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Tannehill's decision-making light years better than Sanchez

I just got done watching the Jets and Tennessee.

And when I stopped shaking my head in disbelief (this took several minutes) it dawned on me that one thing Mark Sanchez has been unable or refused to learn through nearly four full seasons as an NFL starter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to do seemingly by instinct.

Sanchez, a mistake machine who has turned the ball over and NFL high 50 times the last two seasons, throws into double and triple coverage time and time and time again. It's like he's almost trying to throw interceptions.

He does it when he's got time. He does it when he's under pressure and seemingly panicked. He does it a lot.

He'll see one receiver and maybe two defenders and somehow believe that's a good place to go with the football.

It's incredible that he does it.

Tannehill rarely if ever does this and he's started only 12 NFL games.

"... On the film, there’s not a lot of they’ve got four, we’ve got one," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. "I think that’s a good place to start. And I think his overall awareness as a young player is very good.”

I'm not saying Tannehil is a great quarterback. He's not yet. I'm not even saying he's going to be great once he gains more experience and has more talent around him. We'll just have to see if that happens.

But Tannehill's chances of being good are, well, good if he makes good decisions. It's a fundamental principle. If he keeps the football out of harm's way, he already has the game-managing thing licked.

It's good to have the Miami quarterback in that place.

It's especially good when you consider the Jets quarterback isn't anywhere near that place.


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Great.... dbag came out to play

That really shut them up, Oscar.


JPA was the guy I would traded. Could be the Mets had no interest in time. Sad to have to give up D'Arnaud but that's the price you have to pay sometimes.

Sanchez just got benched. McElroy to start next week.

Is Tannehill better then Henne?


I read back to one of your earlier comments about Sherman wanting the offense to run 73-75 plays a game. It was you answering a comment Tannehill will never be "handcuffed" to throwing only like 18 passes per game.

Anyway, Sherman says this(73-75 plays per game) because its the play count of a very healthy offense. Sunday we ran 63 offensive plays, or 10-12 plays short of Sherman's healthy offense play count.

So by Sherman's formula, leaving 10-12 plays per game on the playing field means leaving at least 7-10 ppg on the playing field too. We average around 17 ppg on offense. 7-10 ppg more would be 24-27 ppg on offense.

24-27 ppg on offense would make us a legit playoff offense and anywhere from 10-6 to 12-4 playoff team. Those 10-12 plays per game we are leaving on the playing field are very crucial to becoming a playoff calibre offense.

Hopefully next year this offense steps up and finds a way to get those extra 10-12 plays more, that we cant seem to get next year. Thats why fa and or drafting an impact wr will be crucial to this team rising to the next level.

Craig, not so sure I agree with D'Arnaud v Arencibia for next year. Arencibia's number in las Vegas were better than D'Arnaud's. And he's a more mature player - ready to do damage next year.

In time, you're probably right but JPA is the guy for the moment.

McElroy is a summa cumm laude from one of those Ivy League Schools. Means nothing if he can't throw the ball accurately.

When the 3rd QB taken in the draft is 6th in HIS rookie class its not a good sign.


I don't see JPA as a guy who will ever hit for average and he's not as good defensively. Yes for power but he's only average to slightly above defensively. Mets did well. I think they got the better guy long term and I think this pitcher they gave up has a chance to be special.


I was also making the assumption that it would have been Buck and D'Arnaud for next year or Buck and someone else, giving D'Arnaud more time at Triple AAA. By no means was I suggesting that D'Arnaud be the number one catcher from day one.

thill is fine, been a good season devloping him. huge draft coming up


From the SS:

The Dolphins have 39 sacks on the season, which has the defense tied with Green Bay for fifth most in the NFL. Cincinnati leads the NFL with 43. Only Denver, Houston and St. Louis have more than Miami. So next time you say "the Dolphins can't get after the quarterback" you should know you're statement is inaccurate....


the team is better off this year with JPA behind the plate this year than Buck, D'Arnaud or anyone else available. He improved greatly defensively from years 1 to 2 and will continue to do so. He will also probably bet the best #7 or #8 hitter in the American League.

