year do youb switch to a back up qb that wont be here this next year?
RT needs exp and this is his exp year

Time for Tanny to throw a pick

man i wish we had kept marshall. he is a top 5 WR with a good QB

I'm pissed at myself for wasting 3 hours of my life watching this boring crap.

The Dolphins played a good game. Future looks bright

Bill that was a heck of a catch and we can use that now

Fins are playing to beat the SPREAD!

Craig, NE could go to the SB. Miami isn't even Playoff-caliber. Yeah, I'm THRILLED we didn't get embarrassed. Did you SEE the Jets game (vs. Pats)? How about Colts? Miami isn't giving up, we're a young team. And it's only 1 TD down.

Carpenter has his groove back.


I have no clue why you see the Pats db's as so terrible. We have no legit deepthreats. Defgenses, horrible or not, are pressing our slower wr's at the line and making T'hill hold the ball a little longer than he would like.

Add this to being a rookie and not only a rookie qb, but a rookie qb with limited collegiate starting experience too. I still believe T'hill has far more upside than Chad henne had.

I'll give Philbin credit, he is the first coach to understand you get the FG immediately and hope for an onside kick/hail Mary miracle.

5-7 is still better than I expected this season after watching the way we played throughout the pre-season.

i like philbins thinking here to at least give it a go whether it works or not!!!

smart call by Philbin to kick it now.

Gives you a chance at Onside kick and Hail Mary in the end.

Odds are not good but it's the right call.


No the Pats didn't play well. Defence did a good job stopping Brady from getting comfortable.

Disappointed in our kid QB today. I think if you'd known these would be his stats earlier this week you would be too. I hope you guys are right, I hope he does learn from this. But I just don't see the progression right now.

I like the kid and by now means am I writing him off. But I'm also not a fan of this, 'it's everyone's fault but his'. He needs to get a lot better, based on today.

YG, can't agree today. We had TWO deep easy TDs, Tannehill just missed both throws. Hartline was behind the defense by 4 steps. Easy TDs. Those were on the QB.

There goes my boy again! matthews... I am I the only one that sees gamer in him. He actually looks like a playmaking reciever!

Craig: Losing to TEN was definitely disappointing, but hanging tough with the 2nd best team in the AFC is not. I'm not happy we lose, but I also realize we're not there yet and we'll see ups and downs this year. What I care about is seeing his team grow (especially Tanne) and I know Philbin and Co will have us playing for the playoff next year and beyond

dont need it now cue, need it next year and theres some solid wrs out there in free agency

I went to U.R.I. with Darren Rizzi and would love to see him be successful in the NFL.

The special teams hurt us today.

Can the redeem themselves here?



We cvan agree Tannehill doesnt have sufficient weapons right?

Heck, Brady would be far less effective with our recieving corps. Better than Tannehill, but not close to what we know him as right now.

Marshall 10rec for 165 yards

Craig is correct.

RT single handedly lost this game.

He's 6'4" and 230. Don't give me "rookie." He's a paid professional. He should be better.

and the marshall trade was the right call, they just havent used it right. they had ty hilton ther ein 3rd rd with one of the picks and blew it on egnew

and best team? ill go 4th best team

Not enough.

Defense couldn't step up when it counted

Posted by: Al | December 02, 2012 at 04:02 PM

no Al.....the miami offense continued to play their normal putrid offense in yet another game....

Yeah, the losses I think are WAY worse are Arizona, Jets, Tenn, Bills. If we won those games, it's a totally different Season at this point.

3 fist pumps and a loss, same thing Ireland is doing to Ross


I'll echo what DC, said above. Your QB needs to hit on those more than not.

Why do I think their secondary is bad? Because they give up tons of yards every week. Because in a desperation move they give up a draft pick for Talib at the deadline. Their secondary is pretty poor. Only thing it does a good job with is getting picks.

there will be times when it's his fault and times when it's other players/coaches. but i think there is room for this kid on this team for a good few years. It is AN ABSOLUTE MUST that he gets some help whether it be WR, TE or lineman. Plus the experience of having it tough SHOULD help him when he gets the extra weapons

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