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Pro Bowl announced today: Dolphins candidates

The Pro Bowl rosters for the AFC and NFC will be announced at 7 p.m. The Dolphins are bound to get some love from voters despite their 7-8 record.

So which players are viable Pro Bowl candidates?

Cameron Wake is a practical shoe-in. The defensive end is fourth in the NFL and third in the AFC (behind J.J. Watt and Von Miller) with 15 sacks this season.

Wake is the most explosive 4-3 defensive end in football right now. So he is going to get his props, I am assuming.

The field beyond Wake looks a little thin.

Punter Brandon Field leads the AFC with a 50.3 average per punt. His net average of 41.1 is fifth in the AFC so he has worthy and strong challengers in front of him.

Running back Reggie Bush?

I doubt it. He has 960 yards and that's good, but that's only ninth-best in the  AFC. And it's not as if Bush has any statistic, such as 20-yard runs or touchdowns, where he is atop the pack. Nope, don't see Bush getting the nod.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline is 15th in the NFL and sixth in the AFC with 1,014 yards. He has an outside, outside chance because his 14.7 yards per catch is second among AFC leaders, behind only Demaryius Thomas of Denver, who has a 15.0 average.

Mike Pouncey will get some votes but it'll be interesting because his brother Markice Pouncey siphons off a good number.

Reshad Jones will get some votes but I'm afraid his excellent game Sunday -- two fumble recoveries and an interception -- came days too late because players and coaches around the league concluded their voting on Thursday and Friday.

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby leads the Dolphins with 121 tackles, but that's only 13th best in the NFL and sixth best in the AFC. Plus Dansby doesn't have too many highlight-type plays. The fact Ray Lewis missed most of the season will help Dansby.

So what does this all tell you?

Well, when Miami's top playmakers aren't even in the conversation of top playmakers around the league or conference it says Miami needs more and better playmakers.

Not a surprise to anyone.


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1. Wake will be a starter.
2. Pouncey no less than backup
3. Reshad Jones probably makes it as a replacement.

After this no other Dolphin will come close. Though the Dolphin I think has the greatest outside chance to get in as an alternate is: Big Paul Solia.

Big Paul has quitely had a very nice year.

Reshad Jones may deserve to be a starter, but he isnt a household name with hfl fans yet.

wgho cares about pro bowl. go finsssssssss

Jake Long will make it based on rep.

I care. I use the Pro Bowl as a measuring stick of where my team's talent is relative to other teams in the same conference. The Patriots always have 5-8 guys in the game. It isn't a coincidence they always win.

I know many here may think it's only a beauty pageant. Well, I want my team having the most players in the game and win the pageant because it tells me they're probably got good talent.

All I want for Xmas is my team to finish 8-8! No place to go but up gentlemen. Quality football is coming BACK TO MIAMI!!!

pro bowl is not a measuring stick at all. means nothing except jones will use it as leverage in new deal

Some socalled dofans would like to see zero Dolphins in the pro bowl. It would then greatly support thier hypothesis Jeff Ireland truly sucks. LOL...

DC. I agree with you

I dont care about the pro bowl as a fan, i should announce 2 wks before the super bowl. As for the dolphins, pro bowl recognition means more money down the road the team will have to pay a particular player or used as bargaining chip by the player during off season negotiations.


The defense will truly have to play "pro bowl-like" Sunday if we're to have any chance to finish 8-8 Sunday. Ryan Tannehill doesnt even have a prayer of winning with our "paper mache" recievings corps in a shootout with Brady.

It'll be like trying to fight off fighter jets with rocks.

Miami Dolphins 2013 Opponents:

With their win on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins ensured they cannot finish in the cellar of the AFC East, thus clearing up the picture with regard to their 2013 opponents, and where they will play those teams.

