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Losing season over, winning offseason must begin

 FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Reggie Bush sumed it up best: “We just didn’t make enough plays, that pretty much sums up our season.”

Indeed, the Dolphins are a team of players that don't make enough plays. The team lacks playmakers. And that, I write in my column today must be Job One for general manager Jeff Ireland this offseason. He needs to be aggressive. He needs to spend money. He needs to add stars to a team that doesn't have enough of them.

I know many of you believe the Dolphins will not be a big player in free agency this offseason because that hasn't been the case in recent years. That is not what I've been told the approach will be.

Look, the Dolphins need to add big names to win more games. They also need to add big names to fill the stands because the home attendance this year was the lowest since 1989. They need to add proven stars at wide receiver and cornerback because the NFL is a passing league and the Dolphins are not good enough throwing the ball or defending the pass.

On defending the pass, let me share something about Sean Smith. Another publication "reported" Sunday that Miami might use the franchise tag on Sean Smith. That is not accurate. The Dolphins have no intention of using the franchise tag on Smith.

Smith''s a contributor. He's solid against taller, bulkier wide receivers. But he is not elite and not consistent enough to merit the $10 million tag for corners. The Dolphins will have to think long and hard before they even offer Smith half that amount on an annual basis.

Miami needs playmakers and Smith has not been that the past four seasons.

Speaking of playmakers, I am extremely, extremely disappointed with tight end Michael Egnew's rookie season. And based on what I've seen, I find it hard to believe he will simply turn it completely around and become a star in the next couple of years.

He has given no clue of being capable of that so far.

So what have I seen to give me pause? Forget that Egnew was inactive for 14 of 16 games. Forget that. But he was active last week and this week and in this one when Anthony Fasano went out with a concussion, he was replaced by Jeron Mastrud.

No disrespect to Mastrud who is a solid blocker, but he's Miami's next best tight end in the season-finale? What does that say about Egnew? 

Remember, Egnew was active last week for the first time this season. And after playing a handful of inconsequential plays early in the game last week, Egnew earned fewer important snaps this week. Last week he played early in the game. This week he was thrown in as almost an afterthought.

That is not the kind of return the Dolphins need from a third-round pick, especially not late in the year when he's had plenty of time to "get it" and understand the offense and his role and, you know, actually make some plays.

I cannot tell you the future is bright for this kid. I simply haven't seen it.

So about that big push in the offseason, including making a splash in free agency? Add tight end to that list of positions where the Dolphins should search.

One more thing: The Dolphins will have the No. 12 overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft, according to the NFL.


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One playoff win in over a decade...But people shouldn't complain...LOL!!!!!!!

has anyone seen the draft prospect list on cbs very weak at the skill positions two rb make first rdlist three wr and only 3 qb's not much out there in the defense either. the dolphins are better of trading up with the first three picks and getting either the top lb,dt.or offensive lineman

Stick with your draft picks, don't spend on free agents...Let our GM and his wonderful track record on draft day do it's magic...LOL!!!


Where's all the Martin fans this morning? All the guys who TOLD us that Martin 'was a better player than Long right now'. Where are those guys? They gone into hiding? Martin looked horrible yesterday. Completely overmatched. The book is out on how to play this guy now. So what these clowns want to do is get right of Long and get 'anybody' to play RT. GREAT plan!!....

Thoughts on Loadholt coming to teh Fins to hold down the RT spot?

2013 Draft:

1st round: Offensive Guard
2nd Round: Offensive Tackle
2nd Round: Linebacker
3rd Round: Wide Receiver
3rd Round: Offensive Guard

To all the Martin bashers...Question...Who drafted him????

Yep....let's just throw money around. Great plan!!

'I'm depressed....let's go shopping and spend widely. That'll cheer me up.'....'What?.....oh wait....it wasn't supposed to work out that way. What happened?'.

Martin needs to get stronger.. Im sure they will be all over him in the offseason

Craig what are you ranting about?

Spending money's the answer. We've seen how well that's worked for the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Jets, the Redskins.

What?.....oh it didn't work out? Ok, forget it then....bad idea!

AJ Smith to be on the market in a few hours...

Make your move mr. Ross......

The same AJ Smith that depleted that San Diego Offense? nice.. someone elses garbage isnt the answer.

Who saying we need to just throw money around?


I'm LAUGHING at people who are trying to SPEND their way out of mediocrity. It doesn't work. and it won't work here. It's a DUMB plan! How many more wins did the Bucs have this year after signing VJax? Is that who we want to become? Now people are starting to say Freeman's not the answer. It's insanity man....it nevre works! It's not how the REALLY good teams build a winner.

If the fans don't want to be patient, then go cheer for the Pats. I here they're good every year.....go be happy! Life's too short...

Sure, dusty, a great OL with the ultimate intention to protect the QB, whoever it is. Look how well Matt Leinhardt did there as compared to now in KC or wherever he is.

Sorry Marty...but Smith has built a team...what is Ireland's track record.....

