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Tannehill's decision-making light years better than Sanchez

I just got done watching the Jets and Tennessee.

And when I stopped shaking my head in disbelief (this took several minutes) it dawned on me that one thing Mark Sanchez has been unable or refused to learn through nearly four full seasons as an NFL starter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to do seemingly by instinct.

Sanchez, a mistake machine who has turned the ball over and NFL high 50 times the last two seasons, throws into double and triple coverage time and time and time again. It's like he's almost trying to throw interceptions.

He does it when he's got time. He does it when he's under pressure and seemingly panicked. He does it a lot.

He'll see one receiver and maybe two defenders and somehow believe that's a good place to go with the football.

It's incredible that he does it.

Tannehill rarely if ever does this and he's started only 12 NFL games.

"... On the film, there’s not a lot of they’ve got four, we’ve got one," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. "I think that’s a good place to start. And I think his overall awareness as a young player is very good.”

I'm not saying Tannehil is a great quarterback. He's not yet. I'm not even saying he's going to be great once he gains more experience and has more talent around him. We'll just have to see if that happens.

But Tannehill's chances of being good are, well, good if he makes good decisions. It's a fundamental principle. If he keeps the football out of harm's way, he already has the game-managing thing licked.

It's good to have the Miami quarterback in that place.

It's especially good when you consider the Jets quarterback isn't anywhere near that place.


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We Have Draft Picks,

So very true, I see the 2012 class as very similar to the 1983 class. The question about Tannehill is did we get Elway, Marino, Jim Kelly, or Tony Eason?

Tannehill > Sanchez RIGHT NOW. if he had/has 4 years to develope he should be a top 12 QB. At worst equivalent to Flacco

Anyone that's been to a home game knows how small the windows are that Tanne has to throw in. These guys are not getting any seperation.

hopefully the fins can draft justin hunter. 6'4 great skill set. he may not make it to the fins pick but would be great if he does. if not there are 3 other JR. that could be great if hunter is gone. keenan allen, da'rick rogers or the smaller steadman bailey.

I haven't checked out any of the draft prospects yet because I find it so DEPRESSING to look into that in the month of December, while the season is still playing out...I hate it...

Mando buddy...Tanehill, as much as I would love to see him be a Marino-like or even Griese-like QB, he isn't there and doesn't seem to me to have the "fire-in-the-gut" necessary to play that position. Also accuracy is questionable. Like you said, he has 12 games under his belt...let's wait and see what kind of Tanehill we'll get next year...

Love How You Jet Fans!! Want To Analyze!! The Fins Only Care About Being Better Than The Jets!!


We Are Just Pointing T-Hill As A Rookie!! Is Smarter Than Sanchez!! Way Smarter!!

T-Hill Has Shown The Ability To Learn from His Mistakes!! Sanchez Has Gotten Worst!! Each and Every Year!!

Sanchez Is Not Even Better Than Henne!!

We Retired T-Hill's Jersey!! Before Playing A Game!!

The Jets Gave Up 2 Picks and 3 Players!! For Sanchize!! 5 for 1!!


The Jets Are The 1-15 Dolphins With Cap Problems!! And Even Then We Had 2 RB's!! On Offense!!

But Sanchez is Worst Than J.Beck!!

MD20, hopefully this trade works out for both teams like the one made in 1992 when the jays traded Jeff Kent to get David Cone. Hall of famer for a world series.

Our defense needs to create more turnovers...Well, my answer to that is put more pressure on the QB and you'll create turnovers...That's where it starts...

No need to butter up BB. His #1 priority now is to keep his starters healthy.

We have 1 true pass rusher...That's it. Not enough, especially when you play Tom Brady twice a year...

capt, people said that about Eli took. Give me the cerebral assassin with ice in his veins!!

And what's with this lumping all people of one country in one basket you do so easily???

Are you not an American like the way too long list of insane people who go on mass murder binges in your country that really don't happen in any other developed nation??? So see how incredibly stupid it is to make those types of comments, don't you?


