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Stability offers the Dolphins ... stability but no stars yet

ESPN is reporting the New York Jets are soon going to fire offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the former Dolphins coach fired last year from Miami. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, will be fired on Monday.

The Chiefs will have changes and are looking for a starting QB. The Bills are looking for a starting QB. The Cardinals are looking for a starting QB. The Eagles will have change and are getting rid of starting quarterback Michael Vick.

But the Dolphins will remain stable at general manager, coach and starting quarterback. That is a state of affairs, which I looked at and found hasn't been the case for the Dolphins at all since 2003. That's 10 seasons.

But ...

What does that tell us? Seriously.

The Dolphins have stability. But do they have a star coach? A star GM? A star quarterback?

We may have opinions about where those three men are going but in my column today I give you an honest assessment of where those men are now. I also offer where those men seem headed. Please check out the column.

Later today, we'll have a live blog of the Patriots and Dolphins game.

Randy Starks will play. Davone Bess will not. Koa Misi is expected back.

Talk to you later.

There are changes coming throughout the NFL


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So the NRA's answer to gun violence ..is more guns....in schools. LOL! What about movie theatres, shopping malls, and parking lots? I'm sure they'd like more guns there too!! IDIOTS!!

LOL...What in the world ever made the Jets think Sparano was an OC in the first place? That was an awful move(funny as heck though)... arguably as bad as Parcells hiring him to be the Head Coach. Why does the team need a star Coach or GM? The star QB remains to be seen. But nice try at digging at Tannehill and fueling that tired debate.

We'll continue to stink as long as Irescum is here.

If I had to rank best of the three to worst, it would be Tannehill, then Philbin then Ireland. I'm hoping I'm wrong about Ireland and this draft has been better than most. Tannehill and Martin are great to v good, Miller and Vernon both keepers. If Ireland spends wisely we will be very good next year. 10-6.

That was a good column, Armando. Unbelievable how much change has occurred over those years at critical positions. I must have already purged much of it from my mind. :)

When Irescum traded 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

Sparano's completely unimaginative. He had to be "hard-talked into installing the wildcat into his offense in Miami. Then well pass the wildcat's usefulness he didnt know how to let it go.

If I were a betting man, I would wager Sparano had huge impact in Tebow coming to NYJ. He probably sold Rex Tebow was Ronnie Brown with "Joe Namath's" arm.

Sparano's imagination is so barren that he would get lost taking a shortcut around the block.

As usual, a good column Mando. I've been a little disappointed with Philbin/Sherman and couldn't really put a finger on it. But maybe you had it right.

"And outside his simultaneous practice repetitions during training camp, Philbin hasn’t exactly been an innovator".....Mando

No question they're better than what we've been used to but I expected better. Hopefully Philbin will review and evaluate...maybe talk to his former boss?

1,000yrs from now, the offspring of some of the idiots in here, will still be declaring 3 DRAFT PICKS, were used to get D Thomas.

When even Vont Davis' grandmotgher knows it was only FACTUALLY 2 DRAFT PICKS.


If 3 draft picks were used to get Thomas, please show us how we could have ended up with 3 players had we not drafted him?

First idiot up please?

I'll help you idiots out:

When you use 2 drafts picks to get 1 draft pick. It's calle a "TWO FOR ONE SWAP".


If you gave me 2 of your houses for my 1 house. Its doesnt mean you now own 3 houses idiots. LOL...

That's horrible news for us (on Sparano). As long as he was there, we could discount the Jets as real competition. Too bad, wanted that to last a few more years.

On the article Mando, it's accurate, but I'd suggest it's easier to hate what you have than discuss who would be better. Cleveland fired the GM AND the HC. Usually one follows the other. If Ireland was fired, it would be very difficult for Miami to retain Philbin. And I think a majority of the fans/organization WANT TO RETAIN Philbin. And for that part Tannehill. No, we don't know, but really what did you EXPECT to know in Year 1, a re-build year at that? Hopefully no one was expecting the SB, or Playoffs?

They all stay in 2013, and that's how it should be. That will give us the best chance to get it right in the offseason. And that also lays down the gauntlet. If it's NOT fixed (for the most part) in 2013, then neck's will be extended and there will be change.

Don't forget to add Parcells and Sparano to that ranking. Ireland is doing a great job of cleaning up the mess made by Sparano and Parcells. Sorry Ireland bashers the pesky facts just keep interrupting your hatred. Another draft and offseason like last year and we'll be in the playoffs next year.

Finally, had we traded "3 DRAFT PICKS" to get "1 DRAFT PICK(a 2nd)" and used it on Thomas.

Then we would have used "3 DRAFT PICKS" ON D Thomas. LOL...

So, if you trade 2 players(3rd and 6th rd'ers) to get 1 player(2nd rd'er). You did not trade 3 players for that 1 player.

Get Geico, idiots! LOL...

