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San Fran. beats the Dolphins, 27-13

SAN FRANCISCO -- The optimist will say the Dolphins traveled across country and gave one of the better teams in the NFC a tough game. The pessimist will see this as another example of the Dolphins not being good enough.

The 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 on Sunday.

This realist sees it as a fine effort that fell short because, well, the Dolphins don't have enough horses.

Don't make enough plays in crunchtime.

Probably don't know how to win tight road games against very good teams this because they haven't done it in a long time.

You shouldn't be disappointed. But neither should you be at all excited.

The Dolphins have lost five of the last six games. They have clinched their fourth consecutive year without a winning record

It is what it is.



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martin needed help most of the game, that put a burden on the rest of the offense.

Too early to say Tannehill is a bust guys! Trust me, I'll tell you when I think he is! I was the first to proclaim Henne a bust on this blog and caught hell for it!! Not a bust, not yet, best QB in a decade or more. Of course that's not saying much!

without long we have to spend another high pick on ol instead of a playmaker. they will keep long, watch.

Even in Pee Wee ball, if the punt is going to have you with your back to your goal line you have your best "hands" guy back there to field the kick, Davone Bess is not going to break a 30 yard return much less a 90 yarder, BUT, he also is NOT going to muff the punt. So where was he on this particular occasion? Need I say more?

Reggie Bush has proven before that he can be a formidable weapon in the passing game, how many catches has he had this year? Why?

On a team starving for speed at a skill position on offense, the fastest player on the team (#26) sees about 4 or so plays a game, if that, WHY?

Last week in crunch time our 2 best DE's are spectators instead of participants on the field, WHY?

Coming in I thought Philbin was going to, if nothing else, improve the football intelligence of this team, even a first grader knows you don't field your own punt and then run it into the opponents end zone for a touch-back!

Sorry to say we have old minds running this offense, and old school thinking at the top coaching spot. We have regressed when it comes to today's NFL, we have a dinosaur for a head coach and a trilobite for an offensive coordinator. At least our DC is decent, that's our only saving grace.

Verdad, don't mean to disrespect! Long has great work ethic, contributes tremendously in imponderable ways, agreed! But Martin will outplay him by the end of the year. We could use Long's salary to clear cap space and be in the position Denver was this year. Get P. Manning, get and secure players around him that will make them contenders, not losers. Guess what, they'll make the playoffs, we won't, another wasted season, it's on Ireland, and Ross for keeping him!

John in Springs, sooooo, we should have a mind like yours running this outfit?

Does T-hill have 20-20 eye sight?

Can't he see the open receivers?

Will he break 10 passing TDs?

redsky, it didn't look to me martin was anywhere close to a probowler. aldon popped him on his butt too easily.

Move up and pick Geno Smith next year. Perfect west coast offense QB.

Or bring in competition for T-hill.

Will there be 20,000 at the Jags game?

Verdad, tell me the truth (verdad), Long wasn't any better than Martin when he started. I watched it! Saw it happen! Long developed into a great player, prone to injury. Give Martin the same chance! For God's sake man, he played that position for Harbaugh at Stanford, the coach that beat us today!! Yes! He can do Long's job!! BTW, that's the least of our worries!

I'M MAD AS ALL HELL and I shouldn't be. That was a far superior Team to Us, both from Personnel and Coaching aspects. What can I tell you otherwise?

Yeah, redsky, ANYBODY needs help vs Aldon Smith, the guy is one of these new Monsters on D, like JJ Watt is. J-Mart did alright.

If Henne gets more yards than RT you will know where we are and where we are going. Looks like Jeff has hit another homerun.

I hate instability. We are unstable in lack of quality Players. We are unstable in Coaching. We are unstable in the Personnel selection department. But, basically, we are a Baby Team. Less see if we grow some next year.

Oscar, J-Mart played great football, no shame in what he did! This was another game we should've won....but Jmart played good ball, it's not on him!!!

It's looking like LV is going to be right on the $. 7-9.

There, I have to disagree with you, redsky. Good Teams find ways to win. Bad Teams find ways to lose. NEVER would we have have Won that Game yesterday.

Oscar, sir, respect to a senior poster is due! Yes, baby team taking baby steps! My kids grandkids and great-granddaughter have taken baby steps. Although as fathers, grandfathers etc., we just want them to RUN!!

That, was written in Stone.

Oscar, yes, it was yesterday the Phins played. I also picked the 49rs to win, I won money in my bets, I usually miss 3 games a week, seldom more than 4. I'm a fin fan, but not a stupid fan. I'm 90% on Fin games.

LOL,Our player's were like rubber balls. Everytime they were hit they were knocked back 5 feet.WE NEED BIGGER PLAYERS.

Jonathan Freeney: Another Ireland bust

I wish I was 90% on my Horses, redsky, but I'm about 40% on them.

49ers were just bigger and meaner.......Hands down.

Actually, of our 2 Guards, John Jerry is playing the best.

Oscar!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE THE HORSES!!!! haven't played them in years! Love to take photos! If you're in SoFla, let me know, I'm retired! Let's go to the track!

When you don't notice an O lineman, that means he's doing good.

Oscar, BTW, horses? I was between 50-60% on them. So I don't bet much and I'd rather take photos AND never bet on a gray horse!

Really oscar? Looked like tanne was running for his life and sucked at it.

Oscar, I broke even at Jai-alai! Just FYI

Nah, I can't go to the Track or to Games anymore, redsky. Sorry. I watch all the Races and Games and do all my betting thru Internet.

