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San Fran. beats the Dolphins, 27-13

SAN FRANCISCO -- The optimist will say the Dolphins traveled across country and gave one of the better teams in the NFC a tough game. The pessimist will see this as another example of the Dolphins not being good enough.

The 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 on Sunday.

This realist sees it as a fine effort that fell short because, well, the Dolphins don't have enough horses.

Don't make enough plays in crunchtime.

Probably don't know how to win tight road games against very good teams this because they haven't done it in a long time.

You shouldn't be disappointed. But neither should you be at all excited.

The Dolphins have lost five of the last six games. They have clinched their fourth consecutive year without a winning record

It is what it is.



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Same old same old. And sadly, there isn't anything worth getting hyped up about in the future. This team blows chunks as does its management.
As Dandy Don used to sing..."turn out the lights, the party's over..."

Lol thanks niners fan. The dolphins aren't that young and making a team have to try isn't a moral victory.

13 points scored is what it is. Not good enough.

I believe that Jeff Ireland has football "knowledge"...I don't believe he has true football "know how". Each year he reaches...then the PR machine goes into motion and the media drinks the Kool aid. End of the day it's up to the Billionaire to realize he has a "weak" employee in a key position. Hopefully at some point Stephen Ross will treat the Dolphins like his real estate investments and fire the people who are screwing him out of his investment with the Miami Dolphins.

No playmakers, Moore should have caught at least one of those deep balls, Tannehill is working with terrible playmakers

All top draft picks should be on the Offensive side of the ball, as well as any FA signings. If this kid is our future get him someone to throw to who can get open

This team better pick skill player in the first three rounds of next years Draft a la TE WR RB CB


I actually DID watch some of the game. I don't need to watch all the game to have an opinion, Dashi. It's the SAME crap every week! Tell me what you saw today that was any different? Anything?

By the way, I saw Dansby make a tackle on Gore on third down in the first half that stopped him going into the end zone and kept him short of a first game. I guess you're not going to report that on here today, right?

caigm im never gonna give up on a rookie qb playing in his first year. until this year most all rookie qbs didnt even play first year. if he goes backwards next year ill start to worry. he has the tools and leadership ability. now he need to learn the game better

I'm a 49ers fan. You people have a good young team whether you realize it or not. Impressed by Tannehill versus the NFL's BEST defense.
You weren;t going to win today NO MATTER WHAT but a year from now it might have been a different story. Know what you guys need? A speedy WR. You don't have that threat at all.
But if you don't think your team is growing up or doesn;t play hard you are crazy. The Niners had to work for this one.
Posted by: LM/Berkeley | December 09, 2012 at 07:26 PM

100% right

All the sports writers in Miami said it ws stupid to "suck for Luck" last year. Who looks stupid now? The Colts purposely lost games last year to be in the playoffs this year. Yet we get stuck with a loser coach, owner, GM, OC, and QB. And loser "sports" writers who do nothing but fellate those same owners, coaches and managers.
Puke inducing.


J.Blackmon Has 3 TD's!!



I don't need to watch EVERY f8cking play to have an opinion, but thanks for your concern. To be honest, I'm at the point that I have better things to do than watch this crap every week. If you have a problem with that, then too bad.....capiche?

Tannehill is sexy as hell. Would love to meet him in the shower.

OK, you guys are definitely right.

I shouldn't be listening to what Dan Dierdorf says about the Dolphins but rather a bunch of mentally-challenged drunks on a message board who will never be closer to pro football than the 6-feet from their obese, flabby butts to a TV screen.

Thanks for clearing that up, "experts."

Yeah Craig you say you didnt watch the game so seriously you have no grounds for judging anything today. There are no excuses that need to be made. Tannehill is a very inexperienced rookie on a bad team. Most of the free world knew he would struggle this season. Join the club already.

I laugh at everyone saying all we need is receivers! Tannehill can't make a good throw now with receivers who are open, why will that change!

The colts took luck then drafted two tight ends and Hilton at WR.

The dolphins took Tannehill, traded away their best WR and waited until the sixth round to draft a new one.

One team understands how to set up a young QB for success and one insists on making sure he doesn't have the weapons to succeed.

Fire Ireland Now.

WOW! J.Blackmon has 3 TD's!

The Nerve Of This Sociopath!

I'm with you, Phins78. Tanne is gorgeous.

yup andrew so true. all 4 playing big roles. we took egnew right ahead of hilton

You guys are cursed. All the other rookie QBs are shining, yet Tannehill is stuck with these growing pains. Typical Fish. You guys need help.

Hartline is an overrated reciever, what is he honestly to miami? A 4-6 recpetion guy who occassionally will make a play or two.

