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Philbin challenges his RBs to break tackles

One of the more disappointing things about this season (there have been some, you know) came in the Buffalo loss in November.

The Dolphins lost but it was how it happened that truly frustrated. In losing the Dolphins showed an unexpected inability to run the ball. Understand that the Bills at the time were 32nd in the NFL against the run. That means that as NFL teams go, the Bills against the run basically, um, stink.

And yet Buffalo held Miami to 60 yards rushing. Buffalo limited Miami to 2.5 yards per carry.

It was completely unexpected.

So what up with that, I asked coach Joe Phiblin today.

“They did a good job of getting off of blocks number one, I felt," he said. "Unfortunately, we’ve watched that game a couple of times. We watched it in live color there when I was there. We watched it on the way home from Buffalo. Watched it the next day and I’ve been watching it a couple times this week.

"Number one, they got off blocks very well and the second thing I thought they did is they tackled well. I know that’s simple, but we didn’t have a lot … As you know, a lot of times you’ve got to have backs break a tackle to get explosive runs and we just didn’t have a lot of those. So it’s a credit to them. They got off blocks. Credit their coaches. They had a good game plan and they tackled well."

Did you catch that?

Yes, the Bill get credit for getting off the blocks. Yes, the offensive line has to do a better job of staying locked up. But in those sentences you can find a challenge to Miami's running backs.

And that challenge is this: Break a tackle, will ya!

Philbin appreciates backs that break tackles and definitely Reggie Bush didn't do a ton of that against the Bills. He also didn't make them miss very often.

The idea that Philbin likes backs that break tackles is evident in how he speaks of Buffalo's C.J. Spiller, a player very much like Bush in both size, speed and style.

"Their running back does a great job of breaking tackles and that’s why he's averaging so many yards per carry," Philbin said. "We’ve got to break a couple tackles and we’ve got to sustain our blocks better."


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I don't think that's our prime problem, sure our running game can help our passing game but the focus should be on the lack of WR (or CB) playmakers. RB is our luxury


Bush was never a tackle breaker in college. I watched a lot of UM highlights and noticed Miller didnt either. Plus the guy thats supposed to be a powerback(Thomas), he doesnt do a great job of that either.

Usually rb's dont come into the league and suddenly become tackle breakers. Either theyre doing it in college or not at all. Ireland and his scouts just need to do a better job of identifying rb's that break tackles.

Breaking tackles is a skill tackle breaking rb's have before coming into the league. Not something they learn once getting here.

Bush is good at making guys miss once he gets through the hole. Miller has some of this capability in the same capacity. Neither are going to all of a sudden become tackle breakers.

D Thomas doesnt seem to be either elusive nor consistent enough tackle breaker. Cant keep him healthy neither.

I have sausage fingers and can't see my feet.

Is there A Adrian Peterson coming out of College?
The guy is incredable, 8 Seasons and several injuries et he might just break the rushing record.
Phins get a great back, I see good things happening.

Isn't that a bit hypocritical of Philbin? He hates Bush dancing and not hitting the hole, but all of Bush's big runs this year have been plays he created himself with jukes and broken tackles. Now he wishes they broke more tackles?

I really don't understand him sometimes.

C.J spiller is a Beast!! (since Clemson) ... Daniel Thomas needs to go.. Lamar miller & reggie bush can be a really good tandem.. sign bush 2 years and J. Long is on his way out.. Philbin & ireland need to have a hell of a draft.. Do you guys think Miami is gonna trade up with all those draft picks or trade for a WR before free agency???? if anybody in our organization actually watches college football it's not hard to find talented (sleeeper) prospects!! thigpen is gonna have to play more wide reciever and we draft 2 cb & wr's.. definitley somebody who can compliment cameron wake on opposite side!!

bush is long gone, no biggie


Thigpen has the speed to create separation. He should be tried at the slot receiver position. Thomas is a very average back and another Ireland mistake due to the position that he was drafted. This is a great chance to use Miller more. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain using potential talent not tested enough.

sign a FA WR or TE.....draft another--Rd 1 sb a CB or DE/OLB pass rusher--we need more consistent QB pressure and better coverage (although #1 helps #2)

As long as we use the money we would allocate to bush elsewhere (and productively) I'm fine with bush walking. Just don't let bush walk to save money. Use it on OL or WR or CB. This guy's work ethic and leadership is too good to pass up

Brandon,With Ireland in charge of the draft I would'nt be shocked if he pickd a punter in the 1st roud.

jejeje. There is a difference in tackles, those made at the line and those made in space. I believe Philbin is referring to the latter kind as C J Spiller does not run between the tackles. Are you People here for real or just going along for the ride?