Also for poolies, grab Brandon Morrow if you can. If he can stay healthy, him vs other teams #4 starters is not even starting to become fair. Might win 20 as a #4 starter.


I don't agree. Ho long are we going to rely on Wake to be our sole pass rush? What happens if he gets hurt? Looks like Starks might be gone, so where are the sacks coming from next year? 29 years old and not getting any younger. We're a one trick pony, for the most part. We don't play a true 4-3 defence, based on the personnel we have and if you want to beat Brady, you've got to disturb him. Nothing wrong with adding another potent body to the pass rush.

Yeah, the Dolphin D has been excellent and kept us in almost every game despite TanneBust.

DC, you are 100% right and I staed this fact earlier this year. However, given the topics in the blog today, pass rushers are like pitching - never have enough.

GREAT article today by Omar Kelly about the current state of the Fins' defense. If you're a Fins fan you should check it out.


Basically it reinforces that Misi, Smith, Carroll and Wilson are the weaknesses on the squad and are really limiting the success of the unit.

It suggests Safety is performing pretty well. But both need to improve their coverage of TE's and RB's to allow the LB's to blitz more.

It reinforces that the Pass Rush is NOT the problem, ranking fifth best in the League.

It also points out that production from Starks and Solai is slipping the past several weeks and teams are having more success running the ball.

We all know our Rookie QB needs to continue to show improvement, we need more dynamic WR's and TE's and ulatimately we need to score more points.

But if Ireland doesn't fix our CB's next offseason this team will linger at the 8-8 mark for yet another season.

Vetran Fan | December 18, 2012 at 02:17 PM


Patience People!!

Luck Is The Chosen One!

RG3 Is The Machine!

T-Hill Is The Prototype!! (But Is Inexperienced!)

Elway And Kelly Have Wr's!! Marino, I Mean T-Hill Has No Weapons To Throw To!!

His Daddy Knows This! So Sherman Is Working On Ball Security This Year!! That And Refining His Knowledge Of Defenses!! Getting His Football Knowledge Up!!

Look At His INT%!! WAY BETTER THAN MATT MOORE OR HENNE!! T-Hill's Turnover Ratio!! He Is Already A Top 10 QB In That Category!!

He Just Needs To Score TD's!! But It Takes 2 People!! For A QB To Get A Passing TD!! The Qb And The Guy Catching The Ball!! Bess And Hartline Are Great At Moving The Chains!! But They Don't Score TD's!!

Now Hear Dashi Out!! Some Of You Might Like This!! Because Dashi Can See The Fins Resigning Hartline!! At The Right Price!! Right Now!! Hartline Is A Better WR Than Jennings!! Younger And Stronger To! Plus He Is A True Dolphin!! (Yes! I Have A Thing As A Fan!! If The Guy Was Drafted BY THE FINS!! I'ma Bigger Fan Of Him Than Some FA Acquisition!!)

The Fins Draft The Best TE In The Draft!! In The First!! Whoever It Is At The Time!! Just MAKE SURE HE IS GRONK 2.0!! 6'6" 260+lb Runs And Can BLOCK!! 2-3 In This Draft!! Pick The Best 1! First!

Then Spend Both 2nd Round Picks!! On Wr's That Fit The Philbin-Sherman Prototype! 6'2"+ 210+lb Runs 4.4 Or Less!!

Big Rookie TE! 2 Big Fast 2nd Round Pick Wr's! BESS & HARTLINE!! Plus Matthews And Binns As The Acorns!!

Clay Has A Role!! He's Really A H-Back!! A FB/TE!! And I Expect Egnew To Be OK as A #2!! NEXT YEAR!!

I Expect Egnew To See The Field!! These Last 2 Games!! At Least Show Something!! Grab 1 TD!! Split Him Out Wide!! Even!! Egnew On 1 Side And Fasano On The Other Should Be Interesting TO WATCH FOR 2 GAMES!!

