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San Fran. beats the Dolphins, 27-13

SAN FRANCISCO -- The optimist will say the Dolphins traveled across country and gave one of the better teams in the NFC a tough game. The pessimist will see this as another example of the Dolphins not being good enough.

The 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 on Sunday.

This realist sees it as a fine effort that fell short because, well, the Dolphins don't have enough horses.

Don't make enough plays in crunchtime.

Probably don't know how to win tight road games against very good teams this because they haven't done it in a long time.

You shouldn't be disappointed. But neither should you be at all excited.

The Dolphins have lost five of the last six games. They have clinched their fourth consecutive year without a winning record

It is what it is.



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LOL @ Tanne throwing the ball away on 4th down. What a moron.

It's not fair to be a Fins fan.

Another pitiful performance capped off with the perfect flop by Tannehill. Who throws the ball away on 4th down when technically you still have a shot? Undisciplined fools.

Tanne=Bust. What a difference we saw today between him an Kaep. And Philbin and Harbaugh for that matter. This franchise is truly in the gutter.

Looks like Henne had another 'flourishing' game against the Jags today. 21-43 for 185 yards, no TDs and TWO picks. Same old crap!!

Ireland will be here 6 years next year and this is the product we have.... This is what he has to show after 5 years and many of you are satisfied with him!!?? Very troubling

I think Philbin said it, we can't win in this League if we don't score more than 16 points a Game.

ireland worst gm in nfl, but sadly enough he will still be here next season

REAL GM's and REAL Owners go all out for QB's. The G-Men went all out for Manning and have Superbowl rings and for us, they beat up the Patriots. THANK YOU G-Men.

The Redskins went all out for RG III... That will unfold. The Colts didn't need to go all out and they will be great with Luck.

The Dolphins example of going all out gets us crap and will always get us crap. We have a SCOUT occupying the GM office and a Bid ear owner who thinks he know about winning.

We will remain losers for many, MANY years. Face the facts if you think we are going anywhere next season of the next I got a bridge to sell you.

Until we get rid of Ireland we will forever be rebuilding and forever watching other REAL GM's go all out and sell the house for a REAL draft QB.

Good night.


6-7 would put you 1 game behind the leader for the last playoff spot and that is a fact.

You watch the Fins to root against them so that they can pick 11th instead of 15th. Why would you even watch the game if you are hoping for them lose?

Ross is sleeping with Ireland, that the only reason why he's held his job for this long.

realist would say this team stinks

optimist would say this team stinks

pessimists would say this team stinks

GM and Owner will publicly say this teams a work in progress( as close as to resembling the word STINKS)

Anybody who watches football would say this team stinks

who cares if 6-7 did, much better to be 5-8 now.

Same crap from our team today. I watched very little of it. If anyone's satisfied with this team going to the West Coast and losing by 14 points then I feel sorry for you. This week and last week we weren't close to winning. You're kidding yourself if you think we were.

yup nyg thats why i was yelling for rgs back in april but miami didnt care.

Hey Craig,

Where have you been all game. Good to see you posting.

Yea Henne had a bad game today but I watched some of that game and their OL was terrible. He almost brought them back at the end of the game but threw the dreaded interception.

Henne may have a chip on his shoulder next week though. He is going to want to prove to the organization that they were wrong. I predict 350 yards and 3 TDs for Henne next week.


(( THE COMEBACK )).............................MY FOOT ................ BY DASHI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'

Tannehill sucks so bad, its flabbergasting. That throw on 4th down is all one needs to know about how much, if any, of his brain the guy uses.

We need to sign RECEIVERS and draft them in the first round as well.

We need to keep Long and Smith also and we need Egnew to develop NOW.

We should use the remaining games as a practice and go all out if you want to stay a Dolphin you have to deliver at least one game changing play in these last 4 games or youre out.


51-0 seattle feel so bad for fitz

It would have helped, at their own 40, if we had recognized that San Fran has a great D backfield and instead of going for the 20 yds passes we would have gone, 6, 7, 1st down, 8,3, another first down. Just saying.