Throwing Wood On The Fire!! Mando!!

Love It!!

Saw The Game In Live Color!!

Meaning I was There Clown!! Sorry, Mando! But That is what Philbin Tried To Say With That!!

Sad But True!! Mr.DWTS!! Is Scared To Get Hit!!

Coach Just Wants The RB's To Run Harder!!!

And Reggie Is Gone After The Season!! And Devlin Will Be The Back Up! Come Next Year!!!

Not To Praise Myself!! BUT DASHI WAS RIGHT!! ( On Devlin)

And Do I have To Put The Stats Up Again??

Devlin Played Better Than Moore!!! Way Better!! Is As Young As T-Hill!! And Is Built For This Offense!!! Devlin Gets IT!!! He Has The Tools To Play Qb In The WCO!! Heck He Won A Championship In College Running The WCO!!


DASHI HAS ALWAYS SAID IT!! Philbin Respects His Players!!

Making Moore Your #2 Is Respecting The Veteran!! He Could've Cut Him!! But He Chose To Respect Him!! And What Moore Did Last Year!!

But To Think!! Devlin Is Not The 2nd Best Qb On This Team!! And The Coaches Favorite!! It Is Just Asinine!!

Even Sherman!! Uses Devlin To Piss Off!! His Son!! You Think Sherman Goes, "Sunshine, I wish You were Moore Like Matt!"


M-Shizzle Knows To Get The Fire Going In T-Sizzle!! He Just Has To Point!! To The Coaches Pet!!

Devlin Is The Most Accurate Qb on The Team!! T-Hill Is The Most Complete!! And Moore Had The Most Experience!!

Next Year!! Expect T-Hill, Devlin, and a 6th Rd Pick(M.Barkley) as Our Qb's!!

No need to write such long Posts, Dashi. Nobody reads them all the way thru, at last I get the gist of it in the first 3 words. Besides, you're doing TMH no favors, thay charge by posts even it it is only 1 word.

^^^^is this guy on cocaine?


You read It!!

Took You 5 Minutes!! But You Read It!!

And Oscar!!

Me And You!! Shouldn't Be Talking!! People Will Get Mad!!

Superman Shouldn't Talk To Lex Luther!!

You might know about that, jordan. We, are for Real here.

What Happened Jordan?

You Have Gotten Slower With Age!!

Dashi might be long winded but is DEAD on..
Just saying.

We Originals, are very disappointed with you, our successors. We feel you don't know enough because you don't care enough and only about Yourselves.

You are Riders on the Ride. heeheee

In all honesty... The entire team played with disinterest that game... It may have been the short week after getting trounced by a team they should have beaten with ease (Tennessee)..??
Irregardless of what happened in that Thursday Night game... Miami needs to play like it means something. I have also read a bunch of disparaging remarks about Thomas today. He wasn't the only guy with a knee injury, I'm wondering how so many guys had knee injuries to begin with (Low Blocks???)... Thomas DID have just under 1000 yards (900+) in a abbreviated season... That is not chump yardage... He'll be here another year at least... RB DO get hurt... ALOT!!! it is why so many are on a roster.

Gnight posters dont have a freakin idea what yur writing about and not sure if all the screen names are just heckle and jeckle.

Well I guess we will be trying a few different looks this time around not that Thomas is out (we should look to trade him preseason next year). So what is the deal with Jonas Grey? I know that Philbin has the GB mentality on player development and that includes a slow transition into playing in games (one or two seasons fom draft).


Dashi Is Not Long Winded!! You Guys Are Just Out Of Shape!! Like Jordansito!! All That Dope!! Smokig Wu-Wu Cigars!! Straight From Fi-Del!!

Do You Read Aloud? Or In Your Head?

And When You Read!! Do You Get In Character?

Just Saying!! Lebron Wants To Know!!

P.S.- The Champ Is Here!!

I agree with Dashi

I definitely agree with oscar

dashi's strong need for attention and sheer lack of vocabulary force him to write long winded babble that says very little, if anything.

To All You Reggie Lovers!!

You Guys Do Realize!! He Is 200 Yds Away!! And 1 TD!! From Having The Same Exact Season As Last Year!!

So If You Guys Think Reggie Was A AllStar!! Last Year!!

2 Good Games To Finish Off The Season!! And He Is A AllPro!!

You Reggie Fans Do Realize This!!


This Is Who You Guys Are Clamoring About!!

