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Special teams negatively affecting chance to win

The Dolphins special teams has had some great moments from Marcus Thigpen this year and got excellent all-around games from the entire unit, particularly at New York, this season.

But lately, the special teams have had to fight to merely keep from hurting Miami's chances of winning games. And on Sunday, special teams fully hurt Miami's chances to win the game.

Three weeks ago, special teams set the tone for the game (in exactly the wrong fashion) when Leodis McKelvin returned a first quarter punt 79 yards for a TD and a Bills lead.

Two weeks ago, the Dolphins fought to tie the game against Seattle in the fourth quarter and on the ensuing kickoff Leon Washington returned the kickoff 98 yards to give the Seahawks the lead again.

In fairness, it must be said that Thigpen eventually answered McKelvin's blow with a kickoff return TD of his own. And the Dolphin overcame the lapse against Seattle by rallying late.

But Sunday, there was no bailing out of the special teams by Thigpen or other units.

Yesterday, long snapper John Denney delivered a bad snap to punter Brandon Fields after Miami's first possession. And Fields didn't field the snap and then didn't cleanly grab the ball on the ground, having instead to snatch it twice. The hesitation was a killer so Fields decided to run to get himself daylight and a position to kick.

He was tackled at the Miami 12 yard line.

And the defense, put in a tough spot, could not save the Dolphins. They gave up a touchdown.

Seven points.

In the second quarter, the Dolphins apparently stopped Tom Brady and company on downs at his own 29 yard line. But when the Patriots punted, Jimmy Wilson rushed headlong into Zoltan Mesko's thigh. Roughing the punter. Fifteen yards.

The Partiots drive had new life at their own 44 yard line.

And, again, the defense wasn't able to bail out the special teams. The Patriots drove the rest of the way in 11 plays for another touchdown.

Fourteen points.

Obviously, it was not the special teams that gave up the points. Obviously the defense didn't provide heroics on the first New England opportunity and basically caved in giving up 56 yards more on the second New England opportunity.

But the Miami special teams cannot give up such opportunities.

As center Mike Pouncey said, "We have a low margin of error."

And the special teams lately has been hurting that margin.



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my only point is to view ireland with objectivity. he was stuck with parcells and sparano for 4 years, henning for 3 years.t year an oc with 1 year experience on the worst offense in the leauge. see how great kc is doing with daboll?

irleand he has his hand picked staff. now we will see what he can do.

ireland still has to prove himself, i agree. but he was a victim of extenuating circumstances for his first 4 years.



You are on a role today verdad. We need to give this guy a chance to build a team around T-Hill. He also has to select players that fit the new 4-3 scheme.

I will say this he will rise or sink with T-Hill. So he better hope that Tannehill becomes that elusive franchise QB. As you already said coaches and GMs are only as good as their QB.

Yeah, you tell'em. verdad.

as far as the tannehill pick goes...

does ireland choose him without the full support of tanne's ex coach sherman who knew him better than any gm in the league? without the full support of his new hc who has coached farve and rodgers? no way.

Irescum has used 14 draft picks on skill position players and has ZERO playmakers to show for the 14 picks. Can u say worst GM ever? LOL

Oh, no doubt that Tannehill will be a good QB in this League. He has all the Physical and Mental Tools to become so(unlike Henne).

i am bold enough to concede philbin and sherman know more about evaulating qb's than i do. if you don't like the pick, it's not all on ireland. and if it doesn't work out, only then can we question their judgement. it is too soon for that. i say the kid has promise.

ok, i got home all amped up tonight. dinner time. thanks all for a sane debate and not getting silly on me.

Lets make excuses for Ireland and Tannehill while we suck for ANOTHER 4 years.

It's not excuses, Dumb. Downhere we saw what a great QB looked like for many Years. We KNOW which QB is good or not.

Let's find some common ground here. Can we all agree that the Dolphins problems on special teams are not the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Experience is foremost in acquiring Wisdom.

No answers. Of course not. The Truth admits no arguments.

Dolphin fans lead the lead in excuses.

"lead the league"

Tannehill may have all the tools and mental part but in this league accuracy account for a lot as a QB also. Right now that was the knock on Tannehill coming out of college, is accuracy problems guess what still has the same problems!

So I've watched Tannehill in college and pro and have no idea how he was taken in the 1st rd.

Ray, shouldn't you be in bible study?

So I've watched WTF blog here several times and have no idea why he bothers.

What kind of improvement is the FO expecting to see from Tannehill in the NEXT FOUR games?

1)Could he get another (6)passing TDs (double his current output)?
2)going 3-1, beating 49ers and/or Pats?
3)no interceptions?
4)average 250-300 yds passing/game?
5)have a TOP TEN QBR?

I believe if he does 1, 2, and/or 5 he's a keeper. IF HE DOESN'T do any of the five, will the FO allow competition for the job?

I am going to post a bunch of negative things about Tannehill under a bunch of different names and see how many people I can get to argue.

Tannehill has thrown for more yards than any rookie in Dolphins history.

I been complaining about JI ever since Taylor from the steelers came in for a interview and said JI is A-hole. I just don't understand the love affair with JI.! This team still has major holes to fill, average players doesn't get you to the playoffs, let alone a superbowl! Our defense since JI been here has rarely in the forth quarter made the stop when we really need it. This team will be mediocre if JI still the GM. I feel bad for Philbin because he will be looking from
The outside looking in if JI is still here next year or the year after that!

So Ray because one thug had a bad impression, you take his word as the final verdict? Maybe he had a bad attitude? Maybe he was asking for the sky? Who knows. Who cares.

You people in love with the 'book' are so quick to judge based on hearsay.