As an American you personally have my permission to lump most of the people in this country into one basket. Most Americans are either ignorant, insane, or just flat out stupid. That includes our politicians btw. The fact that automatic weapons are as accessible & as popular as they are in this country is sick.

In fact I don't recall the last time Canada used a nuclear weapon on defenseless civilians & I don't see Canada constantly involved in wars which has cost millions of American lives & trillions of tax dollars. After this last lunatic attacked a school & killed twenty 6 year olds, you'd think that there MIGHT have to be some changes to our gun laws.

20. moore is top 12.

"It started before kickoff, actually, when an NFL scout read down the Dolphins healthy receivers and said, "I don't think there's been a more unproven group line up for a team this year."

That was the context of Tannehill's performance in the Dolphins' 24-3 win. He made some unsteady receivers better. He became the tide that lifted a group with more questions than he has."

Mark, EXACTLY. I'm a big fan of Eli Manning. I remember a few years ago I had a dream that he was a free agent and signed with the Dolphins. The very next day I saw Chad Henne starting for us. Talk about coming back down to earth in a hurry...

We need to flat out cut Clay and Thomas to clear salary cap room.

You're an idiot. Clay & Thomas don't even make a dent in our salary cap.

jax will b fighting kc 4 the 1st pix 4 a reason.

MOntreal, definitely the number one priority for this team will be to improve the turnover ratio. On offense you do that with the QB maturing, giving him time and finding receivers who increase the windows to throw in.

On defense, pressure and ball hawking skills.

So, receivers, ballhawks, and pressure players, come on down....

Anyway, have a good day gentlemen...I'm out.

"So very true, I see the 2012 class as very similar to the 1983 class. The question about Tannehill is did we get Elway, Marino, Jim Kelly, or Tony Eason?"


He's not Tony Eason and he's not Ken O'Brien. LOL.

Baseball on Another Blog.

That was a Good Trade for Both Teams!!

Dickey is A Knuckleballer He Can Go Another 5-7 Years!! His Arm Can Hold Up!

The Mets Got A Heck Of A Catcher!! The Kid Reminds Me Of Joe Mauer!!


And A Big One!! The Blue Jays Should Worry About The Orioles!! Not The Yanks Or The Sox's!! The Orioles Are Young And Are Only Getting Better!! The AL EAST Has Done A Complete 180!! The Orioles and Jays Are The Top Of The Division Right Now!!with the yanks and sox's on the Outside Looking In!! And The Rays Are Still The 3rd Best Team In The Division!

Now If The Jays and The Orioles Want To Make The Playoffs!! They better win the Division!! Cause What The Angels Have Done Is Illegal!! They Might Have The Greatest Offense In History!! 3 Guys That Can Be MVP!! Plus A Great Rotation!! And The AL West!! Is Just As Loaded as The AL East!! And The Champs!! Play In The AL Central!! With Some Good Teams In Their Division!

The AL Looks Like The Better Conference Right Now!! Way Better!

Baseball Needs To Expand The Playoff Format!! The AL has At Least 8 Teams That Deserve To Be In The Playoffs Next Year!!


Peyton manning has 71 QB rating in his first year. Threw 28 picks and completed 56 % of his throws.

T-hill has an average year but he has shown more than enough to warrant them finding out what is ceiling is.

"Every Sunday seems to bring a silly referendum on the rookie quarterback as people swing back and forth on whether he's worthy of their hope or not. He was worthy in a comeback win against Seattle three games ago. He wasn't the past two games against New England and San Francisco.

You get dizzy from all the changing of sides. And now came a Sunday where Tannehill was worthy again, completing 20 of 28 passes for 220 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions with so many unknown targets."

"His 123.3 rating was his highest this year – and the highest against Jacksonville's defense all season, too. Most opposing quarterbacks post good numbers on the Jaguars' 31st-rated defense.

