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Pats continue to lead Dolphins 17-10 going to fourth quarter

The Dolphins defense is playing its heart out.

The Patriots have had four possessions in the third quarter. And until Miami forced punts on three consecutive possessions and were fighting to do the same on the fourth as the quarter ended.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the offense has failed to move the ball. They failed to take advantage of remarkable field position at their own 49 yard line on the last possession.

The score remains 17-10.

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Danny, lol, "single-handedly" lost by Tannehill. You're such an idiot it's hysterical.

Well, 4 consecutive losing seasons. Can we end the Ireland and Tannehill experiments now?

Bill please trading Marshall has been a disaster for the offense. Our offene was way more productive last year.

Our wide receiver/QB is still learning. Cut him some slack.

Tannehill cant move the ball. Thanks again Irescum.


Gotta disagree. We should have beat the Jets and Cards. I never felt like we were going to win this game today at any point. We never got the best game from the Pats today. I think they were on cruise. Awfully tought to be up for every game. They're probably the best team in the NFL IMO, but it didn't show today.

No Garrard wasn t , and Tannehill didn t either, he only got the job because he played for our offensive coordinator in college and knew the system , Garrard should of never been there taking snaps away from Moore , just moore stupidity on the organazations part , he won 7of our last 9 games last year , was MVP that alone earns him the starting job , you wanna listen to the media and not use your own brain thats on you , I`m not an idiot , I know for a fact we would have won more game this season with Moore

one thing tannehill definately needs work on in the offseason is his deep ball....he continues to just not make enough throws down field consistantly and today definately hurt.....

Matt Barkley come on dowm.

Tanne had hartline open deep and missed him! He's not very good.

Moore now,

I tend to agree with you with Moore for this year. Tannehill has some tools but he is not ready to be a starting QB in the NFL. I am also very concerned about how inacurate he is (a lot of high throws).

Moore was the team MVP last year and was the 12th rated passer in the league last year. He deserved the opportunity to start this year. The fins brass has made a lot of dumb decisions. I would have kept Moore and Brian Daboll. It would have been great to see Moore with a full training camp and under Daboll's offense. Moore is not great in practice but he plays well on game day.

My prediction Moore will be the starting QB for the Jets next year. Remember Sparano is the OC there and would love to have Moore.


Exactly what I said about T'hill. What truly separates Tanny from the other rookie qb's is experience at the collegiate level. Which is why I was origanlly against Ireland drafting him 8th overall.

Also why I say with better weapons and more experience T'hill should at least be on the level next year, that a Andrew Luck is already on this year.

Even Dan Marino started 4yrs in college before coming to the nfl. That part of the T'hill experience saga hust doesnt go away. I love the upside, but, wouldnt have used the 8th overall pick on a qb with his lack of college qb starting experience.

But I do think we'll have a damn good qb moving forward.

In case there be any doubt, I HATE THE PATRIOTS AND ALL THINGS NEW ENGLAND. God forsaken, all.

The Phins will rise again.

I'm gonna agree this time with the fact that our QB lost this game for us, and that his job is to hit WRs let alone wide open ones, if he doesn't pick up his playing in the following games and show improvement he has to go also.

Great Game Today!!

Yes, We Lost! Big DEAL!!



We Played a HARD FOUGHT GAME! The Team Should have Started Better! But It Happens.


ON U T-Hill Haters!! Did He Throw a INT? T-Hill was the Most Careful he has been all Year. With his Decision Making.

YES, He Was OFF on a Couple Passes. BUT OVERALL T-Hill Played OK. Remember this is His 1st Game against The Pats.

wow cut Tanny some slack, the wind definatly played a part on some of those throws...The all mighty Brady was over throwing recievers all day.

Any more excuses for Hennehill?


Failbin is the new mac tonite! Moon faced b#$tard! Horrible play calling. Again and hennehill blows!

Well at least we will have a higher pick in next year's draft. We will beat the Jags in the Henne Bowl and the Bills. That should put us anywhere from 10th to 15th picking picking. I am at a cross roads on what we should do with that pick. The middle of our OL gets constantly blown up. Incognito and Jerry are terrible and need to be replaced. Chance Warmack from Alabama would look pretty good in the middle of our line.

Can we trade Tannehill for anything? Is there any value left?

Tannehill had me excited till he got hurt , he hasn t played the same since , he was standing right in the face of the rush till he made the completion before the injury , now he doesn t , it made him leary of getting hurt so he either fires the ball too soon now or takes the sack, and thats why you don t wanna start a rookie his first year , if he gets hurt , it can scar him for long time , and he definately don t throw the bakl like he did before the injury , Moore should of been his mentor this season , this team needs to win more to build confidence if you don t have confident players the turn around is non stop its a revolving door

Luck is the man. He is a true star in the making. We should have sucked for luck last year. He has brought his team back in Detroit. Can he pull the miracle off? He is amazing!

Might get a 4th for Tanny.

It was a fun and lucky game for me. I had Miami +8 pts.

Yet another loss by one score. Bess was a non factor. The NE D practices against Welker. No down field threat for the NE to be concerned about. Hoping for an 8-8 season. Even a 7-9 season would be a step up after the last 3 years, considering Rookies across the board. Martin playing LT for the first time I think he had some bad moments but then again played strong a few downs.

Detroit absolutely SUCKS!!!! Luck just kicked them up and down the field. Jim Schwartz is as bad as Sporano. Calvin Johnson has been abusing the Colts all day and he decides to run the clock with Indy having two TO's left. Colts are going to be good for a long time.

LUCK pulls off a win with 4 seconds left and 4th down.

Too bad Fins lost the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

dashi this isn t pee wee football where everyone get a trophy t the end of the year , we had a very good shot at winning this thing , if he`d of just hit Hartline when he was wide open , but tanny not alone , wilson running into the the kicker was a back breaker , you don t stop the patsies very often when you do , you don t give them a second chance , the officials seem to only penalize us weather its real or bogus , they get away with flagrant face masks on our QB , holding , and pass interference , this has been a problem for quite some time now , Ross orr philbin need to address it with the league haed enough to beat a team like the patriots without playing the officials as well

STEPHEN ROSS READ THIS-IRELAND IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke of players we got, we're never going to take that next step as long as Ireland is around. He is a bad evaluator of talent!

If there is any glaring need we have it is in the secondary. Trading Vontae Davis was such a dumb move, oh and Richard Marshall who?????????

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