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Tannehill's decision-making light years better than Sanchez

I just got done watching the Jets and Tennessee.

And when I stopped shaking my head in disbelief (this took several minutes) it dawned on me that one thing Mark Sanchez has been unable or refused to learn through nearly four full seasons as an NFL starter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to do seemingly by instinct.

Sanchez, a mistake machine who has turned the ball over and NFL high 50 times the last two seasons, throws into double and triple coverage time and time and time again. It's like he's almost trying to throw interceptions.

He does it when he's got time. He does it when he's under pressure and seemingly panicked. He does it a lot.

He'll see one receiver and maybe two defenders and somehow believe that's a good place to go with the football.

It's incredible that he does it.

Tannehill rarely if ever does this and he's started only 12 NFL games.

"... On the film, there’s not a lot of they’ve got four, we’ve got one," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. "I think that’s a good place to start. And I think his overall awareness as a young player is very good.”

I'm not saying Tannehil is a great quarterback. He's not yet. I'm not even saying he's going to be great once he gains more experience and has more talent around him. We'll just have to see if that happens.

But Tannehill's chances of being good are, well, good if he makes good decisions. It's a fundamental principle. If he keeps the football out of harm's way, he already has the game-managing thing licked.

It's good to have the Miami quarterback in that place.

It's especially good when you consider the Jets quarterback isn't anywhere near that place.


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It's good after a win to say Tannehill & the phins are better than Henne/Jags & Sanchez/Jets. But I want the day when you can say they are as good or better than the good or very good qb's/teams. Hopefully that day is soon.

I really don't think you can get that down on Tannehill. He has looked good at times, bad at others, but he is a rookie. Most of the INTs (minus the Houston game) have been in late game when trying to play catch up. He has made game winning drives, and clock killing drives.

Not to mention, if Carp makes 2 kicks the Dolphins are 8-6 and I bet a lot of the perception of him changes with that. Though reading comments, people would still complain about a rookie QB bringing his team to the playoffs...

Basically the entire team has upside, especially at QB. Comforting when you look at teams like the Jets, etc that are all downhill. Also have the 2013 offseason coming up which should bring in quality players between the draft and cap space. Really don't get this "doom and gloom."

I must say I went back to the last blog to check on the comments after I left yesterday.

Craig continued to try to attack me saying everyone was laughing at me. Yet, he was the only 1 talking about me LMAO LMAO LMAO Boy, everyone means EVERYONE, Not just you, clown!

Nothing like EXAGGERATING there huh, blabbermouth! LMAO

Then noticed that JPAO & Dashi came to my defense on the Bookend comment. As well as others mocking Craig for his overall lack of knowledge!

I catch flack from the dumbo Canadians(2) while Craig catches flack from most everyone else here. Yet, they laugh at me? LMAO LMAO

Glad to see I'm not the only 1 who finds him to be a complete & utterly idiotic tool!

Hey BUD, your condescending attitude & know it all antics are worn out & boring BUD. Get a new routine or come back under a new name.

You hold the minority opinion on almost EVERY topic yet, portray yourself as more knowledgable than everyone else. When in truth, it's the complete opposite as JPAO, Dashi & MANY OTHERS clearly point out to you on a daily basis.

Then in typical fashion, you cursed them out because that's all losers without a clue have.

If T-Hill is A Bust! Sanchez Is The Biggest Bust In History!!(Next To That Guy The Jets Picked In The Jake Long Draft)

And To You Clowns!! Sanchez didn't take That Team Anywhere 2-3 Years Ago!! That Team Had LT and a Defense!!

Oh, Quick Fact!! Sanchez Might Have The Most T/O The Last 2 Seasons!! But Do You Know Who Had The Most T/O's Last Year!!!? MATT "FUMBLE" MOORE!!

MOORE HAD 24+ turn overs Last Year!! In Only 12 Games!! Last Year!!

Maybe The Jets Can Sign The "mvp"!! He Fits Their Profile for A Qb!! A Guy That Can Turn The Ball Over Twice A Game!!

