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Pats have something to play for, Philbin wants to make sure Dolphins do also

Some Dolfans that had a wide view of the season-finale against New England figured the Dolphins might be playing for a playoff spot while the Patriots wouldn't really have much to play for as they had already qualified for the playoffs and perhaps a rest for the postseason beckoned.

Well, it turns out the Patriots have a lot more to play for than Miami. So forget the idea of Tom Brady taking the day off or the Patriots laying down against Miami.

Indeed, with the Dolphins season all but over, it is Miami coach Joe Philbin that is concerned about his players not going to the game with the same attention span and intensity that they normally carry. And he made that point to the team at their meeting today.

"Obviously it's a concern," Philbin said today. "When I signed on to coach the 2012 Miami Dolphins, I knew there were 16 regular season games to be coached. I have the same focus and our staff has the same focus and same sense of urgency we had when we opened the season in Houston. There shouldn't be guys talking about what I'm doing New Year's Eve or I'm doing this, that and the other thing. Because we know the task at hand is a large one. So absolutely it's a challenge."

Nope, Philbin doesn't want to see his players packing their golf clubs in the their trunks this week. And as for that happening in New England? Forget it.

The Patriots may be playing for a first-round bye if they win and get help elsewhere.

"I'm sure we’ll all be aware of that, yeah. No question," quarterback Tom Brady said. "But I don’t think that changes what our goal is for the weekend. I think we’re trying to win this game regardless. It could be different if some other teams win, but that’s really out of our control. We’re just going to go out and try to win.

And why is winning so important regardless of whether it means a first-round bye or not?

"We’re trying to build some confidence this week in what we’re doing, go out and have good practices, and go out and see if we can execute better than we have been," Brady said.

"I'm sure we’ll all be aware of that, yeah. No question. But I don’t think that changes what our goal is for the weekend. I think we’re trying to win this game regardless. It could be different if some other teams win, but that’s really out of our control. We’re just going to go out and try to win.


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Any man on that team that isnt playing for pride, auditioning for a spot on this team or a different team next year, their pay check, or to negatively effect the Pats in the playoffs, needs to be banned from football.

I dont see the Pats being terribly motivated for this game. Staying healthy will be the utmost priority for them.

The Dolphin vets have got to be fed up with the incompetent FO and the losing. It could show in this game.

Spoken like a true winner. Monte, I disagree, they will be VERY motivated. That's why they go to the Playoffs every year. Teams who take games off are teams stuck in mediocrity.

The difference between 7-9 and 8-8 is HUGE! Miami players should understand that. It's the difference between a losing Season and a .500 Season. Just like in Sumo. Win 6 matches, and you're nobody. Win 7, and you go to the next level and are somebody. There's a hard cutoff, where 1 more win makes all the difference. Miami should play this game like it was the SuperBowl. But one thing the Patriots won't do, is lay down.

Over the years the Dolphins have had their playoffs. dashed by both the jets and the pats. Dolphins need to deliver some payback in NE.

DC, thru the course of a 16 game season you cant be "up" for every game. You have to pick your battles and I'm certain the Pats ARE NOT picking this one! LOL

In college wed play 13 games and wed be "up" for every one of those.. Its only 3 more games and youre getting paid to play.

The Pats had a bad game last week against the Jags in which Brady jumped the team.. So look for a hyped up Pats teams that is looking to rebound from the performance on Sunday and gaining steam heading into the playoffs

Be aware that 52 players needed to be warned about packing it in early.

Ryan Tannehill acts like a man all the time so he does need to be pulled off the field in the middle of a drive in order to run a BACKDOOR wildcat play nor does he need to be reminded to play out the season.

Manliness is more important than wins.

Matty, you are dead wrong. You cant tell me the Dolphins were up for Tennessee or that Tennesse wasnt up for that game. Or that the Pats werent sky high for the Houston game. Teams often look ahead, take teams lightly or have huge differences in motivation. Thats how I gain my biggest advantage and make my money...

2009 Henne 7 wins
2010 Henne 7 wins
2011 Moore 6 wins
2012 Tanne 7 wins

All tanne has to do is win this game and it will prove once and for all that we have come a long way from the days of Henne & Moore.

Go Tanne!

Vegas Mike,
oscar canosa, Aloco, Dashi, Kris and I will be playing periscopes in the hottub tonight.
Do you want to join us?

The old football adage about peaking at the right time applies here. Pats WERE peaking until 49ers game and Jax has now jolted their confidence. Look for Brady to want to put up 40+ pts Sunday and drive the offense for them to get back on track. (However, I think they keep Gronk on the sidelines as a precaution.)