YG--are you a shut-in?

just wondering,

Im trapped inside of your mommies basement across the room from you. We should wave at eachother every now then, ok?

fake gm ing here but i say resign starks and maybe bush at a cut rate if u can.or in Fa try to sign RT vollmer(NE) and or OG moore(NYJ)or levite(BUF)then cut jerry or incognito..if starks walks the kid from (JAX)terrance knighton a run stuffing nose tackle.if smith is not resigned id rather try to get aqib talib(TB)first or jammer(SD) or cromartie(PHIL)if price is right.a dream scenerio would be ed reed at S(BAL)but 3 other elite to very good safetys w moore(ATL) elite,landry(NYJ)young and upcoming,and j bird(BUFF)better than clemons by a mile.if bush walks maybe felix jones(dal) or benson(GB) on the cheap to back up miller.do everything you can to sign clif avrill DE(DET)a beast opposite wake ,look out is all your gonna hear from opposing Olineman.at WR you have D bowe(KC)a perfect fit or t-hill and also welker,jennings,amendola, and wallace also will be there.be nice to sign to of those if price is right.then at TE jaret cook(TENN)kellar(NYJ)or h miller(PITT)with cook the best option and young to boot and then resign fasano at the #2 te.

Now, if you want to look at a situation where the sake of "continuity" is the worst possible idea, look no further than the NY Jets. Keeping the GM/HC just for continuity's sake? When they've seriously regressed from a strong football team to a national joke and disgrace. I mean, that's the easiest decision I'd ever have to make getting rid of their GM. And that means Rex and Sparano and probably Sanchez are gone too.

just wondering,

It wouldnt hurt you to wave every now then, and for god's sakes, change those stinky socks. We're the only two down here(mommie's basement).

YG4E - You are so right I am sick of people saying it too. Do you think it's because they haven't got a clue thewy just use it as an excuse to moan????

DC - your comments are spot on, who would we get instead? I think we are finally heading in the right direction. I would rather be doing what we are doing than how the jets went about it the last few years as they are clearly in a lot of cap trouble and have stars but no team!!! And the fans have turned on them aswell and they have played deep into the playoffs(more that once) recently.

The Jets have had a mess in NY ever since the first day Rex came in and said, "Im not here to kiss Bellichik's rings".

Now he's kissing Bellichik's dick. Just like the rest of the Afc East.


The idiots who like to say 3 draft picks were used on D Thomas to show Ireland's dumb. Dont have a clue of how dumber they are by saying it was 3 draft picks when it was only 2.

That, or they assume everyone else here is just as dumb as they are.

How many consecutive losing seasons till Ireland is fired? 4, 6, 8, 10? YIKES!!

considering what they do in free agency/// the draft first round pick should be dee miliner CB(BAMA),justin hunter(TENN),robert woods(USC)keenan allen(CAL)all at WR.. or d jordan (ORG) b.werener(FSU) both DE's or trading back in later 1st round for more picks and for john banks cb(MISS ST) or tyler eifert TE(ND)

When 2 picks become bundled into 1 pick. It doesnt mean you now have 3 picks. LOL...

Since we can get nearly equal value in where we pick in the 1st rd for a player, as where we pick in the 2nd rd. How about hust trading this year's 1st rd pick for a 1st and 2nd rd pick in 2014, if a gm's interested?

We're not going to get an instant impact player where we pick anyway. So lets use it in hopes of a better draft crop in 2014. Makes sense because we still have two 2nd's and two 3rd picks this year.

It would also be great move up the draft board ammo in 2014 too.

imagine resigning bush starks and fasano,then signing vollmer,levitre on the OL and at DE cliff avrill for a pass rusher,aqib talib and j.ird in secondary and then at wr d bowe and maybe jennings and then drafting justin hunter or woods(USC)at WR or allen (CAL) and then in top of second tyler eifert TE at(ND) talk about a quick turn around wow

I am looking forward to another season of posting unremitting praise of the genius of Jeff Ireland.

So can anyone tell me which one of the following THREE picks we didnt give up for D Thomas?

1)3rd rd 79th pick

2)5th rd 146th pick

3)7th rd 216th pick


Our stability as of now, Armando, is only on paper, I believe. Ask me after 2014, if I get there.

jaws, have you not heard talib now plays in NE???? lol

Can we send Irescum to the Jests?

drooling at the possibilities a reciever set would be bowe, keenan allen,bess,and tyler eifert at TE for t-hill wow wow and wow

“I don’t think anybody’s ready to say that yet,” the source said. “We can say he’s our quarterback. What type of quarterback that will be, we’ll have to see.”


I said the SAME THING when talking with the SIGNAL 2 nights ago on this blog in regards o Tanne.....

Some troll took this as his opportunity to toss insults and tell me how dumb I am for not "crowning" Tanne.....

Hey troll.....looks like....Armando's source agree's with me....nobody with common sense is ready to crown Tanne yet...but were hopeful.....


It is your buddy odin's steadfast opinion that we Thomas costed 3 picks. In all fairness, he doesn't have a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Dashi Is Mostly Always Right!! About 95%!! Or Higher!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 29, 2012 at 10:37 PM

Is Mando Still Ireland's Boy? Like Some Of You Say!!

Or Is He #1 Dolphin Hater On The Planet!!

Mando has and Always Will Be "EXTRA CRITICAL" Of The Miami Dolphins!!

