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Special teams negatively affecting chance to win

The Dolphins special teams has had some great moments from Marcus Thigpen this year and got excellent all-around games from the entire unit, particularly at New York, this season.

But lately, the special teams have had to fight to merely keep from hurting Miami's chances of winning games. And on Sunday, special teams fully hurt Miami's chances to win the game.

Three weeks ago, special teams set the tone for the game (in exactly the wrong fashion) when Leodis McKelvin returned a first quarter punt 79 yards for a TD and a Bills lead.

Two weeks ago, the Dolphins fought to tie the game against Seattle in the fourth quarter and on the ensuing kickoff Leon Washington returned the kickoff 98 yards to give the Seahawks the lead again.

In fairness, it must be said that Thigpen eventually answered McKelvin's blow with a kickoff return TD of his own. And the Dolphin overcame the lapse against Seattle by rallying late.

But Sunday, there was no bailing out of the special teams by Thigpen or other units.

Yesterday, long snapper John Denney delivered a bad snap to punter Brandon Fields after Miami's first possession. And Fields didn't field the snap and then didn't cleanly grab the ball on the ground, having instead to snatch it twice. The hesitation was a killer so Fields decided to run to get himself daylight and a position to kick.

He was tackled at the Miami 12 yard line.

And the defense, put in a tough spot, could not save the Dolphins. They gave up a touchdown.

Seven points.

In the second quarter, the Dolphins apparently stopped Tom Brady and company on downs at his own 29 yard line. But when the Patriots punted, Jimmy Wilson rushed headlong into Zoltan Mesko's thigh. Roughing the punter. Fifteen yards.

The Partiots drive had new life at their own 44 yard line.

And, again, the defense wasn't able to bail out the special teams. The Patriots drove the rest of the way in 11 plays for another touchdown.

Fourteen points.

Obviously, it was not the special teams that gave up the points. Obviously the defense didn't provide heroics on the first New England opportunity and basically caved in giving up 56 yards more on the second New England opportunity.

But the Miami special teams cannot give up such opportunities.

As center Mike Pouncey said, "We have a low margin of error."

And the special teams lately has been hurting that margin.



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NO DIGNITY OR HONESTY ..............



i agree ygone, ireland has to be fired


You can't compare Ireland with Parcells, to Ireland solo(with Sporano, to Ireland with Philbin.

First it's arguable and we'll never know how much input he had with Parcells.

Secondly, in his first solo "Off Season" he was drafting for SpOrano/Daboll/Nolan types of offense, defemse and philosophy.

This year he was drafting for two entirely new systems with Sherman and Coyle. Under the auspices of Philbin who employs a totally different Philosophy than that of SpOrano or Parcells.

Fire the guy if you want to, but the comparisons are moot and ridiculous.



Oscar has a 1001 troll aliases, and even he isnt afraid to make a legit football opinion. When will you?

Youre only here to blog police and handcuff everyone else over a stupid opinion. Do you even know the definition of:


It means, not a: "FACT".

Thx for stopping by Mr Blog Police.


YG..........PLEASE DEFINE (( OPINION )).............






The Niners defense will make Tannehill look like John Beck. I'm not seeing much of a difference between this coaching staff & the last one. This team should have been hitting their stride by midseason & the easy part of the schedule. The only Miami FA I'd sign is Hartline. No one else on this roster deserves a raise.

Odin, moot for sure but rediculous? You do realize that Parcells hired & trained Ireland, right? The 90s style big and slow argument only goes so far. Some things do not change. Can he block? Can he tackle? Can he catch the ball?

Sorry but I think we can do better.

In all fairness Turd, the Niner's defense has made quite a few QB's look like John Beck the past few years.

I predict Tannehill will somewhat redeem himself against the Niners!




Odinstank, Tell us about the time you opened fo Led Zeplin Back in 1968.
Please regale us in your storys.


I was mainly speaking to the "COMPARISONS".

Ridiculous might have been too strong of a qualifier. But I'll stand by my statement/opinion.

Now, can we do better? I suspect we can. But, we're saddled with Ireland for now. So the question(and the comparison)becomes: Can he do better?

He did a little better this year. Hopefully, in conjunction with Philbin, he does a lot better next year.

Ultimately it's Ross' decision and I can't shake the feeling that this years draft alone buys him at least one more year.

when is ireland going be gone we will not go where has long he is are GM. If ross fired ireland i think they go after john dorsey from packers be next GM and he knows philbin really well.