A good showing by Miami against a fired-up Patriots team -win or lose -would be great. That means minimum turnovers and penalties. Miami in the lead or keeping it close would be a good measuring stick. Patriots would not want a repeat of the Jaguars game so they won't "play down" to Miami this Sunday.

Henne > Tannehill

matty is so young and naive.

Can I tell you they were or werent up for those games? No, i wasnt there, my point is they should be up for every game as they are professionals....

Oscar=dusty?????? maybe..

Oh and Vegas, what am i dead wrong about ?

Fake Caddy at 4:04pm.
Henne is my favorite player win or lose and I did get a Henne jersey for Christmas yesterday however I do not believe that Henne is better or worse than Tanne.
If either of them ever play on a team that is good enough to win a SB then they will be held in higher esteem than Big-Dan-13-The-18 year-Jerkoff


I read your comments to me from the last blog. You didn't really answer some of the things I was asking you, but to be honest, it's a conversation for another day.

Enjoy the Holidays with your family and that newborn. Peace....

If youre talking about me saying that the team should be "up" for whatever game, then you sir are ridiculous, saying im dead wrong. They "should" be up for every game, I never once said they "were" or would be. I also, didnt state that teams dont look ahead for certain games.

The Dolphins need this game to prove to themselves they are closing the gap on the Pats, which I believe they are.Having said this if they lay down and get blown out we will have to look at this coaching staff and some of the players, they have played the Pats pretty close lately with chance to win the last two, maybe this will be the time for a win.

Brady @ NE with Gronk...........nuff said

My bet is that SOFTY Sean Smith doesn't play. He is bruised and Brady is going to destroy him. Why would he want to hurt his FA status?

I hope he does play....if he is really worthy of a big contract he would play through a minor injury and play well. Dansby is a classic example of a hardened veteran playing through injury and playing to a solid NFL level.

We'll see what SOFTY has in his core this weekend.

We NEED to win Sunday.
Henne won 7 games in 2009 & 2010.
Tanne needs to get his 8th win so we can close the book on the past.
Otherwise everyday of the offseason we will have to listen to how Tanne did nothing more than Henne.

Guys, I think its safe to say the Pats have a lot bigger fish to fry then the Dolphins LOL They're thinking SB and this is not an elimination game.

And yes the game has some importantance to the Pats but its not backs against the wall.

No worries here. This team only plays well when it DOESN'T matter. Look at last year. Patriots should be concerned 'cause the Fins are world-beaters when there's nothing on the line.

I agree, this just a preliminary game for the pats. So they dont get a first round bye or home field??!!...BIG DEAL!!!..i dont think the giants were complaining last year considering how they ended the season...Miamis playing like their SB happens on sunday...the pats are just playing until the real games begin in the following weeks....win or lose, it wont effect the pats that much..just sayin!!!

No worries here. This team only plays well when it DOESN'T matter. Look at last year. Patriots should be concerned 'cause the Fins are world-beaters when there's nothing on the line.

Posted by: Jxrey | December 26, 2012 at 05:10 PM

Thats not true, I believe a couple of years ago when they finished at NE, they layed down like dogs in a game most thought would be sparanos last...just sayin!!!

They started the game against both the Titans and Bills flat,they got behind against the Titans 14-0 in the first quarter and 24-3 by halftime, it wasnt that they didnt get up for the game before it started by preparing the same way,it was that they didnt play with the same intensity or sense of urgency that they had in the previous games.All of you bloggers that watch all the Dolphins games should have noticed this right away in the 1st quarter.In the Bills game they were still hung over with this game coming only four days after the shellacking by the Titans.In that game they were behind 13-7 in the first, the only touchdown was a kick-off return by Thigpen and by half they were down 19-7.The offense only totaled 184 yards for the complete game,they also had 4 turnovers against the Titans and 3 against the Bills.
IMO I think it is clear that the Dolphins and especially T-Hill have to play mistake free if they hope to have a chance to beat the Patriots.

All I want to see is the young / future guys on this team play well. Like to see more from the young WR's.

I can't root for the Dolphins to lose, but I won't be upset if they do. I'll take a better draft stop.

What is (probably) the new Dolphins logo has leaked out. I think it looks terrific and will quickly grow on people but am sure most will oppose it initially.

Anyway, it's on the Herald's main page. Check it out.

Haha. Pats fans at my job are mad becsuse game was moved to the afternoon and theres a big storm storm coming. U figure that would benefit them. Guess not, lol.

Yeah, yeah... Keep it real. This is nothing more than a preseason game.. Means nothing in the overall scheme of things...