Remember when a lot of fans were clammering for a #2 reciever even when marshall was here...this team lacks depth and talent on offense so much that one wallace, jennings, and bowe are incabable of providing without other additions as well, like a TE, a reliable red zone target when your #1 reciever in the endzone is being mauled over by their shutdown corner. Hartline and bess are not those guys. And they never will be

The Rams beat the 49ers last week, they aren't world beaters lol.

Miami just stinks, losing by 14 to any team isn't very good or a sign of success.

Wonder if there's any chance for this franchise to relocate to Havana?



You know what guys I was one of the guys posting Tannehill and post but honestly truthfully speaking he has very limited weapons around him. I've eased up on the kid and many of you should. I've never seen a team with so many positions on the offensve side lacking. I thnk the argument can me made out of all the rookies Tannehill has the least supporting cast to work with. He gets a pass until we have some legit weapons on the offensive side of the football.

Luck has NO receivers, but they've won 9 games and he has 17 TD's, Tanny will be holding a clipboard in a year.

Losing is losing, 49ers fan. This team is not that young. Tanne is the exception. We stink on all sides.


I saw ENOUGH of the game to have an opinion. Trust me. If you guys watched every single play then good for you but I saw enough of the game and followed it online to know it went almost exactly as script. We were never seriously threatening to win this game. Same as last week.

And by the way, if you want to fool people who are even dumber than you are (as unfathomable as that may be) be my guest.

You sure as hell aren't fooling me, however.

What you ACTUALLY know about football would fit in a thimble.

And were you to offer your opinions and 'expert ANALYysis' around anyone who actually WAS connected to the game, you would be laughed out of the room within 30 seconds.

That IS reality.

So we have a average college QB running a an average college offense. So what makes you think this QB and offensive scheme will flourish in the NFL? Tannehill can't make any tight throws and has no touch on the deep ball. The defense is so poorly coached they don't know how to tackle. Everytime a RB gets the ball I see a bunch of dolphin defenders around him, but somehow they can't tackle him.

Craig M, i don't want to argue. Can we just be friends? Do you have a Facebook account? Would love to see a picture of you.


Mr. NO NOTHING....I wasn't watching the highlights. I watched part of the first, part of the second and part of the third....MR. SMART A**!

What Would Dansby Do?



...I was fully entertained by that game..The score was closer then what the final outcome tallied. I also watched it with 3 Bay Area Niner fans who had nothing but compliments about our young team..That is here nor there.

I don't care that we lost.At this point it doesn't matter. What I did see(positive) was another solid defensive effort. a pretty good showing from Martin, and Garner.(Martin more then held his own after the firt quarter)..We play hard as a team. I like that about this group. No we aren't ready to win..Still a ways. But IMO I feel good about todays game.

Now IMO for the good of humanity. We need to destroy Jax. next week. This place will be an unbearable cesspool if Henne comes in here an wins..

The game was over when Thigpen fumbled that punt, it was 13-3 and that was out of reach for our pathetic offense



Miami has been dominated in the trenches the past month. Outside of Pouncey and Martin(maybe) the O-line needs to be completely re-built, again.

The receivers are very mediocre. For some reason they continue to give Thomas carries even though he's not as good as Bush or as talented as Miller.

The defense is above average. The D-line plays well, but not well enough. The linebackers are good, but not great. Neither can they generate a pass rush.

The secondary outside of jones is a train wreck.

The reality is this team has actually over achieved to this point. They are below average and are not close to being a consistent playoff team.

Miami is the only team that really sucks as a fan..players can't get open at all because of the play calling..philbin needs to tighten his Ass up and stop trying please Ireland with a clean honest team..get play makers rather they have home issues or not

cmon! stop complaining about the weapons and WR and TE! did anyone saw the Fasano TD??? that was a superstar play for God sake! stop the excuses! this team is what it is because of Ryan Tannehill, this team could be 8-4 or 9-3 under Matt Moore, the guy sucks and will sucks, has been saying the same all year, Tanehill sucks!!!!

When you have slower receivers the ball has to be thrown perfectly on every pass. Today displayed our glaring need of speed. Its must be great for Luck to have a future hall of fame reciever who still producing at a high level and a couple of real 2 and 3 receivers in Avery and Hilton. RG3 has a probowl RB and receivers who can make plays, after his injury they still won. Wilson has at least B minus receivers and a pro bowl RB. T-Hill has two slow slot recevers and ankle weights Fasano. If we get the kid weapons and he doesnt produce or have notable improvement then I will strongly doubt we got the right guy. But I think he will pan out, the announcers made a point of illustrating the fact we dont have any threats. Give him the tools if he doesnt improve... we move on but this kid can get it done with weapons, putting aside your anger you know he has the skill set. Just Saying...

earl we all know luck is better than thill, hell hes better than most every qb already in nfl

Russel Wilson has proven that he is the real deal. I am still not sure about T-Hill. We'll have to wait and see.