Ross dilemma:

Franchise not worth yet what he paid for it;
Gate receipts falling (down 17.1% in last decade);
TV viewership lowest in NFL;
Franchise not producing high dollar revenue for NFL;
Owner popularity and integrity at stake;
Fan loyalty receding;
Philbin cultural change has questionable results;
Tannehill + Sherman offense = offensive;
Coyle "D" scheme may be less good than Noland's;
GM lacking in ability to draft rookie playmakers;
How long before NFL owners request that Ross move franchise to better city or sell it?

This franchise has been heading down for the last 15 years. Ross can't afford to keep putting a product on the field that few care about. Winning is everything right now.

Odin, I reluctantly agree...I think there's pretty much zero chance Ross dumps Ireland this year. And then there's the problem with a new GM probably wanting to change HCs.

How did we get into this mess? LOL

Odinstank, Can you tell us when you got your blackbelt in Ju-Jetsu..

Odinstank, Tell us about the time you opened fo Led Zeplin Back in 1968.
Please regale us in your storys.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | December 03, 2012 at 06:35 PM

Story time? At this hour? Surely you jest!

I could tell you about the time David Lee Roth, in a drunken stupor, fell off the back of a trailer right on top of me and some other roadies.

Then there was the time I bumped my Fuji BMX bike into the back of Joe Perry's stage stack(on an open air trailer/stage) and tipped it over mid set(I got fired for that night).

Those were both WAY back, before I got my "Big Break". Good stories though, worth telling.

(PS: I didn't even get fired for tipping over the stack. Joe Perry had this guy give the whole crew back stage passes to another a show later that night. It was Alice Cooper and The Joe Perry Project was opening for them(Steven Tyler was still in rehad and Aerosmith was defunct at the time).

Anywhoo, I left that afternoon without tearing down all the equipment. I picked up this chick and got back stage at the Cooper concert. The band I was working for was there and got me and my girl kicked out. So, I was fired for "Bailing" and not tearing down).

Good memories! At least I got to keep the chick for the night. I don't know how many I "Lost" to having gotten back stage.

Which one would you like to hear?

The smartest team in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts. They tanked the season last year to land the best rookie that I have ever seen. The end of that game against Detroit yesterday was remarkable. First rookie to ever win 4 games and is shattering the rookie yards record. Not to mention that he has 5 wins in the last minute of a game in his first year. How many Super Bowls will Andrew Luck win?

I was completely against sucking for Luck last year but I have come to realize that it would have been worth it. We complain about lack of talent around T-Hill. Luck has 4 rookies and a veteran everyone thought was over the hill. A 4th round rookie in Hilton,a 6th round rooking in Brazil, a 2nd round rookie TE, a 3rd round rookie TE and 35 year old Wayne and he is still lighting it up. He also has no running game. I know that we can't compare the talent coming out of college between Luck and Tannehill but what I can't stand are all of the excuses of how we don't have talent around T-Hill. I can go with the explanation that he is raw and did not have many college starts but let's stop saying that the reason this offense is bad is the talent around T-hill. Matt Moore had no problems putting 31 points up at NY and going 6-3 last year.

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Odinstank,Tell us about the time with the police chiefs daughter.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | December 03, 2012 at 06:59 PM

What do you think I am? You think I'm going to share all my stories and not you?

You tell us about your "First Time" in that stall at the Rainbow Room Bathroom.

It wasn't a Police Cheif anyways.

It was a Michigan State Troopers Daughter.

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Lets stick with Football(for your ego's sake)or I'm out of here.

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Oh Man! It would be AWESOME!

No go away Forest, you're BORING...............

Sorry, I was taking my nap, odin. I mean, weren't you the staunchest of Ireland's supporters?

I remember Bucephalus, Alexander Magnus' Horse.

He was a beautiful Black Beast.

odin, odin? from Northern Mythology.

My younger Son pointed me to a good movie, The Grey. About a group of oil rigs workers that crash in Alaska in the wintertime then being hunted down by Grey Wolves. You can imagine the ending.

Odinstank, All I've posted are all your storys, And thats all they are right?
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Iam outta here, Have a pleasent night eating your crackers and drinking your liver to death.

Dang, I wonder if Odie will post after Mr.Livers tirade.

We just saw on Sunday the last game for Jake Long in the Miami uniform, I think Long is no longer the same guy he was three years ago. Miami better spend that money on playmakers for the OF.

I know this group wont be fired Ireland Philbin Sherman but I just join the conversation.Seriously Ross should consider another opinion in this years draft and off-season because there are a lot of picks and a lot of cap room.He should hire a talent evaluator or at least get Philbins or even Shermans input on all the aquisitions.