Let the backups play. Make the starters watch a game get them hungry for next season

Hey Caddy,

Moore only played 13 games. After 13 gmaes Tannehill has only 5 wins.Makes him worse.

as a fin fan i cant help be dissappointed about this season but then i think well if they had won just one more of those close ones playoffs would still be a possibility.also it could be worse /bigger dissapointments this year was san diego,the jets,detriot,philly,tampa bay, and pittsburg/all heavilly favored to be in the playoffs but worse than the fins

Only C. Wake made it to the Pro-Bowl.

Not everybody is a quueeer, YG.

As soon as the Pats go ahead by two scores the phins will quit on Philby.

NE 38
MIA 10

If I were Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin or Dawn Aponte.... this would be the game a stayed the closest to the team, the game I would listen the closest to what was being said, the game I would watch the intensity level and the effort level of each and every player... even the one who ride pine 95% of the game... I would watch my coaches, Doctors, Trainers and even the friggin ball boy....
And when it became time to decide the first names out the door.... Those who allowed this game to become a "Walk-Through" or did not perform at a pro level would be the first out the door... I would not want my players to play to get hurt... but if they could blow off a game against a hated division rival... What would they do against a team who could give THEM a by-week next year.....???

Good To See The Real HC!! Still Has His Team Playing To Win!! Even When It Doesn't Matter!!

This Is Philbins & T-Hills 2nd Game against The Pats!! Must Watch!! If You Ask Dashi!!

How does Kansas City with 2 wins have 5 pro bowlers? Their coaching must be some of the worst in NFL history.

For sure, TJ.


Further to your earlier point that the number of Pro Bowlers is an indictment on Ireland, I noticed the Chiefs at 2-14 are sending FIVE players to the Pro Bowl. Do you think they are more talented than our team and do you think Pioli has done a better job than Ireland?

Don't know about you, but I'd rather have our team at 7-8, than theirs at 2-14, with a lot of holes in my opinion.

This is a habit with me, LV has NE by 10 over us. Not that it matters much now, but bet the under.

Hate will get you nowhere, Understanding It will.

Can this silly ridiculous debate stop once and for all? The fact that Moore is a veteran QB who has played on three different teams against multiple defenses in different offensive systems clearly means he has more experience and probably SHOULD be better than Tannehill at this point in the rookies career.

But he couldn't beat the rookie in training camp. Hes been on three teams and will probably be on his 4th next season, as a backup. His only wins last season came against inferior teams with losing records. I don't believe for a second Moore would have been any better this year especially without his favorite target in Marshhall.

But that's not the point. The point is he is not now nor was he ever going to be the Dolphins franchise QB. If you are licking your chops thinking he's going to go to another team and get them to a super bowl you're dreaming.

We don't know if Tannehill will be that guy. That's why he played over Moore. We are looking for the franchise QB Moore will never be. Can't find that guy with a mediocre vet spinning his wheels on the field at Sun Life. Had to start the process this year. There is no debate, Moore is a nice guy but a mediocre vet qb who has hit his ceiling. Tannehill is an inexperienced rookie with great attributes and a high ceiling. What is so hard to understand about this?

Great post at 7:43 last chance.

I dont know the personel or really anything about the Chiefs but 5 pro bowl players off of a 2 win team should attract attention around the league.They are in contention for the 1st pick next year and with all the quality players they have they could improve drastically from one year to the next,the key word is COULD.The Colts went from the cellar to the playoffs in one year they drafted an impact player and their offensive leader in Andrew Luck.

You're paranoid, last chance. Take it from me.

Cameron Crush Brady.

nuff said.

Love the logo and hope it's for real. No more stupid smirking or frowning face. Tail pointing up instead of down, head pointed up instead of down. Very symbolic if you ask me. Sleak design that brings the team out of the 70s and into the 21st century.

Now just get rid of that dumb a%& song with the stupid banjo picking country twanging twits. "Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football"....... SHUT UP allready!


Actually oscar last chance made a very good point. His post was original, well thought out, and was about the future of our team. Where as your last 5 posts , under the name "oscar canosa", had nothing to do with football. The one post you made about football before those posts? A post pointing out something the media told us hours ago.

Why don't you switch to one of your other character names that talks about football and lets talk some Dolphins?

Other character name? You're paranoid also, Phins 78.

Its so upsetting about this team i love them to death. but Sun Life stadium never fills ever, i mean ever. these players deserve more. they would be looking at a playoff game if they won against the jets and colts. and everyone says this team sucks, this team is terrible. but htey really dont, tannehill is improving philbin is good at disciplining players, i cant stand haters and seeing the stadium 30% full. Dolphins deserve more

Salguero uses an outdated picture
How unreal can this guy be?

Mando your last paragraph has the same identical Brady quote ( and its a long quote) as your fourth to last paragraph

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