I just heard greg jennings is a free agent next year. Don't know much about him, but I'm guessing Philbin does. Is he a #1? And if so is that who Miami targets?

LOL, you are a funny guy, I could care less about your existence yet you think I go out of my way to laugh at you??

All I ask is that I get the PPV rights in the cage match you and Craig will have some day.

It really is comical.

I find no solace in knowing that Tannehill's decisions are better than Sanchez's. As previously pointed out in this blog, our competition this year has been horrendous. Tannehill has had games where he has looked good, games where he has looked bad, and games where he has been somewhere in between.

A few seasons ago, Sanchez was anointed the next marquee player and look at whats happened. He is garbage. I told my Jet friends who were celebrating his selection, you will be looking for a QB three seasons from now. During his early success he was not asked to do much, just manage games. The Jets had a great defense and ran the ball well.

We are not looking at the next Drew Brees here. Tannehill will be a game manager. 12-18 passes are about his game range.

And what's with this lumping all people of one country in one basket you do so easily???

Are you not an American like the way too long list of insane people who go on mass murder binges in your country that really don't happen in any other developed nation??? So see how incredibly stupid it is to make those types of comments, don't you?

And Troll,

What Team Are You Watching!!!!!

T-Hill Didn't Roll Out Or Run Pass The Line Of Scrimmage!! The First 6 Games!! People On Here where and Still Are Clamoring For Sherman's Head!!

Then The Next 6 Sherman Opened It Up A Little More!! And Occasionally Allowed T-Hill To Run!!

Over The Last 2-3 Games!! The Reigns Are OFF!! T-Hill Has Been Allowed To Sizzle!!!

But Sherman Being True To T-Hill's Development!! Doesn't Want T-Hill Running Around!! He wants Him To Learn From The Pocket!! Be A Qb!! Sherman Knows T-Hill Lacks Experience In The Pocket!! He Is Making Sure T-Hill Knows The Bread & Butter!! Plays!!

Sherman Will Forget More Offense Than Soprano Will Ever Learn!!!


Become A Jets Fan!! Like Mando!! So You Can Shake Your Head After A Jets LOSS!!


BY the way, I am not making light of the horrible tragedies of what's going on in the United States. I fell horrible for all the victims and the lack of respect that goes on for human life. It was an analogy that was poorly chosen. And I'm sorry for all the pain that people are needlessly go through because of that lack of respect and people not watching out for the greater good and harmony among brothers and sisters of the same country.

So your making yourself feel better by comparing Tannehill to one of the worst QB's in the game over the past few years. You take the next step and compare him to Gabbert next.

As for someone asking about playoff hopes earlier...

Steelers have to beat the Bengals, then lose to Browns (actually fairly possible)

Bengals have to lose out, to Steelers and Ravens (also possible)

Dolphins have to beat Buffalo and NE...

It is a long, long shot. But possible none-the-less.


Ur not the troll(I Hope)!!

But T-Hill Will Never Throw 12-18 Passes In Any Game Of His Career!! Not In This Offense!! T-Hill has Thrown More Passes Than Any Rookie Qb Not Named A.Luck!!


The Fins Want To Run 70-75 Plays A Game!! Sure We Are Only Going To Throw The Ball 12 Times!! (IGNORAMUS!!)



Rhino Go Become A Jets Fan!! Where Sporano wants To Run The Ball 50 Times A Game!!

Sherman Wants To Throw it 50 Times!!

T-Hill Is Averaging 30+ Throws A Game!! As A Rookie!!

T-Hill has Thrown Less Than 26 Times!! 1 GAME!! When He Got Injured On His Second Drive Against The Jets!!

12-18 Pass Attempts A Game!! Ha!! You Clowns Amaze Me!!

From 2009 blog post here about Chad Henne after 10 starts...Here are some comments that shows it is way too early to judge a QB after 1 season! After next year we will have a much clearer picture if we have another Henne on our hands.