I hate to talk about the Future while the Present is stil going on. How in Heavens' name are we going to beat SF?

I don't know who this Jorge Perez is, one of the richest men and greatest developers in Miami. I mean, I don't know if he belongs to Us. But, he should have one of Ross' ears. We, are very wise.

Has Jim Harbaugh sit down Kaepernick yet? The Harbaugh Bros are also very wise.

to all the anti-ireland bloggers. why don't you tell us who has done better or who you want?

if you stop and think about it, which may be a stretch to ask of you, at least 25 out of 32 gm's have done no better.


I say Steven Ross should sell the team to Ripley's Believe It Or Not and make the bearded lady gm. We couldnt do any worse.

Ok. First year gm in indy has his team going to the playoffs. Almost every gm except irescum has done a decent job. Expect aj smith. Also watching rg3 play is fun, watching luck play is fun, hell even watching wilson play is fun, watching hennehill play is like watching paint dry! BORING.

many here will admire and worship ozzie newsome. he has won it only once and that is with one of the very best defenses of our time. so...is he that good? or does he just have a cool name? if jeff had won it 12 years ago and not since, like ozzie. wouldn't you be calling for his head?

is andy reid a great coach. yes. maybe hof'er. he will be fired soon. it doesn't mean he isn't good. it means its ten times harder to win the big game than most of you realize.

Irescum 4 years, 4 losing seasons!


the colts were nothing without peyton they lucked out with the next peyton. how do you compare? how good was belichek in cleveland? how good was coughlin in jax? name a great coach and you will find he had a hof'er qb.

how good was shannahan without elway? he has been a total loser since, and now he has rg3 to make him look better, but he sucks.

shula went to the SB with woodley. that is a feat!

if you want to bash ireland, then offer an alternative and your evidence that it would be an upgrade.


With Ozzie as gm, Ravens have been one of the best afc teams for quite a while. Usually with the Ravens, thier fans arent talking draft midseason.

I would donate a testicle to have the OZ as Gm. I would donate my temaining testicle if Ireland could do what Ozzie has done.

i believe ireland was made a gm to soon. i also believe he is learning and has lots of upside. look at the polians, they were exposed as shams once peyton was out. peyton was the whole team.


We dont have to offer an alternative and evidence why it would be an upgrade. Sometimes its only about watching your team consistently lose with the same idiot in charge.

Right now I would settle for watching another idiot gm lose. At least something changes.

who cares about being close. we were close with marino every year and it was only that much more frustrating.

i don't see much difference between second place and last place.

winning it all is everything and the only thing. do you think belichek was happy losing to the giants twice?

i'll bet belichek would rather not ever see his afc champion trophies with out the sb trophy to go with it. second place is for losers.

Ireland has upside? Are you kidding me?

Ireland's getting worse, not better. This season alone he spent an 8th overrall pick on a qb with only 18 college starts. Signed a clown of a wr in fa that never played a regular season down for us.

Then created 2 skill position holes we didnt have coming off of last season. While replacing them with nothing even close to that talent he let go.

Ireland's only plan in Miami is panning on losing.


i'll bet you 25 other teams can make the same claims against their gm's too.

i don't see how to judge the ireland years with parcells towering over him. i don't see how you judge the ireland years wth sparano, possibly the most incompetent hc in nfl history.

i like his last draft, and i'll bet not 3 gm's had a better draft in 2012.

I agree with you verdad. If the Dolphins would have tanked the season and been 0-16 last year we would be singing a different toon. It would be the Dolphins who would be 8-4 and on the rise and we would be talking about how Ireland is a genious and how his picks have come through. We would be saying he found a superstar in Hartline in the 4th round, Clay in the 6th, Rishard Mathews in the 7th, and Bess as a rookie free agent. It is all about the QB. Polian was considered a genious until Peyton got hurt last year.


Remember that 2nd rd pick for Vonte? With each Andrew Luck victory, its getting closer and closer to a glorified 3rd rd pick.

Your boy Ireland was mental masterbating himself into thinking the Colts would be 4-12 at best. Wont be the first time something backfired on Ireland, now will it?


Those 25 other teams havent sucked as bad as we have for the past 15yrs either. No, it isnt all Ireland's fault, but he's the latest chapter of the same old dance.


ireland got a second round pick for a late first rounder who never lived up to expectations. i say it was a good deal no matter where the colts finish. i haven't seen vontae in any of the highlight reels this whole season.

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