It was printed on paper and therefore I will live my life by a book written by sinners who want you to believe its god's word.

god doesn't own a pen or a typewriter or a mac.

Tannehill is rated the #33 QB in the league.

It's sad to see Long and Ryan's careers going in opposite directions.

The Trifecta's thought that the Fins would be set for the next ten years with the Long/Henne picks. Too bad they were wrong.

Fins might not be able to get any picks for Long.

Every single pick Ireland has made has been a bust. So sad. Is it possible to do worse?

Did the Fins whiff on Russell Wilson?


No idea who you are or where you came from but some excellent points. Hope you come around a lot more. Nice to have some rational thinking on here, where it's not all doom and gloom. Most of the bloogers on here won't pay any attention to what you are saying because it goes against their opinions but if they took the time and were open to some of it, they'd see that you had a lot of very good points. Well done my man!!

Henne has more TD passes then Tannehill and he's only played in 3 games. YIKES!


Every single pick? REALLY? Like Pouncey? Like Martin? Like Long? Like Odrick? Like Jones? Like Hartline?

You're on a roll bud....EVERY single pick! Great point....thanks for sharing with the class.

Wake is rated the number 1 DE vs the run according to Pro Football Focus so all of you who says Philbin was right for sitting him late in the 4th are wrong. Philbin should always keep his best players in especially late. Wake is the team best DE period just chalked it up to being a rookie HC. Jeez I wished we had RG3. I was an advocate of mortgaging futures draft picks for this guy. Ireland doesn't have the balls to do it he's prob still listening to his daddy(Parcells)

Hey, the Dolphins may not be able to get any picks for Tannehill.

You're going to need new lipswhen I am done with you.

Hey, I'm so glad Tannehill knew this offense coming in.

Your boy Ireland was mental masterbating himself into thinking the Colts would be 4-12 at best. Wont be the first time something backfired on Ireland, now will it?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 03, 2012 at 09:07 PM

All this "EXPERTISE" from the guy that said SpOrano would be the most sought after Head Coach around-lol!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Yep, we put a lot of stock in your FINE opinions.....LOL.

Your boy Ireland was mental masterbating himself into thinking the Colts would be 4-12 at best. Wont be the first time something backfired on Ireland, now will it?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 03, 2012

YG, Ireland ALWAYS makes the wrong decisions. Its laughable. He reminds me of Dennis the Menace. HAHA

I don't care about that he is a A-hole tells Bryant his mother is a hole! And tells and calls a fan a A-hole! JI still can't pick playmakers, sucks at signing F/A. Has more draft picks that are busts and situational players! Hey I call it like I see it either it's white or black no gray line in between
But if that's what you guys want is average players than JI is your GM. But IMO we need probowlers. We need playmakers. Defensively and offensively! This team has major holes to fell, Jake long would be consider a bust, for the overall #1 only three good years could be call a bust, Matt Ryan great QB and still healthy and could play another 10 years. Jake injury prone! But you guys want JI back, that's just too funny!
W. A. K. E. U. P

Remember that 2nd rd pick for Vonte? With each Andrew Luck victory, its getting closer and closer to a glorified 3rd rd pick.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 03, 2012 at 09:07 PM

Would this be the same YG DB LOL that praised Ireland for getting a #2 in return for a failed #1?

Ray wants Pro Bowlers?

Hey! Why didn't the rest of us think of that?

Yeah, Pro Bowlers, Duh. Thats what we need.

Thanks Ray, I'll be sure to pass that on to the higher ups.


Fvcking Brilliant-ROTFLMFAO!

Duck D
And still can't win with it. Accuracy is something he needs to work on badly! Worst in the league on third conversion!

What does you acronym wake up stand for?

ray, the only ones that want Ireland back are Jests fans.

You welcome I figure that I mention it since you Guys want JI back, right this team has mediocrity players at best, that doesn't win playoff game let alone Superbowls
People here are so use to see average players play for this team, that they for got what a probowl player looks like! Fans here need to be objective, talent sucks and JI sucks. Enough is enough time to replace JI
Replace irescum! Hahaha!

Best bloggers on here:


well how do you like that , Yesterdays gone was giving me a ration of sheet when I said Tannehill should not have started the season , that Moore earned that job by being the MVP last year , oh no he said Tannehill is the future of this team , he`s way better then Moore, your an idiot pal, must be related to Romney ,with your flip flopping ways, I `d bet any amount of money if Moore had started for us this year, we`d of won at least 7 games and prolly 8 so far , most of you fools on here defended Tenne , he`s a telegrapher just like his twin robot brother

Tannehill couldnt hit the broadside of a barn from 10 yds away. His accuracy is nonexistent. Since when does a QB that lost 6 games as a college senior go in the 1st rd? Duuhhh!

Many Religious beliefs are not in accord with many of our scientific principles, including belief in a Higher power. Except faith, except faith.

Faith that indeed there is a God and will forgive Us. Faith that there in no God and therefore no Hell to send Us to. Faith that eventually we will discover there is a God, or not. In general, Faith is what mantains Us alive.

It's all related to the Future, of course, as this One is mostly voided for Us.

Following thru, then, Religions are necessary constructs of Man.

(we are just too small)(we are just too small) as compared to what surrounds Us.

While I was very happy with the selection of Philbin earlier this year, I am losing faith.

This coaching staff brought with it the promise of innovation; teaching fundamentals and finding the best fit for Miami players.

Of 3 standout players for Miami last year, the fit for 2 of them was in another city; a third found his spot on the bench. Fundamentals have improved but only from worst to bad. And we've yet to see anything really innovative.

I don't see big development of rookies, either, another promise on which so much of the franchise's future depends.

If I were Ross, I'd be very reluctant to let this continue.

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