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Tannehill's decision-making light years better than Sanchez

I just got done watching the Jets and Tennessee.

And when I stopped shaking my head in disbelief (this took several minutes) it dawned on me that one thing Mark Sanchez has been unable or refused to learn through nearly four full seasons as an NFL starter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to do seemingly by instinct.

Sanchez, a mistake machine who has turned the ball over and NFL high 50 times the last two seasons, throws into double and triple coverage time and time and time again. It's like he's almost trying to throw interceptions.

He does it when he's got time. He does it when he's under pressure and seemingly panicked. He does it a lot.

He'll see one receiver and maybe two defenders and somehow believe that's a good place to go with the football.

It's incredible that he does it.

Tannehill rarely if ever does this and he's started only 12 NFL games.

"... On the film, there’s not a lot of they’ve got four, we’ve got one," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. "I think that’s a good place to start. And I think his overall awareness as a young player is very good.”

I'm not saying Tannehil is a great quarterback. He's not yet. I'm not even saying he's going to be great once he gains more experience and has more talent around him. We'll just have to see if that happens.

But Tannehill's chances of being good are, well, good if he makes good decisions. It's a fundamental principle. If he keeps the football out of harm's way, he already has the game-managing thing licked.

It's good to have the Miami quarterback in that place.

It's especially good when you consider the Jets quarterback isn't anywhere near that place.


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I can't believe that the Jests thought Sparano would be the answer to their offensive woes!

Armando, specifically how long were you shaking your head in disbelief? You said "several minutes." I am wondering if it was three or four mintes, or perhaps something longer--maybe 15-20 minutes?

The lonngest I have ever shook my head in disbelief was when I awoke from a dream where Richard Nixon was applying cocoa butter to my back.


Cant get excited about Tanny against Jacksonville. Lets see him perform against a few real teams.

I have to admit I was wrong about Ryan Tannehill (even before Sunday's game). What we are seeing is guy that's learning how to play quarterback and use his athlete ability doing it. He is learning how to not do the most critical thing do hurt his team (not throw interceptions). It effected his completion percentage the two games before Sunday but it's still a good thing. I'm glad that the Dolphins are finally allowing him to use his 4.5 40 speed with quarterback sneeks. If the Dolphins can get a Larry Fitzgerald-Julio Jones-Calvin Johnson type of wide receiver, Tannehill will be dangerous.

Considering the lack of playmakers and below average blocking Tannehill has done well. Hartline and Bess have had career years. Give him a little better line, another weapon or 2, and you've got a good QB. He's not there yet, but he is a rookie with limited experience. I think his play would be getting more notice if it werent for some of his fellow rookies lighting it up. Best QB class in a long time.

wait till next year when we draft WR Keenan Allen and then get one of the Top free agent WR'S like (Mike Wallace)with Bess and Heartline.. plus 9 more picks and that just next year.Future is so bright we are no longer the AFC East Basement Dwellers

Sanchez has been hit by to many linebackers and he is afraid. He doesn't have the quality line anymore. The New York media is eating him alive. Without Revis and a receiving corps the Jets are the Dolphins of a couple of years ago.

We wont know for a while where the ceiling is for RT17, I think we've seen enough from Chad Henne and Mark Sanchez to know we're in a good place.

The two things that have impressed me most about Ryan is firstly, his ability to lead, he looks in charge out there. Reggie/Bess/Fasano/Hartline all have a fair bit more NFL experience than our rookie, but it doesn't bother him, he'll make calls at the line and take responsibility for what comes. Secondly, how quickly he learns from his own mistakes, and tends not to make the same mistake twice.

Now, whether he'll ever be able to make those jaw dropping throws we've seen from Rodgers, Brees and the Manning's at crunch time, I just don't know.

One thing that must be considered is that when Ireland drafted D. Thomas there was no clear O System here as Sparano was in charge. Now with Philbin having defined the kind of O he wants, expect Ireland to do even better in next year's Draft than in past ones,and with so many picks...Wow!

You're absolutely right! It is amazing that Sanchez continues to make the same rookie mistakes in his 5th season in the league. One other thing to like about Tannehill....he doesn't simply checkdown to running backs to avoid mistakes (....like Chad Henne). So, not only does he not throw into double and triple coverage more times than none he is finding the correct receiver downfield to throw the ball to.

Mal de muchos consuelo de Pocos. Bad of many relief for a Few. Well, we are NOT Few here. We don't care how much dikkkk Henne or Sanchez sukkk. We focus on ourselves. Yes indeed.