But no quarterback had an efficient day like this against them. Not Aaron Rodgers (95.7 rating). Not Andrew Luck (80.1 and 75.7). Not Jay Cutler (88.8). Not Matt Schaub (87.2 and 121.7)."

We Have Draft Picks, Locker looked like Joe Montana when he played against us...LOL!!

#1 Montreal,

He was 9 for 21 which is a completion percentage of 42.9% & threw for 122 yards. Not exactly Joe Montana numbers. Not even Steve Bono numbers...LOL.

Turnovers killed us in that game not Locker.

"Everyone knows the Dolphins need to score more points. The question is how to do that with a rookie quarterback throwing to a starting receiving package of Brian Hartline, Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay and Marlon Moore. Two proven pros. Two question marks. And that's for starters.

By game's end, return man Marcus Thigpen had his first catch of the year, good for 15 yards. Tannehill also was throwing to Armon Binns, who was released by Cincinnati a week ago."

"You want to know how to make a young quarterback better? Start with making those around him better. Washington rookie Robert Griffin III, for all his great talent, is 1-5 this year when veteran receiver Pierre Garcon doesn't play.

He's 6-1 and the Washington offense average 4.2 points a game more when Garcon plays. Coincidence?"

Joe Montana? Do people even watch the games they comment on?

The fact that I'm looking over this Season's schedule, and asking "what if" in that 1st game vs. the Jets, "what if" vs. the Cards, which put us 8-6 with 2 games left, makes me hopeful. Rookie HC, new systems on offense and defense, rookie QB, only 1 Draft of roster transformation on the books. And we were 2 FGs away from a winning Season (and possible post-Season).

Not a bad start. Sure, NFL games are close, and close doesn't count. I get it, we lost those games, we're 6-8. But for all the heartache here on the lack of talent, horrible playcalling by the OC, mistakes made by the HC, hating on the GM, comparing Tannehill to Henne, whining for Matt Moore, we're THAT close to having turned this rotten apple around...IN A YEAR!!!

I'm not saying I'm giving this group another decade. But I think a glimmer of hope for next year isn't out of the question based on what they were able to accomplish with so little this year. If by some chance or dumb luck they win out, we'll be 8-8, doubling my preseason prediction. Viewed that way, I have nothing to be grumpy about.

I want to win NOW. I wish we were DEFINITELY in the Playoffs. I want immediate satisfaction. But I'm not a baby, I understand there's a process that has to play itself out. My interest is peaked on what happens next year. First signs will be free agency (both who we let go and if we add anyone). Then the Draft (and OTAs).

While 6-10, 7-9, will be tolerated this Season, let no one misunderstand me. We MUST have a winning record next year or I'm ready to move on (from SOMEONE in a leadership position).

WHDP, I regretted saying that as soon as I hit enter because 1) this is not the forum for it 2) it's incredibly sad and unfortunate as you said, that these poor little children's lives will be wasted in vain as no change will be made to gun laws because half the politicians are bought by the indutry that makes these weapons 3) just because one idiot like LOL makes generalist statements, I shouldn't make all the other great fans hear take offense.

So I apologized right afterwards. however, something needs to be done in your country if I can say so as an outsider. These binge killings happen way, way too much and it seems like the same routine afterwards ... moment of silence, pity for the victim's families, and then everyone moves on with no effort to change the culture that allows this type of tragedy.

I certainly hope this is the last type of traegedy that ever occurs like this but I think we all know it's not. And I think the most sickening part of the whole disaster was my reaction when I first heard it happen. I didn't even flinch and I uttered word "again?". So sad.

Again, sorry I spoke out of turn on such a sad event but I guess I'm just so sick of this type of thing happening ...

Good post DC. And I can't imagine who that someone might be. Hmmmmmmmm.... :)

It doesn't just happen in America. Maybe they will tighten gun control, but probably not. It is a terrible event when it happens, but nothing you can really do short of giving everyone in the world a monthly pysch eval. Crazy happens. Sucks.

DC, this has definitely been a good season. I think the team play merited that even the record could've been better. Some people will lament us losing draft position but how can you be mad that we win these games with a rookie QB that is planting his roots?