Do you suffer from Stockholm as well...

I keep reading -day after day -that Matt Moore didn't win against winning teams last year. Dolphins won 4 times against teams with winning records at the time Miami played them. For the record:

Week 9 Chiefs record:4-3 vs Fins:0-7 -- Miami, 31-3
Week 11 Bills record:5-4 vs Fins:2-7 -- Miami, 35-8
Week 13 Raiders record:7-4 vs Fins:3-8 -- Miami, 34-14
Week 17 Jets record:8-7 vs Fins:5-10 -- Miami, 19-17

How long will we be talking Ireland guys? Few weeks? Few months? Into next season?

Let me know. I'd prefer to talk about the draft and FA. No interest in keep rehashing the same crap over and over again....

Montreal, that is kind of my point re: ireland drafting. People will say Ireland hasn't done a good job because we don't have any game breakers. Well, look at the approach, we aren't supposed to have game breakers because they never acquired any. however, considereing our investment, we are upposed to have a superior o line and a superior d line. But we are ok, and not great in either. That is the part that pizzes me off. And you are absolutely right about the WR position. I agreed in getting rid of Marshall (you just can't have someone crap on the organization in public like he did) but have a contingency plan. Draft his replacement or ask Chicago for one of their WRs in compensation like Johnny Knox (although he was injured). Well, Ireland's one year of amnesty from me is just about up (for drafting a Qb finally). he better spin some magic this offseason. because the offesnive unit they sent out there yesterday was pathetic.

I agree dropping a ton of money isnt the answer on FA's unless they fit into the system and even then you have to look at the long outcome. If the Fins were a player or two away then yeah drop a ton in FA if your only plan is to win now.
I agree they need to set up for the future but add a vet WR and draft the others..

http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2012/12/24/wr-vincent-jackson-putting-together-career-season-for-struggling-buccaneers/ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't know why you're still beating the AJ Smith drum. You HONESTLY think Smith is going to be content to tie HIS fate to Philbin and Tannehill. Of course not. If he's going to put his neck on the line he's going to want HIS guys doing the job.

So what you're saying is after making progress this year, you're advocating MORE change. Strange philosphy!

built a team? whys he getting fired then? why did he fire the coach that had them in playoff contention year after year? whyd he let his offense go?

Im not saying Ireland's the answer but Smith is not either.. You want change from Ireland and talk about low balling players.. why are all of the playmakers the Chargers had playing on different teams?

Craig m...

How can you talk one (draft)..without the other(Ireland).....

Doesn't make much sense does it..

I have a feeling this is what Ireland is going to do.
1. Resign many of our FAs (which is not a good idea only Hartline and Smith should be resigned)
2. Sign Greg Jennins and some acorn CB and LB
3. Draft more acorns
4. Save cap money.

Until hes gone would you expect anymore?

And how many more wins did that buys the Bucs. EXACTLY?

Again, it's not about stats and fantasy football....it's about WINNING! Where are the Bucs drafting this year?

# Resign Ireland

# Fire Spo (The Other One)

Cannot believe Ireland's still here.

Ross must grow a pair and jettison jeffy now!

Yes I know its repetitive,,,,,,,,,,but owners are firing GMs right & left this a.m...............our guy has been here way to long. We must have competence,

Marty...EVERBODY. Gets fired in the NFL..@ least he had a good run...

When does our run start....

Craig, if there's any way they can bring jake back and have it make financial sense, they NEED to do it. Because martin is big soft cow. Can't rely on that guy. And I will absolutely shite myself if they spend their #1 or #2 pick on ANOTHER OT.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 31, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Were you laughing about the Smith comment?

It takes 53 football players to win a SB dummy...Jackson did his part...He can't play defense and can't play ST's...He produced and that's what he gets paid for...Dan Marino never won a SB, does that mean he sucks??? Duuhhh...

its MaTty, not Marty bro.. and yes I agree he HAD a good run but made too many mistakes to take away from that run to get him fired...

Hopefully it starts this coming year..

Calvin Johnson gets 16 million a year...But the Lions didn't make the playoffs...I guess he sucks...His team is not WINNING...Gee...How stupid can you be??

Craig, they are so behind on offense they definitely need to make at least one significant investment like TB did laast year with V. Jackson (who actually should've been our play if you got rid of Marshall). They just can't rely on this draft. They must pay for the neglect this offense has suffered from for too long unfortunately.

Kris, the same AJ smith who thought it was wise to let Norv Tuner fritter away a super bowl roster??? No fukking thanks. He is stubborn and stupid beyond belief.


My apologies...

I'm on my iPad...and can't fix every typo...

I meant no disrespect....

Mark, agreed on Smith...He's NOT the answer...Turner is just AWFUL...

That's right '53 players to win'....so why the f8ck would you go out and spend $9 mil on a WR.....DUMMY!

You've just answered your own question.