6 touchdown passes? Give me a break.


Agree on JPA. Pretty good option hitting 7th or 8th.

Still a big question mark for me on Morrow. Looks likght out some night and a dud others. Great arm but consistency isn't there and can't seem to stay healthy. Much happier with him 4th, than 2nd. Question mark on Romero too. Never saw him as a true number one. Has to prove his season was just a mirage (and yes I know he was hurt).


Absolutely correct. Pass rush isnt the primary problem. CraigM is too fixiated on Waker being the only "dominant" pass rusher we have. But Sunday, the defense had 4 qb sacks.


All these adds might actually cause me to splurge for a shirt this year (I'm thnking Reyes) and go to a few games. Go Jays!!

We're hearing the exact same excuses for Tannehill that we heard for Henne. From the SAME people! TOO FUNNY!

Craig/Mark, I agree we need another pass-rusher, but it's all about prioritizing. What will produce more wins, another pass-rusher or an explosive playmaker at WR/TE? Not saying we can't do both, maybe we can. But while another pass-rusher is a want, is it really a need? The numbers seem to say no.

I don't care HOW Ireland drafts (who's 1st, 2nd, etc.). My only care is that holes get fixed (like at CB, like at WR, like at TE) that have been empty for quite a long time through multiple FO's.

Guys, the defence I want has us top 3 in sacks. Remember it's not just sacks we're talking about here, it's hurries and when you can do that it causes the QB to make mistakes. We don't have NEARLY enough turnovers from our defence and improving the pass rush will also lead to more turnovers. It'll also make the secondary look better.

jpao, that's where I got that quote from (about pass-rushers).

But one thing I disagree with his analysis on is Clemons. I don't care WHAT the "stats" say, that guy is CONSTANTLY out of position, misses tackles, allows big plays, isn't a ballhawk in the air. Yes, he's played better 2nd half of the Season, I'll admit to that. But I'm still not comfortable with him as a starter. Jones, absolutely, Clemons, no!


I want the playmakers at WR and TE too. No question. I think we can have it all. As I said above, it's not just about sacks.....it's pressure on the QB. I watched the team up close in Buffalo and the pass rush just wasn't there. Great that we had four sacks on Sunday but it was Jacksonville. I think we'd also agree that we've had a weak schedule this year. It coould be that is skewing the number some what. To rely on Wake pretty much solely next year would be a grave mistake.

Interesting Omar says let Smith walk (his talents aren't geared towards this defense). That's taking a HUGE chance. Another rookie (I'm guessing he's saying they draft a CB) with Richard Marshall and Carroll and the other garbage pail kids? I wouldn't put money on that working out in our favor.

It's true that if Wake goes down with injury, we're toast.


I'm on the fence about Smith. Kind of leaning towards letting him walk too. I don't know what the price tag is but if it's something like 5 years @ $25 mil, I'm not interested. Just not enough impact from him on a game to game basis. I'd look to the draft or FA (where I realize the crop isn't that great). Hell I'd even look at Quentin Jammer or Asomaghu as replacements, depending on the price.

Im going to go out on a limb and say we make the playoffs this year. I have that feeling...

go finsssssss

I think Smith is the only absolutely MUST sign. What he does certainly goes really underappreciated by this fanbase. He is an eraser out there on the best WRS thye've put on our schedule. Fitzgerald, AJ Green, Brandon Lloyd, Michael Crabtree, on and on ... none of them made any money on Sean Smith.

Imagine when we are close, and we face a playoff team with a big WR, wouldn't you feel good knowing Sean Smith would limit that damage??? I know he won't get a tonne of picks but he plays smart and does his part to help the team win. I know this blog loves him as a whipping boy but I just don't understand it. It's other CB spot and S that needs to improve on this defense. You win with Sean Smith.

dusty, my condolences on your Pats loss

bunch of crap here...need WR..need this need that.....put brady or rodgers, or any elite qb on this team and we would be in the playoffs...A great quarterback makes all the players..especially wide receivers better....a mediocre qb makes players mediocre...