Henne, I have never liked. Sanchez has the Form, and I believe that in better hands, he could become a good QB.

how does mark sanchez still have a job?

Guys this article is crazy. I mean really the jags were a 2-12 team with a 2-12 defence. u are what ur record is. Tanny looked good yes but come on will he do the same thing next week or will he let everyone down agin vs buffalo i think deep inside every true die hard dolphins fan knows the answer we seen it so manger years now hoping wishing rooting for the next Dan marino but knowing he's not he's not gonna be the guy in miami and u all no it. Don't get me wrong i love watching the jets loose so badly but really are we any better the fist pump did beat us this year and they have lot more talent on there team than we do so please fellow fans lets stop overreacting when we beat a 2-12 team because u only will be setting urselfs up for a heart break when tanny shows his true colors against a average nfl defence this Sunday

Could you please breakdown the scenario of how the Dolphins be able to make the playoffs?

Theres hope after the shellacking they gave one of the NFLs cellar dwellers,but it all depends on the decisions they make to upgrade the roster in the off-season and the luck that they have in the draft.

BTW before Sanchez was drafted by the Jets and before the Dolphins had T-Hill 8 out of the 10 posters on this board would have voted to draft Sanchez.So you see drafting college players that excel at the professional level is not as exact as an information seller like Mel Kiper would like you to believe.

I know I'm alone on this but I really think it is time to trade Devon Bess. We can get another 2nd or 3rd pick for him. I just think it's time to change some of the players out since they really haven't helped us over the years. I would much rather have Texas A and M WR Ryan Swope fill his spot (Tannehill's fav target in college).

Let's trade away all of our good players for draft picks we hope and guess might be good players. That is how you build a championship team,



Good plan he is not that great. He can and will be replaced. I would rather replace hime with Greg Jennings. Let's be honest with ourselves he is a 3rd down machine I agree but he never is around during the most important times and that is in the red zone!

Wow....trade Bess ...bcuz he really hasn't done. Anything for us?!?? Really ......do you watch any games start to finish ....r u for real.................unbelievable..........makes me sad u root for my team ......I've heard dumbazz statements on here but my brother u take the cake ..............u r clueless ........but Ur so clueless u might need counseling stay away from meds ......just hrs of counseling..................

GM's strive to draft players like Bess. The draft is a crapshoot no matter how much you analyze players. When you get a Bess you keep him, not let him go hoping your next guess in the draft will work out.

The idea is to build a team, you can't get there by trading away your better players just because they are worth picks.

Trading the best slot and route running receiver in the game!!

Makes a lot of sense!!!


Great route runner
Great hands
Great attitude
Great physical conditioning
Great teammate
Great student of the game

What coach wants to trade away a guy like that unless you already have too many of them?

He kinda reminds me of Wes Welker. We traded him and where did that get us?

Let's change the subject on that dumb ass Bess comment.

To me rookie WR's rarely make a big impact. Wallace or Jennings has to be a big priority from this team.

I would like to Moore, Matthews ans Binns get a ton of playing time these next two weeks.

The Jets..Ha Ha Ha...The joke of the NFL. Here's an idea let's hire Sparano a lousy former HC with no coordinator experience in the NFL to fix our offense. AND I have to say I love it that no one is blaming that guy. Maybe the Jets can fire Ryan and make him the new HC. That would be awesome to watch the Jets flop another few years.

Davone Bess is not going anywhere. Matthews looks a promising player, and Hartline is a quality target. We just need that Megatron/Julio Jones up front to scare the secondary, this in turn will improve our run game also...

Let's give Tannehill credit. He played a great game with a couple of our best players on offense out of the line up. This guy is an inexperienced rookie QB and is progressing on a team without top tier offensive talent. He has a chance to be special with the right talent.

Sanchez definately has his faults, however he has taken his team to the championship game(not totally on his own obviously) but as said earlier i think the coaching on that team is not helping him and the fact he is getting hit A LOT EVERY WEEK. It is always very difficult to compare players on different teams because they run different schemes, have different personnel etc but in fairness sanchez has looked good in the past, so not sure how accurate the comparrisions are IMO.

What I will say is I am more interested in THIS team than what others are doing, yes we need to keep an eye on what our divisionl opponents are doing but if you are not a very very good team it all starts inhouse and what we have.
As for the comment about trading Bess away.....forget it!!!!!

Aloco, Im not against Sanchez but you have to realize by now that the NFL is a what have you done for me lately profession, ESPECIALLY playing in the New York media circus, AND some of the idiotic posts on this blog that ARE NOT trying to be funny.