Henne was a godsend. While I still don't agree with the brasses decision on pat white in this years draft, they def made a great choice in Henne in last years draft. Go Phins!!

Posted by: Phins4life | December 19, 2009 at 12:43 PM

No doubt Henne is the future of the Dolphins. Best qb we've had here in Miami in years

Posted by: Hef33 | December 19, 2009 at 12:53 PM

I think Henne is absolutely the franchise QB, and he is playing lights out as a first year starter. The Dolphins are lucky to have him.

Posted by: Fake GM | December 19, 2009 at 07:03 PM

Props to those who said to wait and see in the comment section.

....Wow what a pointless topic Armando. My dad can beat up your dad. Sanchez stinks, so compairing Tannehill to him at any point is doing ourselves a dis-service. Who cares??

We have no idea which direction Tannehill will take. Sure you can make a guess either way..you may even be right. It isn't to far fetched to think he will be a championship caliber guy. It isn't rediculous to think he may be a bum. So before we celebrate that our quarterback is better then your quarterback(I know this wasn't what you were saying...Better decisions. blah blah blah. It is what you were getting at) Lets see Tannehill prove it on the field. At least Sanchez has had his moment there.

Dolphins make playoffs if:

-- Miami (6-8) wins vs. Buffalo and at New England (Dolphins finish 8-8)
-- Bengals (8-6) lose at Pittsburgh and vs. Baltimore (Bengals finish 8-8)
-- Steelers (7-7) win vs. Cincinnati and lose vs. Cleveland (Steelers finish 8-8)

Dolphins (6-6 in AFC), Steelers (5-7 AFC) and Bengals (5-7 AFC) finish 8-8; Miami wins three-way tiebreaker for No. 6 playoff seed via better conference record




Why Don't You Go Back To The Comments!! About Fiedler!! Or Huard!! When He Beat The Pats as Marino's Back UP!!

Funny Thing Is!! Those Were Comments Made By You!! Under A Different Alias!!

Give it A Break!! FOOL!!!

If You Can't Evolve With The Times!! And Adjust Your Opinion!! As It Seems Fit!! You Have Mental Problems!! MAJOR MENTAL PROBLEMS!!

You seen how Tanny played against Brady and the Pats? Yes, we lost, but we weren't blown up. 2 mistakes turned into 2 TDs for the Pats and those were the only TDs the Pats saw that day.

I like this QB! We finally have the right pieces in place.

sanchez sucks but I would take Rex Ryan over Philbin. At least then we know we'd have a great defense that can overcome even poor decision making by the QB.
Ryan might talk a lot but the guy is a good coach.


Funny that you'd have to go back and comment on yesterday's events. Only one who seems to be doing that...kind of says all that needs to be said about you quite honestly.

Have fun with your 'bookend'.

Mando there was a point in the game where Sanchez threw 2 or 3 nice passes and then Sparano put Tebow in and completely killed any rhythm Sanchez had, it reminded me of Miami's old offense and I have never been so grateful to see him on the sideline of any team but Miami's!

So with Clay out for the year, do we FINALLY get to see Egnew this week? Should we hold our breath?

Great that the team played well on sunday but they'll get a more stern start on Sunday against the Bills. Good test for Martin and Tannehill. Let's see what they've got....

Dashi what are you talking about? I don't know you and I don't think I have ever chatted with you on here in my life. I was just showing past posts of people who thought Henne was the franchise QB we had been waiting for. Too early to jump too conclusions. I would go back to Fiedler and Huard if this blog existed then. But I can't. :(

Tannehill has the advantage of a very good OL that most QB's dont have.

craig is he?

I must say I went back to the last blog to check on the comments after I left yesterday.
Posted by: LOL


so you have nothing better todo then look at comments from blogs past to see if people give you attention. funny.

The same people that loved Henne love Tannehill. He hasnt shown he's an NFL QB.