I still wonder what the season would have been like if Moore was the starter. We certainly would have lost today with either QB. However, would Moore have made a difference against the lowly Jets at home or against the awful Cardinals on the road? Would we have played as bad against the bad Titans at home or could we have pulled that game out against the Colts? How many wins did we waste this year to develop T-Hill? They should have started Moore this year and T-Hill next year after 1 year under his belt. That is what Harbaugh did with his QB, Alex smith started for 1 1/2 years before he turned the reins over to the young QB. You don't throw a season away.

Posted by: Dashi | December 09, 2012 at 07:26 PM

Douchi/Odin stank, Please use your spellceck, Your spelling verything wrong, It's like your drunk.

Sane Fan, who are you arguing with? Anyone who is truly sane would not be spending their sunday night on this blog, lol.

Earl are you kidding me? Luck has Reggie Wayne Ty Hilton Flenner to throw too all out better then the WR/TE we have.

Andrew and your other 100 names ,the Dolphins are the third youngest team in the league. You once again prove you are not a Dolphins fan, probably a Jets fan.

And you know how it's obvious. You can always tell the non fans because no real fan takes delight in their team losing. We knew we had little chance against one of the top teams in the league but it still hurts. Calling people busts, laughing at the team, making fun of player mistakes, these are all things an opposing fan does. That makes you such a freakin loser, hanging out in the oppositions fan blog, and even more pathetic is you don't know it. Stop changing your name, admit you're a fan of another team and act like a man for once in your life.

Phins 78....

Looks like you're being impostered@ 7:32.....IN BLUE.....

The Dolphins will stink as long as the clueless Ms. Ross is the owner.

The best thing that could happen to this franchise is what's happening on the field. We're going to get a top ten pick and we're at LEAST another year away from competing. I'll refrain from having a final answer on Tannehill and Philbin for at LEAST another year.

Oh no, someone might think thats me! And they might think Im gay! Whatever shall I do boo hoo hoo how hurtful. Idiot.

Reggie Wayne (1220 yrds) 8 tds

Donnie Avery 3 TDS

T Y hilton 5 TDs

Sorry Ignorant poster @7:36, first post), luck aint doing that all by himself!! Smartest thing the colts did in the offseason was resign their PRO-BOWL HOF'er WR in reggie wayne.

WTF does miami have on their roster that would even come close to that this offseason?

Craig M,

How can you want to lose against the Jags and Bills? If we lose to those bad teams at home, then it probably means we need to find a new QB and our team is worst than we thought. It would mean we need to start all over. Do you really want to go through that again. I see improvement in T-Hill, and the defense played pretty well most of the game today. Did you guys expect to beat the Niners today with a rookie QB. We stuck with them for most of the game and it was only a 14 point game after K broke that long run. The score did not tell the story of the game. You can't be a fan and root for your team to lose. You want to prove you are getting better and you do that by playing well and winning. No way I want to lose the rest of the games this year.

Dude so you're like what,,,,,,,13? Do you actually think I would be bothered by someone thinking Im gay? Your just showing how immature and lonely you are. Sad.

Guys, you have to let the Matt Moore thing go. Moore looked decent last year with Brandon Marshall. He would not have been any good with this group of talentless bums.

The real issue is still coaching and culture on the team. There is NO urgency on this team to get in the endzone until it is too late - every game. I would rather them go for the 4th and 1s at midfield early in the game and actually show some urgency to score some touchdowns. It's like they just keep putting it off.

Phins78, I don't have any other names. I'm just a realist, I'm rooting for wins but I understand why we lose and it starts with a front office that is useless.

I can always tell who the apologists are because they get personal because they don't want to face that I'm right.


Moore looked pretty good against the Jets on the road this year in our most convincing win of the season. Agreed, though that losing Marshall was huge this year but that is on Philbin not wanting to deal with divas and not Ireland.

we could line up with jerry rice, tim brown and antonio gates and still score 13 points.

either tannehill cant throw inside the numbers or mike sherman doesnt know how to call a game. either way we're screwed because they will both be back next year.

where do we find these washed up fossil offensive coordinators? we make a big deal about bringing in an offensive minded head coach and then he hands the offense over to henning, i mean sherman. wtf.

Douchi, When is Odinstank gonna wake up and ruin the blog?
Kristine, Hows that 11 and 5 perdiction working for you?
(By the way, Kris is a grade-A Idiot,Not quite the boffoon as Odinstank, but in the same league as Douchi)

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