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San Fran. beats the Dolphins, 27-13

SAN FRANCISCO -- The optimist will say the Dolphins traveled across country and gave one of the better teams in the NFC a tough game. The pessimist will see this as another example of the Dolphins not being good enough.

The 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 on Sunday.

This realist sees it as a fine effort that fell short because, well, the Dolphins don't have enough horses.

Don't make enough plays in crunchtime.

Probably don't know how to win tight road games against very good teams this because they haven't done it in a long time.

You shouldn't be disappointed. But neither should you be at all excited.

The Dolphins have lost five of the last six games. They have clinched their fourth consecutive year without a winning record

It is what it is.



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Ireland has to be fired
It's our only hope for the future
He cannot be allowed to draft next year

cant win games making the type of fundamental mistakes we made the last 2 weeks--this week, 2 consecutive false start penalties, taking a 1st and goal from the 8 back to the 18 (ie. points lost)--Thigpen fumble inside the 5, after Miami's great D stand/sack (ie. points)--Clemons needless 15 yd personal foul penalty, pushing SF deeper into Miami territory (ie. points)--cant happen, and certainly not against a great team.

Can we all agree that Jeff Ireland is the person to solve Miami's problems at wide receiver? His ability to identify great wide receivers is well known around the league.

stop with Henne please......whatever you think of Tannehill, please just stop with Henne--he's a stiff and everyone knows it.


I know you will be almost as pumped up as Henne will be for this game......

Your best bud is coming to town....

"Why would you even watch the game if you are hoping for them lose?"

So they can draft enough firepower that they stop losing.

I wonder how many tickets Ross will have to purchase this week to prevent this ratings bonanza of a game from getting blacked out.

This was the Jags RB rotation today, each player and his employer 2 weeks ago:
Montell Ownes (McDonalds)
Richard Murphy (Practice Squad)
Jordan Todman (Enterprise Rent A Car)

I'm shocked. The secondary sucks the o line sucked and d Thomas blows. Also marlon Moore can't catch. Who knew

...this is how it looks on NFL.com

z- New England Patriots
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins


Doesn't this get old? Ever? Some of you folks (year in and year out) still hold out hope this team will turn it around.

Not going to happen as long as Ireland is there. Not going to happen as long as Ross is there. Not going to happen as long as we keep drafting 2nd tier QB's.

This crap is getting soooooo old and predictable now.

Richard Murphy also handled all KR & PR duties.

Earler in the week Michael Turner was questionable so I picked up Daniel Thomas and started him today. 0.3 points.

Daniel Thomas had 3 yards rushing and Charles Clay had no yards. If Henne were here Mando would blame him for that.


On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, where would you rate your intelligence:

A. 1
B. 1.5
C. 2

hey Jack.....would it really make you feel alot better if Miami was listed 2nd in that group? they'd be 6-7 and also out of the playoffs, mediocre......the best of the 3 crappy teams in the division--no, that listing doesnt get old.....could care less actually--until they can at least compete for the playoffs, what order they finish in the AFC East is irrelevant.

Just another point...

We've tried everything except one.

A new GM.

JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE TANNE DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO LIKE IRELAND. Some of you folks refuse to separate the two from one another. Tanne might be good enough. I don't think so but I will compromise on him.

But Ireland is garbage personified. This dude is pure human garbage who failed upwards. No one has every told him he sucks when he was sucking. They just promoted him because he was a "team" player.

Every season ends with 1 good team and 31 crap teams.

So we will finish tied for second.


Don't waste your time with Sparrow, aka THeSMF and a few others...

He routinely posts about forcing bloggers to swallow his load. He is a cornball waste of time drunk.

You can't fumble a punt at the 1 foot line and give a 14-2 team 7 free points after the D got a stop.

Can't happen.

57 yard return on the kickoff doesn't make up for it.

No offense. A defense that broke whenever it counted - the long run by the 49er QB.

The team doesn't have nearly enough talent. Simply too many wasted draft picks.

Look at the Colts. They sucked for Luck and won. They got him two TE's that actually PLAY. Miami's TE is inactive each and every week. The Colts also got Luck a pretty good rookie WR (there were many available in this draft). The Colts are 9-4. And, they beat the Dolphins.

I've watched the Dolphins for a very long time. They are simply an awful football team and have been for years. I thought Parcells and Ireland would turn it around. Instead, the Dolphins are in the worst slump since they were an expansion team.

Draft Geno Smith in the 1st.

"Our sorry franchise doesn't have the guts to lose games on purpose" really Dan, that's guts, I call it gutless.