If Dolphins beat New England OR Jets lose to Bills (i.e. Miami finishes second in division) on Sunday, this is how the opponents will shake out:

HOME: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Ravens, Bengals, Falcons, Panthers and Chargers

ROAD: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Browns, Steelers, Saints, Buccaneers and Colts

If Dolphins lose to New England AND the Jets beat Bills (i.e. Miami finishes third in division)

HOME: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Ravens, Bengals, Falcons, Panthers and Raiders

ROAD: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Browns, Steelers, Saints, Buccaneers and Titans


WTH? Your players "increasing in value" means theyre playing very well. When your players are playing very well. It means increasing your victories.

I mean, how the hell do you expect this team to ever get better if we have no players worthy of an increase in value? Dude that utterly ridiculous.

I guess you would be happy with 1-15 every single year. Because thats about what we would have if we have zero players worthy of a pay increase. It also means you had better not sign any valuable fa's neither.

yes fins4ever so we def need to lose

1-15 axxures an easy sched the next season.

YG, I agree. But the Pats didn't look good at all last week. Brady had 2 INTs in the 1st half. If they play flat like that, we can take 'em.


Even if you had a team of 10 pro bowlers. Everyone of those players wont be in that contract year at the very same time each year. So youre not shelling out huge bucks every year for all of your very good players.

Still that's why you have to temper what you're spending in fa on other teams players vs your own. Even if you have 10 pro bowler and 5 of them are up for contract negotiations in a single. Its still a great problem to have because you can still afford to let 2 walk and still have 8 pro bowlers on your roster.

Then replace them through the draft.


Playing the Pats will also be a little more difficult this time around because I hear Gronk's coming back Sunday.

oh no!!!! gronk our worst nightmare

We *should* be playing for 11-5 GOD DAMN IT!!!

11-5 GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could care less about the Pro Bowl. Sure I want to see Dolphins make it there but this is a league of names not performance. Long has a better chance of makin it than Fields or Jones. Bush and Hartline don't deserve it. Pouncey does but his brother may get it and Mangold the backup


The Truth.

Reggie Sucks!!

Pouncey, Wake, R.Jones, And Fields!! Should All Go!!

J.Long is Also In The Probowl! Even Though You and The Haters Will Like To Think Otherwise!!

Hartline Can Have 1300 Yds Recieving And He Still Won't Go!! Hartline Only has 1 TD!!!

On Reggie!! The List Is Pretty Long!! On Why He Sucks!!

Nevermind More Than 10 RB's Have Already Gained 1000 Yds! And Another 5 Are Closer Than REGGIE!!



And YG,

Not Saying S.Bailey Won't Be A Great WR!!! But How Many Probowl Wr's Look Like Him? Not Many, If Any!!

Most Probowl Wr's Look Like The Prototype!! 6'2"+ 210+ lbs!!

Reggie deserves the pro bowl. A great playmaker.

No doubt we'd be in the playoffs if Matt Moore started. Tannehill has shown he cant finish games in the 4th quarter.

I know Some Of You Don't Care About The Probowl!!

But Like Every "ALLSTAR" Game!! In Every Other Sport!!

If You Make The Probowl!! That Means You Are One of The Best At Your Position!!

So To Discard and Disregard!! The Meaning!! Is Preposterous!!

The Game!! Might Suck!! And Yada Yada!! But Those That Make It!! Are The Best In The NFL!! FOR THE CURRENT YEAR!!

But Like YG Said!!

That Would Mean Ireland Knows!! What The F' He is Doing!!

And At Worst!! Ireland Gets Another Year!! To Keep Building!!

How Many Probowl Ready Players Do U See Developing Next Year!!

Here's A Hint!! If We Keep Jake!! WE Can Have 3 O-Linemen In The Probowl!!

And L.Miller Will Have a Better Shot At Making It Than Reggie!! A REAL RB!! Not Some Gimmick Player!!

Our D has been excellent this year but Reggie Bush is the entire offense.

T-Hill Is The MVP!! Of This Team!!

By A Landslide!!

Ireland Get T-Hill Some Transformers!! And This Offense Has A Shot To Be Really Good!!