If we don't see Egnew this week, he is in deep sh-t

Tannehill is making progress, no question about it. The only concern is can our GM find him the right weapons to succeed. We are by far the SLOWEST offense in the NFL. Re-sign Reggie Bush, sign Mike Wallace and add some speed at the TE position. That could change a lot of things for Tannehill. I also like that Matthews kid, I think he's got potential. I could see ourselves with Wallace, Hartline, Bess and Matthews as our 4 WRs...TE is HUGE, we really need to upgrade. I like Anthony Fasano I really do, but not as a #1 TE. Give me a speedster and make Fasano the #2 TE and that would make a heck of a difference. I wouldn't mind spending a 2nd round pick on a pass rusher. I think our first rounder should go on either a CB,FS or TE, depending on who's available. I know a lot of people will say: A FS?? I say yes, if the next Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu is available, draft him!! Clemons is NOT the answer, I don't care what Coyle says...

Watched Egnew on Hard Knocks...guys seems to have a piss-poor attitude and average skills.
Going out on a limb here, but I say he's toast.

Draft priority:

1. True #1 WR
2. True talent at TE (Fasano is in decline)
3. True shut-down CB

That should get us to the next level....

Yes, we lost, but we weren't blown up. 2 mistakes turned into 2 TDs for the Pats and those were the only TDs the Pats saw that day.

Exactly. For a rebuilding team with rookie QB, new head coach, new OC, I'm not sure why we should even expect to be better than 6-8 right now.

Play clean, no stupid tackle-the-punter moves, and we have a shot vs. the Pats and more than a shot vs. Buffalo.

NOTE TO PATS: Protect your playoff chances - keep Gronkowski on the bench! And doesn't Brady need a little rest? Just some friendly disinterested advice from Your Friend, Anderson.



And If Dashi Is Not Mistaken!! This Blog Did Exist! Back Then!! Just Another Person Use To Be The Dolphins Beat Writer Back Then!!

I Know Cause I've Been Reading The Herald!! Since A Little Kid!! And On-Line!! For A While!!

Now Has The Website Been Updated!! Yes!!

And You Can Only Go So Far!! The Herald Can't Keep Pages Up Forever!! The Server Is Only So Big!!

I'm really starting to like this kid Kennan Allen. Would we have to talk him in the first or any chance he drops to the second? Would guys be in favour of trading a second and something else to get a second first? Is top 12-15 too high to take Allen? I think this guy could be a star with us for years to come.

Garner might be the answer at RT...The next 2 games are HUGE for him...He's been playing pretty well...I remember a few years back he was a darn good player before he got injured...Having said that, we need to upgrade the RG position...Jerry is clearly NOT the answer...Time to move on...

Come on fellas, Tannehill was throwing against the worst defense in the NFL. Tannehill would have seen a better defense playing against Canal pt. elementry school(real place). Sounds like Mando is gunning for the JETS, soon to be vacant, OC job.
Tannehill made good decisions Sunday by throwing to His WRs, the problem is he over throws them. Making good decisions plus actually completeing his passes are two different things. And I dont remember Tannehill having such a good game against the Titans either. How many overthrown TD pass did he miss just last week???? 35-3 Titans,,,right???

Montreal, we are entering the Kenny Vaccaro portion of the first round if we beat Buffalo. He get compared to Earl Thomas who played at the same school. That would be a good option considering how few turnovers this defense creates. It's a big need for this team.

Craig, I've learned if you want your guy you take him, regardless of what the draft stock indicates. Now, you don't take a definite bottom 2nd round pick in the top of 1st round and you don't trade (excessively) more than what his value is worth. But if you are completely sold and LOVE the guy (not just like him) you get him.

Many people said Miami over-drafted Mike Pouncey at #15 yet other than:

Carolina (newton) Denver (Von miller) Cincinatti (Green) Atlanta (Jones) Houston (watt) every other team would love them a Mike Pouncey at center. In retrospect, the Bills would love Poncey at #3 and would never say they over-drafted him at that pick. The guy is top 5 C in the league in only his second year!