Yeah, wings, but the pressure coming usually from the L side.

PA.... T-hill was running for his life! Great he can run. Like Cam Newton and RG3 he needs to run toward the right end zone!

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Go Dolphins!!

Oh yes, RT can run, and fast. You saw it Today.

Oscar, C'mon! Let's go to the Kentucky Derby before we die! I've been everywhere except there and the Indy 500. I've been to all 50 states, my sons learned to ski in Colorado, surf in Hawaii. But the Derby and Indy 500 are on my bucket list. Let's go!

Sorry, redsky, even if I could, I don't have the $ for it. I'm an impoverished Dr.

YA,OK.Need more proof that he is better than henne.

Who cares about Henne, wings, he belongs to another Team. RT is our QB now.

Mr. Nancy, ok, so your point was....what? Given all you said, it applies to the Phins, how? Como? Was is loss, bitte? Que dicé?

Sorry, iPhone spell check misspelled every foreign language I used! Spanish, German, italian. Lost to the ages!

Oscar, no such thing as impoverished Dr, we'll sneak in, that's where cops outdo Drs.

It is apparent that Mr. Nancy needs a Big Ping'n.


Hey Ross, get us a real gm,coach,and keep ur nose out...then maybe we can rebuild 4 real!!!! Colts did it overnight,what's ur problem???? R u really this stupid????Hire me now , I gaurantee a better team in less time that retarded monkey...[Ireland]

The big question is Tannihill the starting QB next year?

Well, I think Martin, once again, proved, he is quite capable at LT. He got overwhelmed on 1 play & gave up a couple of pressures but, he was facing arguably the best D in the NFL & was matched up against probably the best pass rusher in the NFL. Everyone knows Martin needs to work on his strength. The times he has looked bad are when he's bullrushed after being set up with outside moves.

He needs to keep balance & stay upright. It's a strength issue, not technique. IF Martin continues to play like this, Miami cannot resign Long back. At least not to play LT.

This team SIMPLY has no playmakers. Hartline & Bess are NICE #2 & #3 WR's on a non WC team. But, the WC offense requires 4 very good WR's ALA the packers. (Jennings, Cobb, Nelson, Finley)...

How this pip squeek of a GM could send Tanny to the wolves without any weapons is a complete & utter joke. Aside from the throw away on 4th down, Tanny looked pretty good to me yesterday.

How long do we keep making excuses for this guy?

Posted by: Craig M | December 09, 2012 at 07:26 PM

Considering you've been making excuses for Ireland for 3 years...since he drafted him, I would think you give Tanny 3 years worth of excuses.

You are well versed in excuse making. Your GM has acquired a littany of useless talent. If he gets 3 years, SURELY, Tanny gets 3.


lt is a rare commodity. you go overboard. watch how fast long is picked up if we don't sign him. the guy makes the pro bowl even while not 100%. 4 and a half seasons, 4 pro bowls. don't underestimate his value.

Posted by: verdad | December 09, 2012 at 11:47 PM

Grow up man. The probowl is a popularity contest.

Need an example? No problem.

brandon merriweather. He got benched after 6 games & was named starter on the probowl anyway. Then he was cut, wound up in Chicago & cut. Then onto Washington. No idea where he is now. This was only 2 short years ago!

Probowl has always been & always will be a popularity contest. Nothing more. Any phin fan with their eyes open know Long hasn't played at "probwol" level since 2010.

Remember that awful stiff that the Detroit Lions had as GM for ten years? He destroyed the Lions over and over again. Now he works for ESPN calling games. He and Ireland must have the same set of photos of the team ownership.

The FINS could get the #1 pick every year and they would still pick STIFFS and lose.

this team really stinks. it competed for 1 half and that was it. too many mental mistakes and lack of gameplanning and coaching. Freeney, what the hell r u thinking? that's a high school mistake. and then regis throws the red flag! you finally line up reggie in the slot against bowman? c'mon man that's been available all season long and you do it now? against one of the fastest lb's in the league. why can't you throw 5-8-11 yds per pass n mix it up with the run? so sick of losing to teams that were just as terrible as we were and we r still there!! thanks you scumbag ireland. hire yourself again...

i think it was a good effort, but they just dont have enough talent to beat the best teams yet Did a nice writeup on this right here!!! http://phinsnews.com/another-valiant-effort-but-same-result/

It's one thing to lose games. Its another to be boring and lose games. The Dolphins are bad and boring. Bad combo.

At least some of the crummy Dolphins teams that Shula and Marino were part of were entertaining. They were never truly out of a game, and could score lots of points. And their defenses couldn't shut anyone down, but at least they forced turnovers sometimes. These guys look terrified to gamble on an interception, and apparently don't practice the strip drill.

Did you guys expect anything else? I mean come on guys, the Nfl is a passing league and if your receivers can't get seperation

Well then there is nothing you can do. We need a solid right end a and a couple of deep threats!!!

We had the #1 pick twice in the last 7 years and came away with a mediocre offensive lineman and a bust 3.4 ypc running back who inched over 1,000 yards only once using the wildcat gimmick before the league caught on.

I don't think we can discount coaching either.

Half time adjustments don't often go well.

PS...Brandon Marshall doing fine in Chicago. Still bugs me that Ireland felt Brandon was a threat to his authority.

Y'all do know that's why he chit canned Brandon, right?

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