Just right off the top of my head 2 pro bowl recievers look like him(Welker, Steve Smith). Further in the past a very long list(Duper, Clayton, the Skins 80's smurphs, etc...etc...).

Even if talking an entirely different skill position, Russell Wilson is at least a legitimate candidate.

As a dolfan, we of all nfl fans, can count the countless amount of real football talent we allowed to pass because it didnt meat "a certain prototype". We got our prototype, but, not much else.

ENUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Plus we have dolfans screaming now about why the hell we didnt raft TY Hilton. He's "FAR" from "PROTOTYPE" nfl wr.

Forget Tannehill our D is the only chance to keep us in Sundays game.


Dashi, if Polomalu makes it and Jones does it would you say the best at their position made it? If Ray Lewis makes it would consider that the best made it? Like every other sport if you are known or liked (not even liked, just known) you are "good"

and Jones doesn't*

IMO, as far as constant consistency, Wake, Popuncey, and Reshad Jones are by far more worthy of team 2012 team mvp Than Ryan Tannehill.

MVP is about consistency of upper level play, not great flashes here and there.

We need to keep drafting a QB every year until we get it right. Lets not "hope and pray" for Tannehill like we did for Henne for 4 years!

Reggie Bush is team MVP hands down. A one man offense.


Pro bowl is part consistent upper level play and part household name. But first you have to have consistent upper level play before becoming a household name amongst nfl fans.

You dont ever wanna become the greatest player no one ever heard of. Its almost virtually impossible.

Reshad Jones is now a blip on the pro bowl radar. A geat season next year he's a shoe in to make it. Then after that he'll become a household name. But he'll have to put a couple back to back very good seasons to accomplish this.


Fin Nation should thank our lucky stars you arent gm. You would waste 2013 1st rd pick on a qb with more postential for bust than boom.

Ive seen publications saying the 1st qb may not go off of the board until the 25th pick. But Im sure a team desperate for qb will pick one much sooner.


YG, 1 out of the 20 Wr's In The Probowl Might Be Short!

Dashi Doesn't See Steve Smith Making It This Year! Look at His Stats!!

And Welker Is Probably Making His Last Probowl!! And Dashi Will Give WELKERS PB Selection To Brady For Making Him!!

Welker Runs 1 Route!! That Corny Option Route!! He Runs In Full Speed!! Stops And Cuts Out! Everytime!!

Any Other Route Welker Sucks!! Welker Catches At Least 95% OF His Passes Of That 1 Option Route!!

And YG!!


Maybe In The 80's Little Wr's Were The Norm!!

In The 21st Century!! The NFL WR IS BIG FAST AND STRONG!!

1 out of 20 Wr's!! and 1 out of 32 NFL QB's!! Is Not The Norm!! It Is The Exception!!


And To Put The Dolphin Wr Prototype Debate To Rest!!!!!

What Did Sherman Do At A&M!!!

T-Hill Is What Your Prototypical WR!! Will Look Like For This Team!! Just A Little Faster!!

6'4" 220+ Lbs!! Runs A 4.4 40yd!

Look At J.Fuller!!

Bess Is The Exception!! And Philbin and Sherman Have Stated This!! 1000's Of Times!!

Ryan Tannehill at present is a greater qb prospect than anything coming out this season. Thats just how thin 2013's qb position is.

So let's just "BLOW" a 1st rd pick to draft something not even as good as Tannehill is right now.


Smith is like a 10 year vet now. Im not saying he'll make pro bowl this year. I was referencing him a wr of Bailey's ilth and size who was a "PERRENIAL" pro bowler in the prime of his career.

Seems to often in this blog people just stop thinking, period. Just to be wrong about something they wanna be right about. Just total and deliberate mental shutdown.

No "OPENMINDEDNESS" whatsoever. Even if evidense is presented they should do so.


The Probowl Is Not A Popularity Contest!!

Else TEbow Would Be Starting!! Vs R.Wilson!!

Of Course Some All-Stars Make it Off Reputation!! Alone!!