Week after week....a litany of mental errors. Definitely the dumbest team in the league....coaching has to play a role. I mean the play on the punt was absolutely ludicrous. You're a special teams player and you don't know the rules regarding touchbacks. Outrageous stupidity.Tannehill regressing badly...I think he is going to be yet another failed attempt to find the Dolphins a decent QB. He looked absolutely horrible.

Ross, move your garbage team to L.A. and stop embarrassing S Fla.

Ireland has picked some decent players. He's picked alot of duds too. There's no team that hits on all their picks but we always seem to miss more than we hit. The lack of depth is what's killing us. We need young players pushing the vets for playing time. We barely have enough talented players to field a viable first team.

Wow, ANOTHER gay couple wins 'The Amazing Race.'

Have to admit, they are just smarter and harder working people than most Americans.

What happened to all the Chad Henne talk here?

Oh, that's right. You guys are allowed to just pretend you have the slightest idea what you're talking about and develop convenient amnesia as soon as you're revealed as clueless morons.

Can someone tell me how Ireland still has a job?

With three games to go in the season, we are left to ponder the draft and how it will fix everything. Poor drafting is what has destroyed this team for the past dozen years or so.

If Jake Long leaves, then the ENTIRE 2008 draft is a bust. None of the players would still be on the Dolphin roster.

If Jake Long stays, then the Dolphins will have the 46th ranked tackle. Hopefully, they will not pay top 15 money for that.

The only first round pick that seems to be good in the past six drafts is Pouncey (and he's the highest drafted center ever).

The number of second round picks wasted is too many to rehash here.

Tannehill may or may not be good in the future. Right now, he seems to be behind the other rookie QB's and most of last year's rookie QB's as well. He's simply not playing well.

1. Tannehill will go down as yet another failed experiment
2. This team is undisciplined and boneheaded.Not a good combo when you're players are below average physically.
3. This team has not been consistently competitive in almost 20 years.


Stop Talking About The 2 Guys Here Thinking This Blog Is A TV Show! And Obsessively Try To Be The Center Of Attention. What Others Here That Get ROUTINELY STALKED Call The Trolls.

In Irescums 5th year we dont have the talent to compete. WAKE UP ROSS!!

To all you Tannehill haters, we have NO skill players what so ever. I did not see anybody running wide open, we don't run the ball well, we get no push at all and we don't particularly pass pro well, seems TH is on his ass most times. He has his flaws but I like the kid and I think he is THE guy, we just can't let Ireland in the draft room next spring, send him out for coffee or something cause I think we can get healthy in a hurry. Oh, Philbin is fine, learning curve people, same as our QB, too many fins fans acting like Jets fans.

Half you guys are stupid and most of you are ignorant. You expect Tanneyhill to dominate games the way that Luck has (at times) and they way that RGIII does (at times). Tanneyhill doesn't have enough weapons on offense. They have some nice players, but no-one that scares you, not even Bush. Their offense in general has no idenity; if you wanna be Green Bay south, then let the kids throw ball more consistantly and use your best weapons. Otherwise, they are the same team as last year, just younger. At least Indy, and Wash know what they want to do on offense.
As a whole. they're not too far off. Get rid of Ireland and get a few more weapons on offense and a couple of real corners to play with Smith and they will be fine.

Jeff Ireland's 2013 To Do List

1 - A very nice and expensive gift for Ross.

Ireland receives fifteen year no-cut contract at $10,000,000 per year.

2 - Implement a ten year rebuild plan (to replace the six year rebuild plan). A rebuild of the rebuild.

Free Agency: OL, LB, DT.

Franshise Tag for Long, who promptly injures back carrying 15 million to bank.

'Sanchize' Tag for Tannehill. Also, teach Tannehill that the Dolphins play the Patriots twice a year since they are in same division.

Cuts: Egnew. Ewwww.


1 - OL
2a - RB
2b - OL
3a - FB
3b - K
4 - LB
5 - P
6 - DT
7 - WR (5'5" with a 6.5 40 time)

2013 Record: 6-10 Year One.

Dolphins need sexual choclate on offense. Brandon Marshall did nothing wrong. Wh

This team has some many needs that is difficult to point out where to start, and having Ireland as GM doesn't help much. This team requires a miracle to become competitive in the next 3 years: start by firing Ireland, the most useless character the Dolphins have had in their history. Ross is useless too, he knows nothing about football. He should be selling burgers, tires, or toilette paper. Damn the day he bought this team.

TanneBust is far WORSE then HenneBust everv was!!! YIKES!!

Worst. GM. Ever.

Why is there even a debate about whether or not to fire Ireland?

He is an utter incompetent, the Peter Principle writ large & personified.