So if Allen is worthy of a mid-to-late 1st round pick or top 2nd round pick you either grab him with our 1st pick or trade back in to get him and never think twice about it; otherwise you'll regret not giving up a 2nd and 5th to not grab him for as long as he's in the league wearing some other team's jersey


K.Allen from Cal?

The Kid People Are Describing As 6'3" 210lbs Runs A 4.4!! And Can Jump and Get The Ball!!

The Kid Fits The Prototype!! Philbin Is Coming Up With!! For Wr's!!

So That Is A Possibility!!

Just Don't Expect Philbin and Ireland Drafting A Wr High!! That is Under 6'!! Doesn't Matter If The Guy Runs a 4.19!!

Philbin wants His Wr's!! To Out Muscle and Out Jump CB's!!

That Way We Can Throw A Fade In The Red Zone!!

Notice Inside The 10!! All Passes are Almost Directed To The TE's OR FB!! GUYS THAT CAN OUTMUSCLE FOR POSITION!!

That TD Pass Hartline Caught At The Back Of The End Zone(But missed because he only had "1“ Foot Down)!! A Guy With K.Allen's Height!! Can Put Both Feet Down!! And T-Hill Can Throw It Up!! And Be Confident That His Guy Can Out Jump The CB!!


Craig, he would definitely be a first at this stage and he may not even be available when we draft because the rams may take him.


Yeah I don't disagree with your theory. There's a lot of truth in what you've said. Only thing I wonder is could the same thing be achieved by drafting a guy like Patterson or someone else. There's a few WRs would fit exactly what we're looking for. I've heard some people say they don't like the WRs in this draft but I think there are a few guys who could help us quite a bit. Only dilemna is does the guy have impact right away or does it take 2-3 years. I'm kind of torn.


Very true. Only question is if we'll e picking BEFORE or after the Rams. Right now we'll be picking before. It will depend on the next few games. What about the other kid Hunter from Tenn? I'm not as sold on him. Might be a bit brittle. Thoughts?


The Only Question with the Wr Prospects! Is That Not Many Are Rated as First Round Picks!!

But Expect The Fins To Draft At Least 1 High!!

Now The Cb's Is A Different Story!! Philbin And Coyle Actually Think They Found Serviceable CB's!! Throughout The Year!!

Notice J.Wilson Is Strictly A Safety Now!! Carroll Showed He can Hold His Own!! And Has Progressed Enough That Next Year!! He Can Compete With Marsha 2.0 for The #2 Spot!! Unless They Feel Marshall is Done!! And McCann and Stafford!! Can Play!

Our Biggest Problem Is FS!! In The Secondary!!

So That First Pick!! Might Come Down To BPA!! WR OR FS! WITH THE SECOND PICK BEING THE OTHER!!

I dont think we can afford our alpha receiver taking years to develope. Certainly he can with Tannehill but Tannehill has next year and depending on improvement one year after that to prove he's our QB, if not he's going the route of Henne, we can't afford to slow-cook a WR unless that WR is our 2nd WR not expected to be our 1st. I think WR is an easy position to transfer (skill set wise) from college to the pros. Either you have it or don't. The great WRs do it in their 1st year. Megatron, AJ Green, Julio Jones. If Allan is going to take 2 years before reaching that level we better have selected him as our second 1st round pick or 2nd round. If we have to trade up in the 1st to grab him he needs to be ready. He has one year to adjust at most.

By the way, as a Mets fan that trade with Toronto was AWESOME! every non-dillusional Mets fan loves the trade. Every news source and "expert" is saying we ripped Toronto off. He was a fan favorite (arguably more popular than Wright) yet we all agree we just set ourself up for success in 2 years while Toronto, if they don't do it within 2 years, just set themselves back another 5 years

There's crazy rumblings out there that the Bucs would consider getting rid of Josh Freeman. I can count probably ten teams that would love to have this guy as their QB. Funny what goes through people's heads. Again, it may all be part of this idea that this coach didn't draft this QB. That's the danger when you have constant turnover.