We had the Jets, we had the Cards. I don't know what happened in that 10 day stretch where Tannehill crapped out against the BIlls and Titans - but everyone should definitely see how this team will be better sooner rather than later.

Mark I agree with you and something has to be done. The only thing I advocate is banning assault rifles and weapons like that. The only ones who should have that type of stuff are military people. And that means taking them away from the police as well. Ban all long rifle assault weapons, they weren't made for civilians.

But in no way do I or would I ever advocate making guns illegal. It is way too late for that. There are so many guns all around the world, never going to get rid of all of them. And if you make them illegal the only people will have them will be people who have no problem breaking the law as it is, in other words criminals will be the only ones with guns.

Anyway football blog...

Yeah DC, I was saying the same thing. If that someone is Ireland this is probably his make or break year and I do think he will excel. I don't think it was a mistake that they ended up with completely new coaches and now have tons of picks and cap space. Ireland does know what he is doing...

To another point, and this drives me crazy! There are just as many mass killings and shootings in europe than there are in America.

European countries are much smaller than the U.S., so per capita there are just as many violent crimes in other countries. Norway is the size of New Mexico. A psycho killed 60 people, mostly students on an island in 2011. He had a gun, guns are illegal in Norway so no one on the island had one. They were at the mercy of this sick individual and couldn't protect themselves.

In China mass stabbings are common place. 20 school children were stabbed and killed there recently.

So other countries around the world don't kill each other with guns? Big deal, they're killing each other with swords, knives, machetes, bombs, you name it. If someone is crazy and wants to kill someone they will find a way to do it.

It is said that in these mass killing cases the perp always plans for weeks. If this kid didn't have a gun what was to stop him from going on the internet and getting step by step instructions on how to make a pipe bomb and then being able to kill more people in a single blow?

This notion that the US is more violent is short sighted. We just use different weapons to kill each other. And then the media covers it for months which is another reason it seems worse in our country. But the statistics show ,beyond a doubt, that we don't have any more violent crimes happening than the rest of the world. (I can't speak for Canada, you guys are pretty chill ;)

Depends Phins. Really. For example, I can't find a reason to fire Detroit's GM. Megatron, Suh, LeShoure. HOW can they only win 4 games? HC lost one of those games all by himself. To me, that's on the HC or QB. They need help on defense, but for the life of me I don't know why they wait until the 4th qtr to wake up and put points on the board.

If we had that talent, I WOULDN'T be calling for Ireland's head.

"Ireland does know what he is doing..."

lol, I'm pretty sure that's the first time that phrase has ever been typed in this blog.

Haha 78... yeah it probably is... Though this phrase daily.... "fire X, I want instant results!"

I believe we can get a #2 draf pick for Matt Moore.

This machine is just too slow for me.

Phins78, I don't know what the answer is, I really don't ... it's tragic, it's upsetting and I don't think Americans are violent people.

There could be a lot of reasons beyond just guns being legal. The desensitization of violence in general through the media (movies, music, video games, etc), this is not my field of expertise and can't give an informed opinion there. I just wish it would stop. I couldn't imagine being the father of the killer that is left behind to answer for everything or being the father of one of those taken. All the ramifications are just too much to bear.

I think a lot of it has to do with the Offensive Coordinators.

Sanchez hasn't bought in to Sparano's "Ground & Pound" and it shows! What Ryan saw in Sparano, I'll never know...

Tannehill loves Sherman, but I'm not convinced that his offensive philosophy and play calling will make Tanny the star that he's capable of being. We may be looking for another OC by the end of next year unless Sherman starts tweaking his playbook once we have more playmakers on the roster.

Ireland gets to stay and finish what he started now that he's gotten a good young QB. But, little Jeffy is still on the hot-seat! This years draft and free agency period will determine if a new GM is in order.