In a nutshell trading Bess for draft picks is like this

Bess for draft picks=Marshall for draft picks +drafting Eggnew=ZERO

bk, you are delusional, a 2 or 3rd for Bess. There is no way a team would give that type of draft choice for him. Get on the other side of the trade, you as a GM, would you offer a 2 or 3 for Bess...........no way.

Shula 73,
I am just wondering, since I know youre a Moore supporter, how can you say that you cant get excited about Tannehill against the Jags and he needs to perform against a few real teams, and still be a big Moore supporter?
I ask this because he never beat a team with a winning record while at the helm in Miami.
Im not trying to start anything just curious about your though process on this.

Im coming around to the Egnew being a bad choice thought process due to this Binns kid that was signed just last week getting about 16 plays. Egnew has been on the roster all year long and cant crack the lineup.
I know that they were short handed receiver wise on Sunday with Bess out but according to Sherman this offense is hard to pick up with the audibles and yet a guy signed just last week gets decent PT. I think this is just an excuse for Egnew. I hope that I am wrong on him next year but Sunday was telling.

"The lonngest I have ever shook my head in disbelief was when I awoke from a dream where Richard Nixon was applying cocoa butter to my back."

Posted by: Neat Pete | December 18, 2012 at 12:56 AM

I've had that dream! His hands are softer than you'd expect...

I still can't believe they hired Sparano as OC. If you look at the Dolphins under Sparano, and the Jets they were fairly similar. Run first, bad QB play from an inexperienced QB (no progress ever made), diva WR, over hyped OL, and a good D.

Amazing... Think next year the Jets really clean house. They might be stuck with Sanchez, or paying him at least.

Sanchez is a joke. Drafted way too high for what he did in college. The Fins might have drafted some duds at QB (John Beck, Pat White, Henne), but at least they weren't top 5 picks.

Tannehill has to step up these next 2 games. He was a top 10 pick and has a chance (albeit slim) to get his team into the playoffs against a bad Buffalo team and then hopefully a Pats team on cruise control - what he does over the next 2 games will define his rookie campaign

Does Brady have weapons or does he make the weapons? I think the makes them.

Quit saying Tannehill does not have weapons.

I'm not ready to give up on Egnew yet. I believe he's the youngest guy on the team. I think we'll see him now with Clay out for the year. They need to design some plays with him in mind going out for passes if his blocking is the problem. This kid did not forget how to be fast, strong and big. He was a 2X Big 12 first team TE and consensus All American.

It could be worse dolphin fans, we could be the Jests

matty, don't expect Shula 73 to answer that question because it simply has no logical answer. Nobody actually wants matt Moore as their starter, some people are just not happy unless they are well .. not happy.

It goes like this. Right now they are upset becuase Tannehill has a losing record. Next year they will be unhappy becasue Tannehill will be simply good enough to just get them in the playoffs but not deep.

Further on in the future they will be unhappy because Tannehill goes to the championship game but doesn't win it and then will harken back to how good the days were under Fiedler and marino who never won either.

You see this is the life of the troll.

Tannehill looks to me just like Chad Henne. Henne had a few decent games also if you remember. Hope I'm wrong but I just dont see the accurate playmaker that we need.

Sanchez was CARRIED by his team the 2 years they went to the AFC champ. game. He didn't lead them there.

If the jets can't run the ball, he is useless. In the past he used to manage a game pretty well when his team could run.

Now? His team has been running decent the last few weeks & he can't move the ball. He is atrocious as an NFL QB.

Tannehill in his first year, is already a better QB than Sanchez. And although far from great, he is what I would consider to be an average NFL QB. I know his play has been subpar but, considering his lack of experience or real playmakers, I consider him to already be average.

Future is bright with Tanny. If only we had more talent around him.

You see this is the life of the troll.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 18, 2012 at 08:59 AM

Sounds like a children's novel or a dr Seuss poem

jeff, are you suggesting Tannehill in his 12th game as a pro should master an offense like Brady does as a 35 year old??? really???

I remember Brady's first year starting, our defense punked him out so bad down here in Miami. Almost made him cry - it was great. (and he was in his 2nd pro year then - not his rookie year). Even when Brady won his Super Bowl he threw for a mighty 85 yards up until the final drive in that game. Roethlisberger in his first super bowl wasn't exactly masterful either. Point is - even for some of the best wbs of our time - the supporting cast does figure into things.

On Sunday, Tannehill showed what he could do already at this stage when the supporting casts are about equal. He was masterful. Hasd two passing tds and accounted for almost 300 yards of offense. Should've had another two tds that were dropped.