Nobody today is saying we don't need Long.

it is so very sad to see what the colts are doing after two wins last season and miami at 6-10 and see more progress in a team expected to be awful even with luck to a team devoid of talent because the FO likes their personal more than actual production...Nice to see thats working out thus far..

The refs couldn't have been worse. So obvious they were playing the Vegas betters.

smart fans hope he does orlando, we cant win anymore this year. either way we all know henne is horrible.

Sorry, Armando I'm disappointed because I'm a realist. Losing by two touchdowns is not a good effort in the NFL.

Be more of a cheerleader, you pathetic excuse for a journalist. The dolphins only lost by 14! The spread was not even that high.

Pathetic franchise with a worthless GM who left the weapons cupboard bare. They aren't any closer to contention than they were the day Marino retired. If anything, they have gone backwards again.

Marshall with 10-160-and a TD for the Bears. So glad he is gone!

Good Game Today!

The Fins Need Wr's!! And A Faster TE!!

Expect To See Egnew Next Week!




THE VERY FIRST HENNE BOWL!!( I Expect Many More Of These!! Henne Will Be The Jags QB For The Next 5-8 YEARS! This IS HOW U CREATE A RIVALRY IN FLORIDA!!)

I Expect Another Good Game!! And CHAD TO BE CHAD!

I think 1thing were all in agreement in we f u c k I n g suck!! Please don't resign Sean Smith he's soooo soft. Cut Dansby and Burnett there both a waste of cap money. Give Mike Wallace whatever money he wants. Hartline couldn't get open all day. Bess couldn't get open all day. Moore can't catch. Matthews can't get open. Fasona can't get open. Martin got ran over all day. We suck! The offense is pathetic!!!

henne wont be the starter ever for them unless an i njury occurs.

I'll still say we don't need Long. He is too expensive and we have enough resources in the line. Save the money and use it on a wide receiver with NFL level talent!

The Colts were smart. They intentionally lost all those games because they knew Luck was a stud. But of course, our sorry franchise doesn't have the guts to do that, now look where we are.

No weapons for Tannehill. Get Mike Wallace even if u have to overpay for him....

Long sucks. The Fins are crazy if they sign him back.

Giving up only 1 sack to Aldon Smith, pretty much cements, our "rookie lt" can hold his own.

Aldon Smith can at least get 1 sack against pro bolw lt's.


I'm with YG on this. I'd be content to see the team lose the next three. Nothing to be gained by winning games at this stage of the season. Tied of hearing the 'invaluable lessons for Tannehill crap'. He's not getting any better and it showed again today. I'm not feeling with this coach and QB right now. I guess I'll need to see more from them next year to feel differently.

exactly dan, what a huge difference

The commentators kept on saying it, this team has no WR's capable of getting good/any seperation on deep routs, it needs pin perfect passes to even stand a chance which Tannehill cannot deliver all the time, not many QB's can or even need to.
The problems are obvious on offense, we need a playmaking deep threat receiver Jennings, Wallace and a TE to threaten the seam, Fasano is not that guy despite his circus catch today.
Meanwhile we have a stout defense in need of Free Safety, LB and CB help. We never ever seem to be able to create a turnover when the game is on the line.
A team that is limited on offense and incapable of creating game changing turnovers on defense is never going to the playoffs, period!!!!
You guys who thought we could be in the playoffs, keep dreaming, me, I prefer to live in the real world.
If we can address these issues in the offseason then, yes, playoffs are possible next year.

I knew that we would never make the playoffs but I expected more. I expected better development of Tannenhill from a QB developing coach - Philbin. Just wondering how the Seahawks with a short, 2nd rounder are able to develop a nobody into a somebody.

Tannehill is your classic scrub. You can't expect much from the guy. He stinks.

r.wilson many thought was good, its just they thought he was too short. so far he isnt

With Fitzgerald rotting in AZ, I wonder what it would take to get him in a trade?

thill has solid potential. hes a rookie starting from day one with no oline or weapons. next year will be the key if they surround him with decent guys

"You shouldn't be disappointed. But neither should you be at all excited.