This team is no way in shape or form ready to play beyond the first week of january, they need the offseason to add more pieces to a large puzzle if they truly want to compete. Backing in at 8-8 would only mean another miserable one and done in the postseason and I for one would rather see them sit out another year to get more talent on this team.....

In a way, i hope miami does win out (If NE does indeed rest their players the last week)and also at the same time rooting for the killing blow by cincy this weekend to put the playoff talk to rest OFFICIALLY for the season....

Smith will be resigned simply because free agency comes before the draft. You cant not resign him not knowing exactly what will be available to you coming into the draft.

You only not resign Smith if you sign a starting corner, who's better than Smith, in free agency.

Not brady, manning, nor brees could elevate this team beyond their worth with the weapons we have on offense...where would the deep balls go??...hartline??? speedy slot WR bess???...field stecthing Fasano or Charles Clay??...dancing bush who would always try to run around the edge than through the middle???...ur kidding urself if u think this group would actually become super with an elite QB!!!

Good luck finding a starting corner in free agency better than Sean Smith - last year they signed Richard marshall who is worse even when healthy and it cost $5M a season. And what did Brandon Carr get?? Sean Smith signs in Miami, 5 years, book it.


Changing My Numbers For Your Sake!! Its Cool(LOL)!! Great Point Though!

You Are Correct!! 10-12 More Plays A Game!! Has To Equal 7-10 More Points A Game!!

And T-Hill Passing Attempts Will Only Go Up!! That IS Why Ball Security!! Is Important!! That Was On The Scouting Report!! His Int's Were A Little High!! Not His Accuracy!! People!! T-Hill Has Good Accuracy!! The Knock On Him Was That His Int's Total Was High Because Of Inexperience!! Not His Accuracy!!

T-Hill has More Games With "ZERO" INT's Than He Does With 1 OR MORE!! And IF YOU TAKE AWAY THOSE 2 BAD GAMES!! T-Hill Has Thrown 6 Int's In 12 Games!!

The INT Stats Looks Bad Because He Has Few TD's!! But 12 Ints In 420+ Attempts Is Not Bad!! Way Better Than Moore!! Plus T-hill Doesn't Fumble As Much!

T-Hill Is Top 10 In INT's!! R.Wilson!! Doesn't Throw A Lot!! And When He Does!! It IS USUALLY ON A ROLLOUT OR SOME BROKEN PLAY!! The League Is Going To Cut That Short!! Come Next Season!!


Give T-Hill Some Weapons!! And He Will Shine!!

We All Know Sherm Is Still Holding The Deck Tight!! Only Showing Sprinkles Of What He Can Do!!

If T-Hill Wants To Run More!! He Needs To Clean Up That Slide!! It's A Baseball Slide T-Hill!! Raise That Front Leg!! So You Can Actually Slide 4-5 Yards!!! Not Tear Your Knee!! For Not Knowing How To Slide!! Rather See Him Slide Head First Than Watch That Ocky Slide!!

We need physical CB's. Sean Smith plays scared at times. Look at the top CB's in the league they play fearless.

OK...so if Tom Brady took say, YG ,superPHIN, DC, joe, Craig M, DB, & Toronto...and then said: "run this play on 2....break!

Does anyone think the ball would actually get caught?

...Hell no!

Same thing here in Miami...our talent at the skill positions (except Bush) is so far below the rest of the NFL that we might as well start DC @ WR and Craig M @ TE. Probably get the same results!!

Draft WR & TE 1&2

Pass rusher or WR? That is the new question.

I say it depends on who is available. Time will tell WR worth in the first round. Likely candidates so far IMO are:


Obviously WR's will move up or down so long way to go there but I think this draft along with the JR's expected to declare will have lots of WR's.