The talk is Lovie Smith is in trouble of losing his job. They're not saying 'good job getting Brandon Marshall'.....they're saying, 'you're being judged on your wins and losses and you didn't win enough'.

I think the snow up there is freezing your brain.

No worries Kris, it was just two times in a row so I didnt know what was going on or if youre trying to call me Marty Schotenhemir bc I didnt want Smith to come to the Fins lol


There's NO way they could have added VJax last year. With what money?


How many years before Ireland builds us a SB roster....so far it's 5 and counting...

It's the stupid iPad auto correct...not my style to attack a person (unless it's a troll)...

I would rather debate football....

Craig, got to agree with Montreal on this one. The Bucs offense was miles better this year with V Jax there. he was incredible and was a good leader in the clubhouse too (well at least he didn't punch a woman in the face and stab himself in front of his wife). Jackson did more than his part. The Bucs were a better team this year and for a stretch they were playing great. They need more players too but they don't need anything on offense anymore at least.


It's actually TWO....but never mind. We had the grand master of coaching Sparano running the coaching show for 4 years. You're right, it's Ireland's fault that some of those players didn't play well. Had nothing to do with Sparano.

We've seen this movie before. We all celebrated when Marshall was the supposed 'final piece. The guy who would get us over the hump'. Never worked out that way. The record wasn't ANY better with him in the lineup than without him. It'll be the same with Bowe and Wallace....at an expense of $9mil a year. The smart teams like the Steelers and Packers don't do business this way. They BUILD. But let's re-invent the wheel. After all, what the Hell have they ever won?

Craig M, fukkkk you...You are so bloody stupid it's laughable...The joke of the blog...Everyone here knows it...Jackson did his work, he PRODUCED...He can't do it all...So YES, he was a good move by the BUCS...It's not about how much money you make, it's IF YOU PRODUCE...He did PRODUCE, no matter what you think...Bottom line...You have no fukkkin idea what you're talking about, but what else is new...


Have a nice day buddy....have fun with your Dustin Keller toys....I'm really not interested in what you think of me. I don't agree with your plan.

"Have fun with your Dustin Keller toys"...Gee... How old are you? 15??? What kind of a mental midget comment is that??? What a joke you are...Sad...


Sorry bud, we don't agree. I'm not arguing that VJax had a good season or didn't do his part. I've never said that.

But the only thing that matters is wins and losses. Bucs record is marginally better than it was last year. That's we would get here with a Bowe or Wallace. Not disputing that they're not good players but that's not how you build a team. You do it through the draft and you add a supplementary piece in FA. Regardless of what Armando is saying, I believe that's the way the FO will go. It's how the Packers built and that's the model Philbin advocates. He said as much when he came here.

Remember how many of you wanted Cowher? How long did it take him to win the big one even with a great fo? 13 years. And ONLY after they lucked out getting Ben.

What a bunch of pessimists! Just because Jeff Ireland has had bad drafts in the past doesn't mean that this year's draft will be bad. Just because he forgot to draft or sign good tight ends, defensive backs, and wide receivers this year doesn't mean he will forget next year. Let's just relax, watch the chess master assemble a team, and then wait for results before passing judgment. Acorns have been known to grow into mighty oaks.

Fins also need To Resign Jake! And S.Smith!

They can Let The Others FA's Go!! Hartline, Starks, Bush, Clemons, and all The Other Sub Par Fa's!!



Adds another $25 Million In Cap!! (Or Will Cover Signing Long, Smith and Possibly Starks!! And Still have Money Left!!)

Free Agents


M.Wallace and/or G.Jennings
2 Real CB's
Any Other MLB and Possibly a Real OLB!! (Get At Least 2 LB's That can Play the 4-3!! Signing 2 Real Good LB's Will Cost Less Than Paying Dansby!!)


1- FS or LB (Only LB's Worth a 1st are Te'o and Ogletree)
2- WR
3- OG
3- OG
4- LB/DE

Craig, if they don't add Richard Marshall, and move some money around, they could've fit V Jax. Did they really need to pay Dansby the money he made this year???


You're the dickh8ad that start with the fukk you comment. So because I don't agree with you, I'm wrong? What world are you living in up there in Quebec?

So yeah....have fun with your Keller and Bowe dolls...

And FUKK you....or as you might say LE FUKK TU!!

lots of axes falling today. quickly.

Craig M...

You defended Sporano until the day he was fired....

And looks like you will be on the same way with Ireland.....

And don't give me that 2 year myth,,,,,

What has been Ireland's TITLE AND JOB DESCRIPTION since he has been a FIN????

Please address this question in 2words or less...


So now you're advocating keeping Vontae Davis. I believe (although I don't know for sure) that Philbin would have wanted Davis gone from the team. So Marshall still makes sense to me. Yeah he was hurt and had a lousy year but I get the logic.

I believe VJax signed a contract for about 5 years and $45 mil. I'm still not getting where we're coming up with that money? And I really don't see the point of trading Marshall and then going out and sinking that kind of money into VJax. I don't see the logic in it.

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