One thing that I'm bothered by is the number of TE's on the roster, but Fasano (and maybe Clay) seems like the only keeper's. At last count, we had 5 on the roster! It's gonna be put-up-or-shut-up time for the Tight Ends in Training Camp next year, in my opinion.

Our biggest need is in the defensive secondary! And, I expect that'll be our first pick in the draft. Unless they see a pass rusher that grades out better. Then, we have to address our receiving corps; WR's & TE's. And, another O-Lineman. Depending on who gets franchized and who re-signs, LB & RB may also be an issue.

The Dolphins are better than they were, even though the Win-Loss column doesn't show it, but still have a lot of building to do to get this team consistently competitive every week...

Craig (if you're still here), I'll be very impressed if we get that WR from Cali in the 1st round (by the way, I've seen us take him in some mock drafts). Would go against Philbin's WR draft philosophy. Either means Ireland is controlling the Draft or he/Philbin have a LOT OF FAITH that he's the real deal.

Yes CommonSense, every day someone suggest a firing and most of the time it makes no sense.

The only way to win in the league is with consistency. San Fran was the exception not the rule, so I'm tired of people using that as a measuring stick.

I've said it a million times, had Mara listened to Giants fans and a few lazy bitter players Coughlin would have been fired before they won.

Hell, we re-write what is wrong in this Country, here in this Blog(from BBC Mundo), and nobody read it or are just plain ignoring it. WTH more can we do for YOU!

I hear you Mark. The other thing people have to stop doing is blaming "evil" every time something like this happens.

Most of these cases involve people who are mentally ill. And our system in the U.S. for dealing with these individuals is beyond broken.

The first thing they do is pump them full of pills. If that doesn't work the only way to get real help is if the person has a criminal record and sometimes parents are told if they want to really help then they have to get the child into "the system" by having them arrested the next time they act out.

We would love to have an Earl Thomas kind of safety here.

Condemning Ryan Tannehill as a poor draft decision or a bust 14 games into his NFL career is doing nothing more then promoting a self serving agenda. Either you have a personal issue with the man or you wanted Miami to draft a punter or some stupid shiznit.
It is also ridiculous comparing Ryan Tannehill to the 2 QB's taken prior to him. There is a reason those guys were taken in the top 5. Luck is practically a prodigy who could sit out the entire 2013 season and half of the 2014 season and STILL have more starts under center as Ryan Tannehill.
As for R2D2... It will take 3 years before I agree he is any different then Randall Cunningham, Kordell Stewart, Donovan McNabb, Mike Vick or any of the other "Run first think second" QB's I have seen come down the pike.
There is no doubt C3P0 has an excellent arm, phenomenal accuracy and a fine football mind. There is also no doubt that NONE of that shiznit means a thing if you have multiple Concussions, bruised knee's, a broken clavicle, a cracked sternum or who knows how many broken legs over their career and are sitting on the bench or IR cheering for they're team.... WIN98 has already been hurt twice and missed three (??..2..??) games...
The jury on Ryan Tannehill will not have a verdict until he has been given enough tools so that every talking head in America is not saying Miami has NOTHING or NO ONE after Bess and Hartline to throw the ball to. OR after he has had enough starts behind an offensive line giving adequate protection to have gained him the experience the other drafted QB's in his draft class already have. MOST if not ALL Starters have leaving the NCAA for the NFL have 25 to 35 starts....
Ryan's trajectory along with the Dolphins trajectory should they become competitive enough to be a valid Playoff contender. Likely will mirror that of either Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons or Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans. Both of those clubs had young QB's who needed to improve and had teams that needed pieces and maturity.
The REAL question comes when the Miami fans are faced with having to watch this team grow up, develop at key positions and progressively get better at winning close games. A team like Houston a year ago would have won the three games we either were in OT in or had a chance to win at the end.
And just as the Atlanta and Houston fans have had to deal with growth, so will we... Or if we whine pizzzzz and moan until they fire the whole staff AGAIN (5th Time) because it doesn't all happen in one season... I'm convinced there are idiots who believe Miami will just all of the sudden "Be Great"... If you "all the sudden" means over the next 2 to 4 years... You may just be right. If you mean next year... You're set up for disappointment already....