So Claiming Mando Has Love For This Team Is Preposterous!!!

Yes, Mando!

We Have Found Our Coach!!

Yes, We Have Found Our QB!!

AND MAYBE, Ireland Is The GM!!

That Is The Only Question Remaining!!

Is Ireland The Right GM for The Job?

And After Seeing What He Has Done!! Getting Philbin, Drafting T-Hill, The Extra Picks And Cap Room!! That Maybe Is Leaning More YES than No!!

Bloggers who never miss an opportunity to let others know when they were right:

Craig M

Did I mention Kris and Dashi? Them too.

I guess that was you....acting like a child the other night....under ANOTHER name of course....@ 12:25....

I'll take you're post @ 12:55 as a YES.....


What Is Your Fascination With The Dashi?

You Have Even Taken His Name!! And Posted Under It!! For The 1000 & 1 Time!!

Not Denying The 95% Quote!! Dashi Stands Behind What He Says!! I Speak The Truth!Something that is Foreign To You!!

My Bad, You Were A C- Student!! And 95% Seems High!! For The Integrity Of Your Words!!

I Guess You Only Have a 30% Chance Of Success With Your Patients!! No Wonder You Work For The Gov't!!

I don't get ANY of the Geno Smith posts. How is that relevant to the Dolphins? He's not a player we can draft in any case so who cares? So there's a college QB who maybe arguably better than T-Hill...So what? Trade the farm? Give on T-Hill?

Ireland thought he was Mike Ditka and D Thomas was Ricky Williams haha

So For The Last 12 Hours!!

You Have Been Impersonating The Dashi!!

Not Calling Mando Out!!

But Mando Your Words Are Lacking Integrity!!

We(The Blog) have been Calling You Out On The Debacle Going On In Here!! Over The Last Year!! And All You Do Is Give Us Empty Promises!!


Specially From The Sissified Punk!! Himself!! (The Trolls)

I agree with sentiments of those who were expecting more innovation from Philbin and his coaches. However, I'll act as an apologist and say I think they recognized early on:
1) Tannehill's development required priority;
2) WRs had to be weeded out
3) Secondary had severe problems

The extra time required to attend to these issues led to more plain vanilla schemes offensively and defensively. We should begin to see high water marks for this group next year, though.


Stedman Bailey 8 catches 122 tds 2 tds. A 32yarder and 29 yarder, plus a 59 yds reception. Finishes season with 25 tds. Do you still think he's too small?

BTW, Bailey's 2 tds yesterday are as many as Bess/Hartline has combined for the year.


Agreed. Saw The Game! Still Not Impressed! If You Think That Running Around Is Going To Work In The NFL! 2 Words For You! Peter Warwick! Remember Him!

Oh, Scoreboard, STFU!!


The records are likely to show that those you talk to the most are the same one's laughing at you in another name.

Don't be surprised.

Again, STFU!!


I pretty much like most of your posts. But you agree with sentiments expecting more innovations from Philbin and his coaches? Has everyone used thier la-la-land passes in regards to the offensive weaponry on this roster?

A chance to finish 8-8 with this pop-gun offense isnt innovative enough for you guys? Coming into this season who honestly thought we would win more than 5 games?

Guys, the great innovation is that this team has won 7 games with a ever so slight chance to win 8. Who amongst you here thought we would win 7 games this year? La-la-land passes are over. Its time to comeback home(reality).








HUH? We're talking the 58yd reception and the two 32yds/29yds td receptions. WTF are you talking about?

Im talking this guys scores tds. He did nothing disappoint in that regard. He now shows you why he has 23 recieving tds this year by pushing his final td total to 25 tds, right before your very eyes.

Aghain, wtf? Your train of thought must be to engaged with the trolls right now. LOL...


Doesn't Matter How You Break It Down!! Some Are To Ignorant And Proud To Admit!! The Fins Traded Nothing!! To Move Up and Pick D.Thomas!! A 5th and a 7th are Nothing!! But Dashi Knows!! To some Clown!! THE FINS TRADE FOR D.THOMAS IS SIMILAR TO THE RG3 TRADE!!

Ignorance!! The Personification of It Is That Punk!! Who Hides Under a 1001 Aliases!!

Guys, the great innovation is that this team has won 7 games with a ever so slight chance to win 8. Who amongst you here thought we would win 7 games this year? La-la-land passes are over. Its time to comeback home(reality).

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 30, 2012 at 12:54 PM


I, for one, am very exciting that we're not one of those teams looking for a new HC or GM or QB. You can BUILD if you're constantly changing midstream, changing players, changing plans, changing coaches, changing ideas. You can't ADD if you keep subtracting. The better teams in the league get this. Maybe we're only starting to get this now.

Excited about adding WRs, a TE, a pass rusher, some extra help on the OL and some secondary help. FINALLY some playmakers for our young QB. Excited about what the next 9 months are going to bring.


If Bailey could come in here with 8 td grabs in his rookie season, he will have equalled Bess/Hartline career Dolphin td totals(8). I believe he can do it. LOL...

Dolphin fans thrilled with 7 wins?? How sad...

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