Tanny sux

I'm sick of hearing the excuse that Tannehill doesnt have weapons. We heard the exact same garbage about Henne. So we got Henne the most expensive OL in football, we got him Brandon Marshall and we got him Reggie Bush. Guess what? It didnt make a bit of difference. When a QB stinks a QB stinks and Tannehill stinks bad. A total bust and coming from Ireland we shouldnt be a bit surprised. Losers make excuses.

I've always preferred a fully shaved man.

Please comment:

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You are right Monte. It is all about drafting the right QB. I can't stand all of the excuses for T-Hill.
Today: Marlon Moore was open for TD and missed him, and Bess was open for a TD missed him.

Indi won 2 games last year. What is the big turn around? Andrew Luck. I do see some upside to T-Hill but I am not 100 percent sold. Luck has 4 rookie receivers (including TEs) and he is still winning. Tanne has 2 pretty good receivers in Bess and Hartline, decent TEs with Fasano and Clay and a great receiver out of the backfield in Reggie Bush. They have enough to be better than they are on offense.

I say there are too many calls to Bush up the middle. Too many. Especially late in the game when we are behind. I don't get it. They need to change it up more.

I read through these responses and it is like a band tards arguing. After watching this game it is exactly what all of us knew at the beginning of the season, the team is just not very good. That's the difference between a mediocre team and a great team, they win the close games. The fish play hard but there is just not much talent and very little team speed. Tanne is going to be solid. Yes he missed some throws today but he is throwing the ball to JV receivers. He has a good arm, he is a solid athlete and most importantly he has his head on straight. The offensive line is brutal, there are no running lanes and as much as I like Long, he is not going to be worth 15M. Can anyone tackle on this team, the linebacker play is abissmal. Dansby and Burnett lay some wood but how many tackles do they miss, it's like watching the rebirth of Channing Crowder. Everyone was doing cartwheels when we were winning now the paper bags are out. I thought we were a 6 win team in camp and that is exactly what looks to be the case. We need to do something in free agency and in the draft. Don't give up yet folks Tanne is going to be a stud.

And some are using the excuse he's a rookie. DUUHH. So is Andrew Luck, RG3, Nick Foles, and Russel Wilson. Tannehill was an early 1st rd pick. Why? Not because they thought he was a 6th rd project!!! They gooofed badly! Again!

I agree for sure. Tannehill is just a rookie, give the guy a chance.

A good QB can throw the receivers open. TanneBust cant.

Posted by: promichael
I called out Craig M for his support of this WR group and he starts posting with my name. Wow what I site. Tannehill does not have the receiver weapons that can get open and so the loses will continue until the receivers are replaced.

Hey, Brandon Weeden is better then TanneBust.


I have NO clue what you're talking about. I think you're a total moron! You claim I'm posting under your name. Based on what? I've posted under ONE name the whole time I've been here. If you don't believe me then ask Armando.

To be honest, I don't have time for losers like you. First of all you claim earlier today I said 'they should draft all offence in this draft, after claiming defence before', then you say 'I've said Hartline and Bess are great receivers'. Where do you get this stuff? Are you retarded or just an ignoramus? Regardless, do me a favour and don't mention me by name. I think you're a complete idiot and not someone I can actually be bothered talking to. Clear?

Can we all agree that Jeff Ireland is the person to solve Miami's problems at QB?


I have no clue when I'm even bothering to address you but can you explain how it is that Jake Long goes to 4 straight Pro Bowls and very likely would have made it five this year and you call him a 'bust'. What exactly did you expect from Long the last five years?

Craig M, Jake Long never helped us win games. He is not a difference maker for a top pick in the entire draft.

i noticed today nobody said we don't need long. without long the offense was dead.

sometimes you don't know what you got til its gone - joni mitchell

Just look at Matt Ryan or Andrew Luck compared to Jake Long. That Long pick was a huge botch even though Long was a good lineman.

verdad, the offense is dead with Tannehill at QB. The line doesnt matter

Ireland's Army of One,

Of course not. He just protects the QBs blindside.

Tired of having this argument but. He's a LT. He's a difference maker in that he doesn't get your QB killed. Kind of important.

Ireland Army,

You talk a lot of shyte brother.....I'm sure it's not the first time someones told you that.

Have a good night....

Verdad, the offense is dead with Long in it, have you watched any of the other games! I advocated on this blog to trade Long before he got hurt AGAIN and his value decreased! We can't trade him now for Bellicheat's personal assistant!


lt is a rare commodity. you go overboard. watch how fast long is picked up if we don't sign him. the guy makes the pro bowl even while not 100%. 4 and a half seasons, 4 pro bowls. don't underestimate his value.

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