I have no doubt that if the Dolphins add a very good vet receiver, add a first round wr, and a2nd round TE- you will see a much improved offense. the guys he has right now simply don't get open very well. Anyone who watches can see this. And Mando is right - for a rookie - tannehill does keep his mistakes to a minimum. He just finished playing two of the best teams in the league and two of the best in creating tunrovers and threw ZERO interceptions and didn't fumble. That should be commended.

When his games actually become fair fights - Miami will succeed.


how does mark sanchez still have a job?

Posted by: B33RCA53 | December 18, 2012 at 04:45 AM

He must have the same boss as Ireland! haha

Anyone notice we've seen a few different Tannehills the first 6 games he was using his legs, going with more audibles and throwing the ball a bit more deep(He was League leader in 20+ accuracy). Then the next 6 games when he hit the slump they never called rollouts, he rarely threw the ball past 10 yards and he didn't look good. Now we are back to seeing the past few games he's moving again and trying to spread the offense and use his legs, idk if this is the playcalling or what.

he was hurt.

Sure Tannehill looked better against the Jags then the 49ers but what QB doesnt?

"Does Brady have weapons or does he make the weapons? I think the makes them."

WhatEVER. Brady is one of the greatest ever, but the Pats have carefully built up an amazing receiver corps over the years.

And IMHO, had Gronkowski been out there Sunday night, the Pats would've won that one.

But Jeff, since you say Brady MAKES his weapons, where were they Sunday night during the first 3 quarters?

Takes two to tango, takes *at least* two to make a great QB ... Tom Brady could throw me perfect passes, and I'd drop 'em.

Similar to last week, we are favored by 10 over the Bills.

I'm with you Jeff. I'm sick of fins fans and the critics talking about weapons. He has players on his teams that are more than good enough to support his ability if he was an accurate passer. He is erratic and nuts-up under pressure, but the rookie-pass thing is almost up and they will supply him with a few more skilled players on offense. Start with that suspect offensive coordinator and we can unlock who this kid really is and what he's about. No more excuses for Ryan Tannehill after this season. If he uses his legs to move around more and use more of the players (weapons)on his team, this team will go places or will be in a better place. If he sits in the pocket like he's Marino or Brady, he'll choke and we'll be searching for another answer again.

No doubt Brady makes the weapons. Just look at Wes Welker. Elite QB's make all those around them better.

Agreed that a QB makes the Wrs better, however is there anyone who thinks Brady would be as good with teh Miami supporting cast and Tannehill wouldn't be better with NE's receivers??

Think about it ...

NE o line > Miami o line
Lloyd > Hartline
Welker > Bess
Gronkowski > Fasano
Hernandez > Clay

Not saying Tannehill would be all pro but he surely would be better ...

Look THILL is not perfect...we all know that...but anyone looking at his rookie season and suggesting it has not been positive is simply looking at stats in a book and not factoring in the reality of this team and his situation. The article the other day suggesting that Adsm S. from ESPN wasn't convinced that THILL is the real deal was ridiculous. Of course nobody knows if he will be the next Dan Marino at this point but in the end there are some really positive things that suggest his future is bright.

1) He is playing pretty well his rookie year after very limited QB experience in college.

2) His interceptions have gone down considerably the past several weeks.

3) His WR corp has been a revolving door each week, making it very dificult to create chemistry with them.

4) He is showing a strong command of this West Coast offense and constantly checks plays at the line of scrimage.

5) He is showing more confidence and ability to step up in the pocket to avoid sacks and prolong the play allowing receivers that extra second or two to get open.

6) He is being opportunistic and using his running ability to gain positive yards.

7) He is rolling out well to his left and right and showing an ability to be accurate on the run.

One area I'd like to see him improve is accuracy on the long ball. He tends to either over throw or under throw receivers who are open deep. I think he is probably 50% on open receivers > 20 yards down field. Again, I think building chemistry with a corp group of receivers will help this a great deal.

I also think we should give THILL credit for fighting in the 4th QTR to win games. He did it against Seattle. He also did it twice against in the first Jets game (4th QTR and OT)but Carpenter missed field goals. He did it against the Cardinals and Carpenter missed again.

Yes he failed to do it against the Pats and the 49'ers but it's pretty clear both of those teams are a big step ahead of the fins at this point.

The Fins are still making too many mistakes (penalties, dropped punts, RB's fumbling, punt cover players missing chances to pin teams inside the 10, etc. Those mistakes ultimately caused losses against the 49'ers and Patriots.

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