I like that trade for the Mets too. I think Toronto overpaid for Dickey but it's all about going for it NOW. Josh Johnson has one year in Toronto and then he'll probably be gone. AA has been stockpiling the farm system for a few years now and can afford to give up a few propsects. I'm sick at the two kids we gave up though. I think D'Arnaud and the pitcher will be good for years.

Craig, Hunter is still labeled as a first round pick and has the skill set. There is an injury mark with him which has hurt his grade. But at around pick 15, the only WR that seems in play is Allen. If he's gone I'd look at Warmack, Milliner, Dion Jordan, or Kenny Vaccaro before Hunter.

Sanchez is pure garbage not even worthy of being a 3rd stringer. Should be on the practice squad.

It is clear that Tannehill will eventually break all of Favre's records.

Expect multiple super bowls for Tanne.


I like Dion Jordan a lot too (you know I want a passrusher). You not sold on Montgomery from LSU? I think this guy is going to be good too.

Not a big fan of drafting the guard or Milliner and I don't know enough about Vaccaro to know if he'll be an impact safety or not. We definitely need one but I think I'd prefer second or third round. If McDonald from USC is anything like his Father that would be a great pick later on.

I hope Tannehill is not the next Marino. I want the team to win a super bowl.

We need to flat out cut Clay and Thomas to clear salary cap room.

MD20, you have to make that trade if you're the Mets. Most people up here are 50-50 about the trade. Yes, we got a guy that can push them into top status this year and next but D'Arnaud was a top 5 prospect in all of baseball and Syndergaard was extremely highly rated in A ball too.

As a Jays fan, I think the most exciting part of this trade means Arencibia will eb our #1 catcher for a while. I think if he stays healthy will explode for some big power numbers (30hr, 80RBI) batting 7th or so in the lineup. his defense also improved mightily last year. Doesn't hit for much of an average but if you're getting that kind of production from the bottom of your lineup - you're willing to put up with it.

So in other words, Tannehill is great because he does not suck as bad as Sanchez? This is the standard of excellence that the Miami Dolphins fans have fallen to? Sad...

Craig, I like Montgomery but Jordan is more Derrick Thomas/Von Miller/JPP/Chandler Jones in his athleticism. He may be a one trick pony - but it's one freaking good trick that wrecks offenses.

Agreed on TJ.

Freeman was an INT factory in college and remains that guy in the NFL. He has the physical tools but not the tools between his ears.That guy cannot read coverage.Also, Boulder are you on drugs? Rex Ryan is a POS dirtbag moron.


Sanchez is simply not good enough to be a legitimate starting QB. However forget about Sanchez for a second what about Jake Locker??? If Dolphin fans think Tannehill has accuracy problems then what can you say about Locker who was also the 8th overall pick. Tannehill is WAY ahead of Locker in terms of showing that he can be a pocket passer in this league. And while Locker is a great athlete & can run the football--the kind of hits that he will take will not lend him to being a successful starting QB.

My guess is when it's all said & done in 15 years we will look at the QB class of 2012 & say it was pretty damn good.

Hammonddave, Ryan Tannehill is improving, that's a FACT. It has NOTHING to do with Mark Sanchez. Who gives a s*** about Sanchez? Armando was just making a point...Get real dude...

Toronto has a GREAT rotation but like you mentioned it's probably for one or two more years. Gotta hope things work out now. Bautista and Buerle aren't getting younger. Mets had to make that trade definitely. I'm glad they did and AA agreed. Our team is 2 years away. This season: NY dumps Santana and Bay's contract-handcuffs and our prospects will be ML ready by 2014. This trade was icing on the cake. A great young rotation and now a top-notch C to boot. All we need is an outfield lol. JP looks like a great catcher for Toronto which made this trade easier to make for you. Don't want Buck but I'll take it to get everyone else we got

We Have Draft Picks, Locker looked like Joe Montana when he played against us...LOL!!

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