The Dolphins have lost five of the last six games. They have clinched their fourth consecutive year without a winning record"

LOL. Funny stuff. We're part of the dregs of the NFL, yet we shouldn't be disappointed. How low this franchise has fallen.

If the Dolphins were in the midst of a 12-4 season, one of those four losses VERY likely would have been against the 49ers today.

Calm the eff down, you nitwits. Miami still needs help (starting with a real speed threat outside) but they are a young team on the upswing.

Just as Dan Dierdorf said about them, by the way---not that the opinion of someone who actually played football and has been around the game for 40 years should sway your "expert" ANALlysis

"It is what it is"
Another useless article. How many more years of rebuilding?
Mando is an apologist for the worst run franchise in the league.

Bess 1 TD
Hartline 1 TD
Moore 1 TD
Gaffney..CUT and ZIP

Guys miami passed over
Jackson 7 TDS
Marshall 8 TDS
Moss 2 TDS (he's got more than bess and hartline combined)
Justin Blackmon 3 tds
the list can go and on but I guess when miami fans are so scared that they might lose hartline after this year, It's more in terms of this FRONT OFFICE having no clue on how to replace even their most productive yet very inneffective reciever on the team

Mr Ross keep it up. Keep doing what your doing Ireland will have it together soon....Youre almost there. (rest of NFL laughing at you)

Sane Fan, lol. Anyone who even dreams this team could have a 12-4 record is in no way sane. This team needs help alright, mental help. They are pathetic.

Another example of how Tannehill needs big time WR, until then and until Ireland is gone which is the roadblock to better team the losses will continue. The Dolphins finally have a good QB but of course release Brandon and fail to pick up WR and that equals to yeah I have a great car but no engine.....Ross wake up and make a move....

Dan Dierdorf is a washed up nobody. His "expert analysis" is about as worthless as it gets.

The Dolphins are in permanent rebuilding mode. They've been rebuilding since Wannstedt left. After Cam Cameron....I mean Joe Philbin gets fired in another year or two, they will be rebuilding again.


Indeed I do place a "small" amount of the blame at Tannehill's feet. But it seems many of us forget his starting wr's are a 4th rd pick(Hartline) and a undrafted rookie fa(Bess).

Both are highly questinable top be starters on much better recieving units. Plus, the TE position has been the most inconsistent of our recieving units all season.

Add this to having a rookie qb no one forcasted as a day 1 starter and what do you guys really expect? It would be different if we had great wr's and at least above average TE's.

id deal a lottttttt for fitz

"Sane" Fan, Miami is on the upswing? Did you even see the game today? Or any of the last 5 of 6 games that we lost? More like delusional fan.

As long as Ireland is in charge, he will be surrounded by crap. Every skill guy Irekand drafts is terrible. He got rid of Marshall for peanuts and now we all have to watch him destroy the NFC.

Giants have 52 points, that's a good month for the lolphins



I don't buy this crap we have no OL. The line is never going to be perfect. No team has a perfect line. Injuries happen all the time. I'm tired of hearing this excuse about our line and I'm tired of hearing excuses for T-hill. Every other rookie QB is showing up, INCLUDING Foles and Cousins today. Enough of the excuses for Thill. 13 games in now. How long do we keep making excuses for this guy?

I'm a 49ers fan. You people have a good young team whether you realize it or not. Impressed by Tannehill versus the NFL's BEST defense.

You weren;t going to win today NO MATTER WHAT but a year from now it might have been a different story. Know what you guys need? A speedy WR. You don't have that threat at all.

But if you don't think your team is growing up or doesn;t play hard you are crazy. The Niners had to work for this one.

Craig! If U Didn't Watch The Game U Shouldn't Talk!!

I Understand The Sociopath!!(ALOCO!) He Just Doesn't Know What He Is Watching!






The dolphins don't need a top 5 pick next draft because they can use their first round on a number of positions and it would be a successful pick, so stop the "we need to take a knee every play over the rest of the season and get the first pick" bullcrap.

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