If you watch Dion Jordan you will see the type of Defensive player that doesn't come around that often. He's a guy that will disrupt other teams offenses on a regular basis.

I am all about getting fire power at WR but this kid (Jordan) is making me think we could wait til the 2nd round for that.

After all the off season stuff like combine and SR. bowl he may move so far up in the 1st it won't matter anyway.

Just my .02 cents.

I take offense to that NH. I KNOW I'm better than Legadu Naanee. I can be a starter on the Dolphins.

and Im better than Pat White at the QB position...just sayin

You are both correct....PW & LN both sucked! I'd take DC @ WR anyday;-)

Top DBS play physical? How physical was Deion Sanders? Not saying Smith is Deion but there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Guys A Good CB OR WR IS WORTH AROUND $8-9 Million A Season!! NOT $5 Million!!

Basic Fact!! $5 Million at A Premium Position Is Average Not Great!! Make Your Guesstimation Around The Franchise Tag For The Position!! For CB's It's Over $9 Million! (Same Goes For MLB!! DE!! LT!! WR!! QB!! PREMIUM POSITIONS!!)

Expect S.Smith To Sign Around A $7-$9 Million A Year DEAL!! For 4 Or 5 Years!! BOOK IT!!

NH, my first play would be to punch Brady in the nads

Very important decisions to be made all over the field. Do you keep your best CB, who's not a good fit in your zone coverage scheme, or get the players who best fit the system? Can he be developed to fit the system? Dunno.

Do you let Starks walk, and then put Odrick inside, and then can Vernon hold his own on the edge? Do you need to draft a pass rusher high?

Can you trust Fasano, Clay and Egnew ONE. MINUTE. LONGER?

Long, Bush, Hartline...fight or flight? Those decisions then create more holes to fill (Chris Johnson could possibly be a FA, by FEB, take a flyer)?

Matt Moore, keep him, or can you trust Devlin? If you let him walk, do you need to bring in another QB?

Lots of decisions to be made. One HUGE job tied to each of those decisions (the GM). Gotta get more right than wrong. Then the team needs to take advantage of the right decisions (and minimize the wrong ones best they can).

Texas, I agree with you re: Dion jordan. My main question is why is this guy ranked so low, about 14th, given how valuable guys like Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Cam Wake, and Demarcus Ware are right now. he's in the same mold. You're right, he has the chance to shoot up the boards.

Mark/Texas, does he have character issues?

Let Starks walk guy has fallen off since the season progress, why do you think we drafted Odrick even though he isnt much of a playmaker

DC - I am stating the obvious but the Fins need to get to a point (hopefully soon) where there are not so many decisions that have a huge effect on the team and where they can just build depth.

Mark - I think he's rated so low due to lack of experience. He's one of those guys that played a different position (TE) and got moved. He's only got 1 year of good production at OLB/DE but he is very very athletic.

IMO, the fact he used to be a TE should rate him higher.

DC - None that I have read about.


Some ppl call it crazy to let go of long in the offseason, but if they dont franchise him you really have to weight his production(decline of) and his injury situation and ask yourself, is he truly worth any long term extension if his status for the year is always a question every single game???

Bush, running backs are definately not what they used to be in the NFL and I just dont see miami offering him more than a very mediocre sum in terms of RB pay...I think he walks!!( with either miller and thomas becoming the featured backs)

Hartline, I like the guy but as much as I've stated this before... would his departure be a loss, yes but a reciever in the draft if you look at his success and lack of TD production over the 4 yrs he's been here,you cant honestly say its not insurmountable to replace him if he should go...and it would cost less for a young talented #2 reciever in the draft if miami went that route....

Fins vs Bills, another YAWNER.

I just wonder if Sanchez is tanking it on purpose. He probably wants outta there. I think he wanted out before Tebow and then when they grabbed him, that did it. You can tell that team has no rhymn or reason to anything on the offense. And Sparano, whatta joke. He's by far the worst (anything) coach I can remember. They are a disaster.

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