But To Say Players Make It Off Of Name Alone!! Is Bull!!

You Have To Play At Least A Certain Amount Of Games To Be Nominated!!

And Only The Starters Are Picked By The Fans!!

And Even Then!! Fan Voting Only Counts For 1/3 Of The Vote!! The Other 1/3 Is Player And Coaches Voting!! And The Last 1/3 Is The Media!!

The Coaches Pick The Reserves!! Not The Fans!!

wake up Tannehill has 7 wins this year as a rookie, thats the same amount as Moore had last year with a true #1 WR. Yes Moore will have had 4 less starts but he also started 0-4 before winning and beating teams with a nonwinning record. So where it matters in the win column Moore and Tannehill are tied with their comparitive years. Tannehill did more with less and ensuring two WRs that were on the team last year had career years this year. hmmm the rookie doing as good as the vet with less?????



There's far to much evidence existing that non prototype players can be very successful in the nfl. Just the BP era itself gives full evidence of this. He passed on quite a few successful nfl non prototypes for prototypes and we paid dearly.

Then BP settle on non prototype qb Pat White who was a complete bust. I mean you can draft guys not quite prototype. But why the hell draft a qb 165lbs soaking wet?

Now thats completely stupid.

jax + bills = bottom feeders but ya'll still want a parade.

one man offense? I like Bush but he misses too many holes. Yes he is more than likely going to get another 1000 season but 1000 yards over 16 games is only 62.5 yard average a game which by no means is a one man wrecking crew on offense. I mean YTD the Fins have gained 4945 yards of offense Tannehill had 3095 of them with Bush gaining 960. RT has 14 TD's, still low, compared to Bush's 6.

What's up losers?

MVP is between Bush and Wake. Matty convienently left out Bush's pass catching.

2009: Henne 7 wins
2010: Henne 7 wins
2011: Moore 6 wins
2012: Tanne 7 wins

With a win vs NE Tanne will surpass both Moore and Henne for team wins in a season.


The reason you want tohold to a guy like Bush, if he doesnt want to break the bank, is because of the multiple ways he can be used. Just Sunday alone was a fin e demonstration of this. Bush had 1 td rushing and two tds recieving.

Still as a rb he's always an explosion waiting to happen on any given carry. Bush is the type of rb who can have 150 yds in only 10 carries if he's extremely hot that day.

There's always room in any type offense for a versatile weapon like Reggie Bush.


I Understand What You Are Trying To Say!!!( And Know HOW MUCH YOU LIKE S.BAILEY AS A WR!!)

Dashi Is Just Letting You Know The Chips Are STACKED AGAINST S.BAILEY!!




The Haters!! Don't Want TO ADMIT IT!!


T-Hill Is Team MVP!!!


Heck!! T-Hill Is A Better Runner Than Reggie!! He Doesn't Run Scared!! And That Is The Scary Part With T-Hill Running!! And Sherman Knows This!!

T-Hill Still Thinks He Is A WR!! ONCE HE TAKES OFF!!!

Any Qb Runs Out Of Bounds!! T-Sizzle Dives Head First!!

The Difference Between RG3 and T-Sizzle Is T-Hill Is A BIG BOY!!

Yes RG3 Might Be Faster!!

But Ask A DB Or A LB!! WHO THEY RATHER HIT?!! 6'5" 230 or 6'1" 200!!

Same thing With Your Boy Wilson!! Wait Til They Light Him Up!!!

There are 4-5 QB's in next years draft easily better then Tannehill....

Im out guys. Every other post this captcha crap keeps popping up. Ill be bling within the next half hour at this rate trying to comprise of it.

Agree on Bush.
The problem is if you let a starter on a crap team play out his final year why shouldn't he test the market and see if he can go to a contender.


I cant imagine Bush not wanting to go to a playoff team.





This Season!! Has Been Disastrous For The Haters!!

T-Hill Is The Whole Offense!!!!!!!!!!!!


RG3 is listed as 6'2 217. Was listed at 220lbs during the combines.

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