I hope Reggie does break some tackles. Jukin and jiven to the endzone. I love a good running game. Very fun to watch. Remember Earl Campbell. That guy could break a tackle. What was the play call for Houston and Bum Phillips. Earl left for 5, Earl right for 3 and Earl right up the middle for 2. Same thing the next set.

I would love to see and Earl Campbell play for us next year. Can we draft him Santa Ireland? Wait that sounds weird

Dashi, Pleasedont et me confused with Oscar I am
( . ) ( . ) Magee.


thanks for your post@ 6;13 pm ........that was sincere and classic.

I drink Chimay, Bell's, and St. Bernardus Trippel while you are guzzling disgusting, cheap swill like Budweiser, Miller and Coors Light. It is shameful.

I implore you to look within your hearts and see the truth of your beer decisions. Your abominable taste...your ignorance (I'll bet many of you can't even tell the difference between a top-fermented Saison and a bottle-conditioned session ale!) and your repulsive, robotically preordained buying decisions.

Stop being beer drones. NOW!!

Greatly Upset,

So true! I love the St. Bernardus Quad the best. Another favorite is Orval Trappist. I feel like it is the most underestimated of the Trappist beers!

In regards to Reggie Bush,

He just doesn't fit well with what we do offensively. Think about it. If the west coast is supposed to set up the run, it is presumed that it does so by keeping linebackers spread out to cover the quick passes. This means that you would need a RB that can make yards between the tackles.
Reggie is a guy that ALWAYS looks to break outside of the defense. That is where the LBs are trying to be as well to avoid the quick passes!

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither

Who is wrong more often, Mike J. or Kris?

Regie Bush IS our entire offense. And the face of the franchise.

Magee , our best player is a punter lol!! but realisticly u can't teach the way Reggie works and leads.. i think J Long and hopefully N carroll are gone..maybe s smith.. maybe he'll b better at Slot corner because he get abused at #1 Corner.. i wonder if philbin is gonna take a chance on Greg Jennings... i see vick and M wallace goin to the Jets.. i hate the jets but $$ will be where wallace goes..d bowe is overrated.. we need 2 corners and 2 WR's, DE hybrid, and 1 tackle.. def a blitzing LB..

Mando & Dolphin fans!! u see any chance we try and get Notre Dame LB Teo??

A better QB would open up our running game.

"Regie Bush IS our entire offense. And the face of the franchise"

That is the reason why we are a 6-8 team.

Don't get me wrong, I like Reggie alot. The problem is that he is a guy that can be used in spots to create a dynamic play.I'd love for him to return to Miami next year in that role.
He cant be trusted to be the workhorse because he isn't consistent enough between the tackles.

Ireland hasnt drafted one playmaker in his lifetime. So the offense SUCKS!

"Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither"

Agreed. Definitely a miss by Jeff Ireland. We need a between the tackles RB on this roster to help T-Hill keep defenses honest.

Philbin is right to challenge his RB's. They need to run through a couple of arm attempts anyways.

I hated the Thomas choice in the first place. (Was/am a huge fan of drafting QB Mallet instead as we needed a freaking QB then too!!). Secondly, I hated the fact that Ireland used extra picks to go up to get him. Now that I have seen him run and get injured it would be great if Ireland would admit the mistake and take another stab later in this draft...sadly, he won't. RB Thomas is like a poor mans version of the Bolts RB Ryan Mathews (Thank you Bolts for giving up a bunch to get him too). Mathews had his second collarbone injury of the year this past week.

Both will show flashes but I bet they are never gonna string together enough games to warrant their lofty draft positions and picks given up.

We need a RB or Fullback that plays like Lousaka Polite and is automatic on short runs. We don't have that on this team right now in any form. MAYBE Javorski beefs up with weight training and develops more leg drive and can be that guy...but, that is probably wishful thinking. Decent movement for a guy his size. He needs to watch some Tom Coughlin Tiki hold on to the damn ball training vids!!


Mike J, Well thought ut post RE: Reggie, True .

I wish we had an OLB like NE's Rob Ninkovich on our roster...oh wait, HE WAS ALREADY ON OUR ROSTER and we let him walk into New Englands's clutches and start for the enemy!!

Plus he has a really swell first name... lol


I'd rather have RT than one dimensional Mallet.

When Brady retires Mallet will beat us twice a year.

Mallet the statue will lead the league in fewest steps taking by a QB. LOL. Tanny's arm is just as good, he is much better throwing on the run, is a running threat at all times.

When Brady retires NE will go into a 10 year tailspin.