20. moore is top 12.
Posted by: 2 watt | December 18, 2012 at 01:09 PM

Stats say yes, common sense says hell no. He's a good backup but will never take you past mediocrity

Again, Matt Moore is good for a 2nd round pick.

I've been tough on Tannehill here for sure, but someone put it into perspective recently when they used the analogy that T-Hill is a point guard playing half court basketball.

Bess & Hartline, while quick and decent are NOT game changing WR's

Fasano has decent hands & can block like a beast, but cannot get separation down the middle.

Clay has shown flashes, but nothing you can game plan around.

The age-old question is: "does the talented QB make everyone around him better, or does a QB need REAL talent around him to showcase his skills"?

Ireland is on the clock....get our QB some REAL offensive talent!!!!

PS - Sanchez sucks big time and will NOT be the Jets starter next year.

Phins78, SF just made a coaching change. They had players and pieces in place from years of being at the bottom. I think singletary was under rated too, he didn't do the offense any favors, but the guy bulit a D. Harbaugh (?) is a great coach, but everyone forgets singletary built that D. In my opinion you could have kept singletary, and brought harbaugh in as OC and had simliar results. Not to mention they play in the NFC West, which was pathetic before last year.


Dashi Totally Agrees With The "We Can't Ban Guns In This Country"!!

Not Even The FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES!! (Even Though They Are Banned In This Country!! People Can Only Get Semi-Automatic!! U need A Permit For Fully Automatic!! Which Usually Requires Previous Military Experience Or Police Experience!!) From The Streets Of Liberty City To The Hills Of West Virginia!! The Uproar!! Will Be Massive!! Not Just The Politicians!!

That Is Why Dashi Says Tax The Bullets!! Win-Win!! (With My 2 Exceptions. Range & Hunting! And Hunters Don't Use Big Bullets!! Most Hunting Rifles Are .22!! Not .45 Body Snatchers!!)

The Economy Gets A Boost!! Because The Amount Of Bullets Being Sold Is In The Billions!! Even If It's A Dollar Per Bullet!! The Tax Revenue!! Should Help Some!! Invest it In Education!! Or Even In Ad's!! Like They Did With The Cigarette's!! $1 Billion In Gun Awareness Ad's Doesn't Sound Bad!!

I Hear Some In The Entertainment Industry!! Feel Some Of The Violence On TV is Influencing Children!! And Yada Yada!!

Well Put Up A Disclaimer and a :30 Second Commercial Before The Movie Or Show!! Advocating Gun Awareness!! Like The Stunts In Jack A s s!! Don't Try This At Home!!

Tell People You Don't Point Guns At People!!

First Thing The Army Teaches You With Your Rifle!! Is You Don't Load The Weapon Or Point It At Anybody!! Unless You Plan On Using It!! That And Never Lose Your Rifle!! You Want To Get Kicked Out The Army Or Get The Biggest Scolding Of Your Life!! Point Your Weapon At Somebody!! Even Playing Around!! Specially Playing Around!! Guns Are Not A Joke!

Not Saying!! Real Life Is The Army!! But Awareness!! Of What Something Can Do!! Is Even More Important!! Than Knowing How To Use It!!

Welcome to Fantasy Island, It is where you beat the lowly Jags and you will go to the Super Bowl.

WR's only do not make Teams. I happen to believe that this past Draft, was Ireland's finest. First of all, because of Tannehill who is smarter than Most and can throw it better than. Jonathan Martin, who is playing better than Long at LT. Olivier Vernon , from whom I've seen signs of being a Beast. Lamar Miller, our featured RB next Season. And the receivers, Rishard Matthews, Jeff Fuller. And the FAs, Marcus Thigpen and the CBs. Think about it and don't come up with Egnew. We all might be pleasently surprised by him.

Ross,Ross,De plane,de plane,
it says Jeffireland on the banner.

home,is that u?

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