...I don't know what will happen personel wise this offseason. These last 2 games are important from the standpoint of final evaluations going into said offseason.

For instance..Take Reggie Bush. He does have some value. But to me the team could have taken better advantage of his skills. They don't use him in the pass game enough(for reasons I may not be able to answer)..They(Philbin-Sherman) seemed hell bent on a platoon system which to me took our best offensive player off the field in favor of an ordinary one. Will this change next year? I doubt it, so why even try to re-sign Bush?

This is where Lamar Miller comes into play. Remember, that CJ Spiller hardly saw the field his rookie year, and the firsr half of last season. He had similar issues with pass protection that kept him out of the offense. Even with his extrodinary skill set, it took a Fred Jackson injury for Spiller to get PT..Back to Miller. It may be a case of experience in the offense that will allow the team to move forward with him as the feature back. IMO he is the most important rookie that needs reps these last 2 games. 2 good games could calm any fears about the running back position if in fact the team has no interest in Bush.

Running backs are a dime a dozen. This is an easy comment to make if you have efficiency at the spot. I know this is a passing league. I know in a perfect world that we would like to get the ball down the field the easy way(pass)..Hopefully we address the void in this area of our offense so we can take this step. The idea of losing Bush, and having no reliable replacement is staring us right in the eye. It is important that Miller get reps, and does well with them. Or we will have another huge hole to fill.

Bush has made the highlight reel more than another other player on the team. He is the only player on offense anyone ever needs to worry about. He is the only player on the team that can break for a td on any play.

Get rid of him?

You have to wonder why Sherman didn't come up with more packages that featured Bush lining up as a receiver with either Thomas or Miller in the backfield. That, in and of itself, would open up the run game because then the defense needs to worry about Bush catching a pass for a big gain.
Also, Sherman didn't use him effectively on screens. He could have thrown everything at defenses and he chose not to. The only thing I can chalk it up to is Tannehill's inexperience.

..Rob in OC..WHAT UP!!!!!!!!

I read an earlier post of yours on Cal Wr. Keenan Allen. I have not seen enough Cal games to even comment on him as a prospect. I did watch the Cal-Ohio State game earlier this year just to check him out as early mock drafts had him as our first round pick. So I was interested. Again 1 game is not fair barometer to judge any player. As I have no access to real game tape, or have no clue as to how this regime goes about evaluating what they want in a reciever I can only say this...

It was clear that Allen had some skills. It was also clear that the State Game was not his best effort. In fairness to him. The quarterback for Cal is(his brother) isn't a top tier quarterback. So there may be more factors in the reasons why Allen didn't play well that Saturday. I came away from that game thinking that I did not see anything spectacular, or exrodinary about this prospect. Again, it was one game. And I know there is plaenty of tape out there that the scouts, and teams have that tell a different story..We will see. The evaluation process for these prospects hasn't even really gotten interesting yet. Plenty of time for teams to fall in and out of love with any of them that may be on the boards now.

..Pro Lou.. The only reasoning that I came up with as far as why Bush wasn't used in the pass game more was he had to block more then the team may have wanted. I don't know, but it would be interesting to be able to go back and log all the pass situations where Bush was the running back where he had to stay in for protection. Count those against the pass plays where he could have been targeted, and then count the times that Tannehill completed passes when Bush did not have to protect. I bet this would give a pretty good idea of why he wasn't used in the pass game.

They haven't used Bush as a receiver because when they do he either drops it, or is dropped immediately. Simple.

The O line is so bad no running back can get a yard. It's pitiful.

It seems that the later rounds are where picking a RB can bring value.

Only the Fins would have 3 O lineman with a 1st round grade and the run game still sucks.
There are no WR's worth picking with our 1st round pick.
We must draft pass rush. Odrick is not consistent. We cant win a play off game without a serious pass rush from BOTH sides.
Note to Ireland; the stinkin Jets lost Reevis and still have the #1 secondary. U cant draft!
Packers James Jones doesnt even start, but he is better than anything we have. Ireland cant drive.

They need to pass the ball to Bush to get it to him, like the Rams did with Marshall Fault. Don't need to send him downfield but a couple more screens and swing passes and throw in a shovel pass will help.

Heckle and Jeckle are gone or are they?Blogmaster am I allowed to use these names as a metaphor to the regular occurence of switching screen names by the regulars on here to agree with their own opinion.The Miami Herald dosent police these blogs.BTW to him that posted you could get free IP ghost software,its not true,if you want that you have to pay for it.The most reliable way is to subscribe to a proxy server service,it allows you access to multiple IP addresses and they change frequently.

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